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The Power Base

Epiphany 2021  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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The Prince of this World Has Power

Satan wanted to be equal to God Himself
He and his angels rebelled against the person and power of God — “PRIDE”
He lost his bid to replace God and is not under eternal judgment of God — “ACCOUNTABLE”
Satan turned his rebellion against God’s creation.
With God’s knowledge, he led our first parents — Adam and Eve — into rebellion against God.
Our first parents came under judgment and lost their special relationship with the Creator. Sin now infected the world, and death through sin.
All of humanity now lie under Satan’s power and are instruments of his rebel will. In humanity, there is NO HELP and NO HOPE. Satan bears us away with himself to stand before the eternal condemnation of the just Judge.

The Prince of Heaven Has Overthrown Satan’s Power

Jesus Christ came into our world to confront Satan and his minions.
Jesus — God in the flesh — came to defeat and rescue the world from sin, death, and the power of hell.
Jesus is the ONLY HOPE for humanity. He alone is the Champion capable of overcoming the evil power of Satan and returning creation in forgiveness to the Father.
Christ meets Satan in battle for man’s soul.
One of Satan’s minions, in possession of a man’s body, recognizes Jesus. “Jesus of Nazareth!” He recognizes the divine power and authority of the Son of God and His person.
This unclean spirit is seized with fear; he knows the power and authority of Christ and is rightly afraid. With all his power base he is NO MATCH for the Son of God.
The spirit’s cry, “I know who You are, the Holy One of God,” is an admission of the power and victory of God’s Son.
Jesus casts out the demon and brings salvation.
Jesus rebukes the demon, and it leaves its victim and flees from the presence of the only authentic power base in time or eternity. The man is convulsed; the demon does not want to give up. He would destroy the man, if he could, rather than see him freed by Christ.
But Christ alone can seize the world from slavery to Satan’s chaos and free humanity to be children of God.
By His death on the cross and His resurrection, Jesus completely and finally crushed Satan and his kingdom. Jesus appeased the wrath of God and cancelled out humanity’s guilt, freed all people from slavery to Satan and sin, and the gave eternal life to all who trust Christ completely.
Our lives now reflect His power in our hearts
The people in the Gospel see the reality of Christ’s victory over Satan. We are also to know that power from Christ and trust Him alone for our salvation. The actions and words of our life demonstrate saving faith in the heart.
We live in confidence and joy at the complete victory our Savior has over Satan’s kingdom. We seek always to live by the power of Christ Jesus, as fellow heirs. This comes through in our lifestyle.
The power of Christ is in the Means of Grace: His Word and Sacrament. As we grow in His Word and receive the Sacrament regularly, we grow in the power of Christ. And, He never fails us.
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