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We did this whole Adventure series. I'm going to finish that off this morning thinking about the good news of the birth of Jesus and them. I wanted to do a couple weeks past Christmas because I think it's it's too easy to see Christmas as an isolated event. NM Christmas is a celebration. Of the entrance of God into our world and that was an isolated event, but it was an isolated event that changed everything. Answer the question. I started asking last week and I want to continue with this week is how do we then live in light of Christmas? Like what what are the what are the ramifications of the the good news of Jesus's birth? So we've been thinking each week about this reality that the good news is political good news is absolutely political to political word. It's a political term and the birth of Jesus was radically political thinking about the word political in its broadest sense, which is simply the use of power anytime we use power in order to Efectuar will in order to bring about order and any anytime we use power. Relationally. We are exercising political power. And the good news the birth of Jesus is God's use of power in the world. And it's it's really the answer to a question that has been raised from the beginning of creation. I thought the biblical narrative and we've been we've been in Genesis together for a little while. We're going to get back there in a couple weeks. All right, but in Genesis we have this this this is the story of creation of a of a Creator God who speaks all of creation into existence. He makes all that is and he doesn't make it to be separate from it. He makes it to be a part of it the heavens and earth are created to exist in harmony. They're not supposed to be separate spheres or supposed to be joined code join in and work together God. meant to dwell with his people

People are his people. That's the picture of creation, but we see it go wrong right from the beginning when we see this willful rebellion and rejection of God as king. Is a God is the Creator and the king of all the nations the world is God's kingdom, but mankind Was Made In His Image has rejected him.

But we have the problem. Is this the nation's don't recognize their true king.

they make for themselves other kings they make for themselves other gods they refuse to recognize God as who God is even Israel God's God creates himself after the rebellion and the fall even Israel reject God as king over and over and over again. So here's the drama being set up in the Hebrew scriptures what we commonly call the Old Testament God is the Creator and rightful king of all people and all people reject him as king. It's a problem.

Solution the kids hinted at in the Hebrew scriptures is that God will appoint a king to bring God's rule over all the nation. We saw this over the last several weeks. And so I'm too so I'm 33. We looked at Isaiah chapter 11. These are Old Testament prophecies and utterances that one day. God will send a king who will bring the rule of God God's kingdom. Not just the one people not just to one play. But back to the world. When we celebrate Christmas when we celebrate Advent that is what we are celebrating. But God is really establishing his kingdom in the world through King Jesus. That's why when we see Jesus begin his ministry. His message is consistent. and persistent repent because the kingdom of God is available. The gospel. The good news is an invitation by Jesus through Jesus because of Jesus to you and I enter into the kingdom of God.

think far too long The Evangelical Church in the west. We haven't seen the gospel that way. We seen the gospel as an invitation to believe a set of propositions so that after we die, we don't have to go to hell we get a float away off of this terrible planet. to some place called heaven church that that's not the gospel. The gospel is that the world is the Lord's and everything there in the gospel is God doesn't give up on his creation or his creatures. Even when we deserve it. The gospel is the good news that God is going to reclaim and redeem and restore all that. We have broken. The gospel, is that God's plan? to make that happen what's in the birth of Jesus? He sent us a king to bring us back into his kingdom. When we hear the gospel when we receive the Gospel and when we respond and Believe In The Gospel something happens to us.

Something happens to us literally and practically we are in the in the scriptural vocabulary born again. We are made new there is an identity transfer. We've moved from one Kingdom the kingdom of darkness to another kingdom the kingdom of life. When we moved from serving the God of this world. To serve the God of this world the reality is that when we respond. Do the Advent the birth of Jesus in faith by grace when we respond to the invitation of Jesus. We are made new in Christ and that that newness Is directly related to the kingdom. We are made a part of God's Kingdom.

We become citizens.

We become citizens. of the Kingdom

We're still citizens here as well. And that's where it gets a little tricky.

We're citizens of God's kingdom. What does that mean? For you for me. What does it mean for us? How how does that impact in any way the way that we live our lives here in that? I think we're far too many on for far too long. The answer is Ben. Not really. Will be citizens of God's kingdom someday after we die after the end will be citizens of God's kingdom in the heaven. That's not the message of the Bible. It's certainly not the message of Jesus.

The message of Jesus is that if we come to him we become citizens of the Kingdom right here. right now

and that should change frankly everything. Yep, all picks up on this reality. In one of his Epistles his letter to the church in Philippi. Erase this in the opening chapter flipkens 127. He says only let your manner of life. the Worthy of the Gospel the good news of Christ the King. Only let your manner of Life be worthy. Of the gospel of Christ that that phrase there that we see in the English manor of life is the translation of the Greek word pulotu. Am I it means

You didn't hear it in the Greek, right pull it to am I where we get the idea of politics and policy literally means live at citizen.

All right. If that's that's literally what the word means so he's saying this is why I say live as Citizens. Worthy of the good news of the Gospel of the king.

He doesn't just say believe some truth. He doesn't say show up at church on Sunday. He's saying everything about you is being redeemed and remade in King Jesus live your life out of that reality. And you need to leave it Worthy. What challenge? worthy of the Gospel of the king It says I love the finish the statement so that so whether I come and see you or I'm absent. I may hear that you are standing firm in one spirit with one mind driving side-by-side for the face of the Gospel.

All y'all all y'all. Live worthy of the king. How do you do that? You do it together. side by side

Driving standing seeking serving. one spirit 1 mi


we're not used to thinking this way about the gospel because we spiritualised everything. Once you see it, it's it's like Neo in The Matrix. Once you take the pill There's No, Going Back.

Snow cone and then you start to see it everywhere. We start to see just how the gospel in the life of the Gospel in the body of the Gospel. The church has incredible political ramifications. Couple years ago, we spent a couple years together in the book of Acts. unbelievably political An inn in the book of Acts traces the life of the early church as they figure out together how to live life worthy of the Gospel of the king. And it's not easy. River it starts that way. What's it starts at way the book of Acts of the tale of two kingdoms? Chapter 1 verse 6 Jesus raise from the dead he's gathered with his disciples. He's teaching them about the kingdom and end they say they come together. They asked him Lord where you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel. I don't know how he doesn't just likes I

Jesus has just died and resurrected for a universal Kingdom. And then like are you going to give us back our little piece of the pie now? I get it I get it. And Jesus he says Mmm Yeah, that's that's above your paygrade.

It's not for you to know the times or seasons of the fathers fixed by his own authority. But here's what you get to know you. y'all all y'all. Will receive power. When the spirit comes upon you. And you shall be my Witnesses?

That's political. You will be my ambassadors. You'll be my spokesman.

You be my media. The spirit will come upon you and you will bear witness of me in Jerusalem. In Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the Earth.

Another words, whatever Kingdom you find yourself in. your citizens of my kingdom My kingdom is not for one people or one place, but my kingdom is for everyone everywhere. So I'm going to empower you you're asking the wrong. Are you going to give us the Kingdom right now? And she's like, I've already given you the kingdom. You're thinking about this all wrong. Right now I'm going to empower you and you're going to bring the kingdom to all the kingdom.

Start reading through the book of Acts those first few chapters. That's exactly what happened. But they start out in Jerusalem and I get a little bit to hudley and cuddly is. Hard hard breaking out of Tradition and custom it's hard thinking in a new paradigm. It's hard living in a new way. But eventually gets them out will persecution does the trick. In the gospel of the Kingdom begins to spread it goes from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria go to the ends of the Earth.

It doesn't go easy.

has the gospel goes for at first it's all juice. It's all one ethnic people. But it doesn't stay that way. first the Samaritans come in remember the Ethiopian eunuch and then we got the gospel begins to spread and permeates across the Roman Empire across the peoples of the world. So now we've got Jews and Gentiles together and the big question in the book of Acts. The big question in the early church, is is the gospel. For one people for one culture if I'm going to follow King Jesus. Do I have to become Jewish? The resounding answer highlighted in Acts chapter 15. The Jerusalem Council is no absolutely not Jesus is for Jews and Jesus is for Gentile. And he has not made a Jewish church and a gentile Church. He's made a chirp. He's taken the old enemies and made them family. Now the church has to learn how to live that out.

After X. 15 week we get into Paul's missionary Journeys now Paul goes into the heart of the Roman Empire with the message. Jesus is Lord.

Every Roman coin in that Empire said something different Caesar is Lord. Don't tell me the gospels not political. Can't tell Paul that examples 16 Paul finds himself in Philip II just read to you from Philippians. Acts 16 starting verse 16 as we're going to the place of prayer. We were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling. So they're going to the marketplace to the praise place of prayer. There's a girl there who's possessed by a demonic entity.

And she's being used and abused by her owners to make money. I've been walking through she begins to follow Paul and his companions crying out. These men's are Servants of the most high God who Proclaim to you the way of salvation.

What an introduction? Every how amazing is that? How does God choose to introduce Paul and his companions to the city of Philippi. He uses a demon to do it.

Martin Luther said even the devil was God's devil. God's in control I took so she's just following him and she kept doing this for many days. Paul having become great annoyed. a lot of that

part of me wishes, like this would have just come from beautiful kind of Kingdom ethics and Paul saw her and he was like, it was just annoyed. It just got annoying.

Penny Penny turn to the spirits as I command you in the name of Jesus. King. Come out of her. And it came out that very hour.

Play The Gospel. Everybody was super excited. Everybody was really happy. King Jesus set her free But when her owner saw that their hope of game was gone They seized Paul and Silas and drag them into the marketplace before the rulers. The gospel is political. When they had brought them to the magistrate's they said these men are Jews and they are disturbing our city.

Advocate Customs that are not lawful for us as Romans to accept or the practice your activation

not they're not proclaiming. Believe these little truth and after you guys something they're proclaiming a way of life. They're proclaiming King Jesus proclaiming the kingdom of God being available and in their midst and they're demonstrating the power. In a response by the powers that are is vicious and brutal.

The crowd joined in attacking them in the magistrate store the garments off them and gave orders to beat them with Rod.

When they had inflicted many blows upon them. It's just too easy to read sentences like that.

This is too easy to read and just move on Paul has set this girl free from a demonic present. And his reward is to be beat publicly shame stripped bare in front of all and beaten with many low.

And they throw them into prison ordering the Jailer to keep them safe. Now one thing you got to know in the Roman legal system. the jailer What's a significant position but it came with significant risk for the Jailer? The head Jailer was absolutely responsible for the prison if the prisoners were to escape his life was forfeit.

So having received this order you put them in the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks. After midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God. The other prisoners were listening.

It didn't say whining. And complaining bitterly. They weren't they weren't on Twitter or Facebook.

Sending out memes about how evil the Roman government was.

They weren't virtue signaling and trying to get everybody to feel bad for them. Or they doing they were singing and praising God. in the prison in the store everybody hits.

and suddenly God Shows out there's a great earthquake. So the foundations of the prison were shaken and immediately all the doors were opened. And everyone's Bonds were unfasten. There's a lot of cool miracles. like they're all cool, right but like that's a good one like How do you adjust an earthquake to the exact frequency of vibration that it opens doors and unlocked bonds? in one specific location what when your God

cosplay What's my rights up?

When the Jailer woke and saw that the prison doors were open. He drew his sword and was about to kill himself cuz that was the easier alternative.

This get it over quit. This is life is done. His life is forfeit. The prince you don't go before Caesar and say well there was an earthquake.

You're done getting ready to kill himself. Supposing that the prisoners had escaped, but Paul cried out with a loud voice. Don't harm yourself. We're all here.

Which of the bigger Miracle an earthquake opening doors? Or when the doors are open, not only Paul and Silas thing, but all the prisoners remaining where they are.

And the Jailer called for lights and Rushton and trembling with fear. He fell down before Paul and Silas. And he brought them out and said sirs what must I do to be saved. What are the demons say these men? Are Servants of the most high God and they Proclaim to you the way of salvation?

Now he's at their feet. Tell me what must I do almost said you and all who are in his house and he took them the very same hour and he was baptized family and he brought them up into his house instead food before them and rejoice with his entire household that he had believe in God. What a great story. Wait, there's more. Where was day the magistrate set the police saying let those men go so the magistrates the political authorities of the city who had ordered them beaten and sent to jail say they send over in the morning. Let those guys go get them out of here. Let's sweep this under the rug. Let's move on.

Paul and Silas were so excited to be set free. They just go.

When the Jailer reported these words to Paul saying the magistrates of sent to let you go there for come and now go in peace Paul said to them they publicly uncondemned. Harry drops the bomb men who are Roman citizens.

Think about this. Paul is Apostle of King Jesus his whole life is built on the way that he is now a citizen of the king in the Kingdom of Jesus and at the same time he is a Roman citizen and he's not afraid or ashamed to be both. one takes precedence He's a member a member a citizen of Jesus's Kingdom before he's a citizen of Rome, but he is still both. This is important. He eases up because under Roman law Citizen and not everybody in Rome's kingdom was a citizen is a very expensive process to become a citizen probably inherited it from his father. But Paul is a Roman citizen Silas. His traveling companion is a Roman citizen and they have rights. They're not naked and beaten in public without a trial allowed to be tossed in prison. without a trial it's okay. You did all this stuff and now they want to throw us out secretly. No, let them come to themselves and take us out. Now. The Magistrate's lives are on the line.

The reality of the Kingdom shakes everything up like Paul and Silas coming to Phillipi. It's not that girl free from the demon and destroyed the business of the people that were using her. That's what the gospel did. Paul and Silas coming to Philip I threaten the life of the Jailer and ended up with his entire family being baptized in following Jesus. Paul and Silas proclaiming the good news the gospel has now because they were unjustly beaten and thrown in prison puts the leaders of the entire city puts their lives at risk. violated their own law

Impalas claiming citizenship of the kingdom of God and citizenship of Rome at the same time. Does the kingdom of God is not from this world, but it's for this world.

So the police reported these words to the magistrates and they were afraid and when they heard that they were Roman citizens so they came and apologized to them and they took them out and asked them to leave the city.

So they went out of the prison they visited Lydia and when they'd seen the brothers they encourage them and then they Departed.

I mean just keep going X17.

Fix It Go to thessalonica And they're accused of treason and Sedition by promoting another king in Acts 18 accused of promoting unlawful Worship in Corinth. Acts 19 a riot breaks out in Ephesus because the one of the primary Industries with emphasis was the making of idols and so many people were following Jesus and throwing out their Idols, but it was disrupting Commerce and Industry. And a riot breaks out the dragon up there. They're almost killed.

This is what happens when the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus is proclaimed in the kingdoms of this world. The gospel is supracultural. It goes into all cultures and when it comes into a culture. It affirms what is good about that culture and it condemns what is wrong about that culture? It calls out to those of that culture to come to a new and better King and they're always consequences to that reality.

Larry Hurtado rates in his book destroyer of the Gods early Christians distinctiveness in the Roman world. Cuz it's early Christianity lacked any of the things that typically comprised religion in the Roman world and what the Romans called the Christian atheist.

So they called them. In the Roman world. Everybody has a guy. You've got your family guide you get your village God you got your country's God Caesar is a god you everybody's got something and you take the What kind of basketball philosophy is if I just keep shooting something's going to drop? I'm going to worship them all where we're going to cover all of our bases. We got to make sure that the the god of the Harvest is good. So we have a good harvest we got to make sure that the god of animals is good so that our house and goats keep producing. We got to make sure that the god of fertility is is happy so that we can keep having babies. We got to make sure that the god of war is a piece so that we're not destroyed by War. We this is the reality of the world to which Paul and the disciples in the early church brought the gospel the good news of King Jesus.

Indian rejecting all of those. They're they're deemed by the Romans to be atheist. That's what they're accused of.

In Roman World 8 they had no shrines or Temple there no statues of the deity. No altar, no sacrifices and no formal priesthood. This was totally Bazaar in a culture saturated with temples and gods to deny the gods of worship was effectively to deny their reality. The withdrawal of new converted Christians from the ubiquitous veneration of the Gods in public and family environments was seen as abrupt arbitrary unjustified and deeply worried. Why? All of these Gods governed various areas of human life and once family City and National Guards were Guardians against plague fire and disaster refusal to participate in their worship would have been taken as disloyalty to one's family City and is disregard for the welfare of ones.

In Rome in the early church to accept Jesus as king is to reject Caesars King. That's not to walk away from his kingdom. But to reject him as Supreme.

To reject the gods that all your neighbors and family are worshipping. And that didn't excite your neighbors and family. Because now you're threatening them. We mean you're not going to sacrifice for the idle. What do you mean? You're not coming out to the Village worship? What do you mean you're not going to do that? If the gods find out they'll be angry and then we'll all be in trouble.

Deep political rest of the story of Acts tells the story of Paul's return to Jerusalem where he was arrested and enjoy his rig trials in the Roman justice system. He ultimately finds himself under house arrest in Rome.

Cuz he wants to get there. to Proclaim in Rome the heart of the Roman Empire Where Caesar is proclaimed as king he wants to their full claim. Jesus is King. And he does.

Rome Rome was kind of a mess of this time. Let me Milwaukee through a couple chapters enrollment Let me give you some backdrop to Rome. In order to understand what Paul is writing in his letter to the Romans? In about 8019 Tiberius was Emperor and he exiled thousands of Jews to Sardinia for having too much influence in Rome. I just imagine that these people these family that businesses are being successful and some of the other people begin to complain that they have too much power. They've too much influence and so Tiberius comes in and says, you're all out 19000 of them powerful wealthy and put get out your gun your house no longer your house. Your business is my business get out 19000 of them.

fast forward to 30 years to 8049 Claudius is now emperor. He spells another 30,000 juice for Merle. We only have one historical document explaining why he did that. And if this is what it's that says he expelled them because of their constant disturbances at the instigation. Christmas Most historians believe is just that Miss pronunciation of Christ.

now the church have begun to grow to such a point that the influence of Christ. threatening the power of Rome to the point that thousands upon thousands of them are being expelled cast out Devils today.

Romans 12 Romans 1 to 11 Paul builds unbelievable argument about how Jews and Gentiles come together into one family in Christ as Romans 1 through 11. Not Rumsfeld starts out this way. I appeal to you therefore Brothers.

You killing the Jews and Gentiles cuz they're not brothers and sisters. Appeal to you family by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a Living Sacrifice. Holy and acceptable God, which is your spiritual worship.

This is what I want you to I want you to leave your lives together. I want all y'all to present your bodies plural as a Living Sacrifice singular. That's not you give your sacrifice and you give your sacrifice and no no all y'all live your life in such a way that it is a Living Sacrifice.

This is your act of spiritual worship. He says don't be conformed to this world. You're still in this world, but you're no longer of this will don't be conformed to it. But be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern. What is the will of God what is good and acceptable and perfect? You might know how to be good citizens worthy of the Gospel of the king. By the grace given to me. I said everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than you ought to think but just think with sober judgement each according to the measure of faith that God has a sign for as in one body. We have many members in the members do not all have the same function. So we do many are one body in Christ and individually members of one another's night begins to explain the implications. We got this is how it want you to live you need to live interdependently, you're not all the same some of you got great strengths over here and weakness is over here. Some of you have great strength over here. We just need to come together cuz you're better together than you are by yourself. Not everybody should look and act and do exactly the same thing because we're not all exactly the same people and that's a good thing because God made us all different. Read that he's just starting to unpack how we live this out and it's always together. It's always in communities always relational. He continues on having gives a different cording to the grace given to us. Let us use them if prophecy in proportion to our faith is servicemen are serving the one who teaches in his teaching the one who was Orson is exhortation. The one that contributes and generosity the one who leaves with the old one who does acts of Mercy with cheerfulness Let Your Love be genuine hate to what is

Love one another with brotherly affection to one another in showing honor. So much of this is the exact opposite of how the world wear. The world with honor at everybody wants honor at at our benefit and everyone else's expense. Does he know how citizens of the Kingdom War? They compete to show honor to one another. I love to serve each other. They love to lift each other up and not trying to tear one another down. Think about that before you post every time on Facebook every High.

Don't don't be slothful in Zeal be fervent in spirit, sir, King Jesus. If you're a banker you serving King Jesus if your Barista you're serving King Jesus with your delicious caffeinated beverages.

Doesn't matter where you are just matter what kingdom you're in doesn't matter. What kind of government you have your serving the lord to wherever you are serve the Lord. Where are they there in Rome are being oppressed. They're being the suffering they're being persecuted. He's like love each other hate what is evil hold fast to each other. Hold on to what is good and serve the Lord.

Rejoice in Hope be patient in Tribulation be constant in prayer.

That's what kingdom people do contribute to the needs of the Saints seek to show hospitality. Bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse them.

Bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse them right that out. Put it on your monitor. Every time you're going to post on Facebook repeat that to yourself.

I'm not trying to be funny anymore. I'm literally trying to metal. Literally calling you to live to a higher calling on social media. The church should be different.

Sadly just don't seem all that different on my Facebook. Just as Petty just as mean just as vicious.

What's a super secure you bless and do not curse them? Rejoice with those who Rejoice weep with those who weep live in harmony with one another do not be haughty, but it's sociate with the lowly never be wise in your own sight.

Play No One evil for evil but give thought to do what is Honorable in the sight.

This is Epix. These are the ethics of the Kingdom. I don't know why I've never seen this before. I'm sure I'm not the first to see it, but you out Romans 12 here next to The Sermon on the Mount and it's the same thing.

Taking do some teaching in The Sermon on the Mount unpacking illustrate and explain it. This is how you live in the Kingdom.

If possible. as far as it depends on you live peaceably with all peaceably with all men that cuts both ways some of you like to pick fights. You just like to pick by. I just picked a fight with the microphone. I just like to pick fights if possible live peaceably. Some of you avoid conflict so much. But it doesn't create. Peace. It hinders P. You got to learn to stand up. Wherever you are on that Spectrum if possible. Speak to live peaceably Keith is a good thing.

I love it. Never avenge yourself.

Do you hear that? If you like never Avengers.

time upside down

we live in a world that says always offend yourself. Oh.

Never avenge yourself. That doesn't mean Theodore Matt. It doesn't mean.

What that's mean? We don't take our exercise it on our behalf at the expense of others. We use our power to seek. Peace not. Not to inflict vengeance.

Oh how I need the gospel to transport my heart. in this regard I love me some vengeance.

Never take Vengeance for yourself, but leave it to the wrath of God for it is written vengeance is mine. I will repay says A kingdom people we can trust thing and he's a better judge than we are. We're not going to pull up the weeds with the Harvest. We're going to wait for the king to do it in his way and in his time. converting mm people I'm going to trust in God God's going to judge may not be the way we want in the judge may not be when we want them to judge. But that's going to be the gym. So we don't avenge ourselves. We leave it to the Lord. To the contrary if your enemy is hungry feed him if he's thirsty give him something to drink for by doing so you'll be heaping burning coals on his head do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Lenin kindergarten, right

We don't overcome evil with evil. And we're not overcome by evil rather. We overcome evil with good.

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.

It wasn't say that every person be subject to good government Authority. The wise governing authorities to you prefer governing Authority. It doesn't say it's a democratically-elected authorities. It doesn't say. the inherited King's It says that let every person be subject to the governing authorities. Seek to live peacefully. Love one another take care of each other pray hard trust in God when you're persecuted last when your enemy is hungry feed them. Be subject to governing authorities for there is no Authority except from God. That little line changes everything there is no Authority except from God.

That doesn't mean The bills authorities are pleasing God.

But it means that they're always serving him. There is no Authority except from God and those that exist have been instituted by him. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed and those who resist will incur judgment.

if I refuse to submit Two stories that God has instituted. I'm actually refusing to submit to God that is larger and who's he talking about? He's talking about Roman emperors that have been persecuting the Jews and now the Christians in vicious and violent with destroying their life. There and talked about being thrown into the Coliseum to be eaten by wild animal to talk about Nero covering them in wax and lighting them up his candles for his parties.

Keep sitting in prison. a Roman prison

There's no Authority except that which comes from God. So if you're going to

resisting fighting against God for rulers not a terror to Good Conduct with the bat. Would you have no fear of the one who is in Authority then do what's good and you will receive his approval.

Tell me if you get nervous when you're driving and you look in the rearview mirror and you see a police car.

speed limit

put your cell phone down. That's right.

For he is God's servant for your good now. That doesn't mean that everything they do is good. That's now he's saying not validating the brutality of the Roman Empire. He's not validating police brutality in modern-day America. It exists. It's real. He's not be saying you are a part of a greater Kingdom and you're you're held to a higher ethic.

Any usurping Jesus before you serve anything else? What's up? How do you search in Jesus? By seeking. Peace Where You Are

If you wrong be afraid for he does not bear The Sword in vain for he is the servant of God an Avenger who carries out God's Wrath on the wrong. Do you are evil? pagans day as his vessel of judgement We see this all throughout the scriptures. The only other is a tool in the hand of God to bring judgment upon Israel. Pharaoh is a tool in the hand of God. It doesn't matter. They're all there.

since I was there for I must be in subjection. Not only to avoid God's Wrath but also for the sake of conscience. For because of this pay your taxes. And say like it.

Play stories are ministers of God attending to this very thing paid what is owed to them taxes whom taxes are owed Revenue to whom revenue is old respected him respect is owed honor to whom honor is. Oh no one anything except to love each other for the one who loves another has already fulfilled the law.

You don't offend yourself. sequa

it in Romans 13 He says the government even evil corrupt government. Are are God's tool for justice and bringing vengeance? the love everybody

How did the kingdom?

We're called the honor the structures Authority because they're an expression of God's authority to promote and sustain good in the world.

It got people have the opportunity to participate in those authorities structures are called The Leverage them for the well-being of the community. And for God's ping, I think about Joseph in Egypt and Persia Daniel in Babylon.

That's people have an incredible ability to be the aroma of Christ. And I'm in this world.

Authority structures become corrupt and do not sustain the good God's people are called to nonviolent resistance. and prophetic critique

But we have to be willing to pay the price.

I pray that the church. Has lost its prophetic voice.

Because we're not living differently.

MP3 King Jesus we're seeking peace through the political or Capital mechanisms of this world.

So we lose our ability to speak prophetically against the wrongs and evils of our culture. And sometimes we use Romans 13 as an excuse while we're just supposed to submit and hope everything works out and it doesn't matter cuz it's all going to burn anyway, and we're going to float off the heaven. We seek the peace and prosperity will get workout plan, sir. Weekly love everyone. We we love and serve and blessed or enemy.

And yes, there may come times when those Authority structures demanded loyalty that compromises our allegiance to King Jesus. We are to humbly disobey and accept the consequences because Like Peter in Acts, we must obey God rather than human.

But even when we have to do that, we do it in love.

The one who loves has already fulfilled.

And it's not ultimately what Advent and Christmas is. Yeah, it's an expression of God's power. But it's an expression of God's power as an expression of his love for us. For God so loved the world. But he gave his only son.

We have problem submitting when we have a problem last name when we have a problem cuz we want to avenge ourselves It's really because we have a love problem.

We love because he first loved. And we are to love like he first loved us. He loved us when we were dead in our sins and trespasses.

And he gave himself up for us. This is the love that we are.

This is the love that let Paul sing in the jail. And allow him to Faithfully proclaim the gospel from prison. This is a lot but let us bless those who persecute us and pray for those who hate it's the love that lets us live differently. It's not a love like the love of the world. It is a love from above. for the world

I don't know what your New Year's resolutions are.

I'd love to lose a little weight. has lots of nice little things I'd like to do but I want to love like that.

I want to live. as a citizen Worthy of the Gospel of the camp. I want a life of love and I can't do it without you. And you can't do it without me we need each other. We're better together. And we are by ourselves. So together let us offer. Our body are lie, not Sunday morning. But every moment that we have life and breath let us offer our bodies as a Living Sacrifice. Holy and acceptable Act. spiritual worship

for sending King Jesus

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