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Inductive Bible Study Lesson 4

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I will start with the word of Prayer.

Your father said for letting us gathered here today. Name your son Jesus Midas. Thank you that we can come here and learn how to study the Bible. We thank you that we have the mines and that the means to study the Bible and we're not left in the dark, but we can come to the text understand what it means that we can live in light of that. I prayed as today. We learn what it means to interpret the Bible to understand that I want to make the topic more difficult to understand results from this and that we'd clean a lot.

Okay, so where have we been? Well, we started off two weeks of observation. And I remember how I said observation is like looking at the mountain. Before you ascend it seeing how you going to get up there and I'll servation is it seemed literary features? What does the text actually say that we went through ways that you can see in observed with the text actually says and then we're going to look at how to interpret the text. We don't want to stop at observation and just seeing the text and saying okay. This is what it says and skip over interpretation going right to application. That would be a big No-No, right? That's not as bad as going straight to application, but it's pretty bad almost as bad. So this week we're getting the next week. We're going to look at interpretation. Once we know what the text says. Well, what does the text actually mean? It says it's but what does it mean that we're going to look at how to go over this? So the first we're going to go over is considering the context. Show me the scene in realty in three words. Does anyone know what the three words are? Location location location free words are for considering the context and interpretation what the three words are. Contacts contacts contacts we want to consider the context. What does this verse mean in Context next week we're going to do the old Switcheroo Pastor Roberts going to the spice Lord willing and I'm going to see that there's not just one type of context. There's historical context literary context in there steal a social context. It's not just going to look at the context. What are you going to look at? There's a lot to take in and that should both get you or your alarms going that there's a lot to take in but don't worry. We're going to show you the tools that you can use. To to understand the context you don't have to memorize a bunch of things. You can look it up somewhere and Pastor Robert wuhl next week. So historical context context theological context hermeneutical Triad and it's on the back of your hand out. It's up to you. Not the greatest resolution.

And this is going to sing as its own group of three things, like historical has those contacts and you can see it on your sheet. Theological context has its own specific contacts the same as literally, at least form to Homer local Triad. If you think it'll help you come to a fuller understanding text and there's this word from musical. We need to Define what hermeneutics mean cuz we don't just want to I don't want to assume that everyone here knows what the hermeneutics mean. Let me call on someone. Can you give a definition of hermeneutics? Arkansas

so there's two things are so smart, but it's also a science a science because there's rules that apply right? We can't just go in Willy Nelly with our own definitions our own. We need a sentence with the word of God to see the nuances of scripture grown over time practice over time. So, so thank you and you send it.

Different tool sets word poetry. Yes Okay. So first we're going to look at the historical context and this is seen in geopolitical context where to find this situational context cultural context. Book a geo-political context of Isaiah 19 23 through 25 is that day? It will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria and Syria will come into Egypt. Ethereal coming to Egypt Egyptians worship experience in that day. He is real will be the third with Egypt and Assyria a blessing in the midst of the artist who yaqui sabios. The Lord of hosts has by saying Blessed Be Egypt my people and Assyria the work of my hands and Israel my inheritance. So this is a pretty big deal because what do we know about Egypt and Assyria in Isaiah's they will they were enemies?

And what do we know about Egypt or I'm sorry? What do we know about Israel? Well, it was actually smack dab in the middle of these two Nation. If you were a Siri is up here in the top right in the in the artist red and Israel and Judah are here. There's going to be at the highway between these two countries are three parts of pack Park passed one another. And he's going to say to Assyria my handiwork in Egypt my people and it might be one of the other end don't have the verse in front of me. I'm like, okay, there's going to be going to call his inheritance polish Jews in World War II 44 East Germany on one side. He's got Rush on the other side and this little country is between them. Germany's already invaded Poland in the in 1938 and then rushes going to come back through there. Not too certain going to treat the polls any better and you're the oldest person who he received the news that one day God is going to create a highway between Germany and Russian treaty and God's gonna say Germany my people and Russia my handiwork. And Israel, my inheritance we can cut the grass with a little better because World War II is more Emily and our mind you would say there's no way a Jewish person in Poland do the Germans want to kill and do the Russians didn't treat any better. She would think there's no way this is going to happen God you're not going to be like this with the people in Isaiah's they felt there's no way Egypt and Assyria are going to be called the people of God. There's no way they're going to be a tree between us and Highway going through our land. This is historical context. We have to understand what it mean to the people in that state. Let's deal clinical historical geography like in the politics like there's cultural context Rogers 2122-20 one we looked at.

This isn't judges and they commanded the people of Benjamin saying go and lie in ambush in The Vineyards and washed. It's a Daughters of Child come out and dance in the dances. They come out of The Vineyards in snatched. Each man is from the daughters of Shiloh and go to the land of Benjamin. So you have to ask yourself. What kind of closer would come up with this idea of getting away? You know, I like to see someone write a dating book or courtship broke on on this method of dating much. So the grand dance or something like that. Maybe we can come up with a book idea and sell it. You know, I didn't try this with my wife to school. We went to dinner allow dancing and there was no great bushes removed. There's no nearby so you think why did they come up with this idea and salt would think this is a good idea. It's a little weird and it's in the Bible. We don't have to say let's go out and do it. Let's go. And respond like this, but we have to understand why did this happen? What what culture determine this would be a good idea in reading the earlier verses in judges would help you understand that.

Lender situational so why did Paul write what he wrote? Why did he write license? No, like it was a big deal that he was writing to the church in galatia.

Judaizers, right these people who said you have to be circumcised and keep some of the law of Moses judaizers in writing that we think of Colossians with with the wisdom in philosophy. We think of Ephesians with spiritual Powers were the 1st and 2nd Corinthians. There's a sinful Church in court that he was writing to to address it. What was the situation behind Paul riding. So there's a situation that you have to be aware of when you come and read it. This is all historical context. I don't help you interpret. What does the text mean? What did it mean in that historical context? What does literary context we have to be aware of at least we'll be surrounding context canonical context and illiterate jonra or sub-genre. So they're surrounding text Joel 3:14 multitude of small tattoos in the valley of decision for the day of Uruguay is near in the valley the Susan yaakov being God's covenant name. What is multitude in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord is near?

How many he referred this as an Evangelistic message that just make a decision for Christ? I know I have. I appreciate not joking.

Right. You think I would just need to make a decision for Christ and come to Christ. But if you look at it, Joel 3:2 it says they are brats. Yahoo! Judges, they're brought to the valley of decision. He's charging them. And so these are people making the decisions for God or against God except price or reject price. These are the enemies of Israel brought into this Valley and they are judged by yaqui treatment of God's covenant. And this is the forward-looking that we can also say that this is likely the battle of Armageddon that we see and and other verse of the Bible were the enemies of God are gathered and destroyed in the final day. So this isn't an evangelist decision. This is adjustments. You're going to be judged by God. It's Yahoo, and he will always make the right decision. So we need to understand the surrounding context if we were going to come to a wrong understanding.

Okay, so I have some tips for working with the surrounding context. And you can tell me then it'll it'll fill in for you. Don't worry. So the boundaries that comprise to text the unit text me study. Last time we met we looked at literary bounded boundaries how we can use word repetition. cohesion teams Come together and understand what's the literary unit. What's the dissection what Beyond literary unit? There's also a contextual boundaries of the context can go beyond just the verses that you're studying studying and go go further out in the book or even in the Bible. So you need to understand the boundaries that comprise the next we need to summarize the main idea of the unit. This will be very helpful for you. You're reading a passage or studying it and what will help you really try to understand and interpret it is if you write down what you believe the main idea of the unit is better right now. You can come back and interpret it more, but it'll help you get down on paper. What you think the main idea is it can be a sentence for to you could. You could do a paragraph if you wanted but I would just do like a sentence or two. What is the main idea that unit on Wednesday night and sometimes I'm on Sunday morning Pastor Robert when he hands out the study guide for the main idea or the main point of the passage and that's kind of what I'm talking about. You write down us a short summary of what the passage is about and you'll have to refine as you can. And then you explain how or if the segment relates to the units surrounding it is not going to stand by itself. Usually sometimes you can take a nap station outside of external contacts what you want to see how does this relate to the units around in that like Mark chapter 6 we see John the Baptist death by Herod the leader. He's like a Shepherd in Israel. And he missed Teresa people of God will then right after that. We come to Jesus and we see that he has compassion and he's at the Good Shepherd Heritage evil leader evil Shepherd who put the death of people got Jesus comes along and Eliza people got the pasture so you can see how one segment relates to another why did the author structure like this?

Imagine a lawyer he's going to be aboard we can be really different free themes for cases. He's working on a tax lawyer vs. Patent lawyer or a real estate lawyer. I must have the same probably is even the jonra of legal brief series is going to be different Nuance a difference science repairman. He's going to read a manual on how to repair a refrigerator or maybe a water softener or a dish washer or dryer and you're going to be reading different genres come home that night to their homes respectively and they read the latest mystery novel. They're going to read both as mystery novel during the day. They're completely different genres of work material for when I come home and read a novel. They know that reason a novel they can switch gears immediately and say this is a novel and I'm going to treat like a novel I'm not going to treat it like an appliance repair manual or illegal briefing. But when we come to the Bible, we usually it's not automatic for us. We don't shift gears like that will read psalms and Proverbs and the gospel like they're the same. We don't treat them like different genres. We don't treat it like a illegal racing purses are novel and we should we need to be aware aware of the genres or sub genres. That we don't want to read the Proverbs and we don't run to read Ecclesiastes the same way we read the gospels or Paul's letter. Avengers canonical manacle canonical there's a place in the Canon. And I will show you what this means. It's going to be a little blurry. I apologize for that Randy. Can you see that? That's why I asked you within the Book of Amos is so the message of the Minor Prophets. Do realize that we have to understand what is the theme of the Old Testament? What is that The Narrative of the storyline of the Old Testament? And then we have to go out one further and got to understand that. This is all in the word of God scriptures. So we need to understand and read and interpret Malco literary context context of zero in on desk under stand that it is within layers of context and you will interpret I say your name is probably not the best if you don't understand the message of the Minor Prophets or the narrative theme of the Old Testament. How does it fit in the Old Testament?

Wyatt If you don't understand the law of Moses really not see why Amos has railing on them for their since you have to understand that about

thirsty logical context Ematic coming in chole Revelation historical call steamatic. This is a Jehovah Witnesses go to verse for annihilation.

Ask for what happened to the children of men and what happens to the Beast is the same as one dies who dies together they all have the same breath and man has no advantage over the peace for all the witness would say this means that after Armageddon and Jesus returned and creates a new Heaven on Earth everyone who's not of Christ or not going to be saved will be completely destroyed and I were just like the animals went when Jesus comes and you're not a Christian or not to have a witness. It's over for good. There's no conscious eternal torment in hell. Do they use this and Zen tattoo support that first? Well, what's the theme of Ecclesiastes? Is he always making these Grand theological statements or here? Is he lamenting about the certainty of death that everyone is going to try even if your king or if you're rich or poor we're all destined to die one day and if you read Ecclesiastes the teacher the man who wrote all the time, and he really can be

Pessimistic and is very critical and there's another word in his understanding of the things of God. So he's not necessarily make logical statement here. He's a saint Luke we're all going to die one day so that you have to understand us theme of and that's very important in books like Joe and books like Ecclesiastes. What's the name of the Covenant real or so years ago now? So this might be refreshing for some but if you look in the first four chapters of Micah, what do you see? You see that? They've broken the Covenant of Moses. They got against their Covenant with God. They're they're living in Rebellion to that. We're not going in light of death. Let me speak and it is coming. But then when you get to chapter 4 you see that there's a promise restoration and the frustration isn't true. It's you a new covenant established. So they're just might of the Mosaic law that they're not keeping their promise Restoration in the future. Hope not in the Mosaic law but in a New Covenant that's going to be me by the the messenger spoke up in chapter 5 the one who's going to come out of Bethlehem and the covenants to help you understand some passages in scripture like here Micah wants her for knowing the Mosaic Covenant and how to break in it as in knowing that there's a future holds in a New Covenant will really help you interpret something like Michael is coming in chole interpretation. Dr. Robert, do you have anything you'd like to add some protection? No.

Sabrina Carpenter

And then there's Revelation historical. So what is the Tennessee versus Ecclesiastes 3:27? Auburn one place all are from the dust and to dust all return.

And the dust request of the Earth as it was in the spirit returns to God who gave it. Go to statement. We dust to dust Spirit returns to God who gave it. So we can we can read this and we had to ask again. What do you want to go statement was the author of Ecclesiastes making what's the theme of Ecclesiastes and do we take this and say she didn't have a robust understanding of The resurrection of physical resurrection of Miley Resurrection, which you can make an argument from Ecclesiastes that he did understand future bodily Resurrection from later in the same chapter, but the question is and your interpretation IDs year is how much of a new testament do you want to take back and apply to verses in the Old Testament. Are we going to be doing I miss Justice to the original author of Ecclesiastes if we take our full understanding of the Revelation that we haven't scripture and apply it to the Old Testament. How much of that is legitimate? How much is it is illegitimate? So there is a revelation historical wear as a Bible was written more information. What was given as God inspired the New Testament authors Raintree able to understand a little bit more and that's opposite of the Old Testament. Authors had no clue what they're talking about. Peter tells us that they knew that was coming and they have an idea of the New Covenant. They just didn't have a full understanding when it would happen. If you was going to happen. They just going to have a full understanding of of when so you just have to ask you a question. You got to be careful doing this how much the New Testament can we we grabbed hold of and put in the Old Testament or do we let the Old Testament father speak for itself and interpret. How much do like a writer speaks of themself?

right on Roofing

That's good. Example grants been asking for a baby brother said, how are we going to get 120 years moving on from considering the context so location location location and listen to lot of contacts to take you in and I should have mentioned the first point. There's an awareness and perception and knowledge first overall those notes and going back to one area where does perception knowledge Is we need to be aware that there's different context? We need to be aware that there's different things you never understand and that we need to be careful reading the Bible and spotting context and then we need to have perception. We need to see what matters and this is where it said defies Common Sense. This is where hermeneutics is a science in an art you have to perceive what is super duper important here. And what is may be secondary or tertiary and interpretation and then. Knowledge has to come in. This is where you have to notice things like Asteria in Egypt were mortal enemies. We have to know the Covenant idea of Micah wants her for so you have to be aware that there's contacts you have to perceive what's important context and then you have to have knowledge about the specific context. And like I said, you don't have to memorize all these things. You can look it up somewhere and Lord willing next week Pastor. Robert will go over some of that where to look it up and had to look it up. Okay. So moving on to interpret taste interpretive correlation, this is compare scripture with scripture We don't just say we let the other scripture can inform us of what certain things mean. So first we can correlate historical unsent. So this is the marks 6:35 to 44 John 6:1 through 13. This is a few thousand real quick. So the blue is everything that's different between the two accounts for a different information is a turd in the grass is green. So the different information provided and the green where everything is pretty much in common, but then there's different details provided so author how to say. A word of warning is remember, you're not studying study Mark sticks when we went through first and second Kings of Pastor Robert Priestley that you'll notice as well. Sometimes he would bring an information from Chronicles to tell us what the test some light on what was going on at Kings, but he priest-kings when he's going to act he's not diverting into Ephesians or Corinthians or the letters of Paul. He might bring in some information from them, but he's studying acts in context. So my advice is do you can correlate historical documents and historical items don't get too far into the weeds and began studying both sections. Just that one section and Lumen the other two section that you're studying. Correlating historical document Concepts correlating literary content. This would be just different words in scripture. So let me give a warning that you can really quickly get too far off and correlate things that that aren't good. You can someone read Joshua 829 you can read things that have no connection at all. And sometimes you'll see this in and bibles when you give me the local number and tell you the verse that's related. Sometimes it tells the verse that says are related or really related. It'll just have like a common word or saying what is someone can read Joshua 8:29.


so you can stay where there's a picture of Christ in the Old Testament tree and bury him under rocks a ice cube. The people of Israel told that to wipe out and then they kill him and that they hanging on a tree cuz cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree and in Galatians Paul talks about Christ being hung on a tree and an accident they speak about it some but we don't want to go there and make it invalid correlation between the king of AI be hung on a tree and thinking somehow it's a picture of Jesus behind a tree that would be just a discredit to local authors in baby moving a little into blasphemy territory Josh

Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, but I would have saved a type of Christ.

Okay, so they're poorly literary context. So there's a word used to read scripture. This would be something really good to make a note in or keep this so you can always have this for Jehovah Witnesses cuz they like to take the word firstborn. That's his abuses in Colossians 1:15 sees the firstborn of all creation say Jesus was a first creative being and say that he is not the Creator but they create and he's an angel you want to grab hold of these verses Exodus 4:22. It says that Israel would be God's firstborn Jeremiah 31:9 Jeremiah says that you always says that is his firstborn and inside 8927. God said that David is his first four so you can see that doesn't necessarily mean literally the first born we know David was a 7 form. We know he's got was a second born Joseph and we know that Israel was the first nation. So an idea that first born is used to show exalted status did not necessarily genetic or begotten and things like that the literal first born Okay, so he's the first one of operation will go is that the one that is supported? Govinda's grammatical in literary structures for Genesis. 3:16. God tells easier to die will be for your husband, but he will rule over you and then when we get to Genesis 4:7 to send is waiting at the door and this entire is for you, but you must rule over it. So there's a field trial area connection. So that informs us what does it mean that uses tires going to be for her husband and he's going to rule over her. Is it going to be a Godly rule or going to be dominating? Because when God is telling Kane to rule over sand that's waiting for him at the door. He's not saying be friendly to your son. He's saying is give you what you want to dominate your tenant and just ruler, that Adam was not going to be tempted to dominate and and leave his wife parsley and rule over her and not in a christ-like way that we see diffusion chapter 5 and then I will be to be in charge of her husband and Andrew of her husband in the same way. He's in a row of her just like since their tires. So that's romantic literary structures. My question is how would that help you to understand 1st Timothy 2 11 through 15 does not permit a woman to teach his church and he goes on to say because man has created he was not to see the woman was deceived. The smartest man or is it was a seed and she was kind of going around her husband's back and Adam wasn't being disorderly figure like you should have bet he wasn't leaving his wife in a loving way. Would that help you understand 1st, Timothy 2 11 through 15 where we don't have to dive into that but it's something to think of that you can correlate literary structures and then there's a logical content where you can go through and look at the image of God how the the Old Testament says we are created in the image of God and then threw sand that images distorted and marred then you come to the New Testament and you see that prices in the image of God being made into the image of Christ and worship it so therefore cannot be made into the hands of God. So the image of God is being renewed. It was destroyed in the in the garden or not destroyed, but just a distorted and Mart in the garden, but now Christ is being made renewed. So the New Testament about restoring the image of God.

Really just hurt in in Genesis. Okay. So now we come to one of my favorite Parts. There's not the favorite part is your example time. So if you haven't been in here before if you've been out teaching Sunday school class that you would discuss the verses that I'm going to put on the screen with people next to you and we'll go over Jeremiah 29. We're not going to go over Revelation 3:15 3:16 phone number to remind 2911 encourage you to take a look at Jeremiah chapter 24, cuz that'll really help you understand Jeremiah chapter 29 11 through 19. So we'll look at how does a Contex help interpretation and I ask you to remember to look for historical literacy Lasco value and what other sections of scripture can you compare these with I'm Jeremiah 29:11.

Soccer24 got some good information about physics.

Oakland Park


Salon 29

Okay. So what do you see the chapter 24? I know it's is only 10 versus but you talk about the good things in the bath steaks in the good steaks. The ones I got left behind.

I know they're the ones I got taken away and you would think the good steaks are taking away the good place in Jerusalem, but the bad thing and so when Jeremiah when it comes to chapter 29, it starts the same way. Facts about Nebuchadnezzar taking the people away and that's how first 24 starts. You see that the good gigs are left behind in Jerusalem and they're judging and they're going to cast off and I hope the future isn't with the people at the end of Jerusalem is with the good pics were taken out and the good shakes. God says I'm going to bring you back one day because I have a future and a hope for you. So why would a judge? Well, if we know the Mosaic Covenant, they're just because of how they were living in light of the Covenant that God made with Moses for how they were treating one another for their worship for their idolatry. Took the good fix out to preserve a remnant of future and a hope the hope they lie with a people in Jerusalem alive with a people that got carried away which is counterintuitive to are thinking the worst of the worst and they're going to be destroyed while we see that the people that stay in Jerusalem, what do they do with them? And they're the ones who returned to Egypt they returned back to the land.

And that'll help us begin to interpret and apply it to us. How do we live in light of this is a future and a hope for us and for someone graduating from high school, or is it for the people of Israel in some way somehow? Okay, so will close out with a word of prayer and like I said next week, we're going Pastor Robert will teach us and you get that your father. Thank you again for your Bible. Thank you that your Holy Spirit helps us to grab hold of it and live in light of it. Thank you that we can use normal beans to understand it history or things like that. Thank you that it's not beyond our capabilities, but that you provide us the reason of the mind to do it. free Lorna that today is we start the service that we would sit under Pastor Roberts teaching who applied the same method to his own study and I was thinking that weekend or the fruit preparation in his study the word of God and just so we're clear Hammond ministers through him as he preaches to us for

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