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Absalom - A Counterfiet

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2 Samuel 15

Absalom – A Counterfeit Sunday, Jan 28th 2007


This is a Counterfeit (hold up white paper, drawn $20 bill)

·        You probably could figure that out –bad counterfeit

·        Counterfeits – serious problem in US & world

o       Each year tens of millions are seized

·        I worked in banking for 10 years – w/cash– saw weekly

·        Accept a counterfeit–and will be out that amount

o       At times hard for customers to swallow

·        Accept a $20 counterfeit, out $20

·        Accept a $100 counterfeit, out $100

·        You get picture…what counterfeit forges and you accept is what you are in stake of losing

Apply that Spiritually

·        Counterfeit truth – what thought true – isn’t

·        Counterfeit teachers – (false) not taught, deceived

·        Counterfeit Messiah?

Bible has a lot to say about such counterfeits– problem

·        Matt 24:5; 7:152 Pet 2:1-2; Acts 20:29-30; 2 Cor 11:12-15

·        1 John 2:18 Anti Christ – replacing, instead of Christ

Problem – identifying a counterfeit

·        If all counterfeits were like my drawing – no problem

·        Issue is counterfeits look so close to real…

·        How identify

In Banking – key to teach tellers to spot counterfeits

·        Best, most effective way – know real fake sticks out!

·        But when found counterfeit – often passed around to tells to look at – see – identify

·        Is what I want to do today – pass around a counterfeit

Today – continuing study of life of David – 2 Sam 15

·        Several things for us to see in this chapter -  take two weeks on (at least)

·        Today Absalom  - a counterfeit - counterfeit king

o       Want compare David and Absalom

o       real and the counterfeit – learn from

·        Not a perfect picture of all counterfeits – but definitely a good picture of one type of counterfeit


·        Encourage you not to play part of Absalom

·        Encourage not to follow an Absalom

·        Draw you to Christ, protect from Antichrist

If I can do a good job with this…quite scary

·        Will see how easy, tempting it is to follow Absalom. 

·        Will see that many…most do

I.    Pride vs. Humility

1.   First real picture we get of Absalom is hair 14:25

a.   Note his is praised…good looking, attractive

b.   Note – he bolsters that – (it will be his downfall)

2.   2nd – Note his presentation to people 15:1

a.   Can you picture the entourage

b.   Point – it is all about image, not reality - PR

3.   Contrast – David

a.    When 1st picked – looked over – ruddy kid

b.   Specifically did not draw attention to self

i)       See after Ark brought back – worshipped God in a linen garment – common man

ii)     Wife, Michal had a problem with–no pomp 2Sa 6:22 :  

iii)   David said he would be even more humble

c.    Notice him in this chapter v.13-18, 30

i)       Absalom in chariot – David walking….

4.   Contrast with Christ

a.   No form that we would desire – Isa 53:2

b.   Tells us He is lowly – Matt 11:29-30

5.   Problem – we still like pride

a.   Hopefully you can see contrast pride & humility

b.   Maybe, hopefully – you agree that pride is bad

c.    Yet – we like pride personally

i)       Like to feel important, special, needed – better

d.   We like to follow prideful people

i)       Stand out, head & shoulders above

ii)     Attracted to prideful people

e.    Jesus spoke of those that would accept the Antichrist because of his pride – Jn 5:43 :

II.Politics vs. Authentic

1.   Politics –know what I mean–not bashing all politicians

2.   1st – It is Deceptive, manipulative 15:1-6

a.   Not real…but saying what people want to hear

3.   2nd – It is People focused their needs (deceptively)

a.   Ultimately only seeking to use people for their end

4.   3rd – It is Positive to a Fault

a.   Mark of false teaching – saying “peace, peace”

5.   4th – Capitalizes on, creates discontent

a.   Becomes motive, becomes aim

6.   Contrast…what is right

a.    1st – it is real – call to be real – not hypocrite

i)       No secrets, hidden agendas or inside secrets

ii)     Jesus was this – John 18:20 :

iii)   Calls us to be real, His work in us is real

b.   2nd – it is God focused 1st, then people (commandments)

i)       Notice David in v.32 – worshipping

ii)     Huge today, in church – people focused

A.    Real fellowship – is God focused 1 Jn 1:3

c.    3rd – God word to us is true…exposing, light

i)       Calls to preach truth in contrast to – 2 Tim 4:2-4

d.   4th – God’s ways are w/contentment, hearing Him

i)       God calls us to contentment – Paul, Job

ii)     Maybe too far–wonder if God ever uses discontent. 

A.    Why bad – me focused

B.    Call you to not let such guide you – churches

7.   Problem – like, we still fall for politics! 

III. Conspiracy, Plan vs. Following

1.   On this–least sure of total picture – true for me…others?

2.   As look at Absalom – see conspiracy v.7-13

a.   We see a clear plan to accomplish ends

i)       4 years of politics, spies, invite 200, Ahitophel

b.   In Conspiracy – ends justify means  

3.   Contrast – notice David in this chapter v.19-23

a.   Responding – leading people in response

b.   Note words to Ittai – “I know not where” – Like it

i)       Abraham Heb 11:8; Prov 16:9

ii)     Israel in wilderness – following cloud

4.   Again say carefully – but plans scare me

a.    Many today have plans, objectives, means – clear

b.   Maybe God guides some that way- doubts

i)       See so often God just calls us to follow

ii)     Peter asking about John – you follow me

iii)   Disciples asking about end – Acts 1

c.    For me – He does not give me plans

i)        Speak honestly – no idea what God is doing

ii)      This is a ride, a journey – following God

iii)    Church – may grow, may shrink

5.   Kind of a balance to this – not wrong to be wise

a.   David sets Zadok’s sons, Hushai to help – not plan, wise

b.   Called to be wise as serpents, harmless as doves

6.   Problem again – we like plans, gravitate to

a.    Personally – so much easier – create form

b.   Churches – we like clear plans

c.    Wonder about Antichrist – if give clear answers

IV.  Power vs. Serving

1.   Notice what Absalom is doing

a.   Seeking power – seeking to be king, make himself

b.   v.1 provided himself

c.   v.2 rose early – diligently

d.   v.6 stole hearts (took for self…wrongly)

2.   Contrast David

a.    Never made himself king – God called, made

b.   He did not strive to make happen

i)       Didn’t kill Saul – even when he could have

c.    He doesn’t strive to keep self king

i)       Doesn’t seek to kill Absalom now…latter

d.   Notice his heart in v.25-26

i)       Heart of surrender – whatever God has

3.   Jesus calls us away from power, seeking it

a.   Not to be seeking position, power – serving

4.   Bible calls us not to strive – but abide, receive

a.   If you strive to attain, have to strive to maintain

b.   Absalom strives to get, to keep

c.   David didn’t strive to get or to keep



Counterfeits – scary thing

·        The counterfeit you accept – is what you lose

Problem – God’s people like counterfeits

·        Jer 5:30-31 :

·        Numbers are not always right

Today – call you not to be an Absalom

Today – call you not to follow and Absalom

Today – call you not accept an Absalom as Lord

To many that day – seemed like David was over

·        Seemed like Absalom was rising star

·        All soon would be over….so it will today

·        That David crossed the brook Kiddron

o       But he and those with him would reign

·        1000 years later - Jesus would cross same Kiddron

o       Walk over to Gethsemane–rejected by men

o       Curse a fig tree to represent sorry - weep

o       Go to the cross – victorious

·        Today – you can chose an Absalom or Jesus

o       Call you to the real King

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