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Thawed Out

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Enduring hardship like Noah did during the Fab. 2021 Winter Storm


It’s the second Sunday in Lent and and while we missed the first Sunday, last Sunday due to poor road conditions I just want to say it’s good to be here with you today, it’s good to be back. You can ask my wife Judy, last Sunday I was stir crazy. I was like a wild caged bird, not in a good way either, like a sweet little parakeet everyone likes to look at. My tail feathers were ruffled from being stuck at home, and I was wild eyed because my diet had come to eating 88 times a day because there was nothing else to do but to sit around and look at one another. I was feeling miserable. But that’s kind of like our scripture here today isn’t it? How Noah was stuck inside an Ark. Before we get started I want to say that my message here is two part, today we will touch on God’s promise and how we can endure the hardships that we face and his covenant that he made with Noah. Which was that while the Earth remained He would not curse the ground because of the actions of Man. Now you may ask yourself what does our sermon title today, Thawed Out have anything to do with a promise from God? Let us step back a bit before we begin to look at our scripture closer, in chapter 6 God tells Noah that the flood is coming, and that it isn’t coming to bring forth a new tide but rather the water it coming with one purpose. To destroy all life on Earth. God tells Noah this, to prepare Him and He instructs Noah on what he must do. So a few weeks ago we knew that the Winter storm of the century (we hope) was coming didn’t we? While Meteorologist are not God with proper instrumentation they are able to forecast what could come to pass right? Or at least that’s what they try and do. So much like Noah we began to prepare didn’t we? Some of us probably went out to get firewood, maybe some of us went to go look for a generator for sale, all of us probably wrapped water pipes. It was like this that we began to prepare for what was coming, and I know that all of us at one time or another prayed for safety and wellbeing. So as Noah endured the storm that reign we here in Texas endured a storm that brought with it an arctic chill that no one had seen in this region. It froze ponds, it froze water pipes it knocked out power lines, it was so cold out there that even our cows had Icicles hanging from their ears. But we had in a sense Arks of our own, our homes, our centers. Places opened up as shelters so that people come stay warm get a hot meal and survive and endure. How many of you checked on your neighbors? How many of you went out of your way to make sure those next to you were okay? My mother had gotten a call during the middle of the storm that a pipe had ruptured in a ladies house and she couldn’t get the water to stop. This elderly woman had ventured out of the safety of her home to try and find her water meter so that she could shut it off herself. While she was out in the cold and sleet and snow, she had fallen and wasn’t able to get up. She was calling out for help. Judy and I went out and was able to help her. But what speaks volumes about people and their willingness to help in a time of crisis is that during the twenty minutes we were there we had two people stop and ask if we needed help. This is representative of the true Christian way. It had been easier for those of us that had heat to just stay inside wouldn’t it? We help where we can and we answer to the call don’t we? Noah answered to this call and while he persevered through the storm much like we did it is the covenant that God made with Noah in Chapter 9 that should give us hope that we too will endure and that things will be okay. Now that’s not to say that things will not be difficult, and that things will come easy for us. Some of our hardest and trying times were not as how we had expected them. Let me explain, while we in Joinerville never really lost electricity or water we did lose our Phone and Internet services. And in today’s age, a technological age, have you even been stuck inside the house with four children without Internet service? We couldn’t stream Cartoons, YouTube Kids was out we couldn’t contact the MudRunner severs on our Xbox. It was torture! But it was times like these that taught us a very valuable lesson, it was that we are so blessed. Because if the only issues we had was that our Internet and Phones were out we really didn’t have any problems to speak of. Well our shed that the truck and boat was in did collapse but we were going to tear that thing down one day anyways. So I think the good Lord was helping me on that one. But we were blessed, and if we could help others we did, because we knew at the end of the day that everything was going to be okay. Because in verse 16 God says this to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.” We can take comfort in this because do we think that the storm was the hardest thing Noah had to endure? I think not. Because as it’s said later in Chapter 9 that Noah became a farmer. Well, all the Farmers and Ranchers I know aren’t scared of hard work or getting their hands dirty, they aren’t lazy. Because in closing I want to say this, now that the snow and ice is gone it’s our actions as we rebuild and repair the damage from the storm that make the difference. As we come out of homes and our grocery store shelves begin to restock, we can help our neighbors much like the Bible tells us many times to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We can help people like that young lady that doesn’t know much about the difference between PVC primer and cement. We can check on the elderly lady that slipped and fell due to the ice. We can lend a helping hand to the family down the street who’s roof caved in. I think that it’s times like this that brings us closer together to each other and closer to our faith. Not just as Americans living together a one nation under God, but as Christians serving God.
I hope that you’ll join me next week as we conclude with how we accept God’s will while following his Commandments and enduring hardship.
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