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David's Victory Song

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2 Samuel 22

David’s Victory Song  Sun, Mar 25th 2007

Today- 2 Sam 22 – David’s Song of Victory


Songs are an important part of our lives

·        They are key for expression – express life thru

·        They are key for instruction – impact.  deeply  

Biblically-songs are not about beat, style or instruments

·        When people talk about songs–often focus is style

o       Style is what pleases, entertains

·        Biblically – the key issue is not beat, style – but words

o       If that were key–God would have addressed

o       Focus is clearly on the words-important

·        Some condemn songs because of style, beat

o       Need to convince me from Bible, not experience

o       Even culture determines what is worshipful

·        Equally – others go to opposite extreme

o       Some say I like music for the beat, style

o       Seek to tell us that words don’t effect

o       Can I say clearly – not true

o       What you sow…you will reap :

·        Key – it is about the words!  It is!

Now that I have offended as many as I could…J

·        Sadly probably true…but for both often focus on beat

·        Address negatively…yet prayerfully helpfully

·        But consider this from a positive standpoint

Songs, words,  are key for expression of heart and life

·        Songs help us say what we wanted to say

·        Put words to the things of our heart – help with

·        Often this way for me in worship

·        Guide heart into what should be expressing

Songs are more than expressions–songs impact–instruct

·        Again issue is words.  Words in song effect us

·        Effect heart in deeper ways than explain

·        Love how it says it in Col 3:16

·        For me – can almost sense alignment

Today – consider one of David’s songs - words

·        Recorded twice in the Bible – here and Ps 18

·        Lots of wonderful things in this Psalm. 

o       For much of it, just be able to read

o       Yet have a sense…in some way, help

o       Seek to help understanding flow

I.    v.1 - Occasion of this Song

1.   v.1 When delivered from all enemies

a.    David is near the end of his life…wars are over

i)       Partly – last chapter – people said no more

ii)     Partly – insight from God – wars are over

b.   Looks back over all enemies, trials – all the way to Saul

II.v.2-4- David’s Declaration

1.   Declares here as a premise the point of the song

a.   Declares character, faithfulness, firmness of God

2.   Note the repeated use of the word “my”

a.   More than just truth…but true for me

b.   This is God’s personal work in our lives

III. v.5-6 – David’s Distress

1.   As David looks back over life – not a perfect life

a.   Victory doesn’t mean perfect or pampered life

2.   David’s life was frequent with sorrow & trouble

a.   Course:10 years chased by Saul, revolt, rejection

b.   Family: Marital problems (Michal), lost at least 3 kids

c.   Best friend betrayed, people unfair, treated wrong

3.   Nor was such sorrow easy -Notice how David describes

a.   Waves – relentless one after another, all sides

b.   Sorrow of sheol has ideas of ropes, chords pulling

c.   Snares always before him – scary, traps, unkind

4.   Point: David’s life was not a perfect life, not saying was

a.    What David is declaring is God brought him thru

b.   David was right – God delivered him through all

c.    Here me in this Christian – right in your life

i)       Rom 8:28 – is a promise and a fact

ii)     2 Cor 2 – God always leads in triumph

d.   Our song – ought to be a song of victory

i)       Sadly – not the song all Christians sing, see

5.   Special note – suffering often amplifies victory

a.   This backdrop is what really makes song great

IV. v.8-20 - God Responded

1.   Note what David did in his distress – Prayed!

a.   He turned to the Lord, he prayed

b.   Key – not absence of trial, but a place to turn

c.   This is a key to knowing God’s deliverance

2.   And God responds to David in prayer, He acts

a.   Wonderful, powerful picture language here

3.   Main point – God does respond, God is involved

a.    Theism is not true (idea of God as watching not involved)

i)       These feel “God helps those who help themselves”

b.   No – God is actively, personally involved

V.     v.21-28– Who God Delivers

1.   Read v.21-25 Main point: Who is the person God helps?

a.   God answers prayer, works – but not for all

b.   Most people pray…most prayers ineffective

i)        Sin has separated people from God, does not hear

c.   Christian, we have access before God – unique

2.   Practical problem – David not perfect! How say this?

a.    Righteous? David…remember Bathsheba!  Uriah?

b.   Simple answer…David was forgiven

i)       Didn’t claim perfection, but righteousness

ii)     Righteousness…is right with God – he was

3.   David describes righteousness

a.    v. 22 – Kept Ways of Lord – not departing

i)       Stumbled, but got back on track w/God

b.   v.23 – Kept Word of the Lord – to it – God’s Word

c.    v.24a – Kept right with God

i)       Blameless-every wrong dealt with-nothing outstanding

d.   v.24b – Did battle with sin, sought to avoid

i)       We could talk about all he did wrong

ii)     But might miss, how often avoided sin

4.   Describe you? Are you forgiven? Then are righteous!

a.   Is a boldness, a rightness to recognizing

b.   Some feel God looks and still sees sinner

i)       Think David and think adulterer, murderer

ii)     Think self – same, liar, drug addict, more

iii)   Changed, washed, justified -1Cor 6:9-11

iv)    God sees you right in Christ – believe it

5.   David describes God’s right response more in v.26-28

a.   Note–with humble–He saves. Prideful takes down

VI. v.29-46 - God’s deliverance

1.   Technical note – Notice the focus of the words

a.    Bounces- speaking about the Lord and to the Lord 

b.   Point – both are worship

i)       Personally like speaking to God, but both good

c.   Wild as a song…but would be right in a journal

2.   No way to draw out all that is in these verses

a.   But we will read them – and believe will bless

b.   Will try to break in places where focus changes

3.   v.29 – God is our Light – guidance and hope

4.   v.30b-35 – God is our Strength

5.   v.36-37 – God is our Help

a.   Gentleness has idea of condescending to help us

b.   Reaching down from His heights to our lowness

6.   v.38-43 – God is our Success

a.    v.38-39 – faithfulness to what God’s plan was

i)       To be a warrior king was God’s plan for David

ii)     He fulfilled God’s plan for his life

b.   v.40- – How fulfilled God’s plan – His help

i)       Armed and strengthened for the battle

ii)     Subdued in the battle

c.    v.41-46 – God made him successful

i)       v.41-43 – Successful against enemies

A.    Note – they prayed, God did not answer

B.    Most people pray – but if not right with God, if not in His will – He does not answer

ii)     v.44 – Successful over own people

iii)   v.45-46 – Successful far and wide

VII.    David’s closing exaltation

1.   God is Alive!

a.   He is our rock, help and deliver

2.   David gives all the glory to God

a.   You lifted me up - You delivered me

b.   Therefore I give thanks to You

3.   God is a tower of salvation

4.   God is our deliverer – He is

a.   We need to know it, declare it 2 Cor 2:14 :



Not only is God our Deliverer – better

·        He is the Deliverer of Christ

o       This Psalm is messianic

·        Quoted twice in NT

o       Heb 2:13

o       Rom 15:9

·        Thus…the final words – apply to us

o       We are His descendants, kids

o       That is…if you are His

If you are not His

·        Doesn’t apply

·        No answer to prayer

·        Not working all for good

·        You are not delivered now…saved now

o       You are plummeting down a river flowing over a cliff, plummeting to hell

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