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This is WAR

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I've said before. We really love Electronics. When they work when they work. We're glad for that but though sometimes it gives us a little. Frustration. So what we call a Steve a little frustration just a little.

We are delighted to have a guest with us. His wife had to fly back to be involved in a service and he can tell you about that, but would you welcome with me this morning missionary Mike tray?

Spirit of the almighty he turn off the Creator God move through it lives within us and goes out with Laura. He's elected us before the beginning of time put us together has given us a mission.

To go into the hard places of the Amazon jungle until every tribe about Jesus.

Get your pass but the mistreated in forgotten.

To wage war against the spirit of Darkness that has covered this territory for far too long.

Freedom Card Solutions of our native brothers and sisters from space year

to tell them about our living Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done.

Be about him coming and the decreation will be restored.

What to give hope to these nations to show them that they are valuable and precious to God each created with a purpose.

To help them understand the joy of the Lord so they don't have to feel rejected and turn to drugs alcohol or other things to try and fill the void.

The baptized them with the holy spirit so that a strong and mighty group of Believers Rises out of each tribe.

So they didn't go out others in demonstrate the power and the glory of our great and awesome God.

Thankfully, we're not on this Adventure Zone. We couldn't be in the boat. If it weren't for the support of churches family friends and sometimes complete strangers you send us out your ass on and prayers through you've heard our story a little of their story now our question for you is what's your story? What role does God have for you in his story? Would you like to join us on an adventure of a lifetime? There's one waiting. I promise.

4 years ago

Is that what we were going to do you got to see some of what we got to do? A little more of what we're going to do when we go back. My wife Sonia wants to greet everybody. She she did have to fly back to our home church. It's the only weekend that they had available this year would be there. So we greatly apologize for that, but she's in Colorado Springs than the service this morning so it and she wanted to greet you. So for the people that do not know who we are in 2012. We left and went to the mission skilled as missionary Associates with Assemblies of God World missions. Venezuela food in the mission field they're in Venezuela and all missionaries left. We knew we were called the mission. So we start praying God where you going to take us? I'm prior to that my wife and I were not in involved in missions or on the daily. Ministry side of being inside of a church. We were we were just normal everyday parishioners that helped out in the church. She is a licensed attorney and I was a general contractor. And God said no it's time for you to go in and we just listen to the call and know that that's the right place to be when you when you're in the middle of God's will there is nothing better than that. I can't explain how how great our life is theirs. There's days that it's tough. But you know what we all have tough days. So what we get to do what what we are doing in Peru, so we are ministering to the local churches that are their work in the size of the state that were in is called Lorado in the size of it is about to Utah's. We're about 40 miles worth of Roads. Everything else is all river systems as he saw we get to travel up and down the river system. There is 32 indigenous tribes in interstate. And in the area that we work in we do not cover all of them. It's just too large for two people to cover. But our goal is to continue to reach more and more into continue working with missionaries and build a team. So if anybody is interested in becoming a missionary, let us know we will take interns which art of college-age that type stuff whether they got a call on your lies permission and they need to figure out is this what I want to do. We would gladly have them come down and work with us for 1 month to three months. Maybe a year maybe two years as missionary Associates and figure out what their call is. It will help discipling through that God has a calling for each and everyone of us. But what is that calling? That's not for me to figure out what your calling is. You have to you have to sit down and spend time with his spirit and figure out what that calling is. But the other thing is that we want other missionaries to come join our team also so that we can take and reach more there's never there's always a large Mission filled out there. There's a large harvest-field out. There's just not enough workers and is Luke 10:2 says You know the Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few and we need those. So how how does that affect you guys just as you saw the Buddy Barrel here this morning and in the children come up here and put in this you saw the Buddy Barrel in the video. What does that do to us that allows us to spread the word affect you guys. Think of it this way that you're that little Pebble you drop it in the middle of a big lake. And think of the waves that go out. You guys are at Pebble when you make that drop like that. You don't have affect here. You have affect around the world that lake is the world you dropped that it goes out. It's whether it's used. And doing the speed the light whether it's men Ministries in and giving us to other publishing Works, whether it's women's ministry and helping us and what we do all of it affects us and it allows us to go out there and present the word of Christ to the indigenous. You saw the 32 indigenous tribes that were in the area that we work Peru has 64 We have to work with 32 are in the state that were in there 32 of them which means 32 different languages. So I just can't go speak Spanish on a daily basis and they're going to understand it would be like me being up here speak in Spanish to the majority of people here or whatever other missionaries come back and they just start speaking in the tongue that there that they're working from. You guys are not going to understand that the indigenous do not understand when we just speak Spanish. They understand the trade side of that language, but they don't understand the biblical side of that language So I says missionaries also have to learn another language. That's what my wife and I are doing is learning in indigenous language and And the purpose for that is because almost everybody gives her heart to the Lord in their native tongue a tongue that they understand and so that's why it's so important. We do have translators for the ones that we do not currently know and we will continue to work but we will never learn 32 languages II God would have to strike me to do something different for that to happen. But do in in the picture in the video some of the stuff that you saw was the church building that happened so we build churches and that's what the wood structure with the steel roof in the in the in the steel last four by fours were is that we were out in one of the indigenous communities building churches. We could build hundreds of churches if that's all we ever did. We just don't have the time in the resource is always to do that. So we have to prioritize they're about $10,000 a building right now and it depends upon how far out we go in my wife and I sign you are going to continue to reach out as far as Ecuador for us. What what a what is a trip like that look like so from where we live? It's 14 hours just to go up to her training center for my training center. It's another two and a half days to reach the border of Ecuador to buy boat. So it's just spending time on the rivers and going up and down the rivers and and dumb and build it a disciple and spend time with the indigenous. One of the things that we want to do when we go back in the main focus for me will be raising up indigenous missionaries the Bell to go out to reach the unreached of the indigenous. Let me just back up just a little bit and say that in our local area in our local communities. What we do is on every Sunter the first Sunday of every month. We do emissions emphasis service. So as part of our team we go out and we and we do a service on missions and the importance of what mission

And all that goes into a fund and what the hell you missionaries that have said I will eat your ass in India. It doesn't support us. It's like we're slowing. So can I go to places that weekend? And so

Raise up indigenous missionaries Brazil and Peru has no contact groups. What a no contact group is is that the government of Peru and Brazil the UN have deemed that we cannot go in we cannot interact with them to science camp government. Can't Health Kent. There is no contact unless you are indigenous. Hyderabad in missionaries in there that are indigenous because they're the only ones that can go I can't pick somebody to go. But the part is is the only way you can raise them up as spending time with the indigenous. So when I go back I will spend as much time as I can an individual communities just just discipling spending time with them going on long walks with him. As you saw in the video was putting the backpack on it's okay to go for an 8 hour hike. It's it's not that far just to spend time with them to be able to go tell them who Jesus is you got to remember he died on the cross for us so that we can go to be able to do that. We're fortunate enough to go. He called me. Don't ever feel. Sorry that I get that. I have to go live without electricity that I have to be out in those communities and I can prove that. I don't know.

I'm okay with that. That's not where the sympathy is the sympathy is that he died for me and give me a call. We also have a responsibility here at home the Bell to send the ones that that is called and that is so that we can reach other indigenous so that they can go reach those guys. But when they go it can be life-threatening to them. Is there no contact for a reason they kill upon contact. So for those guys to do what do you need for a partner say?

how to figure out how So the opportunities come. That the Holy Spirit intervenes prior to them ever getting there just a quick story on one of those there was a missionary back in the day that got sick and it was next to death, but they won't kill you. If you're next to death. They don't want to kill that person. So they what they did is end up nursing him back any good woman opportunity to witness the one at one time. I can be stuff like that that's going to happen. We don't even know what the supernatural I do with you in there.

But that's the only way you're going to reach up and how do we how do we help teach our local pastors that are indigenous? They don't just sit down pick the Bible up and read it. I don't have that same opportunity. They're not literate to be able to sit and pick the Bible up reading and understanding that the holy spirit for that help. So the way that we do our teaching with them as we do short lamp three to five minutes.

In that so we tell the story a Bible Story 3 to 5 minutes. Thor in the CW's almost word-for-word right out of the Bible that ever change the word I don't want to get it in the contacts tomorrow onwards that they don't have in their language or don't normally use like the like the mother Virgin Mary. They just don't have that. So I've got to culturally make it relevant to them. God word is the best word for. And it's the only word that we need to cheat the holy spirit will work through that and go to do what he needs to do. But anyway to when we teach that and then we just teaching process that we have then we send that home with them in their native tongue because it's translated into their native tongue. And so how do I know if I don't know the native them how do I know? It's the correct way to do in that they're using the correct words in the translation. So we have it translated and then we have somebody else that really listens to it and it translates it back to us that has no idea through the translation so that we know in Spanish that the words that used to translate from and the words that they translated back or the story that were trying to tell him. It's a true story of Jesus Christ and then we and then we interact then there's interaction questions. I mean the way we do it is if I tell the story you tell the story again. The third time I tell the story you start leaving Parts out in the audience starts interacting the fourth time we get to call somebody up and have them tell the story the fifth time. We tell the story again and then we start asking questions.

Did you not like about that story? Things in the sword in the seed only you are responsible for your own actions. You have to make the decision in that that's something I do not like that to Heather and it's stuff like that. So when when we go back we'll spend a lot of time just being out with the indigenous. My wife will be separated from me at that point in time a lot because it's it's just a tough environment to ask somebody to go out there do that. God created me for that and I'm out and I'm lucky to be able to go but it just it's your ear in the river systems. There's that mean women's and men's bodies are different whether the Earth or whether the u.s. Science wants to tell you that it's not it is and so, you know in the river systems all the stuff is there they that you all have questions and piranhas are the are the things that's not really too violent. There's there's alligators there with your protein in The First beginning. There's other big fish there. I mean, we have fish that grow to three and four hundred pounds, so it's not like they're like it's not dangerous. But you know God carried us there. He brought us to that point. It's his responsibility to protect us. And that's what we rely on. You know, God says bless the food. I bless it. Please keep me safe for meeting this. Because it's not always the best thing but it's their best b****. And the whole thing is is I need to eat it with with with gratitude. They put their best dish out there for me to eat and somebody in their family is going to go hungry. Because I took a took a meal off of their table and I can't say no because that'll offend them more than me thinking of what can I do? How can I get away from not eating his food so that they can have it that will offend them and that in the whole purpose of why were there is to not offend them so they can hear the word of God. The gospel is this thing of what we get to go to deliver?

So if you guys can pray for us, and we just want to thank you for your back in four to five years to retell the stories of the things that we have done and again to tell you what we will be doing when we go back Britney. Appreciate faster.

All right, so to break things that you need to remember what it is. We will take an offering for Mike's Ministry at the end of the service after the message and we will do as we always do and that's pray for them as as we go and then we'll have Donuts. A couple of things before we take the offering don't anticipate my sermons going to be 3 to 5 minutes. I don't know.

Usher's are coming to receive your tight as regular ties and offering God bless you as you give today.

Oh, yeah, sing it out.

I love you.

Please please.

Shut your hands Original US believe God together. Thank you Lord. You are so awesome. We thank you for your provision. We thank you Lord that you give us opportunity to give. To be involved in missions to be involved in our community to be involved in touching the lives of individuals that you be glorified. Thank you, Lord, give you praise for every gift or we give her as we are obedient to you today. The precious name of Jesus. and you made me see the

this is kind of a weird visual. I know but it's the best I can do cuz I'm not very good at all this stuff. so

we're going. We're going to pop and crack a little bit. Just put up with it.

Should have one of the biggest problems you've been out with me cuz I've been gone a couple weeks. little man

afro away

the last time we were together. Anybody remember that it seems like forever ago.

We spoke about being justified by the blood of Jesus. And if you weren't here or didn't get a chance to live stream that it is on our website. You can go look at that. I want to move from at 2. Well, I see is the next step. In our walk with God how many of you know there are steps to walking with God. I'm even all that when you're first committed your life to Christ things. They were either really good or really bad depending on where you were. We talked about the accused we talked about the Divine exchange and how God gave us the way to have a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

We are justified by his blood the songs today are perfect. Of course because

different know how God's holy spirit just leads things.

If there is anything that I could say to you today, that would be important it would be.

Get the facts straight. There are a lot of things around today that would seem to be faxed but facts are only as good as the people that share them I believe.

So I have a question to start with and that is how many of you believe you've been in a war? How do you say I've been in a war now? let's just clarify because every one of you is in a different War you all raise your hand and you your your political your social or environmental whatever it is could have been in a relational think whatever the war that's going on. You immediately go to whatever your war is. Well, I can't deal with your war in the natural. I can only deal with your war in the spiritual. So I'm going to try an illustrator a little bit.

I read a quote from a gentleman named Terry law that I thought would kind of set the stage for today. Could it be that we live in Two Worlds?

Not just one. good beans at that midheaven that little scripture we see the area of conflict intersects with Earth somewhere between our ears

other words heaven on Earth that conflict is not out there that conflict is in here. Something's going on here between the mental emotional in the spiritual and I'm going to try and give you a visual that maybe will help.

This is not the MMA. This is more of the idea of a boxing match and we are going to call out the first participant and his name is Satan everybody. Give me a chair or I have for a blue or whatever.

Did I pick the right people?

in this corner is Satan


Any other corner? Is the guy that you will know his name is Lonnie. He is ready to take on Satan.

Me beautiful. Are there you go. Perfect. Good help.

Before we even get going. I want you to understand. This is not the fight.

You all may think this is the fight, but this is not the fight.

Be very careful about how we look at this.

2nd Corinthians Chapter 5 Verse 18 says it this way now all things are of God who has reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ who has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

You see the first thing we have to understand. Is that this disappearance? Is fighting a war not with you, but with Jesus Christ.

Whom he hates whom he would do everything to destroy. This is not our battle. This is the Battle of Jesus Christ with Satan the problems that many of us have is that we think we're in the middle of the rain and Jesus is over there. In the corner now.

You know what? I didn't do I didn't bring my tape up. So I'm in trouble already.

You say we we we want to put Jesus. in the corner

Why is going to fight the battle? And when we get in enough trouble, will you say okay, Jesus come and help us?

I can do it all see we get that. I can do all things but we forget the other part through Jesus Christ.

So what are we have Satan steal the enemy? If I were to try to get it into a picture that we could understand it would be this way.

This is not Jesus over here in the corner nor is it me over here in the corner? I am not helping Jesus nor is Jesus helping me from the sidelines. Everybody still with me. Caesar pureology the reality is

the Twins play tonight, Sarah

Hey, no, I need you to come here. Not with the ticket.

We'll just pretend he's Jesus. I don't want anybody for $10 seating because then you guys mind always go there some. Saints versus standing here ready to fight the enemy. I'm standing behind him.

Are you with me? The reality is when Satan comes at me and Jesus says wow. Wait a minute.

We have a little issue. as individuals because we think Jesus is standing over here in the corner waiting for a guy cheering us on

And when we say I can't do this anymore Satan's just beat me up and beat me up and eat me up. Come on, Jesus come and help me.

So what the Bible says?

Nor is it Jesus standing in the middle in me over here cheering him on saying Jesus good job. We love it.

You still here?

UC The reality for me and you is I have to get my eyes off of the enemy. and on Jesus I have to be in a place where I am willing to say. Lord I am going to praise you.

Oh, man, it sounds like a suicidal activity, doesn't it? I can't control I can't get involved in all this know. The reality is this see the war strategy that God gives us is the battle is the Lord's every one of you can say it. The battle is the Lord's. What does it really mean? What does it really mean? There's a passage in Isaiah. That just strikes me. It's in Chapter 30 verse 29. You shall have a song. That's when she is kept in the middle of a battle you sing praise to God and just like you were going to church.

With gladness of heart as when one goes with the flu. Hallelujah, I am in the middle of the war. I'm in the middle of the Bell but I am with the one who I am looking at who is Jesus Christ my savior the one who is my protector the one who is my king. He is the guy and he says to the enemy of your soul. My people are praising me man. This is an exciting time. If you spend a little time and Isaiah chapter 30, I want you understand Jesus is the Isaiah is talking about when Jesus comes in and his anger to take out those two as opposed to just understand. Well, I am doing the fighting when I am battling the enemy with you. You'll be singing Praise You will be in Victory. You will be enjoy. This is not looking at the NSA. Enemy saying always me. What do I do now? This is why I'm looking at the face of Jesus Christ himself, and he's and I paid the price for your Victory and your Victory is right now in the middle of your mess.

UC reality for me and you is Satan only attacks us because we name the name of Jesus. Didn't care about the rest of me just makes your life miserable all the time. But he attacks us because our name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life because Jesus has paid the price for our salvation and he is mortally against Jesus Christ. And here we are what do I do?

Is there anything that would look like what we see in the world today? There are those who are being used by Satan that want to get rid of everything that looks like God everything that would name Jesus Christ. They're trying to just wash it away like it never happened. Let me understand with you. When I'm standing there looking at the face of Jesus. No, catch live. Because Jesus is facing me not looking at Satan. It's it's a weird picture. I know but I'm looking at the face of Jesus and Satan is looking past Jesus or through Jesus if we could use that kind of a phrase.

And what is he? He sees the glory of God in my face. Are you hearing me a city is the glory of God? The reality for me and you so I'm chapter 81 verses 1 to 3 says this way single out to God our strength to make a joyful shout to the god of J's was Jake and raise a song frightful timbrel Pleasant harp in the loop. Psalm 34 Verse wall, I Will Bless The Lord at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth and in the middle of the top things you may be going through something with work. You may be going through something with with social issues or political issues or whatever the matter.

I will praise the Lord. And when I praise him he says I will fight the battle. So, how do we do it? the first thing that I mentioned Is we look into the face of the one who is our savior our Victor? Forget the enemy now. I'm not saying don't be aware. We know he's there you and I all know he's there how many of you know, the enemy is there. We always there we don't need to focus on him. He's already defeated. What we have to do is get our focus on Jesus Christ Our Savior and Lord and know that as we praise Him He will fight the battle for us.

So, how do we do that? We step out of the darkness.

what you understand today, one of the biggest problems that I believe we as Christians have

We keep trying to invite the darkness in. In America were terrible. We can fall in the darkness. And then we wonder if I want to understand how come the light is not reflected off of our faith.

when they came in this morning

the turn on the lights No. I don't know about where he's from you may not even have lights have preached in some of those places.

He didn't flip a switch to send the darkness away and then switch flipper switch to turn on the light. He turned on the lights in the word shows you that the light dispels the darkness gets rid of it. So if I am going to live in the life, I have to be willing to say I am coming out of darkness and into the light. It's a two-fold activity. 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 9 gets a real clear.

you are he doesn't say you're going to me. That's what's a I hope you will be he says you are. a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation own special people I don't know about you like that excites me just a little bit. Now. Listen to what he says that you may proclaim the praise of him who called you out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light. What? Proclaim get excited about living in the light so that the reflection of Jesus Christ just goes from you. The enemy can't deal with it cuz he loves Darkness rather than life. For you and me this morning. The reality is as we look.

Recognize that the enemy of your soul wants more than anything else to destroy you because he wants to destroy the work that Jesus has done in you and through you.

but the reality for me is

the best way I can fight back. Is praise the Lord? I can stand in his presence. Some of the courses we sang this morning. The reality is I stand in the presence of the king of kings and Lord of lords. I stand in the presence of My Savior and Lord. I stand in the glory of the Lord who has made me glorious from the inside out. Iron Man steals purses and the enemy cannot touch me if I am willing to stay in the lights and stop bringing the darkness back in.

You may be here this morning. You say what do you talk about Pastor? I'm talking about we have to live a life that the Lord is challenging us to live. Not just what we think the world likes. There's way too much of the reality of people wanting to live with one foot in the world. And one foot in heaven. Listen. God is very clear. The Bible is very clear with live in the presence of the face of the Living Lord Jesus Christ. And my question to you is what you're doing how you're living. Will it be what you would be doing if you were standing face-to-face with the Living Lord of your life. faster That's a little rough.

Get all. The day is coming.

The day is coming.

Hebrews chapter 12 the first two verses give us a picture. Therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. Let us lay aside every weight and sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame. He sat down at the right hand of the Throne of God. I must be willing to throw off those things that are keeping me out of the presence of God. I can't be the guy standing here looking at Jesus back in the corner saying I'll help you if you need it. No, no, no, no, no. No, I didn't hit.

I am walking with him. Actually, I believe I'm walking behind him because he is my leader and I am following you. The glory of the Lord shines in my life and the enemy cannot touch me while I am in the presence in the glory of the Living Lord. reality for me and you 1st Corinthians chapter 9 verses 26 and 27. This is Campbell paraphrase. You can't find it in your book.

So this is the way I run?

I am sure of every step. Hey, listen when you're following in the footprints of Jesus every step is assured when he gets on the boat and heads down one of those Rivers every step is a Sheard God is leading him.

God is leading you. God is leading us. When we are following in his footsteps every Steph is sure I never have to worry about slipping. So have you been to my home and I have a cute little fish pond. Got lots of ice and water around it right now, so The other day I went out because I can't run my automatic filler, you know what the evaporation I have to go out and put the holes in it and fill it up every day while it's cold like this. and the other day Islip Off the rock. I'm about up to here with one leg hanging onto for Raley's.

My foot's Frozen. Listen when you are in the steps of Jesus, you never have to worry about it. You never have to worry about it. the reality for me and you

lay aside every weight

This is the way I fight. I am not wasting my time.

Because this is like that's why I fight not as one who beats the air. I am not wasting my time.

And energy Shadow Boxing always watched.

What are we fighting?

Enemies over there in the corner waiting for you to do something.

What's a dramatic we get that on film? I'll have to look at that later.

That was pretty spontaneous for me.

I do not spend my time and energy. On something that has no value. Are you with me?

We can build our Cathedrals we can do all this exciting stuff that the world thinks is wonderful. It does not affect the kingdom of God. I am not going to spend my time trying to beat up an anime that is already defeated. He is defeated in my life. When I am following the king of kings and Lord of lords. I have thrown off those things that keep me out of the light. I bring discipline to my life so that my spiritual life is not hindered by mitral desires. There are way too many of us in the kingdom of God. I believe that spend so much time on our natural desires. We missed the glory that God wants for us.

Pastor pretty harsh for just getting back from vacation.

Listen, Jesus is not in our corner. He is not our copilot. He is the pilot of this ship. He is the pilot of the airplane. He is a pilot of your life.

follow the pilot

make sure that we are following him. I just asking him to follow what we're doing.

See we got to get our heads right so that they match what God's doing in the spirit. The spirit of God says live. Holy before me.

It's not a maybe it's not a what if it's live holy and then he says I will give you the ability to do it.

It's not hard. That war that's going on right up here is where the battle has to be one as for me and my house we will serve the Lord that I am going to walk in the footsteps of Jesus day after day after day after day get rid of throw up. Take away all those things that are hindering me from walking in the presence in the glory of the king of King.

And I'm just getting started.

No, I mean I'm done for today, but I'm just getting started.

Next week. I'm going to continue.

With recognizing who the enemy really is.

And how I assess your strongholds, how do I look at the strongholds of the enemy? They just keep beating me up. How can I deal with that? That's next week. I don't know how many weeks I'm going to take I got a few more things. You know, how do I plan to resist the enemy of my soul? How do I move forward in the kingdom of God? We're going to get there. but for today recognize I am walking in the glory in the presence of the king of kings.

The enemy can't touch me. How old is Minnie are going to problems in life don't understand here?

You know sometimes the boat breaks.

sometimes the planes don't work like they're supposed to

not too many years ago. I was reaching a meeting in Zimbabwe and and they were building a new block Church there and and we were outside.

and no electricity were supposed to be done before it gets dark, but we weren't

Several hundred people standing here around this building that has no power.

You know, my notes are little black on white. You know what they look like in the dark.

What can I find personally? I had my computer with me and I opened my computer up and they look at this ghastly face in the light of my computer. That's all they could see was this.

But the light was dispelling the darkness. Because the word of God who has to enforce in the light.

Mike's going to some really dark places. I want you to understand the light of Jesus.

the darkness wherever you work, whatever social situations your and whatever is going on in your life. I want you to understand that if you are living and walking in the Glorious light of Jesus Christ, you are just going the darkness of the enemy that would overpower those around you. He is our light he is our boring. He is our sustainer. He is our coming. You got to get the mental doubt out of your mind and recognize God's word is true and sure and I can rest in that and walk in his glory. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord for your word.

I pray Lord that you would help us understand. That you aren't on the sideline. I know are we lord. We are walking in step with you with a recognition that you are fighting our bounds as we praise you as we give you glory as we trust you with our whole lives Lord as we lived pleasing to you Above All Else.

I wonder

you're sitting here in this room or you're live streaming with us and you would just say but uplifted hand I need to get in the presence of the Living God. I need to live in his glory. I need to allow him to dispel the darkness in my life right now. Just slip up and I like to play.

Hallelujah stand with me would you all over the building everybody? stand

Oh, so thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. If you were my wife. You are my victory You Are My Hope?

Give me a Heart of Worship Lord. In the midst of the difficulty of the midst of the trial in the midst of the good times even Lord Just Give Me a Heart of Worship.

Thank you. I think you probably had that was raised Lord met these people cry out to you from deep inside you. I need your heart. I need your mind. I want to walk in your way.

Be my strength be my comfort.

Lowe's in this room today Lord that are bereaved they're struggling Lord their comforts. Hallelujah

You are everything we need today Lourdes. We look to you. Everything we need you.

Give us love Lord relationships. Give us your heart.

Flip up ahead and worship His team leads to sing in the Heart of Worship when the music Fades call bless your name morphine. Anna simply Hallelujah

something for

I'll bring you the song still has not what you have required think of it to search much favor with the way things up yellow looking into I'm coming back to the Heart of Worship and it's all about you. All About You Jesus I'm sorry lord. It's all about you. It's all about you Jesus.

Hallelujah members of the of the missions and Outreach team if you'd like to come join us might come or anybody else wants to come just believe God together with us. leadership team

don't be bashful.

Father I thank you for your call.

I know Lord with your call. There is a way that you have us go. We stand with Mike and Sonia today lures and we say thank you that they were willing to accept the call. Thank you Lord for their lives than you. walk away from business to share your gospel with people that need to be reached for you. Maybe song mid Pizza bless the Lord beyond their Wildest Dreams essay. Share you.

strengthen and encourage them Lord Uplifting Lord in the middle of our generation Lord as they need inability to go back, but Lord just give them your strength of your anointing new and Press today. Respect you we give you praise for the Lord hallelujah. Hallelujah bless your name Lord. We give you all the glory and Lord as we give to partner with Mike and Sonya I pray Lord. That we would open our wallets open our purses. And we would give Lord out of the abundance that you have blessed us with maybe even sacrificially Lord so that you would be glorified in our hearts and our giving today. We thank you for Lord in Jesus name writing a check right at the Lakeside Community will give them just one check. I believe God gives us an ability way beyond our dreams as we just our obedience. Hallelujah

no one could expect to be available to talk with you should grab a donut or a cup of coffee or some tea or hot chocolate or whatever and share a little of his heart with you and we just asked you to

Send Joy a time of Fellowship together. God bless you. Thanks for coming. We appreciate y'all. Have a great day on the Lord.

Can you search match with?

how to draw the heart

God bless this time. Thank you Lord. We have the privilege to hear how your kingdom is growing Lord through these missionaries. Pray what you would bless them. Bless our tithe and offering for it to you. Any giving to them Lord may they truly are we truly remember to pray without ceasing as we think about them and think about us and how we are with you? fighting the ultimate battle born give you praise in Jesus name.

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