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You are Worshipping when You Serve

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Thanks so much to all of you for joining us this evening. I just wanted to open up by sharing a few thoughts with you on the connection between worship and service, because the truth is we are worshipping when we serve.
The texts I’ll be referencing are:
(2 Chronicles 3:1-17) (2 Chronicles 4:1-22)
We won’t read them but both of these chapters provide detailed accounts of the construction of God’s temple as it get’s underway. Now no one could build God a worthy home, but Solomon was determined to try.
To fulfill the plans God had given to his father, Solomon pulled skilled workers from all around Israel. Building the temple was a ridiculously massive effort that took thousands of people seven years to complete. We never find out their names, but through their collective and collaborative effort, Israel had a place to meet and worship God.
Every Sunday, in churches all over the country, a similar effort takes place as men and women work behind the scenes to make church possible. At Liquid Church, every Sunday men and women work behind the scenes to make church happen! Just like the workers who built the temple worked according to their skill and ability, volunteers and staff give their time and talent in areas all across the church to create the environments we experience each week.
And so, just like building the temple was an act of worship for Solomon and Israel, building the church by serving is an act of worship for us.
Let’s call it what it is — building the temple wasn’t easy, and often serving isn’t easy. We may feel like we are working tirelessly, but we stay motivated by remembering that the reason we are serving is to glorify God. Serving may get difficult, but we can know that everything we do builds a stepping stone for someone else to meet Jesus.
What’s one way your life has been changed because of someone else’s willingness to serve in the church?
As you’ve been serving the church, what’s one way you’ve seen God change you through serving?
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