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Lazarus, Come Forth

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Image of God, timing, what is important



The wait
As I drove into the gas station I saw this lady their that was in her upper 20s.
AS I drove in the Holy Spirit said talk to her (He was saying I see her, do you)
The lady had a child that was the same age as my child.
She walked close to where we were and I made the move to go up to her and introduce my self.
As we set their she told me her story, how she tried to get out of there but everytime something went wrong and she ended back and didn’t know why.
She was on a dead in road that she had been on since birth.
I started to share the hope and love of Christ with her. You could see a light start to turn on.
I shared with her the power of the cross and life doesn’t have to be a dead end. she was created for more.
This long dead end road has a Y on it and their is a path that leads to freedom.
As we stood their in the middle of the gheto as she called after telling me to be careful. We cried because this long journey she had been on since birth was was finally over. She stepped on the path that leads to life eternally and victory in this life.
God allowing things to be town down so Her can build back new and stronger
Break through
God is up to something
God’s eye is on you
Turn you eyes on Him
He inhabits the praises of His people
The breakthrough
Lazarus, Come Forth (Church come forth)
Walk in the authority I have given you. Do not be distracted but be renewed
Father I thank you - Jeremy Camp
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