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We have heard these before and hold them dear, but how close do we really obey God's laws?


Call to Repentance

Today, I want to do something different. Instead of a sermon to teach you something or make you feel good about your life with God, I want to lead you in prayer. The text today if one that we see on plagues everywhere. The text has also caused controversy in our courthouses and other government building.
If truth be told though, we see this text so much and are taught about these commandments of God when we are younger, but have we really tried to study them deeply and personally.
How often do we take God’s commands and expect others to abide by them, and just take it that we are obedient without much thought behind it?
Let us Pray and Read Exodus 20:1-20
This is the first time laws are laid out for God’s people. They know in some ways what is right and wrong and they have a general idea but no legal organization as of yet. In the previous chapter, Moses father in law observes him acting as judge for the people. When they had a problem, felt wronged in some way, the matter would be taken to Moses and he would tell them how to resolve the issue, prophesying for God.
Moses’s father in law warned him that there was no way to judge for all these people that it would wear him out and he would not be a good leader for them. So with a little prayer and organization, ground rules are laid. This gets us to where we are with the Ten Commandments.
I also want to remind you of the summary of these commandments. All ten and there amendments that would come can be summed up in two laws, called the Greatest Commandments.
Love God with all that you have and all that you are. Love others fully and also love yourself as God created you to be. See Matthew 22:36-39

1st Commandment: There is only ONE God worthy of our love, loyalty, dedication, and praise. Verses 2-3

Pretty self explanatory. But ask yourself, how much do you love God? With all that you are and with all that you have? Is God more important than your family, your career, your goals, or your hopes and dreams?

2nd Commandment: Do not put anything above God. Verses 4-6

This one piggybacks off the first. For three verses, so this must be important, Moses lays out why people can’t make any graven images to worship. I don’t know anyone who has done this, do you? But what about our money, or our debt? What about our schedules or expectations from others? Idols are things that we create that steal our attention from God and puts our focus on things that are honestly, not as important as God. Do you have any idols? Be serious and think about those things you love and spend your time and resources doing. Have you put them about your time and resources that God asks of you?

3rd Commandment: Don’t distort God’s name. Verse 7

This one if one that we tell our kids to not say God’s name when you are not meaning to talk to or about God. I want you to think a little deeper. What about your family name? You wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt your family name, right. Your reputation effects your family’s reputation. It works the same with God. The Israelites were God’s people. How they acted, how they worshipped, effected others view of God. If they speak ill of God or do anything contrary to God’s commands, then this reflects poorly on the God they serve.

4th Commandment: Take a Break! Verses 8-11

There are 4 verses, more than other commandments dedicated to this commandment. God worked on the creation of the world for six days. Then we don’t have any idea that God did anything else on the seventh day. Do you have one day where you do what you need to do to rest, spend time with family, and most importantly, spend time with God?

5th Commandment is to Honor you Parents! Verses 12

Be good, respectful and kind to your parents. You are never to old to help them when they need help. You are never to independent to respect their wishes and do those things they request that is for the good of the family and for yourself. If their is respect in the home, then there will be respect in the world.

6th Commandment is to not kill. Verse 13

Jesus goes as far as to say that if you hate a person it is the same as committing murder.

7th Commandment is to not commit adultery. Verse 14

A marriage is to be full of so much love that there is not enough love for any other human in the same manner. Of course you love your kids and your family, and even your friends. But that is a different kind of love. If there is not love, then there is no marriage.

8th Commandment is to not steal anything. Verse 15

Even if you don’t think the person really needs it or wants it. If someone is offering you something take only what is offered and no more.

9th Commandment is to not gossip. Verse 16

This is more than just telling a lie about someone. This is the same sin as simply exaggerating or complaining about someone to other people. This behavior helps no one.

10th Commandment is to not be greedy. Verse 17

There is always going to be someone who has more blessings than you. In the beatitudes, Jesus tells us that they also have more to be responsible for as well. There are also people who are not as blessed as you. Be grateful for what God gave you and take care of your blessings.
Thinking through all of these, which ones do you need to work out with God? There is no reason to fear God, but to come to Him in prayer and work through what you need to be obedient to all that He commands of us.
God help me to follow your commands. Where I am wrong, show me. If I am wrong, break me of that wrong. Let me to repentance for my sins so that I can be clean and clear. I want to be solely yours, forsaking the world to live and living for you. I know I can only do this when I follow you and do all that you have commanded me to do. In Jesus name, Amen.
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