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What Would You Tell You Twenty-Somethings Self?

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Moderator Caleb Eissler, Panelists Doc & Jan Haralson, Jay & Jane Minnick, Brittni & Jared Kingston


General Information

Panels are consistently one of our favorite events in Twenty-Somethings. Our groups loves them and they provide a great chance for added wisdom and insight.
The panel will be incredibly informal. Don’t feel like you have to have it all together. Your answer don’t need to be astute or academic. Just be honest and open.
When you think of your twenties, think of college and young adult/career time frames.
I won’t try to catch you off guard. While not every question asked may be on this form, most of them will be.
You’ll be talking to a mature audience that is used to deep discussion. Don’t be afraid of deep answers and don’t feel obligated to soften or lighten up your answers.
This isn’t being recorded so feel free to be loose!
Our group is fairly quiet and introverted. Don’t let a lack of outward emotion or chatter fool you into believing they’re not engaged.
Even if you feel like you don’t have much wisdom to bring to the table, know that you actually do. Our Twenty-Somethings group genuinely seeks out wisdom from those who have gone before them. You will have a captive audience.
Know that I feel no obligation to make it through all of the questions on this sheet. At the end of the day, this panel is meant to be helpful and informative. That means if a line of conversation amongst us on the panel keeps rolling or seems to pick up, I’ll let us chase that out as long as it seems helpful.
Panels are always best when the panelists interact, challenge, and build off of one another. This should feel like a conversation. Feel free to speak up or follow up a point even if it was not initially addressed to you.
Humor is a great way to break the ice and get comfortable. This is not intended to be a simply straight-faced, no laughs allowed panel. Relax and be yourself!
Don’t be surprised if I ask you a follow up question. It’s only meant to clarify a point or get deeper into a helpful point you have made.
Depending on the flow of the night an the conversation, I may open it up to questions from the group towards the end.
Check in on this document over the next couple of days. I may add a question or two as they come to mind.
We’re so excited you’re joining us! I can’t wait to learn!


What do you remember about your twenties? What were you doing in your twenties?
What was your favorite part of your twenties?
What was the hardest part of your twenties?
What were the biggest life lessons you learned in your twenties?
If you could go back and change anything from your twenties what would it be?
What do you wish you could tell your twenty-somethings self?
What are some of the biggest things you have learned since your twenties that you wish you would have known when you were in your twenties?
What things seemed important in your twenties that don’t seem important now? What things seem important now that didn’t seem important then?
What aspect/part of your life did you find most difficult to trust God completely and fully with while in your 20s? Why do you think that was so difficult for you?
Who was someone that influenced or supported you most in your faith walk while in your 20s? How can we go about seeking older individuals to ask questions or foster mentoring relationships?
What are some ways the Lord sustained you and made Himself known to you in your twenties? What did you learn about God in your twenties?
What are things you have learned about God and the Christian life since your twenties that you wish you could have know when you were in your twenties?
What are spiritual disciplines that you would encourage us to engage in? What are some that might be particularly helpful for those in their twenties?
How have your friendships changes over the years since your twenties? How would you encourage us to approach friendships and be prepared as they may change in the coming years?
If you were a Christian in your twenties, what truths helped sustain you in hard times and experiences?
If you weren’t a Christian in your twenties, what do you wish someone would have done for you or said to you about Christianity?
What is some advice you could give for us as many of have or will be entering into the “real world of work, family, kids, etc.?
What advice would you have for us regarding our finances as we enter into our twenties?
What advice would you have for us in navigating changing relationships with our parents as were go further into our twenties and those relationship change?
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