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Jehovah Nissi sermon notes

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Jehovah-Nissi  The Lord is my Banner

This is a very important passage, its not to be forgotten. God said to Moses “Write it down in a book and make sure Joshua is told!”


The story so far.

·        The Israelites have seen God at work since the plagues of Eygpt.

·        They have seen God free them from their bondage.

·        They have been guided by the cloud and the fire

·        They have passed through the Red Sea

·        They have seen God destroy the Egyptian Army

·        They have seen God change Bitter Water into Sweet water

·        They have seen God provide Mama and Quails

·        They have seen water come from the rock

They have now been in the desert for maybe two months at most

They are in a place called REPHIDIM, which means “rests”

And they now face another problem.

Up to now it’s been People moan about Moses, Moses moans to God, God works.

But now its slightly different…..


The Amaleks

·        Descendants of Esau (Gen 36 12)

·        Esau bore a gruge against Jacob (Gen 27 41) and it was ongoing, unfinished

·        1st enemy to confront Israel since their redemption

·        Throughout the Bible their one aim is always to destroy the Israelites

·        They had been attacking the stragglers, those on the edge, the faint and weary (Deut 25 17-19)

·        Amalek is a “type” of world, flesh, devil.

Moses makes several decisions, without consulting God directly

·        He chooses Joshua (1st time he is mentioned) to go and choose some men, and then engage the Amaleks in a battle.

·        He will got up to a hill with “Gods staff”

Joshua is obedient and does as he is told by Moses

Moses goes up the hill. Aaron and Hur go with him

Moses lifts his hands, containing the staff, towards heaven, and Joshua triumphs. When he lowers his hands, the battle does not go well for Israel.

Moses, who is 80 by the way, is getting tried, so Aaron and Hur get a stone for him to sit on and support his arms.

As the sunsets the Israelites have a victory.

Lesson – the first time they faced an army God told them to do nothing, and watch Him at work. This time they had to do the work, but God brought them victory. (cf Ex 13 17)

Moses builds an alter, and HE calls it Jehovah – Nissi.

Jehovah Nissi

Nes = rallying point, shows the presence of the King

Greek = The Lord is my refuge

Heb, root = To flaunt, to be conspicuous

Moses “flaunted” the banner of Israel in front of the Amaleks. While the banner was visible they would make progress, if it dropped they began to loose.

This is the lesson that must not be forgotten

  1. This place would remind Joshua of victory – our victory is in the cross, we must keep returning to the cross, keep short accounts with God
  2. Joshua would remember the way Moses was confident in his standing with God – we to have our confidence in our Jesus (Eph 3 12)
  3. Joshua would remember that sometimes they would remain still, sometimes they have to fight, but God always brings the victory
  4. Joshua would remember that Moses needed friends to help him maintain the banner being lifted high – we need people who will be our support when we grow weary.
  5. Joshua would remember that God had sworn to have war against Amalek from generation to generation – we, as Christians, are at war with the world, the flesh and the devil.

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