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Caleb, The Perfect Follower

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A little known man of God, Caleb shares with Joshua the honorable distinction that they “followed the Lord wholly.” Together they shared the challenges of the Exodus years and stood loyally for God, even when their lives were threatened. It was a 40 year course, but they graduated with high honors. Is the confinement of this pandemic rough? Think about having to spend 40 prime years of your life in a wilderness with a rebellious multitude. Then add the fact that it was punishment for a sin you had no part in. How would feel about it? Caleb took it in stride. No complaint, no sign of bitterness, no ill will, no revenge—his record is clear. He “wholly followed the Lord.” When the 40 years were past, at age 85, he claimed and conquered his much deserved inheritance in Canaan. How could he do it? Join us as we go to the Bible to learn more about this dedicated, lifelong follower of the Lord.

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