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Let Him Hear It: What's the Answer

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Reminder to let me know about going to the escape room
Reminder there will be no youth services for two weeks.
Once I get back we will start a different series but i’m not sure which one yet. We can look at the parables of Jesus or the church in Acts.
prayer request

What’s the Answer?

Our text tonight is coming from Matthew 7:7-11. We’ve spent the last three weeks talking about prayer. We started off by looking at prayer and how we shouldn’t turn it into a huge spectacle and we went through the example that Jesus gave us
In his example we learned
We can call God father
We should be concerned about His will being done
We can ask for our needs each day, to focus on today and not tomorrow, and to pray for others
and then we learned to not only ask for forgiveness, but forgive others that have sinned against us as well, along with keeping us from temptations to sin.
Remember when it comes to a sin there will always be an out. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but there will always be an out.
Then we looked at what our motivations for prayer
We should be more concerned about giving god the glory and not our own selfish desires
And last week we looked at how to use the Bible to pray and keep us on track
We went through one of the Psalms and showed how each one has all kinds of emotions
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