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Come Forth as Gold (Job)

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Allow the trials of life show you who God is.

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Take your Bible and join me in the Book of Job chapter 42. I'm saying a synopsis of the life of Jobe for you to introduce our message time tonight our time and God's word. I would like like to take the time to read Job chapter 42 so that we see the end of the story before I get into what may be a most difficult message here tonight. Job chapter 42. You got your Bible there if you're physically able I'll invite you to stand as we read job 42 together. beginning in verse number 1 follow along

then job answered the Lord and said I know that thou canst do everything and that no thought can be withholding from the who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge. Therefore. Have I ordered that I understood not things too wonderful for me, which I knew not here. I beseech thee and I will speak I will demand of the in the clear that one to me. I've heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eyes see you at the Wherefore I abhor myself and repent in dust and Ashes, and it was so that after the Lord had spoken these words. Unto job the Lord said to a life as the temanite Meredith is kindled against the and against night to friends for you have not spoken of me. The thing that is right as my servant job half. Therefore take unto you now seven bullets and seven Rams and go to my servant job and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering and my servant job shall pray for you. For him will I accept? Lest I deal with you after your Folly and that you have not spoken of me the same witches right like my servant job. So alive as the temanite and bildad the shuhite and zophar the naamathite went and did according as the Lord commanded them the Lord also accepted Jobe. First number 10 tells us and the Lord turned the Captivity of job when he prayed for his friends. Also the lord gave Joe twice as much as he had before then came there under him all of his brethren in all his sisters and all they that had been of his acquaintance before and did eat bread with him at his house and they bemoaned him and comforted him over all the evil that the Lord had brought upon him. Every man also gave him a piece of money and everyone in earring of gold. So the Lord blessed the latter end of Jobe more than his beginning. We had fourteen thousand sheep and 6000 camolin 1000 yoke of oxen in a thousand ashy ass is he also had seven sons and three daughters and he called the name of the first Jemima in the name of the second Kezia the name of the third Karen hepp ook and in all the land were no women found so far as the daughters of Jobe for their father gave them inheritance among their Brethren after this job lived in hundred and forty years and so his sons and his son Sons even for Generations. So Joe died being old and full of days. Lord I pray that you'll help me as I seek to expand your word tonight. I have no answers of my own that can help. I'm in the same plaid as each one. That's here tonight Lord we seek you. And you are the only one that can give us what we stand in need of. And father, I pray that you would hide me behind the cross of Jesus Christ my savior. Lord may your word be that which Goes Forth tonight. Because then I'll know that is finite As I Am Lord, your word will meet the needs that I cannot. Do according to thy will Lord and bless the heroes as they seek to do your word and apply it to our lives help us and we'll thank you Lord for all that brings you glory in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Amen. Thank you. You may be seated. I wanted to read both the front in the latter end of the life of Jobe. Obviously 42 chapters would be a lot to do in one sitting so I have my work cut out for me understand that but as I begin tonight, I want to begin with a probing question for you. Here's my question. Of what? Can you say if you and I were just sitting down over coffee or tea or whatever you like to drink and we were conversing about things and I were to pose this question to you. I'll give you some time to think about it. I don't expect you to answer out loud. It's rhetorical but of what can you say? Your soul is absolutely certain.

Of what? Can you say that your soul not talking about your neighbors Soul or Your family's so I'm talking about your soul. Of what can you say that your soul is absolutely certain you've lived through 20/20 with me. I think it would be easier tonight to say there are many things right now that my soul is uncertain of

but what can you say your soul is certain of doctor Forsyth said it this way you said it is Sol certainty that the world needs even more than sound principles not Soul facility, but Soul certainty not ready religion, but sure steadfast. Those are words that caused me to contemplate and Ponder, you know, everything seems to be pulled out from under us right now. And so many things are in in disarray. And so many things are just up and down from one week to the next week and it can be dizzying to think about all that's going on right now in not just around state or County but in our nation and even around the world So with all of these uncertainties, is there anything that we can be certain of? As we come to the book of Jobe tonight, I would have deserved with you how I do see from this man's account and I believe he was a real man that this is not some myth or fable of the Bible as brother Micah said the stories of the Bible. They're not they're not stories that we tell like fairy tales. This is a true story about the life of a real man that the Bible gives the account of andaz. Joblo. We observe together how sometimes God can use the Sorrows of Life as a great pool.

A cool for something that he knows. He'll accomplish. My Meemaw had a riddle for me growing up and I'll share it with you. Some know the answer here because they've grown up around me and they've heard this riddle before but they probably forgotten it by now so I can tell you again. She used to say it like this and and I have to put on my Southern vernacular. She would say no Jason what's his round as a biscuit and deep as a cup and all the rivers in the world never fill it up. You can Potter that through the message, but the answer is it's a certain tool. Once you figure out the riddle. You'll know what tool I speak of as round as a biscuit deep as a cup all the rivers in the world never fill it up this tool serve a purpose. Maybe you have tools that you use to get the job done. And sometimes I've tried to do jobs when I didn't have the right tool anybody here. You've never done that. How much easier is it? Is it is it when you have the right to like a brad nailer right? It's easier to get work done when you have the right tools rather than hammering all those nails and you just pop pop pop pop pop and its speed things along have the right tool can certainly makes a Quaker get to the end faster for what we're trying to accomplish. The Sorrows of Life scene from this perspective in getting into the book of Jobe We can understand that though. Nobody ever wants to be well, I'll just use it cuz we're talking about tools hammer. like Jobe was we can see that through this process. God can use it to do some sifting. to see if those who would remain firm and steadfast in fluctuating circumstances. Who is it that will stick by the stuff. God's words to Satan in the opening of This Magnificent story magnificent in that I stand in all of the scriptures in the account of Jobe God's own words about Jobe to Satan was you know them has thou considered my servant job now Lord might have to bring him up.

Because God was getting ready to do something Beyond job's comprehension. We even read together how Joe the admitted these things are too wonderful for me. This is beyond me and asked the story unfolds. We have to read it from the perspective that job had no idea what was happening in the courts of Heaven as the sons of God. We're coming to present themselves and Satan came as well. Joe doesn't have any idea that these principalities and powers are moving behind the scenes. All he can see and observe is what's happening to his family. What's happening to his health? What's happening to everything around him God sometimes uses the Sorrows of life as his great tool for sifting. How easy would it be right now for some perhaps who aren't grounded enough to begin to lose face. This is an unprecedented. We've been here before I'm speaking from humankind perspective that is if we were to turn back the dial say a hundred years ago, maybe a hundred plus years hundred and 304 years ago. We would find the world's a stage to call it back in in a similar situation as to where we find ourselves today in some ways some regards. There was a preacher in that Day in England who had a Ministry at the YMCA and this ministry was to go and preach and encourage the soldiers particularly that were involved in World War was over in Great Britain that preacher's name wrote many books and he wrote one that might be on your shelf as a devotional called My Utmost For His Highest Oswald Chambers was the preacher's name Oswald Chambers was giving a series of addresses. In October, November and December of 1917. So if you know your history go back in the timeline Oswald Chambers finished his last message and it was just messages that he was giving talks to these soldiers and and it was almost posthumously published but the book he wrote on Jobe was was entitled. What was it? Let's see me find my notes Here. What was the name of the book? I want to tell you the wrong one.

It's he had a way with words. I'm going to have to have a field to fight better. That's it baffled to fight better and in the series of messages that they've been turned in and printed he passed away. Suddenly. He passed away 1917 as the last paper was headed to the press to be printed. He observed in 1917 as he preached to these young men in the YMCA. And those that were soldiers going to fight. He was preaching his audience were these young man who had grown up in otherwise stable times? Not really a lot of turmoil leading up to World War II Men these soldiers these young men. He saw in his day. How easy it was for those that had it easy for so long. Once difficulty came to give themselves to skepticism right and left. People that grew up in good solid homes, not really a lot of turmoil and trouble to worry about when the conflict happened. They were quick to question quick to join the Skeptics and say how can God be involved in all of this. Look at what's happening on the in our world today. So again, I just post that thought to you how incredibly easy would it be through our current time of testing if we're not careful to begin to lose faith when things don't work out the way we we think they should or or things don't go back to whatever normal was for you and and I don't even know how to define normal myself.

Common, I think would be another word. Oswald Chambers recounted how the young man of his day had it easy until the war and then they began to live give into skepticism when the trial came. The book of Jobe as we read it. It's largely poetic and I mean Hebrew poetry and its makeup, but it deals with the Dynamics of righteous suffering alongside the ideas of divine sovereignty sovereignty as this man Jobe who we read is an upright man. He eschewed evil. Just think put your shoes on and run away from it. He eschewed evil. He ran away from Evil. He becomes grievously afflicted by Satan which by the way is allowed by God. Who's convinced the devil Satan is convinced that job will lose his faith. In God as his health diminishes as his wealth is gone and as his family disappears Satan is convinced that once he has his way Jobe will the theme in the early portion of the book is Curse God in his heart. It open says Joe being a patriarch for his family offering offerings for his children in case mean he didn't know but just in case they had sinned and his words are careful here in the Bible cursed God. What was the scent cursing God losing the face if you will?

jove himself encountered great temptation To curse God and die.

As act one opens up in the book of Jobe We find in the prologue that Jobe is tested in chapters 1 & 2. So here we have the story about a man. He's not just any man. He's a righteous man. He's known by the Lord. He's targeted by the adversary. He experiences the loss of one preacher put it this way his farm his flocks his finances his family his friends his favor in his Fame. I can alliterate but not quite that good. He lost everything. He's a man who has the story continues to unfold is rebuked wrongfully. But he maintains his Integrity throughout at all. Can you imagine having those in your life come to you and mourn with you for a whole week? The conchos first miserable comfortable comforter by the time his first friend opens his mouth you realize he had a week to think about what he was going to say to job a whole week good morning without saying anything and then the first thing he he begins to tie job over as well. I don't know exactly what it is Joe, but you must have sent somewhere to bring all this on because and then he begins to explain why I believe that Joe knows it can be further from the truth and Joe maintains his integrity. He's rebuke wrongfully. But remember as we read chapter 42, we have to know the end of the story job is a man who in the end. He experienced growth experience Vindication by the Lord himself and restoration. As we look at the story of Jobe tonight. I understand and you understand that God's people are not exempt from suffering. Are we are we exempt from suffering? Well, that's the case. I want to encourage you not to lose heart not to lose your face when trial comes. But to maintain godliness to maintain your walk with the Lord and as we learn about jobst, or you can learn about God's doings in ways that otherwise we would have never been privy to understand what happened. This divine revelation gives us so much equipping to be able to face trials better. What would we do without the Book of Job in our Bible? How would we know about some of the things that go to ages past Timeless truths? You can name some of them with me. I know that my redeemer lives when I'm tried. I shall come forth as gold I shall see him all of these foundational documents about the Lord's return foundational things. We get from the book of Jobe and we see the principalities and powers of workings of the rulers of the darkness of this world. How much more to Los would we be in Discerning and understanding the mind of the Lord sometimes without this book? Very simply tonight. I want to help you learn to trust God better as you experienced suffering. If I would have stayed up here and say hey when you follow Jesus you get saved you start living for Jesus. Everything's going to be peaches and cream. Some preachers have done that sadly. They promised things that the Bible never promises what I can tell you and what I do know is that you won't find anything better. You won't find anything more fulfilling more. Joyful than following the Lord. But remember this is the same man who looked at a group of followers that were with him one day and said that if you are going to follow me hear some things you have to do if you were going to follow me, you have to hate your father and mother yet, you know the passage I'm referring to that means you have to love me more than anything else in the world. If you're going to follow me now for any man to say that I think I would be with the Pharisee saying who does this guy think he is going to love you more than my family. Going to love you more than this. But this is no ordinary man. Remember this is the man that the disciples looked at in that storm when he said peace be still and said what manner of man is this? That's who they're fall. He invites us to come but as we do the condition is clear. Take up your let me hear the word cross. We have a picture on our sink that reminds us of the Cross and the power that's in the cross and that cross is interesting because it's artsy, you know, it's got Vines and pretty things on. It is a beautiful little picture there. But it is kind of misconstruing the idea of what across really is. Across is a tool of execution across is not pretty across is something that speaks of looming death a sentence justly deserved because of sin now my new Jesus took our sin upon himself and was made to be sin for us. He who knew no sin. But he looked at his disciples that day and said if you're going to follow me, you're going to have to take up your cross to do that. Across is something that doesn't just happen to us across is something that we decide to do for Jesus. It is something that we decide to bear for him.

Paul said it like this that I may know him. the power of his resurrection, but then he said the fellowship of his Suffering so I speak to people tonight that are familiar with the idea. Maybe you have borne crosses and you could help others understand what it means because now you have been down the road with Jesus long enough that you can Comfort others with the comfort wherewith you are comforted of God. Because you've been down that road. As we think about taking up our cross winter stand God can use sorrow he can use the sufferings of life. He can use these trials as Joe knew deep down inside in the middle of it all that when I'm tried. I shall come forth as gold. There's nothing more fulfilling than following Jesus, but friend you need to understand he comes out of decision that you will die to yourself every day. It is a is a narrow path that few are able to walk. It's not the Broadway that the world seems to be on Jobe is a man that shows us how to come forth like gold.

It will trust in God. Like Joe as we follow Jesus that trust must be firmly grounded in listen now in who he is. It must be grounded in his very character.

Instead of whatever explanation we might seek for the why I'm going through what I'm going through right now. Focus tonight more on the who rather than the why and you might see through some of it like Jobe did

Chambers went on in that book of baffled to fight better to bring up something interesting that I hadn't considered. As the book opens. We see Satan coming before God with a With the angels there. And Satan Chambers made these comments. He said there's a difference between Satan and the devil which the Bible students should note Ida pause right there and say wait a minute. What's different about Satan the devil? How's it how Satan different from the devil? I thought they were saying I understand what he means because the word Satan comes from a word that translated adversary. He is a poser and so when we see someone's name, it tells us characteristics about who they are devil means slanderer. But Satan itself means adversary. He said he went on to note according to the Bible man is responsible for the introduction of Satan Satan is the result of a communication set up a tween man, and the devil and the scripture he gives to reference that is Genesis chapter 3 verses 1 through 5. How did Satan how did the adversary began to oppose mankind it was a man who ushered him in that's what he saying there when Jesus Christ came face-to-face with Satan. He dealt with him as representing the attitude man takes up in organizing his life. Listen apart from any consideration of God. What's one of the biggest problems plaguing so many today is that they live Godless lives? I don't mean they're Wicked dirty rotten Sinners necessarily those some of them probably are I mean, they just live their life without God. Their Godless. There without God.

He said in the Temptations the devil is seen in his undisguised character only once did our Lord address the devil as Satan then Jesus said unto him and Matthew 4:10 get hence Satan. On another occasion. Jesus said that self-pity was satanic self-pity. What was his what was opposing his disciples? This is Matthew 16:23 when he turned and set it to Peter get thee behind me.

Yeah. Peter Satan Peterson table Peter Peter Peter is the one who is opposing the very will of God at that moment. She see this idea of adversary. This idea of opponent is so much bigger than just whatever you picture of the world really does a disgrace when they say he's got horns in it and you know forked tongue and a tail and a pitchfork and all of that whatever you picture the devil to be he's probably not The Bible says he's an angel of Light and can transform himself into an angel of Light and he's deceptive beyond measure.

The devil is the adversary of God in the rule of man. And Satan is his representative.

Did you know the devil always has his representative working somewhere on the world stage today? There is a representative for the devil and he is Satan. He's the one that opposes the will of God that forts the will of God. This is no surprise to us. So because a thing is satanic does not mean that it's abominable necessarily and immoral. Our lord said that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God to look up Luke chapter 16 verse 15 set your eyes on that verse and it says Just as plain as day that which is highly esteemed among men in Tysons is the Abomination is abomination in the sight of God. You know, what makes God sick to his stomach is that which is highly esteemed in the side of man? That auto wake us up right there. Satan rules this world world under the inspiration of the devil and if he can keep men peaceful. Jesus told about this when he talked about the strong man, that's armed. He he keeps his Palace. All his goods are in peace. Everything is tranquil. There's no breaking out in the sand. There's no wrongdoing necessarily those there's plenty of that goes on. I think you understand the general idea one of the most cunning travesties. Is to represent Satan as the instigator of external sins. We need to get to the matter of the heart. We need to look on the inside because Jesus taught that that's where defilement comes from. That's where this opposition will happen. That's where Satan can plant the seed of doubt if he can plant a seed of War Sun believe that's where it will begin to take root and you will wrestle with these things and everything might look good on the outside. But inside you're wondering like those young men were 1917. How in the world where is God in all of this?

They the satanic Lee managed man or woman for that matter. They could be a moral up right crowd individual, but they are absolutely self-governed and I have no need of God. You see we live in a Godless Society.

I don't know exactly how Joe fell in every situation that he endured. I can only sympathize with him. I can't really emphasize truly with how he felt. I've never had to sit down with boils all over my body and scrape with a potsherd. I've never had to wear burlap and those things I can only imagine what he would have felt like you understand. What I learn about God through his experience teaches me so much. About when someone I know loves him went when they have to endure adversity. The real drama of the book of Jobe opens up in chapter number three, Joe chapter number three is a chapter you need to wrestle with. If you're going to read the book of Jobe, you need to spend some time meditating on chapter 3. Paul schwanke preaches on the Book of Job he preaches a powerful message how job almost lost his battle with bitterness. And in that message. She explained that the first two chapters you have Jobe in a battle with the devil and he whoops the devil and the devil flees and you never see account of the devil again from chapter 3 on through the rest of the book. The rest of the book from chapter 3 on is about job's battle with bitterness. Sometimes it's easy to say get thee behind me Satan, but the harder part is to deal with the travesty and the results of the aftermath of what just happened. We wrestle through these things.

Jobs first words are the curse the day he was born and Joe continues in that line of thought he comes close to saying that he wishes he were dead if you read verses 25 and 26 chapter 3 the key is in the last verse if you look at Chapter 3 of Jobe, I want you to see jobes mindset.

Verse 26 he says I was not in safety. Neither had I rest neither was I quiet everything was not okay in my life. Yet despite that. He says yet trouble came. It doesn't matter if things are good. If things are not so good. Guess what as the Sparks Fly upward. You can expect trouble to come some say it like this. If you're not in a storm user just came through one or this one on the horizon Trouble Comes.

Yet trouble came in that ironic. In the very next chapter in life as is going to begin to the attempt to provide child with answers to tell you why you're suffering. You know, you really don't know. You really don't know. You're just guessing.

That's act 1 act 2 and 3 Act 2 opens up with the dialogue now and you have the dialogue between joban is friends. This is chapter 3 231

We find. Jobin Despair and chapter three Indians interchange with his friends his three friends. This is chapter 4 through 26 and then the extended response the meditation on on nature of wisdom. What is life all about? That's chapter 27 and 28 and then Joe renders his final defense in chapters 29 to 31. And it's almost a sad statement, but the Bible comes to a verse that says in the words of jobber ended. Just so much you can say there's only so much you can do and then you have to stop speaking. And God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason and Jobe has to begin to listen act 3 then picks up a lie. Who speeches this is Job's 32 to 37. As we think about how his friends are trying to address his problems. It reminded me of something the Lord encountered when he walked the Earth and John chapter number 9 him and his disciples came by man and his disciples post a question to him that Jesus used as a wonderful teaching moment. They look at this man. Who was You have to understand the context born blind.

The question the Lord who did send was it his fault. Was it his parents fault? See, they're in the same camp as job's miserable comforters, aren't they? Jesus clarified something that they couldn't even fathom. He said you got it all wrong. I'm paraphrasing of course, but you got it all this is for the glory of God. How can God be glorified by somebody has to grope around their whole life? How can God get Glory from infirmity? How can God get Glory from something? That is what we wouldn't Define normal. How can God be glorified in that Jesus was clear that that was the case. It was not that this man send neither has this man said nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him John 9:3 Luke Chapter 13, turn over there and read these verses with me if you would.

Luke chapter 13 verses 1 through 5 tells us there were present at that season some that told him of the galileans whose blood pilate had mingled with their sacrifices in Jesus answering said unto them suppose. Ye that these galileans were Sinners above all the other galileans because they offered such thing. So you want to see her have this debate. Jesus says that these they offered this pay can thing that was just atrocious to think about doing to somebody you want to say that they were Sinners Above the Rest of everybody else. See how easy it is for us to fall in the Trap of job's friends begin to dichotomize things and and and observe things that what we're off base from God's perspective. We're not seeing things the way the Lord sees it. Jesus answered and he said I tell you nay that's not the case. You are so far off base, except ye repent ye shall likewise perish. That puts a spotlight on us. Jokes, friends would have done much better if they would have looked at job situation and consider themselves instead. Boy, what have I done to fall short of God rather than a job. You fell short of God. You send you send you send Jesus said nay except you repent you shall all likewise perish. None of us are above this scissor Those whom the tower in Siloam fell and slew them then ask for that. This wasn't even done by a pagan. This was just an act of God. If you will like we call it with the insurance company's today the tower just fell on them. They didn't ask for that. Innocently they lost their life. He says supposed to be that. Is stinky they were Sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem. I tell you tell you today, but except you repent you didn't hear him the first time here again, you shall all likewise perish. We think about job's miserable comforters the interstate and we We can take that perspective or we can take a step back and say Lord. What would you teach me? It's always easier to criticize what somebody else is going through. But we need to look at ourselves Jobe. New within himself but there was something greater happened. He just couldn't figure it all out Joe chapter 23. I had to turn to Luke, but turn back to Jobe. I should have had you keep your finger their job chapter 23. I do want to read burst in with you and maybe want to underline this verse highlight this verse. Joe chapter 23 and verse number 10 reminds us but he knoweth the way that I take. Even when I don't he know it that way that narrow way that constricted way that way that includes across he knoweth the way that I take and what does he say about that explain that to me Jobe? What do you mean by he knows the way it's a way of trial? It's a way of testing. It's a way of purging it's a path of of burning off the drawers when he has tried me. I shall come forth as gold throughout our suffering. There are times of sobriety when that face which is deep within us believe so firmly that somewhere through all of this there has to be eventually some kind of Silver Lining there has to be something beyond what I'm going through right now this too shall pass. I've even heard people that don't know anything about God quote that and they don't even realize they're quoting the Bible this too shall pass. We always hold out for that silver lining but Hope deferred Solomon reminds us makes the heart sick.

The job new hey, when all this is over. There's a better purpose. I'm going to come forth as gold. Even when I can't see it when others can't see it God's doing something as we wind on our thoughts here tonight. We come to the climax of the book and we sit at the feet of Allahu in Ally Who jobst Brandt Kia. He prepares the way really forgot to speak.

Afterlife who's done talkin then God's going to say some things.

A lie who prepared the way for God to speak. Although he's stressed aspects of suffering and in of the character of God Beyond those mentioned by life as and bildad and zophar life is an interesting character by the way. He let the older folks there speak first. You know, how would you feel if you showed up and you were you know older and you had some you know teenager tried to tell you that he knew everything and you didn't even get a chance to explain things first. That's kind of like a life as a situation he gave deference and respect to those that live longer than him and had more experience. And when that was exhausting said will now I have something to say But what he says opens the door for God to begin to speak. A life a lie who still didn't have total insight into what Joe was going through impact. I mean he couldn't he couldn't even have such complete insight. Nobody can is there anybody that can put Jobe under the microscope and say pinpoint there? It is anybody at all anyone? So he speaks at a disadvantage as well. Because of this in the limitations, I think it was necessary then that we hear from God because who can actually put Jobe under the microscope who is the one who discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart who's the one who knows the end from the beginning surely. We have to hear something from the Creator something from God himself.

Ask for then gives us Jehovah's speeches. God begins to speak to job and chapter 38. Is that chapter? Maybe you turn to when you're doing creation readings and creation science and talk about Behemoth and Leviathan and and jokes Brands talk about Orion the belt of Orion and the Pleiades and all of these things are found in the book of Jobe just mind blowing things to think about it. They didn't even have a telescope and yet they're talking about the sweet influences of Pleiades. The belt of Orion how could they know God knew? Where were you when I hung the stars in space joke. Can you fish Leviathan out with a joke about Behemoth joke. What about what about what about and by the time all of that finishes, you know, God's looking bigger and bigger and bigger and my tear in my tire and job's feeling smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. rightly, so and Jobe has to take step back and say boy I missed something big. I missed it. God speaks to job. So with the Echoes of a job resonating Romans chapter 9 Paul says some things you'll have to turn their stay and Joe I'll read it for you. Paul says this in Romans 9:20 Nae but oh man who art thou that replies to against God you think Paul ever read the book of Jehovah. Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it? Why has Thou made me. Romans chapter 11 verse 33 tells us this do the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out. that summarizes Jehovah's speech to job in Act. 4 at 5 is what we read together in chapter 42. This is this would technically be the epilogue of the book if you want to the terminology for it as we read chapter 42. I hope that you were paying attention to how God responded to job Sprint. Did you hear what he said to them? You got it wrong? In fact Jehovah was so adamant with them that he informed them. Look unless Joe praize for you.

I'll hear him because he's more righteous than you at this point. It was hard for him. But he upheld his Integrity even when his friends didn't. Job is a book that addresses human pain. Don't you understand Joe as you read it? We don't really find an answer to questions. Like why is the suffering so hard? Why is life so hard sometimes what? Why is it taking so long for this to all unfold know the book of job instead it calls those that are there dealing with unexplained hardship. I can't explain why things are happening the way they are sometimes Calls on them to affirm the absolute sovereignty of God over all things and I'm careful of my wording there because I'm not a calvinist. There's a free will of man that is in the balance but it's not God's Sovereign is Pastor Ward said this morning. He still on the throne. Yes, he is but we have a decision to make in the midst of it all and that's where this tool of suffering can be used to determine. How are we going to decide will we get into the skepticism will we lose Faith or will we come forth like gold will we shine more when God's done with us or will we lose? What God is trying to do? God is free to rule and his world. I think it's Jay Vernon McGee and his bible program. If you listen to that on the radio, he says it like this. He's he talks about the universe and how God created. He says if you don't like the laws then go make your own universe and you can pick the laws. But until then you live in God's universe and you're under his luck. He's free to act he gives he has no obligation to give any explanation cuz as his creation, I know that's hard to swallow sometimes but that's who he is. That's God. Even through all of life's trials, there's some things that we can hold onto as we look at Jobe. We can learn more about again who God is not necessarily why is all this happening? Why are things have why are bad things happening to good people? Who is God? If we park there will come will come out better because God is is worth trusting. If for no other reason isn't God worth trusting just for the simple fact that he's good.

Can you say God is good? Is it good all the time? All the time? God is good. So it would it not be better to just trust him even for that because he's good. He's gracious. He's just he's the creator of all through the story of Jobe. I want you to know you can find things out about God you can know God better through your cross through your times of adversity and 3 or times of testing. How powerfully does God show up in the end of the book we read chapter 42 when we started the God show up there and since he turned the Captivity of Joe when he prayed for his friends, Joe got his eyes off himself. He began to pray for his friends got turned the Captivity, but you know jokes still had some hard things in his life that he had to live with. Because of the trial he went through sure he was doubly blessed in the end. But you know, I think it's interesting that his family and his friends and all of his acquaintances. They came in and they comforted him but it wasn't until after God you made everything better. Where were they in the dark times? I wonder if you know, where were they at the time maybe when Joe would have wanted more of a comforter he calls his friends miserable comforters.

We think about living in a fallen world the New Testament in particular makes it clear suffering is inevitable in a fallen world. No matter why it comes. But that suffering tall is clear. It has no power to separate us from the love of Christ. Right. If God be for us who can be against us. We're more than conquerors through him that loved us, but yet that's in the same context that all creation groaneth and travaileth together until now. waiting for the Redemption God's not done God's not done. Would this war called he's just getting started. There's more we live in a fallen world what we shouldn't expect anything but adversity to come along the way. The Book of Job as a pastor I've had a restful through times of counseling in the past. I've learned from experience. I wish it weren't so I wish I could have learned by education prior to but for whatever reason if it was talk to me to classroom, but it didn't sink in so, you know, I didn't get it. I don't remember that one. I was asleep in class that day or I didn't write it down in my notes and maybe the teacher said and I didn't pay attention or maybe you know what I could have thought about it but through a little better as a pastor of had times of counseling individuals and try to help them.

And I've pointed them to the book of Jobe. But the reason I shared this with you and be a little transparent is because by that time The Book of Job is not where I should have sent them. It really wasn't looking back on it hindsight's always 20/20 but the book of Jobe is not the book to go to when you're already in a trial and when things are hard and your suffering the book of Jobe is is not the place to turn to in those moments. Now the scripture is sufficient for all please don't misunderstand me gives us everything that pertains to life and godliness. So when should we point people to the book of Jobe? Here's the key you need to know what is contained in the Book of Job before the trial comes? You see because Jobe if you read it when you're in the midst of a cloud of suffering and and try to find which way is up when you read. Jobin that kind of mindset. You might be left with more questions than answers frankly. But if you read Joe prior to getting into those times, it's a Schoolmaster. It will teach you how to be better prepared for the days when adversity does come and surely they will come. In a world of uncertainty remember back to our starting thought I asked you of what is your soul? Absolutely certain. We live in a world of uncertainty. Let me share some things. I'm out of time, but let me share some things that I am absolutely certain up after my time with the book of Jobe. Reading it before trials arrived rather than after. In the midst of so much uncertainty so much suffering so much pain so much sorrow so much so much turmoil. There's some important things. That your soul can be absolutely certain of when things just don't make sense. I am absolutely certain. Absolutely, 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt never wavering to my dying day taking this to the Grave. I am absolutely certain that this world is not yet finished. That one day and eminently Pastor Ward said Jesus is coming soon this morning. I believe that with all my heart. It's imminent. The Masterpiece of our creator will finally and fully be finished and completed and I will stand in that day along with Joe. He won't know who I am and maybe I'll recognize him. I'm not sure but if he's in that part of God's God's new creation and and I'm in this one. So be it I'm going to stand together with him someday in my resurrected body and the Saints of all the ages to bask in the glory and the Splendor the Majesty of God's magnificent handiwork everything we look at here. Is the Fallen World we look at the beauty of the mountains. We have to realize it's tainted. It's running but I'm absolutely certain because of what the Bible says that one day. I will stand. I was standing that day. I am absolutely certain that though. It's easier said than experienced. Nothing that happens to this Mortal body. Nothing that happens to this temporal Tabernacle. Can ever affect who God sees me to be through my face. In the Lord Jesus Christ my savior. Nothing can separate me not Heights not death. Not any other creature. I'm absolutely certain that God sees me as who I will be in all of the glory. He has planned for me. I'm certain of that. I am absolutely certain.

That when Sorrows come. I can wait on God. For he's the only wise God and he knows. All that I do not know and that as my Father in heaven when I hurt I'm absolutely certain he hurts with me. He feels my pain. He's touched with the feelings of my infirmities. I am absolutely certain of the efficacy of the power of prayer and I remain confident that if I could give myself to no other labor than they are before the throne of grace. I can find Mercy and Grace to help in time of need and that some of the most effectual prayers going back to this morning's message again. Are those where I moved in humility to intercede on the behalf of my friends? Like Joe I'm absolutely certain that Jesus loves me and he died for me at Heroes for me and that he will come again some day be on my cross.

And he'll present a Crown of Glory that faded not away. I'm absolutely certain that there's only good things yet to come. That awaits me not because of anything that I've done but that all that Jesus has done for me simply because I said yes Lord, I believe. I'm certain as Jobe was absolutely secured in knowing. That my redeemer liveth and that he can use my trials he can use your trials to bring the forth as gold.

a close What's some words from Robert Browning one who never turned his back but marched breast Ford never doubted clouds would break never dreamed the right. Where were stood wrong with Triumph held we fall to rise are baffled to fight better sleep to wake. Got to think about those words. And maybe your glazed over by now and you're thinking I have no idea what you just said. Lee bullet down don't turn your back. Don't turn your back be a soldier for Christ and realize that taking up your cross means that there is Gloria to come as you walked at narrow way with him. Jesus said come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden. I will give you rest that rest is coming. Don't give in in the trial let God use it in your life. And when you're sifted.

I pray your decision will be that of job's and all these things. He said not with his lips and all these things Joe maintained his Integrity because he came to know better who God is rather then why everything was happening the way it was?

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