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The Nativity of Jesus

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First Prophecy: A virgin will give birth to a son, Emmanuel

Matthew 1:23
The evil of Ahaz
Child sacrifice
Worshiped other Gods
Defiled the temple
Defiled the provisions of the ceremonial law
Submitted to the King of Assyria
Gave a pagan king authority over the duties of the temple
Refused to have faith in God and refused to listen to God’s prophets
Ahaz turns to Assyria for help. He does not seek God nor plead for God’s protection even though God has promised, through the prophesy of Isaiah that the enemies of Judah will not succeed. Ahaz does not believe so God tells him to ask for a sign from God but Ahaz refuses and the full measure of his faithlessness is revealed. So God tells him a sign will be given anyway and it will be that in the midst of the catastrophic judgement that is coming, God’s covenant faithfulness will be revealed. It will come from something that cannot be explained by human action. A virgin will bear a son and he will be “God with us” and he will rule in righteousness.
Our conclusion:
God is faithful
He will execute his will through the humble and insignificant. He will demonstrate his faithfulness in ways that cannot be explained by the action of men. It will be divine action and it will be an act of pure grace.
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