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Areas of Focus for Worship

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How does what we focus on effect our worship; therefore what should we focus on?


Areas of Focus for Worship

John 4:24 “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”
Worship= to regard or bow down in reverence.
Jesus here says, “those who worship Him”. I do not know about y’all, but i want to be the “those who” I want to be a church of “those who’s”
Because the “those who” in verse 4, what do they do? They “worship” Jesus!
If we are going to be “those who worship Jesus”; therefore, we must be aware of the condition that allows worship.
Verse 24, goes on to say, “must worship in spirit and truth.”
The word “must” directs us to the condition by which Jesus says we can worship, “in spirit and truth.”
Jesus is saying in verse 24, “those who worship Me, must (it is necessary/required) for them to worship in spirit and truth.
Therefore, since its necessary to worship Jesus a certain way, then we should focus on that certain way to worship.
I want to give us, four areas to focus on from the Word of God to help us not get distracted and help us focus on the worship of Jesus.
I. Study Godly Resources
2nd Timothy 2:15
II. Speak Godly Rhetoric
1st Cor. 2:1-5
III. Seek Godly Repentance
Psalm 24:3-4
IV. Stop UnGodly Reflection
2 Cor. 2:14-17
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