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What Do You Have in Your Hand Part -2

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What's in your hands. What's in your hands two weeks ago? I did this message and began this message and what it what do you have in your hand? You know what a recently we find that people have been in a defensive mode. Where did defensive mode where our mindset has defensive week week? We've been defensive and for the most part of frayed in many ways covid-19.

And yet I believe that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has to be on a forceful advance to advance his kingdom. That's what I see in scripture where not to hunker down and hide. Where to be moving forward where to be going after it? Yeah, I think back I go back to to Jeremiah in Jeremiah in 28 and 29 over there where he talks about. Look you're going to be in bondage. You're going to be in situation. You're going to be a difficult things. But here's what I want you to occupy live have children build homes plant Gardens grow expand details over and we see over in Isaiah. He he makes this statement over there and he says look, you've been bearing you look like you're bearing look like nothing's happening. Looks like you're going to just just check completely out. But listen, I want you to drive the temp eggs and state expand your tent expand look for grow for a big family and other words to to reach out to do those things to strengthen the body. to be protected I think that you you looking in hagio in the prophet, how y'all says this he says the Lord the Lord your God says I'm going to shake everything that can be shaken. So that what remains is mine? Kind of going through some of that kind of going through some of that but here's the promise that the glory the presents the Manifest presence of God almighty. Is going to be greater in the lighter than it was in the former. You're going to see the the manifestation of God in Greater ways in the ladder than you do in the former Hallelujah glory to God. Look at the promises that the Father in Heaven makes the US. He said to Moses as we built this what do you have in your hands as we we went to that and then started there he he said this to the Moses. He's in Moses. I'm going to use you to bring my people out of bondage this place. They've been the struggle. They've been I'm going to bring the family. Think about it. I'm going to bring the family. I'm going to use you to leave the family the children of God. I'm going to leave to get to use you to leave the Jewish Nation. Out out of bondage out of being controlled by the World Systems. Listen to what I'm saying out of being ran down by the World Systems out of being supplied by the World Systems. I'm going to do it in a way that you haven't seen it before. I'm going to use you. Moses is it is arguing with God is just so what am I going to do when I go to him and they said he tells them there. She says you tell them that I am sent you. I am Yahweh Jehovah. By the way, that's who Jesus says he is. I am light. I am Alpha. I am Omega. I am this is who I am and Moses. He said to Moses after that Moses it what if they don't believe in in Moses in Exodus chapter 4. I think it's verse two or so verse 1 verse 2. Did Moses said what if they don't believe me what they don't listen to what I say.

Where they may say the Lord is not appeared to you then the Lord said to him what is in your hand?

Moses had a shepherd's rod and staff in his hand. an ordinary Shepherds stick an ordinary Shepherds stick. It was a regular Shepherd's rod. listen He had been in a place where he had been in the palace. And he's in the palace for some 40 years. Raised by Pharaoh in the world system in the world ways and all the stuff of the world.

It God's moving on his heart situation happens and he runs away in fear.

Sound familiar, he runs away in fear. So it goes from the palace to the pasture.

In the palace he had in his hands the things of this world. In the pasture he had the things in his hands of a shepherd. an ordinary staff stick

Listen to me. What you have in your hand, will Define you.

What you're holding onto in your hand what you're holding onto will Define you.

some of us are holding on to the past some of us are holding onto our education. Some of us are holding on to our job. Some of us are holding on to our children or grandchildren. Some of us are holding on to our preferences. and their defining us

and God saying I want what's in your hand so I can take the world out of what's in your hand. Oh Hallelujah quiet in here tonight.

I want what's in your hand. By the way, I made the statement a couple weeks ago and then I'm going to say it again cuz it's worth you hearing again. God really doesn't have you until he has what's in your hand.

Got really doesn't have you until he has what's in your hand. Why? Cuz what's in your hand defines you. If he doesn't have what's in your hand so he can to find you? Hello. Anybody like the song You Know Frank Sinatra. I did it my way?

Yeah, I know the young kids don't know that in here in the old people don't want to admit that they listen to it and sang it and hang on to it. Fact of the matter is if you did it your way it was what was in your hand and it defined you and that's probably some of the mistakes you've made.

I want to take a few moments and look tonight at some other things that people had in their hands. John chapter 6 beginning with verse 5 the Bible says this therefore Jesus lifting up his eyes and seeing a large crowd that was coming to him said to Philip where we to buy bread. So these may eat This he was saying to test him to test Philip. For he knew himself that he was intending to do but Philip answered him 200 denarii worth of bread is not sufficient for them. Think about that. 200 and area are worth of bread is not sufficient for them. even for everybody to receive a little One of his disciples Andrew and Simon Peter's brother said to him said to Jesus. There's a lad here that has five barley Loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many? people

I said to God many times. We're a little church.

We're a little church.

We are a what can we do?

Think about that.

What are we? among so many

Listen to this.

This is what I thought. the young boy the young lad Who was seemingly insignificant he would have been overlooked most any other time? He'd have been overlooked. But this young lad seemingly so insignificant held in his hands the potential for a miracle.

So small, so inconsiderate insignificant Enda that the scheme of the Earth in the universe and all that's going around and 5,000 men push women and children all around and nobody had anything to eat. So insignificant is the boy let alone Five Loaves and two fish but in his hands He had the potential. for a miracle from God What do you have in your hands? What's so insignificant that you have that what can I do Westgate? What is it? That's so insignificant that we are that God say, I want you to step out and do something. I want to show you something. I want to show you something. As I work within you in the body of Christ so that the world will see and believe. Wow, are you willing to risk? Are you willing to risk something that God may want to do that that just seems so out of the box. The God wants us to do within the body cuz I know we're called you the body. my goodness

What do you have in your hands individually?

What seems so insignificant to you?

It has the potential for a miracle. I thought about I think a lot about the stuff that goes on with Livi new Ministries, which is by the way comes from the ministry that God has called me to out of Westgate and and all of that in and it's it's an amazing thing that got done that Westgate dies. Which gate does living new Ministries is it just is?

But leaving new watch this. Has been able to do some really incredible things in the body of Christ.

That is impacted communities in a fresh new way. When the world has shut down. I think I told you before but but Last month during the Christmas time there was a total of over over 1,800 families are people. Serve food that couldn't afford to buy any food because the economy shut down in the Philippines.

By the way, living new didn't serve the food. Living new serve the body that serve the food.

That's pretty awesome. Huh? Oh, by the way Westgate you did that.

The significance of what God is doing is phenomenal. What do you have in your hands? Cheap Trick, we're busy wanting to grass but everything out there grass, but this grass cut that grass but something new grab ahold of this grab hold of that and I'm here to tell you. Just wants to take what you already have in your hands.

Part of the reason when you start grabbing it new stuff. It doesn't work is because he hasn't taken care of what you already had.

Matthew 26 look at this. now when Jesus was in Bethany at the home of Simon the leper a woman came to him with an alabaster vial of very costly perfume and she poured it on his head as he reclined at the table, but the disciples were indignant when they saw this and they said why this waste for this perfume might have been sold for a high price and the money given to the poor.

Don't put it out there for you. That's a politically correct statement.

And that's a good thing to have sold that and give it to the poor. That's a good thing say. Amen. That's a good thing. It just happens not to be a God thing at the moment.

We can do lots of good things with what we're holding onto in our hands.

But we need to do the God thing and only way you can do the God thing with watching your hand is to release it to him. Used to pour it out at his feet is to give it to him a woman. They married Porsche costly perfume anointing Jesus for burial that still to come ahead of time.

Let me say this to you Westgate. Don't let the naysayers stop you from releasing what's in your hand.

Don't let the naysayers stop you from releasing what's in your hand. If God is saying release it and it's not politically correct or it doesn't seem to fit the the culture of the day and I submit to you. It's probably got cuz it's the foolishness of God that confounds the wisdom of man.

Don't let the naysayers get in the way.

I've been talkin and praying and thinking about some things. I think God may be leading us to as a church and I'm not ready to share all of that yet, but I'm thinking about him praying about the same. Are you sure and I'm sensing I'm going okay here part of the process and have a kind of Bounce some ideas off some people and different things like that and it in and it's coming back and say I don't know about that this and that the other day, but today it seems good, but I don't know and I'm like

Whole lot of naysayers not a whole lot of yeah, let's do that. Cuz it's hard. What I'm sensing is hard and it be hard work and it be costly and it be a processing and yet if God's telling us that then we need to be about that. Amen.

You know what? Jesus said about Mary who poured the

Oil out of her hand at the expensive perfume out of her hand know what Jesus said. He said there's not there's no slide for this. But but he said this he said truly I say to you whoever wherever this gospel the gospel of his kingdom is preached in the whole world what this woman has done will be spoken of as well. Wow. Wherever the good news of the kingdom of God is preached around the world. The fact that she released very expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus poured it on the floor. A dirt floor cuz they don't have concrete like we got rocks at best.

Water waste except God said release that to me. Got it release that to me.

Hey child of God. What do you have in your hand? Is he saying give to me? What are you holding onto so tightly that's identifying you that he say give it to me.

couple weeks ago when we started this I shared with you a little bit about some of the identity crisis that I went through is what I had in my hand that identified me that I had to release

had to let it go cuz I was more concerned about being identified is that That I am is this.

Truth is Out of brother told you that I was a retired fireman then tell you I was a pastor.


I'd rather told you that I was a chaplain and started the chaplaincy program then to tell you that. pastor church

That's pretty bad place to be. That's my identity. by the way pray for this

I was at firefighter from the Marine Corps own as a firefighter paramedic and all of that. You eat you listening. I had 20 years total. Is that part of my identity?

I've been in Ministry training for surrender to Ministry and in Ministry 32 years. That's my identity. Why am I holding on to that?

Why was I let that go? many moons ago many moods 2019 I finally got that checked out. It's some of my quiet time waiting on Vicky's chemo to finish pumping in while we were at Mayo sitting around. Got through some of that they got gone. Why why would I want something that was really so insignificant in my life to be what defines me rather than releasing it. What are you holding onto in your hand? Nesterly literally but in your in your being what is it? That's identifying you.

itsfunneh I was reading this message and preparing for it and thinking about it. went over and Acts chapter 9 and thinking about a woman. Is this really? Wonderful woman Dorcas or Tabitha translated into Greek to Dorcas and says that now in Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha witch translated into Greek is called Dorcas. This woman watch this this woman was a bounding with the Deeds of kindness and charity. Would she continue continually did

your identity

watch and it happened at the time. She felt sick and died and when they washed her body there later in the upper room since Lydia was near job of the disciples. Haven't heard that Peter was there sent two men to him and pouring him do not delay in coming to us. So Peter Rose and went with them when they arrived they brought him to the upper room and all the and all the Widow's Stood Beside him weeping and showing the tunics and the garments that Dorcas said use to make while she was with them

Dorcas was friends with Lydia and Bisson.

Lydia House Church scripture doesn't say butts good possibility Dorcas was in her house Church.

All of this going on and she had taken what was in her hand. And was giving it to the Believers and working with the Believers. because Dorcas released what was in her hands the needle and thread she impacted her computer t

cuz she released it. Chihuahuas in her hand, she used it and she impacted her community.

Remember, we had a teacher that?

Which part of our church for years and over River City and stuff and he used to tell me is a science teacher, you know, you know what you have to teach and Science in the public school system, right? But he couldn't go out and tell him what he really believed unless he was asked the question. So he would find that student. That would ask the question.

Usually a Christian say but what do you really believe this stuff?

And he would say well know I don't here's what I believe.

finding away with what's in you Releasing what's in you to be used by God. He was a teacher but it didn't let being the science teacher because identity. Are you following me?

What's in your hand?

4 Samuel 17

Here's another problem the church has with stuff in their hands. Then Saul close David with his garments. David said I'll go fight Goliath. I don't care. I'll fight him. I don't want Little David the shepherd boy. I'll go fighting what see in the name of the Lord. Who who is he and sauce is really going to go fighting. Salsa, where you going to fight and you got to be protected? So did you give David his garments and put his bronze helmet on his head and clothing with his armor David Gordon the sword over his armor. He tried to walk for he had not tested them. So David said to Saul I cannot go with these for I've not tested them and David took them off. He took his stick in his hand. And chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook and put them in the shepherd's bag, which he had even his pouch and his sling was in his hand as he approached the Philippines.

I feel beautiful of the Philistines for the Philippines. My brains are the listings. Think about this for a moment.

churches and people always always always.

Seeing what's in somebody else's hand and want somebody else's Duey and trying to copy it trying to do it.

And it's heavy and ill-fitting. It hasn't been tested for you.

Always looking at off I could do this. If I had this I could do that. If we had this we could do that. If we had this we could do that. If we just add this we could do that yet. We haven't been tested in that.

Don't try to use what you see and they're giving that belongs to somebody else. Let me say that again. Don't try to use what you see and are given that belongs in someone else's hand.

Bones in somebody else's hand. Not yours. Matter fact, I really can't release watching. Somebody else's hand. You can only release what you have to God.

You know what else David had his hand from time to time? Saul Samuel 16 Samuel 18719 often says watch this. That's all who sent David in the Bible when David said I'll go Any destroyed Goliath? And they destroyed the Philistine Army. But you find in 16 18 19. David had in his hand a harp. That he would play.

That would deliver saw from the torment of the Demonic host.

You can have more than one thing in your hand.


But you can only use what's in your hand.

And you can only use it effectively when you've released it. to the Lord Again, don't try to use what you see. And that belongs in somebody else's hand.

I had to learn that I had to say that I can remember I can remember I think you might appreciate this a little bit but some of my first trips to over to the Philippines back in 94-95 somewhere in their way back in that those days whenever that was somewhere that time frame 95 or so.

I can remember I only went to only ministered in the island of Samar when I first went for the first five years. That's where I went cuz we had a missionary that we were supporting as a church. That was our full support. We were supporting we went to check on him see what was going on making sure things were right and then I would see them in I would see the ones in Kason City and Judy and all of them, but I only Minister down in down in some are.

But I can remember every time I go I administer all day long the preachers pastors. but every night Judy had told meds get him out in those Broncos have him doing Evangelistic service get him out and have him doing it and I'd go out there to some basketball court and every one single light hanging in the center of some of the basketball courts and and and that was it and there's nothing and it bugs everywhere and this and that and I'm out there and and they want me to be an evangelist a man. I try to preach I try hard. I try hard to preach Evangelistic man. I can't evangelize but I don't I'm not an evangelist and I try man I'd reach and I've reaching in the thing was they date the white guys there. They're expecting the white guy the fridge for an hour and a half after 20 minutes baby. I'm done with Angela stick message. I can free trade hours all day long to preachers say look here but 20 minutes I'm done and they're like and so what happens is is mads or whoever would get up and then re preach and add to and they go about 4 at night go for another hour. Then I give her. altar call and I finally and the fight this. Don't tell nobody I would miserable. I like it. You didn't like if you Angel icing. I went evangelizing. I was preaching Evangelistic message. I didn't like it. It was hard. I mean it would be like me trying to teach calculus. I did some calculus cuz I had to not cuz I wanted to I could teach geometry but calculus whole another world. It was me miserable. It's just it's it's the same thing. I enjoy this. That's can I yes should I know?

But do you know what guilt that carried? Cuz somebody was wanting me. To pick up something that was somebody else's hand that was in somebody else's tool belt. It wasn't in mind. It wasn't according to the ability that God has given me should we evangelize? Yes. Should I be a witness? Yes. Should I share the hope of the Gospel? Yeah. Should I tell people what Christ has done for me? Yes, every one of us should do that.

But mean I should go out and Holden Evangelistic meeting.


And I finally said I'm not doing that anymore.

It didn't go over so well with some of the missionaries around. It didn't. But not my calling. It's not on my tool belt. It's not in my gift package. But what I do have in my hand, I need to give to him so that he can take the world out of it the snake out of it and I can pick it back up to do what he's called me to do.

What do you have in your hand? Trying to pick up somebody else's thing Westgate. We're not going to pick up some other churches mission.

Will support will help will encourage will build up will do whatever we can to partner with the body of Christ. I'm doing it. I'm living proof. We are doing this around the world in many different places not just to Philippine, but we're doing that. I'm okay with that. Hey, Matt. Cuz our job is to strengthen the body. a man

made another statement about don't pick it up. Listen to me going back to what I was sharing about that with the missionary thing. I've toyed with what I was going to share that are not because this goes out to people out there around the world and they kind of like I can't let him back in my church. He said no, it's not what I said to listen to the whole thing.

At times people will not understand what you've given to the Lord from your hand. They're not going to find that they're not going to understand it. But ultimately they'll find it necessary in life.

See, here's what you don't understand what God is called you too, and gifted you with is necessary for me.

The gift that Susan has her David have her Tyler has or or Christian or any of the president. I'm gifted in price. That's not an issue. But the gift that they have I can't send it that piano play it I can read one note of the time and play it maybe two. I can't play that.

Who'd ever thought that my sisters add and her OCD would allow her to play the drums, but what a great thing. I can't do that. I've tried I've tried to get both feet and both hands to do different things at the same time. My brain don't work like that. It'd be wrong for me to do that and y'all aren't we going yeah, would you quit banging on drums? Cuz he just be banging it wouldn't be any percussion at all. And I can keep rhythm. That's what's strange about it. I can't even clapping clap off being I can do all kind of stuff. Can you do that?

listen It's necessary life what God has gifted you with I need what God has gifted you with. amen

And even if you don't like it you need what God gifted me with. That's true. That's okay.

Let's continue. Watch this will wrap up here. I'm coming into I'm in the final pattern. I'm going to be landing the plane how many how many of you know that sometimes your circle a while for relaying, but I'm in the final pattern. No, I'm not going up and down. I'm just circling. But I'm I'm working my way down. I'm getting ready to land the plane.

The pattern is full and sometimes it gets a little Fuller. I got to go around again, but I'm coming. All right.

Mark chapter 12

beginning with verse 41 he Jesus sat down opposite the treasury and began observing how people were putting money into the treasury and how many rich people were putting in a large sums of money. A poor Widow came and put in two small copper coins.

I love this which is the amounts to about a penny.

Calling his disciples to him. He said to them truly. I say to you this poor Widow. Put in more than all the contributors.

to the treasury put in more for a all put n out of their Surplus. but she out of her poverty

She put in all she owned. everything she had deliv on

listen to this is I wrap this up. What seem small and insignificant to others?

When it's all you have in your hand. Will transform the World As You release it to God.

What seem small and insignificant to others when it is all you have in your hand is all you got.

Will transform the world transform the world. When you release it to God.

Jesus says this

here's the law of love. the Commandment of love We are to love the Lord Our God with all our heart soul mind and strength. We are to release every what's this cuz we're to love is he locked?

I love this marked by giving and not getting.

I command you to love one another as I have loved you a sacrificial giving life. Jesus said this you are to love. the Lord your God

your to laugh a giving love with everything you have your whole entire being needs to be released Dam.

It's more than just what you have in your hand. if you

what are you holding back?

What I love you, I praise you. I thank you. You're an awesome God. Lord I'm I'm going to give this to you but I want that I'm still using that God you can have this that I'm not really using right now.

You said I would never say that your correct. You would never say that out loud. but you do

We do don't we don't we?

None of us have the same thing in her hand.

None of us have the same thing in her hand. None of us have the same abilities.

But we all have the ability to participate in the miraculous. It will just release it to him. If we'll just yield to him and let him take the world out of it.

See, here's the interesting thing. God doesn't need much in your hand.

He's got Sovereign holy and righteous and doesn't need you or what's in your hand. He just wanted. He wants you. And all that comes with you.

You don't know what my life has been like doesn't matter cuz he covered that if you trusted him he covered that with his blood that you messed up on and he's redeemed you and made you righteous and holy if you trust in him, he wants all that you have just come on.

He's needed.

God will be just fine. If you hold on to what you got.

What you want?

you won't that's not a threat. That's a promise. You won't.

If you love that more than you love him is called an idol and you won't be right. It's okay, it's wrong.

You get it?

See you really. Never have what's in your hand? Until you give it to God.

Because until you give it to God it has you you don't have it.

Say that again. You never really have what's in your hand until you give it to God instead it has you.

You and I will never be who were supposed to be in him. Until we owe it all to you.

What do you have in your hand?

What do you hold onto? Where's your identity?

I submit to you.

That you and I need to approach. I worship in a whole new way.

We are created to worship. And worship simply means work and bring glory to him. Our work is our worship.

Who sang the song a few minutes ago? That's sad. I worship you. Almighty God. There is none like you.

You're awesome. You're wonderful. You're great.

But I'ma hold on to this cuz it's awesome and great and wonderful, too and it means a little more to me than that.

So you never can truly worship. Until you go to DM.

Has a price team comes back to the platform. I want you to think about. What's your identity? And what you're holding on to? We're going to sing that song again.

I don't want you to ask yourself.

What do I need to lay down? What do I need to throw see? That's what Moses did y'all should what do you have in your hands and throw it on the ground?

tonight tonight. What do you need to leave at the altar? Tonight, what do you need to put on the ground at the altar?

You say I am making a decision right here. I'm making a decision right now. Listen, you can make a mental I sent right there where you're sitting and that's true you can.

Faith without works is dead.

Sometimes you just got to make a declaration. You got to make a move.

Maybe you need to come kneel at this altar up. Here these steps. Maybe just need to kneel where you are. Maybe you need to just bow and and say Lord. I I've been holding on to this. I want to put it down in true worship in a true Act of surrender to you. Here it is. I'm laying it down on I'm giving it all to you and I'll pick up what you tell me to pick up.

When you get the world out of it.

So that I can be who you called me to be.

I'm challenged you tonight to make a decision.

You been coming for months now listening to me talk and talk about where we are. And what's going on you been listening online and talkin about where we are and what we're doing what we're going through and all the struggles.

But I'm calling you to an altar tonight.

to an altar that says I'm laying it down. I'm surrendering it to you.

In pure worship cuz there's none like you got I've tried it my way. Is you were way that's all that matters? Here it is Here. I Am Lord. Here's what I have. Father what do you want to do? Let stand together you, if you need to come kneel you need to kneel seek the Lord. but don't leave this place the same don't leave this place holding on to an identity that God doesn't want you to have

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