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The Final Word

Hebrews  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  33:42
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Is it worth it?

An interesting question and one that we may not want to ponder long. Will it be better or worse than 2020?
A powerful question that may save us from much shame and failure. As I have reviewed 2020 and other years I want to encourage you teens, and adults alike, to ask this question more in 2021.
The answer truly is “it depends”. The depends part of the answer points to whatever we are comparing and contrasting the value with.

Where can I find hope?

Maybe you are asking this question, as many in our world are?
Maybe one of these is more fitting:
-I am not sure I can go on.
-I just want to give up.
-What am I supposed to do now?
-My faith seems dead.
-God isn’t speaking to me anymore.

Our world longs for safety and security.

This in ingrained in the fabric of who we are. If we could let’s personalize this statement this morning; I long/want safety and security. I want to make sure what I do is worth it. Where can I find this.

God speaks!

There is no doubt in my mind this is as true today as when the sermon to the Hebrews somewhere came to them. He has and will continue to speak. We may this to be true but some of us are here this morning, online and in person, who would say something like, “He has spoken to others, maybe even to me in the past, but not anymore.”

The final word is Jesus.

This is the comparison stick. This is the final authority and say. Jesus is what all things must be looked through. Is it worth it? Depends on what would happen if the light of Jesus shines on it.

Jesus gets it all.

He is the heir of all things. Everything is his. Now the really interesting thing according to Scripture that if you are found to be in Christ he will share his inheritance with you. Beyond that we also are told that we are his inheritance.

Jesus is creator.

You and I were created by Jesus, he is the agent of creation.

Jesus is God’s glory.

The hope of the OT that God’s glory would be always with Israel was fulfilled in Jesus. He is the presence of God which all long for.

Jesus is God.

You want to know God? Then you must get to know Jesus? Jesus was not just a human being who lived, died, and rose again. He was not just another Lazarus that had something miraculous happen to him. He is fully human and fully God. We may not truly comprehend this completely and fully. He does what only God can do: creates and forgives; and receives what only God can rightly receive: worship.

Jesus sustains.

How does he do this, by his powerful word!

Jesus purifies.

If Jesus was just a human being like you and me, nothing more, than true purification of sins could not have been accomplished. This is what the speaker of Hebrews if going to go in depth with later in the sermon.

Jesus is alive and exalted.

The exaltation is important. Jesus is not just “sitting” in the sense of not doing anything. He is in the place of honor but he is not inactive. Jesus is just as active today as he was when he lived and travelled this Earth.

Is it worth it?

I close where we started because I think we need to keep this question in front of us.
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