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How to Get God to Approve of You

The Beatitudes  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Upside down blessing

Beatitude Means Blessing - Intro to sermon on the mount
Favoured by God
Blessings show divine approval
We look for success as a sign of God’s favour
These seem to be the other way round - they are rooted in the OT, but they are ignored.
They are contrasted to the arrogance of humanity
Pharisees believeing they are accepted (Lk 18:10)
Whole sermon to be understood in context of the Kingdom
The miracles echo OT prophecy and demonstrate God’s rule
Jesus is proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt 4:23)
Israel was at fever pitch about the KOG
Expecting military take over
Physical domination through God’s rule
Jesus is saying the Kingdom (rule of God) has come, not as they expected
The entire sermon is a declaration of what the Kingdom looks like on earth
The qualification to entry is Mat 5:3 - We are apporved by God when we recognise our spiritual and moral bankruptcy
The irony being, those who know they are bankrupt have what others are trying to earn through self righteousness and religiosity.

Take a breath

Worried you can’t jump high enough to qualify for God’s blessing? Here’s the good news, you get God’s approval when you admit that you can’t.
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