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The Reality of Sin Part Three

The Reality of Sin   •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Genesis 3:14-24

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at “The Reality of Sin.” We have examined “the fall” and its implications on us as men and women. We first looked at the temptation, the provision that God had made to help us avoid it, and eventually the sin itself. Last week we looked at some of the immediate consequences of sin. From the immediate consequences (the loss of our innocence) to how sin only brings you down. We looked at the confrontation of God and man and women, as well as their deflection of the blame. This week i want to look at the punishment for the sin.
All sin has consequences.
I. God’s curse upon the serpent. v14
Notice that the Lord God begins his righteous judgement where the sin began. He starts with the serpent. (Satan)
Remember Eve was just minding her own business in the garden before Satan came to tempt her.
Instead of asking the serpent what he had done or examining him God went straight to the judgement. His first punishment was to crawl on his belly and to literally have to eat the dust.
This judgement upon the serpent was due to the fact that he had been used by Satan, who as we know had already rebelled against God, and was already condemned. This shows us an interesting truth. Those who are used by the devil also share in the devils punishments. The serpent was created as good, but now was cursed by his very Creator. Just like Satan who once lifted himself up against God and was cast down. Now, the serpent who once lifted himself up on legs of some sort was now cast down to the dust.
a. God’s second curse on the serpent. v15
So, not only was the serpent doomed to eat the dust, but he would also be hated by man. Enmity means to be “actively opposed or hostile towards someone or something.” The verse goes on to speak of the struggle between the man and the snake. The snake bruising his heel, and the man crushing his head. We understand this relationship of enmity very well. But this is also the first reference to God’s redemptive plan of salvation. Just like before the serpent representing satan. The man represents the offspring of the women who was to come and crush the serpent. Jesus Christ. This is the first promise of the gospel mentioned in the Bible. The KJV “says between thy seed and her seed.” Which is interesting considering that most genealogies are listed by the seed of the man. Inferring that the one to come would be born of a virgin. As was Christ. You may bruise his heel satan but He will bruise your head.
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