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Show Me Your Glory

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Show Me Your Glory

è      Times were hard, no doubt. Moses led a whiny, ungrateful nation through the desert - not enough water; food was provided, but repetitive. And the people complained.|

è      Because we cannot achieve great things for God without an intimate relationship with Him, we must grow in our knowledge and our living with God!

è      We need to not be like Israel and just know what God has done – knew His works. But, we need to be like Moses and KNOW God. We have many today in our congregation who know of and about God – facts, verses – but few who truly KNOW God!

è      In passage AM, Ex 33:12-23

Ø        T1st couple items notice in Moses’ approach to God…

I. He prays to know the Lord and His ways.

A. Surely comes as no surprise - Lord’s ways very different from ours. In Is 55:8-9 (RD).

B. So, 1st part of Moses prayer is (v13 - RD). He mentions 2 areas here where he desires to know God better. 2 more later.

1. Ways - Wants to understand way God operates so he serve Him better.

2. Person - Moses wants to better understand Person of God so he enjoy a deeper fellowship with Him. Wants to know God’s character – personality.

C. Seems Moses praying for personal revival! Revival close when we possess desire to know God's ways to better serve Him; desire to know Him in deep fellowship; long for His abiding presence to guide us day by day; when want nothing more than be certain He receives worship, praise He is worthy of.

1. He hungers to understand God, ways more clearly. What a great model for us.

2. This is what we MUST desire! But - requires Bible study – requires prayer life – requires much of YOU! But, must know God!

Ø      TAsks to know God and His ways, but Moses isn’t finished…

II. He prays for God’s presence (RD - 15-16).

A. God has told Moses that he would send an angel to take Moses and the people on to the promise land, but that isn’t enough for Moses. This 3rd way he wants to know God better. Moses wants clearer manifestation of God's presence so might follow God better.

B. Moses says what separates them from others - God’s presence! Says he doesn’t want to go on w/ mission if God isn’t with them. He’d rather stay on Mt. Sinai rather than to go on without God and experience the promise land. Paul says similar in Phil 3:7-9 (RD).

C. Clearly Moses plea for God’s leadership in His life. Don’t ask for if not willing to give life over to God. Why? May ask you to lead yourself – to serve – to fellowship – to GROW.

Ø       TNow get to 4th way to know God better…this is BIG one

III. He prays to see God’s glory v.18 (RD)

A. Pretty strong prayer for man earlier said not eloquent. Praying to see God’s face. Close as he’s gotten, he still hungers for more. Wants to see God - know Him even more intimately. God says can’t see face & live, but see His back. Fine - Moses wants to see glory of God so will be moved to a deeper relationship in his life.

B. Moses not allowed to see God’s face & live. But, John writes in gospel that (RD - Jn 1:14). What Moses not allowed to behold - seen in Jesus. When look at Jesus see essence of God. Just as Heb writer said, (RD - Heb 1:3a). If have same desire as Moses we should then fix eyes on Jesus, author, perfecter of our faith. Heb 12:2.

C. Our prayer s/b - may Lord give us same hunger to meet with God - not be satisfied going through motions. But, rather we seek to know Him in more intimate ways; we hunger to know His ways, to realize His presence. We should pray that others may see Christ when they look into our lives.

Ø       TNow, it’s time to see what God will do – how will He answer Moses’ bold request…

IV.       God’s RESPONSE – Vs. 19-20

A.      God tells Moses He’ll grant request. Why? Answer in vs 17 (RD). Moses found grace in eyes of Lord! In other words, Moses not earned this experience, it was God’s grace at work! 

          1.       Need to understand AM real spiritual awakening not earned, neither can we force God to give it to us. Those things left in His hands. However, He does tell us when meet certain criteria, we can expect Him to show up in lives! What is that? 2 Chron 7:14 (RD).

          2.       God can't give full treatment, cuz Moses not experience fullness of God's glory - survive.

B.       God tells Moses there is place by Him where Moses can stand, see glory of God as it passes by (RD Ex 33:21-23). That place is a cleft in the rock.

          1.       Is there lesson for us? Look at it this way: only one place where man will ever see Lord. That place is in Jesus Christ! 1 Cor. 10:4 (RD) He is Rock. If we want see Father, we need look no farther than Son!

          2.       Notice what Bible says about Jesus - John 14:9 (RD); Heb. 1:3 says Jesus (RD). All this is further proof of man's need to do what Jesus says in Jn 15:5 (RD) - abide in Christ! Closer we draw to Him, the closer He has promised to draw to us, James 4:8.

C.       Path to true revival not meetings, evangelists, singing, fellowship - revival comes from deep fellowship w/ Christ! Accomplished only thru prayer, study of Word of God. Real revival will never come to church until 1st Jesus in center of everything in lives - love Him supremely. When we get to that place, can count on God working in us!

          1.       God did as He promised - visited Moses with His presence! What change was affected in life of Moses! Can you imagine seeing glory of God? Moses did – made great change in his life. Look over 34:29 (RD) - evidence of time w/ Lord all over Moses! Face glowed! Maybe for rest of life! This was testimony to rest of Israel that being w/ God makes difference. Moses a visible witness to power of walking with God.

          2.       Same should prove true in our lives! When we walk w/ Lord in heart, in our daily lives should be evidence on outside! Face not glow, but it should smile! Our walk, talk, lives will bear witness to fact that – walking!

          3.       Can you imagine what happen if rule not exception? Imagine church be if all showed evidence in lives of walking!? More involved - more worship  - more love! More like Thomas in upper room, John 20:28 (RD). Saying is - when develop genuine closeness with God, we’ll be lost in glory of JC. He’ll be our focus - center of everything we do.

è      Listen, not everyone wants this kind of R w/ God! Why? When Lord moves into a life or cong., He has way of rooting out sin, selfishness, hypocrisy. Many afraid of real closeness w/ God! But, those who want it, willing to seek it, will change lives forever! Wonder, how many AM hungry to know God today? How many willing to spend time in prayer, seeking Lord's face til He initiates in you true awakening!? We need this today! Is  only hope for country and church!

è      Cuz we in church can’t accomplish grand accomplishments for God (like grow, evangelize, reach out - like commanded) without a personal R w/ Him, therefore must pray and work for growth in knowledge and living w/ God!

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