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Experience Shalom in God's Tent (Part 1): The Loss of Shalom

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The peace of God, shalom, is what we all long for. In this talk we will investigate the foundations of God's peace and why it seems so absent.

Thesis: The world is full of misery. In spite of this we long for something else, for escape from this misery. What is this thing that we long for? It is Shalom, the peace of good and right of God’s will in all of creation is the way it should be.

Introduction: Everyone Longs for Peace.

Anxiety, depression, frustration, grief, anguish, war, death, loss, shame, embarrassment, divorce, abuse, 9/11, murder, abandonment, poverty…what do all of these words have in common? The are present when peace is not.
We all long for peace. Peace from conflict, peace with ourselves. Peace is most obviously when relations between people and nations are good. But peace is also what you feel when you finish a belly laugh with your friends. Peace is what you feel when your teacher or mentor is proud of you. Peace is what you feel when conflict is resolved. Peace is what you feel when you are forgiven by someone who you wronged. Peace is deep. Peace is what we want. The world has been wanting peace since it’s beginning. Transition: Let’s hear what some famous people have to say about peace.
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
“When I say it's you I like, I'm talking about that part of you that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever see or hear or touch. That deep part of you that allows you to stand for those things without which humankind cannot survive. Love that conquers hate, peace that rises triumphant over war, and justice that proves more powerful than greed.” - Fred Rogers
“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.” - John Lenon
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” - Milan Kundera (Czech Author)
“World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.” - Dali Lama
In my brief time with you in these two talks I want to tell you about the only source of peace, why we have so little of it, and how we can get a hold of it.

Series Thesis: The only source of lasting and satisfying peace is God’s peace, which is found in His presence in His “tent”.

Transition: So the question is, where is this peace and why is it gone? Why do we struggle so mightily?

1. What is God’s Peace/Shalom?

A. Define Terms: Shalom (God’s Peace) is a deep satisfaction and rest that is experienced when we are in a relationship of love and loyalty with God.
B. Examples and specific meanings:
Peace as Welfare Psalm 122:6-8 - “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”
Peace Instead of War Deut 20:10 “Make them an offer of peace”
Absence of war is inherently good and we see this in Scripture. The biblical authors depict the absence of hostilities as fundamentally a good thing (compare Deut 20:10–15). For example, David was not allowed to build the temple because he engaged in frequent warfare, but his son Solomon (whose name derives from the term for peace, שָׁלוֹם, shalom) was able to build the temple because God had granted him peace from his enemies (2 Chr 22:9; compare 1 Kgs 5:3–4)
Peace in Relationships
Peace is used to describe friendships that are characterized by care, loyalty, and love. This can be with God or with people. IMPORTANT: True peace and satisfaction cannot be had without peace between people.
Psalm 41:9 “Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me.”
C. Shalom is God’s Good and Right In All of Creation. This begins with His reign and man being in right relationship to Him.
Genesis 1:27-31, Genesis 2:22-25
When God Made Man, All Creation was Very Good (not just good)
God Created a World so that Man Could Experience His Good
Genesis 2:9 - “trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food” God cares about your enjoyment!
Genesis 2:18 - Notice: We were not made to be alone. We need each other to accomplish what God has for us. Joy and purpose!
God created family to be a part of His Good. Family is intended to be part of God’s Shalom.
God’s Shalom is only found under his authority. This is why God created one boundary. In a way asking: will you submit to me? I am the Lord and in me joy is to be found.
Understated Truth in Genesis 1-2 — God was WITH Adam and Eve in right relationship, enjoying Fellowship.
CULMINATION: The Garden was God’s Tent, where God’s Shalom (Peace, Good) was to Dwell. We were made for this tent.
ENGAGE: Raise your hand if this kind of joy and peace sounds like the world we live in today? Does this sound like your family? Does the new reflect this kind of world. Do our hearts overflow with joy knowing God’s peace?

2. Where Did it Go?

Transition: This is the story of when Satan waged war on Shalom, and we joined him. This very quick retelling by Moses described for us one of most pivotal moments in all of human history. The moment everything changed.
A. Satan approaches the Woman Intending to Destroy (Genesis 3:1-7)
Who is Satan?
Notice he approaches the one who did not hear from God directly. (Gen 3:1)
He questions God and Eve misquotes God. The seeds of doubt and rebellion are planted. (Gen 3:2)
Satan goes on to doubt God’s goodness directly. Eve continues to linger and danger grows. (Gen 3:4-5)
Eve, in her lingering and looking, develops and unholy desire to have what she wants and begins to doubt God’s goodness and design. (Gen 3:6-7)
Eve wants something pleasurable and wants to be wise like God.
Adam, present, fails to protect and keep the garden (Gen 2:15)
In one decision humanity joins Satan in the war against God’s Shalom, God’s Peace. The foundation of shalom, obedience to God’s authority, is destroyed.
B. In what ways do we continue to see that rebellion?
Adam and Eve are Ashamed
Adam and Eve Hid from God
Adam and Eve Blamed
Adam and Even Fractured
Adam and Eve Were Separated from God
The story continues to show that all violence, heartbreak, and wickedness stem from this act of rebellion.
CHALLENGE: What do you do that reveals sin and rebellion? (Ask them if they do the above)

3. What was God’s Response and Where Should We Go?

A. God is Good.
He brings justice.
Curses Serpent, Man, and Woman.
Without justice there is no hope or reconciliation.
He brings restoration.
He clothes Adam and Eve.
He brings hope.
Genesis 3:15
What should you do?
Gospel Challenge
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