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2-28-21 Philippians 3:1-11 "Safeguarding against Falsehood"

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“Safeguarded against Falsehood” - Philippians 3:1-11

Recognize the False Teaching

False teaching always pushes Jesus aside to put confidence in self.

In Paul’s time these false teachers were telling people they had to do more.

In our time the message is that you are good just because you’re you.

Whenever we recognize a hint of this false-message, we must reject it.

The Value of Jesus

Paul shows us the value of Jesus by contrast.

He had achieved everything his culture valued and celebrated.

He considered everything else to be loss or filth compared to knowing Jesus.

Remembering the value of Jesus helps us see the falsehood for what it is.

True Righteousness

Righteousness means to truly be able to stand without guilt.

Jesus is the only object of faith for true righteousness.

True life and righteousness requires resurrection.

Remembering salvation is by faith keeps us rooted where we need to be.

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