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God's Mysterious Plan

Ecclesiastes: Follow God's Commands  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Are you invested in God's mysterious plan? Are you ready to step out in faith and play a part?



I’m a planner
sometimes do not clue others into my plan
God has a plan
we do not always know its details, sometimes we wonder why he chose that path
we are honored that he has one and that we can be a part of it
Youth Pastor search Yesterday
the question this morning is not “does” God have a plan
but are you “invested” in that plan?

Take risks for God (1-6)

Investments are for the future
it takes time and risk
3 kinds of investors
very cautious, overindulging with no return, methodical and calculated weighing the risk and go for it
These first verses are about investment
cast your bread on the waters, and it will come back
Divide out what you have to plan for the future
Through all of Chapter 11
even with us on investing
A Mysterious plan
The plan
Don’t know what all it holds, we see pieces now and again
Are you invested in God’s plan?
hold back to see what happens
throw yourself into places not meant to be
step out of comfort zone and trust in God and his purpose and plan
We do not know the future
Solomon has shown to try is futile
We don’t know God’s plan
Don’t be idle
are you investing in it?
not just money here but time and energy
We may not know his plan, but we do know there are plan!
Be ready
parable of 10 virgins
“The only certainty we can know about the future, is that we certainly do not know the future.”
be ready
We may not know his plan, but we know they include us, they include blessings and opportunities

Enjoy life, remember God (7-10)

Light and Dark
Life and death
Live a long life and enjoy it
just remember Death comes for everyone
do what God has for you
Don’t put of, Don’t wait
missions, ministry, church ministries
Death is futility
after, there is nothing you can do
As long as breath in lungs, God has a plan and a purpose
step out of comfort zone
take a risk, make an investment in the kingdom of God
He told everyone to drop what they were doing and follow him
disciples, rich man
Young men/women
enjoy your life
be active, call upon God
Enjoy your life…but
“Know that God will bring you to judgement for all these things.”
Be energetic, use it to do great things
just remember judgement comes
everything is a choice, and with choices comes consequences
Put away grief, anger, and pain
Don’t let anything stop you
God has an incredible plan for you
a mysterious plan that he reveals a little each day
the more active you are, the more the Devil attacks, the more he will come after you.
Try to stop you from fulfilling even seeing God’s plan for you
God’s mysterious plan
his plan to reach the world with the gospel of Christ
we are shown piece by piece
a life that intersects with yours
a kind action or word
an opportunity to sit and share the gospel
a Sunday school teacher, youth volunteer, a friendly church member
His plan for each person is different
unique to the gifts and talents He gave you
Holy Spirit guides you to it everyday
are you invested into his plan?


think how incredible it is for God to choose you
your talents, gifts, even experiences, all of it can be used for his glory, his mysterious plan
He loves you
desires a relationship with you...
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