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How to Study the Bible  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  3:24
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Is lying back then back right now later on it can be used and you can tell people don't lie, but not everything in the Bible is going to be applicable to us right now. Okay, and don't try to force. It don't people go into the Old Testament quite often and try to force an application from a from a verse or a book that can't it just can't be used. Like I said, we don't we don't do sacrifices leave offerings and stuff like that. Will we do but we are the sacrifices We Are The Living Sacrifice now so we cannot say you got to go kill that lamb you understand what I mean? Compare scriptures and affirm the consistency compare scriptures. I'm be honest with you cuz I want to make sure that I never missed a scripture. So when I'm writing out my sermons my lesson I go to Bible Gateway and I look up the scripture as soon as I put in that scripture everything else or that word. Everything else is connected of that word has been used comes. I might be reading 2345 sipping pages of what that word where that word is being used. And then I determine which one of those scriptures will best work with the with the meaning of the word that I'm working out working with MK. Compare scriptures on the front of consistency action responses since forsaken promise to be claimed example to be followed command to be obeyed something by or hindrance to avoid. Fix you looking for that sin has forsaken, you know since got to go look for something a lot of people say you're looking for Jesus. We are not necessarily looking for Jesus. So we are looking for his teaching. We're looking for something some some nugget. He's left for us that we can apply for our lives and we get closer to him and more than anything in the last and final thing. I'm going to say always rely on the Holy Ghost. If you don't have the Holy Ghost you cannot successfully teach a Bible study. You need the Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen. And with that I'm going to conclude this particular.

This particular seminar a webinar. If for any reason you would like the presentation to be presented to your church or to anyone just email me at 1 so today at, and I'd be more than happy and crafts to put it on zoom into a better job is so difficult. Just talking to a camera. I would love to have the feedback and feeble to ask you. What is you saying and you know hear your voice is but God bless you and keep you at and I pray that you will you learn something and if you have any question just send me an email. God bless you and goodnight.

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