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Sunday Morning Service 10/11/20

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Hosea: Boundless Love  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  38:20
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The 3rd in a 4 week sermon series taken from the book of Hosea

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And we are going to go to Hosea chapter 9 this morning. We are going to be in chapter 9. Do not rejoice o Israel with joy, like other people's for you have played the Harlot against your God. You have made love for hire on every threshing floor the threshing floor in the winepress. You'll not feed them and the new one show fail in her. They shall not dwell in the Lord's land but Ephraim shall return to Egypt and she'll eat unclean things in Assyria. They shall not offer wine offerings to the Lord Lord. Shall their sacrifices be pleasing to him it shall be like thread of mortars to them all who eat it shall be defiled for their bread Shelby for their own life. It shall not come into the house of the Lord. What will you do in the appointed day and in the day of the Feast of the Lord for indeed their God because of Destruction Egyptian gather them up Memphis shall bury them metal shall possess there. Able to Silver Thorn shall be in their tent.

this scripture is pretty clear. And what Hosea is telling the Dodge people is that they should not waste their time in a heathen lifestyle are just wasting their time that he is seeing you drop your hat you drop where you drop God at the drop of a hat and you live a simple life. He saying that all of the party and that you do will not fill you up all of the idols that you worship will not fill you up. The scripture is telling us that they are sending more but they are enjoying it less the more that they go after something the less satisfied. They are it's like a drug habit. You have to have more and more and more just to read that satisfy the satisfaction and then you run it to where you really don't enjoy sending any more becomes a burn. They can throw it those who are addicted to drugs many of them want to get off the drugs. It's not fun anymore, but they can't the scripture is telling us that there will be scarcity and not abundance. We live in a Land of abundance here with the politicians tell you. We live in a Land of abundance. Our poorest population are richer than some of the richest population in other parts of the world. We live in a Land of abundance. And so did God's people at that time and then Ephraim they lived in a time of abundance. They had everything that they need it and now Jose is telling them that Tom is coming where you will not enjoy abundance anymore. You're about due for some scarcity. Scripture telling us that God is going to put them out of the land and we know from the scripture that and just from history that they were put out of the land because it goes further. It says it not only will they be put out of the land but they will be put in a position where they can't worship God if they wanted to they will not have the ability to worship God because the lands where they have been exiled. I will not allow them to worship their God. We must be very careful in today's we must look at it and sort of the same life that God is putting us out of the land. He's not physically picking us up and moving us but we have to look at what is happening to this country. This country is being swallowed up. By other lands when we think about the shifting religious ideologies in this country. There are more Muslims being born into this country today than there are Christians. There are more non-believers coming into this country. Then there are believers that live in many parts of the state. Will you go up to New England? For example, you will be hard-pressed to find a church in many parts of New England and when you do you will be fine hard-pressed to find one I which preaches the gospel and they have adapted to their environment. They have tone things down to have watered it down so that it is acceptable unto the folks that live there with Becky and I went to Maine I last year. Are there were lots of churches in this community where we were but they all had different times of service and I'll go that's pretty neat somewhere open at 8. So Saturday night somewhere just open on Sunday night, and I thought well, that's a pretty good idea. Right? You're just trying to you trying to be adaptive bright to people's needs. Then I found out that the ones that were open on Saturday night were open before folks hit the bars so that they can go to church before they got so drunk that they couldn't wake up on Sunday morning to go to church then I found out that others they had their time set up to accommodate fishermen and late sleepers and my favorite one was the church that did not open until 9:00 Sunday night. Because not a Sunday night the football games were pretty much over with and so they were kind of bending to what people wanted to do. They had water themselves. This if you can find a church, John MacArthur are out in California is you know, when a lot of hot water because they are staying close the churches in California and he has refused the clothes. He has remained open. I think John MacArthur knows that if he closed his denomination or closest church, like I'm most nominations have in California that wants close. It will not reopen think about the churches here. We have churches here in our community when I say community. I mean when like in in the surrounding counties are they had yet to reopen. After they closed in March and not open yet many that have open or dealing with very low attendance. It is said that 20% of church populations or church membership. I will fall off that those who normally attended church regularly attend the church that we got to be careful because regularly is defined as two Sundays a month. That is a regular Church attendance. So when you see that put out by different folks regular Church attendees, that's at least twice a month are the Barna group uses once a month as a regular attendee. I Bud regular attendees those who would attend to Sunday's per month. They assume that 20% are gone forever. They will never come back. They will not engage via Facebook or Zoom or any other means they are gone forever and I am so the church is facing a dilemma and what we see now is is the GAO. Matt is putting us in a position that there are many people who can't worship God even if they wanted to they have scared them so bad that they can't work because you're scared to worship. The government has put them into a position. They may be at home wanting to come to church but they don't have access to all this fancy-schmancy stuff right after they can't do it be a zoom or Facebook or any other mean and so they are left at home not being able to worship with the same. And so then they get into a right because the church tells them it's okay the church tells it is. Okay not to worship with the Saints. It's okay to do your own thing to sit in your living room and watch some guy on TV that worshipping God when we know that worship is more than just about lifting up phrases. It's about lifting up phrases with one another it is about gathering with the saint and so we are being ruined as a People and we can blame it on the government. But we must remember what the scripture says. The government is ordained by who

The government ordained by who my God. God is in control. And so what the government is doing. God knows good and well what he's doing we got there. We got to look at the book of Hosea and see where Hosea is telling God's people you have sinned against God to the point to where God is going to spread you throughout the land and when you get to the point where you say, uh, oh I messed up. You're not going to be able to worship him because of the punishment that God has inflicted upon them when we go to verse seven the days of punishment has Tom the days of recompense have Tom Israel knows the prophet is a fool. The spiritual man is insane because of the greatness of your iniquity and great enmity The Watchman of Ephraim is with my God, but the problem is a Fowler's snare and all his ways enmity in the house of his God. They're deeply corrupted as in the days of gibeah. He will remember their iniquity. He will punish their send.

Time is up.

Dunes at the door

And it's about time to pay up.

And look at what Israel. Did Israel called The Prophet crazy? They said he was nuts. They said he was a fool.

It why did they do that? Because he told them something that they did not want to hear.

The people had lost their spiritual Alex spiritual Alan Becky knows when I'm trying to say. Becky helps me with my English sometimes. They're not spiritual anymore.

They had forgotten how to worship God it has become. all about themselves

there used to be a debate in the church.

Between modernism and fundamentalism, you'll fundamentalism is a bad word. If you are called a fundamentalist than you are crazy. You are nuts and I will admit there are some fundamentalist out there that borderline crazy and nuts. However, this is what Hosea was Hosea was a fundamentalist of the other of the Ministers of the time Dodge leaders of the time. They were what we would call modernist. We have those in churches today and it's okay to say it. I know it sounds political but it's not political because it's what they're called. There are liberal churches in America today who are destroying the church because of their modernism their modernism is about it is this is no longer about God. It's about Coral Cove social justice. It's about fitting into the world. And we see that again with the whole leader thing who chooses these leaders are but there is a new group that was formed just this past week. They are called pro-life evangelicals for Biden. It's a political organization or political group and it is signed by 12. religious leaders when you look at the list of the religious leaders and they are the standard fare liberal theology. You have the former head of Christianity Today. You have the heads of for University or Fuller Seminary. Everyone on that list is a standard liberal theology deep theologist including on that list is the granddaughter of Billy Graham. Now who determine the Billy Graham is a leader of granddaughter's a leader the Christian church. I just don't know her name is on there because it's raining. And so she gets credibility because her name is Graham, but I want to read to you of what they said and I want you to see if you can pick up what's wrong with their statement. Mind you do not care of what another Christian political view is. Okay, but I want you to hear what they have to say and I want you to see if you can see what's missing. Remember. These are leaders of the Christian Church. They say many things they good political decisions could change destroyed persons created in the image of God and violate the sanctity of human life is short. They're saying there are other things other than abortion hard people they going to sleep already kills Millions every year so does lack of healthcare and smoking racism killed unless we quickly make major changes devastating climate change will kill tens of millions Parvati lack of accessible Healthcare Services smoking racism in climate change are all pro life issues. Then we going to say no ain't that the most common reason women get for abortion is the financial difficulty of another child. We appreciate a number of democratic proposals that would significantly alleviate that financial burden accessible Health Services for all citizens affordable child care a minimum wage than list people out of poverty. for these reasons We believe that on balance Joe Biden's policies are more consistent with the biblically shaped ethic of life. And those of Donald Trump there for even as we continue to urge different policies on abortion. We are urged evangelicals everywhere to elect Joe Biden as president.

I want you saw it but there are two things wrong with this statement from these religious leaders. First of all, they put out a whole spectrum of things that's wrong with the world poverty and racism why they said smoking. I don't know but okay smoking. Are they talk about climate change and there is nothing wrong with what they said. This is all true. These are things that affect us each and every day But what day is religious leaders have failed to do is acknowledge that the scripture tells us that life will not be easy as a follower of Jesus Christ know where in the scripture does it say, once you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior that your life is going to be perfect that you're not going to have to deal with sickness and illness. You're not going to have to deal with people not liking you are people even hating you just because you know, Jesus Christ does not mean you will never be poor again.

This is biblical. They talk about the Bible. This is biblical. We are going to have to deal with these thing. Even though we are believers in Jesus Christ. And this is where liberal theology has taken us down the wrong road because people think that if they believe in Jesus that it is a means to an end of having a lavish life of having everything you want of having buddy. Just dumping out of your pockets. You'll never see another day of bad times, but the scripture tells us that we will see bad time. Then they go on to try to justify.

I think Facebook just cut me off. I don't know it just went off. But anyway, but in whether they said something is that it's kind of bothersome to me. They say that the fact that people live in poverty is just as bad as killing a child in a mother's womb. I don't know how you can equate the two when the Bible tells us that murder is wrong. But it tells us that even though you may be a Christian you will have her call. You might have to deal with poverty and bad things how they are the same biblically. Not remember they are not talking to the world. They're talking to Christians. This letter is to Christians. But the part that really bugs me is they say for these reasons talking about it's just women can't afford children. That's why they have abortions for those reasons and because there's so much almond in the world. That we need to vote for a political candidate because he's going to fix it all know where in this doesn't say anything about God know where in there does it say anything about Jesus Christ know we're in here does it say that a woman will not destroy her child if she truly knows Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior know where he didn't hear does it say that those who come to charge those who profess to be a Christian?

But failed to take care of those in our Even in our own community that there is some disconnection with Jesus Christ. It says nothing about God or Jesus. It's all about the world. We'd have gone back into my faith is in the world. My faith is in the government know we're in here do they say that they have any faith or believe the wood dog will do for any of this. It's all about one political party is going to take care of it. And if you are not a bottom supporter, if you are a trump supporter you a conservative or a Republican Then knows if you think that the conservatives or the Republicans or Donald Trump is the answer to what ails this world than you are? No better than these so-called leaders of the Christian church. God is in control God decide what's going to happen and when it's going to happen, we got to put our faith into God and stop putting it into government. That's why we are in the position. We are in now, we rely too much on government. There used to be a time where the church took care of itself out of a sense of Christianity. Jesus lead us to take care of others. And now we have power at all over to the government. We have forgotten about God. This is what Jose is talking about. Israel they had forgotten about God they didn't they rely too much on the world. First enters I found Israelite Grace in the wilderness. I saw your father's at the first fruits on the Fig Tree and its first season, but they went to Vale por and separated themselves to that chain. They became an Abomination like the thing they love as forever from their Glory show fly away like a bird. No bird, no pregnancy and no conception. Do they bring up their children yet? I will bury them to the last man just blow to them when I depart from them. Just as I saw a friend like Tire planted in a pleasant place. So ever will bring out his children to the murderer.

It sounds pretty bad. Done it where it says.

No burp, no pregnancy and no conception. Yeah. Is this punishment? I don't think it's punishment.

I think this is Marci. This is God saying your lies are going to be so difficult. Your lies are going to be so much trouble because of the sin that you have committed because of the because of the unfaithfulness that you have shown to me that I am going to spare the future generations of that punishment.

I think this is a sign of God's mercy. I don't think that God is saying that I'm going to punish your children, but we got to remember that the children. Will still be punished. They're still going to have to live with their sins of their fathers if you will. They'll remember we are talking about a nation.

When you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

You are not held accountable for the sins of your father. Your sins have been forgiven. You are one with Christ. What we are talking about here is a nation.

Verse 14 give them O Lord, what will you give give them a miscarrying? Boom and a dry breath. This is Hosea. This is Hosea asking he's saying God don't let them have children has Marcy God. It said I'm going to have mercy on the children and then Hosea comes back and he says, please please have mercy on the children. First 15 says all their wickedness is in gilgal for their I hated them because of the evil of their deeds. I will drive them for my house. I will love them. No more. All their princes are rebellious a premise tricking their route is dried up. They shall bear no fruit. Yes where they to Bear children. I would kill The Darlings of their womb

God is saying that there will be Mercy but there will still be punishment. We talked about this a couple weeks ago. Are the Dodge is going to show Mercy in his punishment, but there will be punishment none the less. It so what will happen if God turns. again, stop What will happen if God turns his back on us here. We see God turning his back. What is people in Israel?

What will happen if God turns his back on us 12 the same things will happen if the dead in Israel, we would lose our Biblical perspective. We see that Christians have lost their biblical perspective.

There are many who think that everything would be. Okay, if dog would just simply go away.

Christians forget that the scripture tells us that there is no joy, except in the presence of the Lord. If there is no God, there's no joy.

Without the presence of God in our lives. We would quickly revert back to our old nature. Paul and Peter ward of this in their writings in the New Testament Peter warns that that would be such lack of biblical perspective. The false teachers will be able to leave God's people astray. Paul in Romans tells us that the denial of God produces hard-heartedness and results in judgment and condemnation. So God turned his back on us. We would lose our Biblical perspective. The second thing is our blessings and thought I'd walk away. Our blessings would go with him. We have a tendency to think of blessings. mechanically is that they're just there? That we deserve them that it is a right. the blessings that we have we confuse God's patience.

for our benefit

the word of God will be ignored. If God turns his back on us than his word will be ignored. No one will listen to it anymore. It only took a few days for the people of Israel to revert to ungodly ways with the absence of Moses. How much quicker would we revert with the loss of Dodge protection from evil?

Those he would cry out for God would be considered fools subject to hostility and no longer deserving of honor and attention.

If God turned his back on us, we would change our Allegiance. Even now it does not take much for us to curse God.

The God turned his back on us. We would receive what we receive.

The world has no choice and how would I the world can only follow their nature? The following price has a choice he can submit himself to God and all things. The only hope for our world is the committed follower of Christ. The world is not going to save the world.

This country is not going to save this country and is the followers of Christ that will save this country. It's a follower of Christ will not do when he is commanded by God to do then we can never expect things to change. God calls us the Church of laodicea in the Book of Revelation the church who refused to get off the fence content to maintain balance on the fence and not Rock the Boat. The charge has decided that it no longer wants to rock the boat Jesus rock the boat and Jesus expects us to do the same.

I read a story about man what time it was asked why he had left the church. He said we live in an age of easy believism. Christians are now people who are at Youth Camp Warren Church raise their hand came down to the front and prayed a simple prayer Christianity is now more about decisions more discipleship. We see that's what how Martin Christianity is come to Jesus and he will make your life better come to Jesus and get your best life now come to Jesus and get whatever it is you want. Today Jesus is a means to an end where the real object of worship is ourselves, but that is not what the scripture tells us.

The scripture tells us the people like Paul and Silas who are willing to go to prison even lose their lives for the gospel. The scripture tells us about our Savior Jesus Christ who was not only broke but Homeless Jesus never promised us nor his disciples that having a relationship with them would be easy. This life is not meant to be easy. There are Hertz paying sin and so forth.

To say that we are not in the time of God's judgement. I think it's misplaced.

We as Believers in Christ.

Live in a country that is being judged.

But we do not need to fear. The results of that judgment because we have been saved by the blood of Christ.

Our Lives will not be easy

the world is being punished and someone needs to tell them that they are being punished. Airport the church to say that has nothing to do with God just shows that the church has sunk lower than anybody ever thought they had. The charge should be standing on the rooftop screaming about God's judgement. Hosea tried to tell Israel about God's judgment, but they ignored him. The people ignored him because the priests ignored him. We cannot ignore what we know to be the truth. If we truly love this nation in which we live and we truly love our neighbors. We would be telling them what's going on around us. It will not be popular. You will not find yourself being invited to join the congregation of a 10000 number mega church in Northern, Virginia.

Because that is not their theology or their understanding.

I said earlier the 20% of the church will leave. There is an understanding that there is another anywhere between 35 to 45% of the church who come to church who profess to be Christians, but are not Christians. They do not have a belief in Jesus Christ. They are not dependent on Jesus Christ. They do not understand what the blood of Calvary means they do not understand where they are in a relationship with Christ. They think because they have said the words That all is well. I'm not.

We talked about this sin in Bible study. There's a difference between prophesying and being a prophet. I do not have the ability to look at anybody and say whether they are a Christian or they are not a Christian. However, what is the Bible tells you shall be known by your fruits? And so it is painfully obvious to too many of those who are are not producing fruit. I am in no place to say what your relationship is With God. All I'm opposition is if you do not have one you need one. If you are fooling yourself, you need to come and open your eyes and figure out you fooling yourself.

What is destroying the church today is not just a liberal thought on theology. But it is also that misnomer that just because you are in church that you are a Christian Hosea tells us there. We look at Jose and we see the world we live in today. Hosea is a book that should be studied is a book. That should be read by every Christian. And when you do when you get into it and you read the verses and you study the verses then you come to see that Hosea is not far off from where we are today.

Hosea there's a separation between Ephraim or Israel and Judah they are punished it both are punished, but they are punished at different times. God is punishing his real but he is not punishing Judah here in the book of Hosea because God is trying to warn Juna. He's trying to say look what I'm doing to them. If you don't get your act straight, I'm coming there next. We need to look to see what God is doing and understand that we are being judged. That we are being warned. When you look at the places of Christianity that the fortresses of Christianity throughout the world just like the weather. I hate the alarm everybody, but just like the weather changes.

Places in Europe that used to be the Fortress of Christianity have no idea who got is anymore. They have been punished when you look to see where Christian where the people in those countries are today. We talked about them often and we don't like the way that they live and do things. We understand that they lived or I think those societies are not really that great of a society, but we haven't looked at it as we should is a warning and now it's coming here. I talked about abortion this morning because abortion is very dear to me. I have personal connections with abortion.

And so if you think that abortion is a bad thing now if we don't get our act straight it's going to get worse. And it's not just going to be about abortion. It's going to be about those who are in nursing homes. If you don't think it's true, we are being worn. Look at places in Europe now who kill their senior and it is done out of a sense of compassion. Because they've been killing their children for you. And so now it's nothing they're warning us. We are being warned. We have got to take heed to the warnings God that uses Hosea to tell Israel what they're doing wrong and how they can get it straight and next week. We are going to see how God even with all of this punishment and judgement how God still loves and how God is still there for us. And if we just come back and turn to him that he will make things better God's never broken a promise. He has never broken a promise. He promised Israel that they would be like the Sands of the of the beach right or the stars in the in the sky. They went through some rough times, but God never never back out of his promises.

I do hope that you know Jesus Christ this morning. Because if you know Jesus Christ this morning, then you have a life of assurance. You know that all that is about to happen to us.

talking about the nation You know that with a relationship with Jesus Christ that things will be a little different for you. You'll have a little you'll have a little skip in your step because you know as Joy said this morning you have read the book. You know how it is.

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