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We desire perfection.

Many of us are perfectionists at heart, including myself, and it can be terrible at times. We are also looking for the “perfect” product.

Nothing and no one is perfect.

No person can reach what we typically think of perfection.

Perfect also means wholeness, complete, accomplished.

This is important for us to understand, especially as we interact with Scripture and the book of Hebrews. When Hebrews speaks of Jesus being made perfect he is not talking as if Jesus has some fault. Instead, it is about Jesus completing the task at hand, fully.

Guilt is about doing wrong/not meeting the standard.

This is based on actions and behavior. We need guilt around or otherwise we live in anarchy. Unfortunately, many of us walk around living out spiritual anarchy because everything is oaky.

Religious practice does not equal a whole relationship.

This is the point Hebrews is making. The law, OT, sacrifices and offerings could never provide a right and whole relationship with God. This in and of itself does not provide unhindered access. Remember God wants a full and whole relationship with you.
The same which was true in the OT is true today. Coming to church, serving others, praying, being part of Bible Studies/small groups, giving your tithes and offerings, cannot and will not save you.

Shame says, “I am unlovable...”

Shame takes the guilt we all feel for doing wrong and interprets it into being unlovable, unworthy, never going to measure up. Sometimes shame takes place because of events that happen, “If I was good enough this person would have...” “If God really loved me then I would not experience...” Shame is a tool of the enemy to isolate and destroy us.

Shame reminds us of our sin.

Thus it will separate us from our Lord.

But Christ was sacrificed and then sat down.

This is one of the key differences between the priests of old and our high priest. When they finished one sacrifice they continued to work, work, work. When Jesus completed his sacrifice he sat down, better yet, God exalted him above all and then he sat down signifying his work was completed.

Christ alone provides wholeness.

This is the idea of perfection. The perfection Christ provides is not unblemished, always right, 100% pure, but the wholeness and complete access to God.

Forgiveness provides access.

To come to God you must have forgiveness.

Forgiveness leads to gratitude.

Because of the forgiveness Christ provides we do all the “religious” looking stuff out of gratitude. We don’t do those things trying to earn God’s love. He already loves us. We do it in response to His love.

In Christ there is assurance.

Do you need to experience assurance of Salvation? Do you need assurance that you are loved this morning? Do you need to experience the truth that Christ provides wholeness, completeness? Look to Jesus and His people.
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