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Job & Sitis

Wisdom:don’t quit when he squeezeWisdom: don’t leave God and you think he leaved you. To leave God: to broke any command He gave. If someone think that Adam was the worst he is wrong. The worst is not just to look as your husband dies but to send him to death.
! God does not send/allow evil things in our life because of the sin. We made too many sins and God cannot choose which one is the smallest.. Anyway, the payment for the sin: death! But some people who die go in Heaven. Thanks God.

About Job’s wife

The name of Job’s wife appears in the Targum and some rabbini references as Dinah, perhaps because Job says (v. 10) that she speaks as one of the foolish women, and Dinah the daughter of Jacob was one with whom folly had been done. In the Testament of Job she is called Sitis, a name derived from Ausitis, the LXX translation of Uz. Clines.


Do you still hold fast to your integrity? This is a part of God’s speech (2:3).
Integrity: blameless and upright, literally ‘complete and straight’
What does that mean? Devout (fear God) and moral (avoid sin).
Wisdom = Fear God & avoid sin (Job 28:28)


Curse God and die! : the term for curse is actually bless God.
But the result Job’s wife is presenting clarify that she means that Job should curse God and then to die. (see 1:21 - Job is blessing God but does not die).
Ce înseamnă asta? Să îl binecuvântezi și să mori?
Should we consider her as Satan’s tool (Calvin)? Is she diaboli adjutrix (Augustin)? Does she offer a theological method of committing euthanasia? Arguments: she uses the last part of Satan’s discussion with God
does she assume he must be guilty of some wrongdoing in order to have deserved the calamities that have come upon him? If he “praises” God (that is, reviles God), then he will open himself to God’s directly striking him dead or to the community’s assuming it should put him to death in God’s name for reviling God. So reviling God would be a way of committing suicide or of getting the community to assist his euthanasia. (The Old Testament does not actually say that a blasphemer is to be put to death, though there are one or two occasions when this happens, and one can see it could be a natural assumption, given that the death penalty is laid down for various lesser acts. Goldingay

Peter as Satan (Mk 8:33).

Job’s reaction

Though he does not follow his wife’s advice to the letter, he is from this point onward entirely infused by its spirit. Clines


The term “foolish,” may have not only an intellectual-moral connotation, but also an ethical-religious or a social connotation. Clines
Moral and religious insensibility. Driver
Heb. nāḇāl is the strongest Hebrew word for “fool.” It denotes one who completely renounces God’s ways- see Ps 14. Hartley


an active word, implying co-operation with Providence, not mere submission” (Andersen). Job to his wife: take care to not become a foolish woman
Thus Job declared her counsel to be utter folly. Thus he turned his back on finding a false way of escape from his suffering and expressed his unwavering allegiance to God. Hartley
The outcome of this state of Job’s trial is succinctly stated: In all this Job did not sin with his lips. The lips express a person’s deepest thoughts (cf. Prov. 18:4) Hartley
Truths from Job & his wife.

If you are not the main sufferer

I. To quit God is a false way to escape suffering
II. Don’t advice someone to break his relationship with God

If you are the main sufferer

No offence

0. We are not allow to offend your spouse.
We are not allow to say “fool!”. Job made an comparison, about spiritual and moral things. He did not offend his wife.

She/he also suffers

I. Remember that the problem can strike one of us but it surely affects both of us!
She/he does not speak from outside the pain.
Don’t treat him/her as he/she would not feel anything

II. Love God more than you love your spouse

What can happen if I love my wife or my husband more than I love God? I will depart him/her from God. To love God means to submit His will and work with Him!To love your spouse means to take care of his most needs.Submit God more than you care for your spouse’ needs!

Lead by example

III. lead by example your spouse
Job did not have conferences about faithfulness in suffering. he did not write book about it. He just lived it!

IV. Receive!!

Receive is a good active word, implying co-operation with Providence, not mere submission. Such positive faith is the magic stone that transmutes all to gold; for when the bad as well as the good is received at the hand of God, every experience of life becomes an occasion of blessing. But the cost is high. It is easier to lower your view of God than to raise your faith to such a height. Francis Andersen
The verb implies action. Sometimes it is translated as “to take”!
Job’ s only concern was not what God is going to do but how the man is going to react!
Primiți colindători? Primim. Nimeni nu merge la culcare lăsnd colindătorii să stea și să cânte pnă la dimineață. Există o primire activă. O atenție. O considerație pentru colindători.
Good and bad work for our best! God is perfect in Wisdom and Power. Thus we shall receive (take!) everything He gives to us. Amen
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