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Old School Bold (Shorter Version)

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Good morning, brothers and sisters and I am absolutely thrilled to be with you this morning. My name is dr. Phil molding and I serve here in the church in St. Louis Missouri and I am thrilled to to be a part of anything that has the word Manila in it. I love the church there and therefore I love you. I'm so grateful for your face. And for this time and for long-term relationships with with guys like no Berto who fills my life with so much joy over the years. I've had the opportunity to teach at the alpha sessions every once in awhile, and those have always been some of my favorite life memories to teach about boldness and boy, I tell ya when you think about boldness you're talking about such a large issue. And of course in a Pernod said Hey, listen, could you do something out? The prophets and I'm like, yeah, the profits are Super Bowl but man when you think about all the things that we could talk about with boldness, I really figured it might be best just to focus on one thing and therefore focus on one profits and that is being old school. Now, I know for the term old school love itself is problematic, you know, because we got to say that words at times with kind of a bad taste in our mouth, you know what I mean? Like a watch out for that brother-sister they are super old school and when we say it like that what we're saying is that yeah, they're all conviction and no compassion. They are all expectation and no Grace, but would I use the word today when I use that phrase today? I'm actually using it in the sense of old school being something that is just simpler. It's clear. There is a path that is easily figured out and one that you can follow old school in the way. I'm going to use it today. It's just simply less complicated and more straightforward. And of course, this is where Elijah comes in and Elijah was incredibly important to Israel. Honestly the passion and the boldness of Elijah was what every parent wanted their son to be like when it came to the law. They wanted them to have the passion and the boldness of Elijah it is it is the kind of man that every parent wanted their daughter to marry Elijah was incredibly important to Israel, but he was also incredibly important to the early church. And this is where I want to focus. I want to focus on being old-school bold. I want to see kind of think about what was it? What was it that made men and women in the early church bold. What was it that made guys like Elijah, but what is it that makes any of us able to even be bold and of course, I love James has to say and of course this passages in James chapter 5 verse 17. It says Elijah was a man just like us and I want you to pause for a moment. Elijah was a man. Just like us of course. I'm reading the NIV 84 Edition here. For those of us that are old school 2011 version was in his nature just like us but Elijah was just like us James is actually making a point because he's talking about the need for the church to be God Reliant in prayer and he starts off this incredible discussion was a man just like us that it would not rain and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years Elijah was a man just like us boy said that is hard to imagine. But it is absolutely true. I'm going to take I'm going to take you through the story of Elijah and I'm going to point out just how bold he was. He was a man of great. He was bowled with people. He was bowled with authorities and power. He was bowled in prayer. He was bowled with God and all of his boldness. There came a great price with that but he was with someone that paid that price he was a man as James would say just like, I mean, it almost gives new meaning to the words and make us all bold. Make us more like Asia is old-school Bowl. Let me show you what I mean. You don't over enough 1st Kings 17. We're actually introduced to Elijah. He comes out of nowhere. There is no mention of an Elijah in chapter 16 or prior to that. He just shows up one day and this is what it says. It says the tishbite from tips be in Gilead Ahab as the Lord the god of Israel lives whom I serve Dylan either be due to no rain and the next few years except at my word. The word of the Lord came to Elijah imagine the scene. I mean a half of course is on the throne King Ahab is kind of the great Nemesis of all things good and Israel's history. I mean he is absolutely one of the most spiritually corrupt Kings of all time. It's interesting though. That is also the best known king of all time when it comes to archaeological evidence in Israel. Funny in the world. They have was Israel's greatest King spiritually Ahab was their worst and we know why he married that old Harlot Jezebel to the worship of Baal and asherah man. She was a piece of work. This was his princess. This was his wife and I was just buying in and then all of a sudden out of nowhere Elijah the tishbite from tishbi in Gallo Gilead said, they have walked up and pointed a bony finger into the face of the king and said as long as the Lord the god of Israel lives, I serve neither do your rain in the next 2 years except at my word out. That is amazing. But what makes it more amazing is the next word in the scripture because it says then the word of the Lord came to Elijah. Have you ever stopped and thought so what about before then? I mean Elijah is so bold right here. He is old-school polls. He is confronting the powers-that-be. He has no apology makes you makes no reference. He's not trying to hey, can I take you out for coffee and have a talk with you? He's just calling up and confronting the man and in yet. It says then the word of the Lord came to Elijah James. Has the boldness to even say? Yeah, Elijah was a man just like us. Because he had the same things that would help us to be bold accessible to him. He had scripture of course what he was doing in the situation was confronting a have with a well-known passage out of Deuteronomy, 1106 verses 16 and 17 of Deuteronomy, 11. Take care least your heart be deceived and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them. Then the anger of the Lord will be kindled against you he will shut up the Heavens so that there will be no rain and the land will yield no fruit and you will perish quickly off the good land. The Lord is giving you it's right there in the text. It was right there in his text. It was right there the whole time and Elijah read that text saw what was happening and said, I think what God is waiting for. Is for someone to be bold enough to say something. So he did. He goes up. He confronts the king. Then the word of the Lord came to him. And I think from this example from this one steam. We actually had we actually see there are three things that you have to have if you're going to lead a bold life and I'm not talking about every once in awhile thing where you go off and you have as hard talk with someone. I mean that is gold but I'm just talkin about a life that is marked with boldness that stands out from the world that is called out that has separate that it's obvious that there is a God in your life because you live in a bold way. There are three things that Elijah had three things that we have three things that we can always turn to number one. Elijah was clear. He had clarity. And Clarity is important because when something is clear when you look at the text and you see what it says, like he did out of Deuteronomy 11, we do this out of the new out of the New Testament time we look at okay, what do we have to do to be saved? Well, look, here's the question says Brothers. What shall we do? You know the verse, you know how Peter respond it's bold repent and be baptized. It's simple it's straightforward. It is absolutely crystal clear. Its bold. And it's simple, you know, when I study the Bible with people, I'm always quick to point out what it doesn't say. So do you notice here that when asked what must we do? He doesn't say say the sinner's prayer prayer to all the Saints and the mother Mary, you know what it doesn't say. It doesn't say hold to the four spiritual laws. It doesn't say believe in your heart and call on the name. It said something pretty straightforward hear. The question couldn't be clearer. What shall we do? The answers even more clear. You need to repent and be baptized. Of course the question that led up to that question was what does it mean? I'm not saying that we shortcut anything people need to know what it means to make Jesus Lord and Savior but brothers and sisters. Let's not back off the clarity because when we When you know what the text says and you know what it means we can be bold the second thing that I mean the scripture was clear, but then when the scripture is clear and it calls you to do something you don't I love the fact that we don't see a scene where God's like to confront ahab's know. We just we just see Elijah come out of nowhere. And of course we could see from the from the from the text. He must have got this out of Deuteronomy 11. All he saw was like there is a need there is someone that's not going right. He's leaving others away to evil. I've got to say something it was a calling and I tell you when things are clear there is always a calling wasn't Jesus the master of that are always that sense of humor made things clear and then Call people to do it the woman caught in adultery in stone. He who is without sin cast the first stone and one by one the stones drop until everyone leaves. And then he gives her a call. He's made it clear. There is no one better than anyone else. But then as with everything God does Jesus shows to this woman has no one condemned you woman? No one sir. Then neither do I condemn you now go and leave your life of sin. It was a calling. It was a it was now that you know, now that you know you rank with everyone else you need to go out and to be different. There was a calling that Elijah felt when he saw a have leading Israel astray and not standing up for what is right. He was called to go do it. And so therefore you have kind of this this ongoing pattern there is Clarity and then there's a call and of course when you have Clarity and a call you're going to have What is always going to follow? trouble You know, it's funny because I stopped reading but if you were to keep reading the beginning of first first king 17 and read the rest of two and three, you know, you'll see what then the word of the Lord came to Elijah and it basically said yo man, you better get up out of there. You're not going to last very long and don't worry. I'll feed you you just go hide. Because any time that we live bald lives there will be trouble and Elijah really is stories that follow Elijah. I really want to encourage you to read 1st Kings 17 through 19 in to read them with your heart because everywhere you look you're going to see you're going to see Clarity. You're going to see a calling and you're going to see trouble. It is the normal pattern of old-school boldness. He would go from from being fed by Ray to meeting a widow that Jesus would actually talked about in the beginning of his ministry. Remember when he said there were many widows and the time of Elijah, but he was not sent to any of them. In fact, Jesus was using that because Elijah was way far away from the chosen people. He was on the outskirts. This woman really didn't know the god of Israel and here comes Elijah and she is out there picking up sticks for a fire which was supposed to be the last fire for the last meal of her and her son she is resigned to die because Elijah prayed and the heavens. Stop is suffering. She's feeling like this is my last supper. She's Gathering sticks and there's this old man who once again to something bold. Hey, will you give me some water and a piece of bread and of course she says I am picking up this stuff for for the I only got enough for me and my son. I'm going to light this fire. I'm going to use the last of our flour and oil.

Listen, give me your trust. Be hospitable to me and I guarantee you you will not run out of flour and oil and watered. It was awesome because that's exactly what happened. I mean, there was a clear calling. I want you to be hospitable and even though he was clear and even though that that was a tough calling she answered with faith, and she she asked because even though this Widow had been so generous and so trusting in God her son dies and then Elijah is Super Bowl old with God heestii literally confronts God. How could you bring trouble upon this woman who has been so generous to me give this son back to his mom make him alive. I mean bold bold prayer. And of course God was clear. He revives the Sun the call was great that there is a God not only of Elijah, but one that loves poor widows who don't even belong to his people. The message would come clear as Jesus with pointed at and save guys. I know you're excited about the message of peace and the good news, but I'm telling you. It's such great news. It's not just for you. Elijah also had this great story right after that Widow story of of meeting up with one of the palace administrators Obadiah one of the few men in this whole narrative that we have name for Obadiah actually worked directly for a have talked about being innocent as a dove but having to be as shrewd as a snake. Hey, how was trying to kill off all the Lord's Prophet Prophet Obadiah actually hid the Lord's prophets right there underneath a have knows he was bowled over dial was bald and then Elijah found someone that was he called and said Hey, listen over. Here's what I need you to do go tell a have. I'm ready to meet and over. Is like hold up brother because if I show up in front of the king haven't talked to you and that I set up this meeting and you don't show then I'm a dead man and that of course Elijah's common call to other people is put your trust. And the Lord God Almighty, I will show up and so Obadiah was called to do something even more gold again. I'm pointing out times when Elijah has been bowled with people but I don't want you to forget Elijah was all so bold in prayer with God boldness is not a moment. It's who you are. It's it's living a life that is clear living a life that calls and living a life that has some trouble because right after that meeting with Obadiah he shows up to meet a habit. Of course they have agreed to with those great words is that you owe troubler of Israel. And of course Elijah's that is outside of Jesus Elijah has the best one-liners in all the Bible has trouble for Israel battle. That's when everyone goes He is hard core and then of course he challenges Ahab. Listen get all your boys get your wife's voice. Let's have a meeting. I want all of Israel there and they all come and then Elijah does something that is totally imitate here. Totally within the realm of what we could do. What he has all of Israel before him? He does something that is really really practical. He makes something very clear. He says you people. must shoes

You must choose and then of course, I'm talking and 1st Kings 18 verse 21. You have to choose this day whom you will follow if bail is God then follow him. But if y'all way is God then follow him. How can you guys sit on the fence? He brings Clarity to their common situation. This is what we're experiencing in the world right now. People are really confused. Because people are turning to humanism and kind of a secular approach where where humanity is the highest good. People are turning to false doctrines about things than and trying to find ways to control that the circumstances of their life and their turning and buying into a lot of lies America is at is a cesspool of wanting to believe anything it's told because they just want someone to be clear and we need to be people who are like Elijah who say listen, there is really only one simple Choice. What are you going to give your life to? What are you going to pledge allegiance to what will you give birth to? the world or God

is end the call with Ed if you decide then follow it because what is real was doing at this time? And this is just mind-blowing to me. They would actually have a Sabbath service service service at the temple. And then go sacrifice to Baal in the afternoon all in the same day. He got Elijah just was like I'm just going to say the most straightforward Bowl thing I can. You need to decide who you're going to follow. You need to pick a side and I know we don't like to do that in the world today that's trying to be very inclusive. But when you sit when you sense the inclusive nature of God when you realize that God has done what he has done for all of humanity. The most inclusive thing you can do is to choose to follow God and then of course trouble immediately follows this little this little situation because he makes he he he makes the same Clear he gives them a clear, and then they say nothing but it goes on from there Elijah goes. Okay, I'm not worried about the fact that you guys don't say anything. This is Denver's 22 of chapter 18 of 1st Kings. He just says hey what type of barbecue if Bale really is the god of thunder and fire in and and and Rain why don't we do this? Let's have let's have them two bowls one for bed. One for Yahweh and the one who answers with fire. That'll be God. Okay, we'll finally settle it since none of you are willing to decide let's let the gods decide and of course that's what happens greatest BBQ story and all time, you know, the prophets of Baal they are screaming they are shouting they are dancing they get so frustrated. They start whipping themselves.

Course Elijah classic. Wish I had his his baldness at all times. He just starts talking smack. Maybe she's busy. Oh, oh, no, wait, baby Bales on a trip right now and he can't hear you. Maybe he's preoccupied. Sometimes you do I call you directly in the restroom. You can't show it out whatever. It was. I mean Elijah was talking smack and then of course and when it came time for the evening sacrifice, Elijah says a bold prayer God not for me not for me, but for these people show yourself.


calling in trouble God of course answers with fire and you would think that should have been the end of the story but this is where I love the Brilliance of the way history has taught us to look at even great Heroes like Elijah because chapter 19 is not a great moment in Elijah's life. You don't he the chapter starts with after the big victory?

Jezebel's unmoved and if Jezebel is it moved there isn't anyone that's going to be able to change his real? She says to Elijah. Yo, may it may the gods deal with me ever be it ever. So severely if by this time tomorrow, I do not make your life like one of them no one comes to Elijah's Aid all those people that were screaming has gone down Waze give God which in Hebrew is alive alive or actually realizes the people's hearts are still fickle. They haven't Chosen and it just says that's it. In fact, it says he himself in verse for when away a Day's Journey Into the Wilderness that he might be praying that he might die. All those bold prayers of God ones that raised kids to life ones that called fire from heaven now, that's a man. Braids that she might die why I have had enough Lord. He said take my life. I'm no better than my ancestors.

You know living a bold life. Does it mean that you're always 100% with God

But when you're bold, you're not going to let the inside struggles that you face become the secret war that you kind of pays over and place over. I mean we all need to wear mask, but there is one thing that should always be unmasked in your life. And that's your heart. Even though Elijah at this moment is down as low as a man can go he still bold enough to just say things as they are with his heart. I've had it I drop it successful. This is not what I signed up for God you didn't deliver.

That's bull. It's clear. It's calling God to respond. And of course if you're going to be bold with God, you can have to be clear God. This is how I feel. You got it kind of lay out the welcome mat. Say come on God do something and then of course if you're going to do that with God, you better know that there's going to be trouble because here comes trouble. He laid down under the bush and Fell Street fell asleep at Once An Angel touch down and said get up. And then by his head was a it was a cake of bread and an n a jar of water. And of course that cake a bread is the original biblical account of angel food cake. This is the part where you laugh anyway, but the angel would eventually come again and say you need to go for a walk with God and he was LED 40 days away from his current Ministry. He was actually take back to where Moses first brought Israel. He was brought all the way back. He finds a cave. He goes into that cave almost symbolic of how he was feeling and look in in the cave. He hears the word of the Lord. What are you doing here Elijah? Elijah has this this pad answer I've tried and I'm not you. I'm just like my forefathers. They weren't any better. And now I'm the only one left and so on and so forth and God goes come on. Come on, man. I'm with you. In fact, I want you to see where I am. Go stand out here on the lip of the cave. I'm about to pass by and of course, you know, the the Great and Powerful wind goes by and and tears the mountains apart and shatters rocks before the Lord but this incredible refrain but the Lord was not in the wind in there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake then there was a fire but the Lord was not in the fire. Where was the Lord? He was in that gentle whisper. That came to Elijah again and said, what are you doing here?

And it's interesting because they're becomes a clear call. Elijah not all in Israel have bow down. Here's what I need you to do. Let me give you some clarity. There are people that need you. Let me give you the call. Goa point this guy who's going to take care of the political mess go point. This guy. He's going to take care of the Millet military mess. But the last one I want you to anoint is your own disciple. now go and I think that is so cute for us. Because here we are we are not following in the tradition of Elijah, but Jesus sure is. When Jesus came down off the mountain when he when he came down for the temptation of the Wilderness and he changed through all of these things. He went out and he found them disciples and you know what he did. He made things clear come follow me. There should be one message that the church always has at the ready that our God is God that's just here to take away Sid. He is one that is calling you and it has a clear message for you to follow him. There is a way to live that is right before the Lord not just showing up to church come follow me and then there's a call and I will make you I will make you Fishers of Men In order to do God's will where we are right now is not enough. We always have to choose who will I follow today the world myself my Send or will I follow Jesus it is clear. It is a calling because he wants to make us into something.

He wants to make us into the very thing that will go out into the world and be bold now beware because there's trouble remember. He also said and Luke 9. Anyone who comes after me must deny himself and take up his cross daily. And follow me.

Jesus would always call us to choose in an old school bold way. Will you serve God or will you serve money? Will you follow me or will you follow traditions? Will you serve the the the Savior or will you serve yourself? It's clear. And it's a call. And there's trouble because you're always having to carry across the brothers and sisters. There is no better way old-school bold is finding the things that you know are true. These things are clear. We need to have our faith Revitalize by the pattern of Elijah. We need to have our hearts moved by the ministry of Jesus. We need to imitate the first century brothers and sisters in keeping things simple enough that people could say what shall we do? And we need to be clear. We need to give the call and we need to embrace the trouble because the answer to all trouble is discipleship and loving one another from the heart brothers and sisters. That is what it means to be old school bold. I hope this has helped you. Have a great morning.

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