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Jesus’ Prayer

Pastor Jerry Nelson
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Jesus’s path to the Cross: The Sacrifice for our Sins

John Chapters 16-22

(Some Things to consider)

1. Chapter 16: Jesus prepares His disciple for His death.

• What did Jesus mean “be kept from stumbling”? (16:1-4)

• What is the work of the Holy Spirit (16:5-15)

• Do you think that the disciples understood Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection? (16:16-22)

• What were Jesus’s assurance that His disciples would have peace (16:23-33)

2. Chapter 17: Jesus Prays for those who believe on Him.

• What was Jesus’ prayer for His disciple and those who believed on Him (17:1-12)

• What is sanctification and why was Jesus sanctifying Himself for His disciples? (17:13-21)

• What was Jesus’ requesting as the ultimate outcome of His Prayer? (17:22-26)

3. Chapter 18: Judas’s betrayal, Peter’s denial.

• What feeling do you have when you think about Judas’ betrayal? Have you ever felt betrayed before? (18:1-11)

• Who do you think the disciple was that entered with Jesus into the court of the high priest (18:12-24)

• How do you think Peter felt after he denied Christ? (18:25-27)

• How do you think Pilate felt while he interrogated Jesus? (17:28-40)

Chapter 19: Jesus’s persecution and Crucifixion

• What did Jesus mean when He said, “You would have no authority over me, unless it had been given you from above?” (19:1-15)

• How does it make you feel when you read the account of Jesus’s Crucifixion? (19:16-30)

• Who were the individuals who request Jesus’ body for burial? (19:31-42)

Chapter 20: The empty tomb

• Who were the first people to come to Jesus’ tomb, and why were they there? (20:1-18)

• What was the disciples’ reaction when Jesus appeared to them? (20:19-30)

Chapter 21: Jesus appears at the Sea of Galilee

• What was the response of the disciples when they realized Jesus was on the shore. (21:1-11)

• Why did Jesus ask Peter if he loved Him three times? (21:12-17)

• What is your personal interpretation of verses 18-19? Do you think these verses apply to everyone?

• Who was the disciple “whom Jesus loved, and what was Peter’s concern about Him? (21:20-25)

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