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and I'm getting a little bit of an echo up to you're not sure what's going on, but
21 to you, and it's always exciting this time of year to look at statistic, I like statistics, and the dinner asking that about half 50% of adults in America, on New Year's Day.
Set, a New Year's resolution, In about two months later, less than 10% of that, 50% are still carrying it out.
And it's interesting.
I looked into on average, anywhere from 18, to 254 days, To develop a habit.
The average is about 66 days.
So most of them give up before, even though at that time.
Even as fascinating as, as we come to the first message of 2021.
I I contemplated what to, to talk about what to discuss in and sometimes, you know, it's encouraging to talk about resolutions but this morning I don't want to talk about a resolution with you.
I want to I want to direct you to your knee.
Hey, it's interesting bad that needs and picked out.
That's all he and I actually did not Converse about what I was teaching on and what he was putting together for the worship.
But I love how God has orchestrated that in the very last song We Sing leading into this message is Lord, I need you, because as as we as we come to the mess that I wanted to find real quickly for you, the difference between resolution and needs.
Listen to this, resolution isn't active determining, a firm decision to do or not to do something.
Brittany I need is a thing that is wanted or required circumstances in which something is necessary for the require, some course of action.
A necessity This morning, I want to direct us to a need.
An end in this morning marks, the beginning of a new series of new book, study that we're going to be doing.
We're actually going to be looking and and doing the study of the Book of Genesis, one of the larger books in the Bible and and I'm really excited about that.
But we will not be in Genesis today.
as as we prepare for Genesis, I want us to and in preparation to look at some passages that will prepare our hearts and our mind for this in-depth, study of a foundational book Genesis, And as we begin this, this preparation I would encourage you to turn to your Bibles to the book of 2nd Timothy.
This is probably a verse that you are.
Well, familiar with 2nd, Timothy 3:16 I love this.
This passage it states all scripture.
Is inspired by God and profitable for teaching and reproving correction for training in righteousness.
For most of us, this is probably a, a familiar passage of scripture scripture is profitable.
Think about that when we come to the scriptures Old Testament, New Testament, and pack Genesis is going to start in the Old Testament and Austin in the truth.
When we kind of neglect the Old Testament, but I find it interesting in the book of where you see the gospel, having some of the most, the greatest impact.
It says that that Paul and Peter and John and all the others would refer to the scriptures.
Well, guess what?
They weren't turning to the New Testament.
They were looking to the Old Testament until we visit.
This book of Genesis is valuable.
Invaluable really nnsb, consider all scripture.
What you think about that?
That's every verse every chapter every book of the Bible is profitable
When was the last time you actually trip business scripture as being profitable?
Beneficial for you.
And it says all scripture is inspired by God.
The word inspired.
God, breathed the word of God.
This book right here is not just a number one bestseller.
This book is the god.
Breathed scriptures word of God.
I am about Peter puts it when he's when he's talking to the church in 1st.
And 2nd Peter chapter1, he says this one verse 20 but know this first of all that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation.
For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will.
But men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke on God.
When we look at the pages of scripture, we have the word of God.
I think Austin in in our day and age and then are not the comfort of our nation.
We have forgotten We have forgotten how precious this book, truly is.
The Bible, God's love letter to us.
I was speaking with someone a few weeks ago and they said, you know, we in our family.
We're going to we're going to read through the scripture.
Because they said we will wait, we feared that you know what may be the portion of scripture that we haven't read and their greatest fear was to get the heaven and Jesus is standing there with his arms wide open.
It says, welcome and says, did you read my love letter to you?
Well, I read parts of it.
Yeah, I jumped here and there but you didn't read the whole thing.
You won't, you won't even understand the depth of my love the way.
My heart beats, if you don't, if you don't read the whole thing, I mean, can you imagine standing before, Jesus?
Well as there was part of it I really like to read over and over and over.
But no I didn't read the whole love letter to me.
Last week and it's on 30488.
I quoted that that song that said taste and see that the Lord is good.
I think I'm too often in the American Church.
We have come to a place where we are comfortable, allowing the, the pastor or whoever is teaching to to favour and dig into God's work and we are comfortable just sitting back and listening.
To what they've chewed on.
Let me illustrate this way.
Up here.
This is really going to be good for everybody who has a resolution to go on a diet.
Yeah, I have some wonderful Savory food, all my goodness, it looks delicious.
I will tell you what we have we have barbecue chicken wings.
OK Google some wonderful shrimp with cocktail sauce and homemade guacamole and chips.
And the finish off Beyond course or the quarters.
For course, I don't know to finish it off, we have chocolate covered strawberry.
I mean.
I mean just working at this food, just makes your mouth how they doesn't it.
I mean, you guys over here you can't see is good because the stands are block and you're in luck.
But guess what?
I'm a minute.
That's awesome.
It just explodes in your mouth with flavor.
Wow, in shoe.
See the meat.
Call ma'am.
That's good.
That is really good.
Wrestling made this morning.
I've been excited for this one here.
I love shrimp.
Oh, wow.
You would not believe just the juice and the flavor.
That deserves a second one.
I mean, and that cocktail sauce is delicious.
This is, this is just amazing.
Give me.
I know you guys are enjoying this just as much as I am.
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