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Its Time to Refocus on Gratitude

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When I began preparing for this refocus sermon on Gratitude, I had no idea how much study and work have been done on this topic. Knowing that Jim Wilder had studied this topic more in depth than I, I reached out to him for any resources and he redirected me to a foundation’s website called “Gratitude to God.” In the resources section of this site they list something around 80 resources on the topic of Gratitude. I didn’t realize one could become a full time student on the topic; and maybe somewhere down the road we ought to do a whole series on this topic alone, Gratitude to God, or GTG. For today’s purpose I will try to offer what I will call an introduction on the topic fully realizing that we have only touched on the surface of the topic.

Who God Is: The Gift Giver

The first and most important step in our understanding of gratitude is to understand who we are grateful too. One of my favorite worship songs done by a group called Enter the Worship Circle starts out by singing:

Many men will drink the rain

And turn to thank the clouds

Many men will hear You speak

But They will never turn around

I will not forget You, You are my God, my King

With a thankful heart I bring my offering

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