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Imitation Comes First

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The world is a confusing place, find someone to imitate or to instruct and grow with them, holding each other accountable.



Talk about the New Year and what it brings
Talk about using music to relate life principles and personal understanding


Read 1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1
Talk about how it can be very confusing with the food and the times
Talk about how we are not called to be perfect but to glorify God
Talk about how He is sovereign over everything
Talk about how we are commanded and sent to witness and bring souls to Christ, not to be the atonement for sin


Talk about music and how we must imitate before we create
Talk about the difference in being a disciple and someone who dabbles
Talk about finding someone to imitate or someone to instruct
Talk about how we can do both and the efficiency of those who learn together with structure and accountability
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