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The Heart of a Servant pt. 1

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God has called us to service. Rom 6:16-17; 1 Thes 1:9; Gal 5:13-14.
Service is not always easy. There are a myriad of factors that make committing to serving God a difficult thing.
What if we begin reshaping the heart? Depending on God to give us the heart of a servant. There is then no better example to look at than Jesus, Mark 10:45
The backdrop begins in Luke 2:41. It is about a 3 day’s journey to Jerusalem and back. They spend 7 days there, we assume there must have been a crowd there because it was a major Jewish festival.


One thing a servant needs to be built on or reshaped in, is devotion. This account highlights this.
Devotion means: to give to a cause with no intention of getting back or receiving any benefits. Set apart for a reason. [Explain]
In application, this means “not moved”. Whatever I have, who I am as a servant must be devoted to God.
Jesus was identified as a servant; Is 52:13; Mk 10:45; Php 2:7.
The bible also shows us that He was devoted. It all started with this statement in Lk 2:49
Lets break down the statement to expose this concept.

Luke 2:49 (The first time Jesus spoke)

This is a significant statement because not much is known of Jesus’ life except his birth and then his baptism. This statement declares His true allegiance and purpose.
Birth - His purpose is announced Mt 1:21; Gal 4:4-5
12 year old Jesus - Lk. 2:49 - There is a unique relationship Jesus shares with God and thus His allegiance is
Beginning of His ministry - Lk. 4:18-19
We God’s plan is constantly in view. He does not sway from it, and neither does Jesus: this is the very definition of devotion

Is My Devotion Authentic?

Anyone can say they are devoted servants , but the authenticity of my devotion is only seen when it is being challenged.
Consider Jesus
Temptation - Luke 4:1-13 The devil tried His best, did Jesus move. The more devoted I am to serve God, the less I will be devoted to serve self.
Rejection - Luke 4:28-31 They drove Jesus out because of what He was teaching . Did He move?
The Plots - Luke 6:11; Jn 7:1 They were seeking kill Him, did He move?
Betrayal - Luke 22:21-22; 47-53; Jn 13:18 One of his own betrays Him, did he move?
The Passion - Luke 23:34 compare this to the response of the disciples during the arrest of Jesus Luke 22:49. Did he move?

Have you moved recently?

Is there something that came up that has threatened your devotion to God, as His servant?
Have you identified what it is? (Family, Career, Material Possession

[Pie chart analogy]

Final reminder Acts 20:24
Do not move from:
The mission to save souls 1 Tim 2:4
The hope in Christ Col 1:23
The assurance of God’s presence and help Jn 15:4-5
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