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MelchizeWho? - More Than Just A High Priest - Hebrews 7:1-10

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And that's what he wants to do with us this morning. I want we're going to take communion together. Go ahead and open that first top. this stuff this passage were in this this time of the being in Hebrews and then on Wednesday night ring James, which is has been so rich stick cited about it. So, all right so we can start in verse 1 of chapter 7 For this milk has a deck king of Salem. Priest of the most high God who met Abraham as he was returning from the slaughter of the Kings and blessed him whom also Abraham a portion to tenth part of all the spoils was first of all by the translation of his name king of righteousness, and then also king of Salem witch is king of peace without father without mother without genealogy having neither beginning of Dazed or end of life but made like the Son of God he remains a priest perpetually now observe how great this man was to whom Abraham the patriarch gave a tenth of the choice of spoils and those indeed of the sons of Levi who received the priests office have commandment in the law to collect a tent from the people that is from their Brethren. Although these are descended from Abraham, but the one who's genealogy is not traced from them collected at 10th from Abraham and bless the one who had the promises. But without any dispute the Lesser is blessed by the greater in this case mortal men receive ties, but in that case one receives them of whom it is witness that he lives on. And so to speak through Abraham even Levi who receive ties paid ties for he was still in the loins of his father was Melchizedek met him only father. We thank you this morning for the opportunity to be together. Search worship you into Fellowship instead of your word and Lord. I I know I'm I pray this prayer of Thanksgiving every week, but I truly am grateful because when we come here together, it just feels right or to be together and we're grateful that you are a God who likes to curiosity Lord. You've made your word interesting. It's not some boring old book, but it's a book that the live and and has things that excite us and make us curious about what you're doing and how you've worked and how you're going to work to the Future and Lord this morning. I just pray that as we study this passage that is have some controversy Lord, but also has just some really Yeah, just really cool stuff in it that you would open our hearts or soften our hearts to receive it. Open our eyes Enlighten Us by the power of your Holy Spirit. I pray and we thank you for in Jesus name. Amen. To get the Melchizedek in the morning, but but let's talk about where we are in this book and why the author feels the need to go into this obscure person Lopez attack. The writer of Hebrews has he is writing to a bunch of Jewish Christians and he's trying. Just trying he is he is actually showing them that Jesus is far superior to any system that they might have been part of before. He's more Superior to everything having to do with the law the mosaic law and even far superior to Abraham himself with the father of the people of Israel. That's the case that he's making and they were having a problem with this as I said, they were struggling in their walk and they had in fact struggled to the point where they had gone back under them mini back under the Mosaic system. Trying to figure out how they live for Christ and live in the culture that they're in and they had bought in the lie that they needed to be doing still the ordinances of the Law & Order to be saved + Jesus and so in Chapter 2. He said don't don't go there right don't drift away because you'll you're not following the gospel that you originally received write the Gospel message. That is the word of Christ that has showed you how salvation is actually obtained you're drifting away from that to warn them don't drift away because when you do chapter 3 you begin to doubt God's word and when you begin to doubt God's word, it calls into question both both sides, right because you have you put your faith and trust in Christ who fulfilled the law. But if you go back under the law then you're saying well what he did what he said about himself what we've been taught isn't actually true but you believe that so if the law is fulfilled why can I how can I believe that going in sacrificing an animal in the temple is going to help me anyway and you begin to doubt it either way both sides of it says don't do that don't drift away because you'll begin to doubt and if you do and they had he says you become Dole of hearing and he goes into in chapter 5, he starts to talk about Melchizedek the order of Melchizedek different type of priesthood, but then he stops and says I would like to speak to you about this, but you've become do love hearing. You can't hear really what I have to say because you have fallen you flipped into the old way you now are on the Milk of the word when you should be on the meat of the word, so I have to go back again and build a foundation which he did in chapter 6, we just finish The foundation of the Gospel that it isn't anything you can do. So stop trying that whole system is dead. It isn't anything you do. It's what faith in God understanding you have a relationship with him that he wants to speak to you in prayer and that you have an eternal home with him. He wants you to be with him, eternally and that was how he rebuilt the foundation for them of understanding that there were deeper things. He wanted them to have he wanted them to move into a Spirit-filled life of love. And the fruit of the spirit coming from that but they had they had to go back to the beginning. This is how you get there. It's not through the lot if not through works and now he's going to explain to them how this work and Wyatt superior to the law because they had a problem quite frankly. There was still a high priests in the temple doing his thing every day, right? The priests were still serving in the temple. The high priest was still there administering the blessings and going into the holy of holies once a year and if that whole system was complete was over with and done with why was that still taking place? And if it's still taking place shouldn't they? Honor it shouldn't they do it? Because the high priest I mean, he was the top dog. He was there was no one greater than the high priest in Israel in their mind. And so they had this issue and this is where he's going to pick up and he says at the end of chapter 6, he says listen you you have to understand that Jesus has already done the work. He is our 4Runner. He has made a way to go to we don't have to have a height an Earthly high priest that goes into the holy of holies any longer on our behalf. Because Jesus has gone in behind the veil as our 4Runner and he is the anchor of our soul that a picture of four runner in the ancient Greek world would be that boat when a ship came into a harbor that they hadn't been in very often or maybe never before the captain would send out the 4Runner one of the little boat go into the harbor take note of all the dangers find out where they're going to more up in the harbor and then he would set he would have a rope. He would take a rope from the boat into the harbor and he would drop anchor in that place and then they would halt back on the line and pull the boat in to the harbor safe. Think about boats in those days. They were wind-powered not a lot of brakes on a wind powered boat. So you couldn't just pull up the sails and go charging into a harbor. In the head, right? It was a delicate thing to come into a harbor, especially if you were going to go into a pier and Dock and take on cargo, right? So this was not an easy thing to do and they would send ahead the four runner who would anchor up and then pull the boat safely into our that's what Jesus says. He's our 4Runner. He's navigated the channel in behind the veil the holy of holies. Not the Earthly one, but the Heavenly one and he's drawing us and we'll complete. His work of pulling us home to Heaven one day each of us and we can come boldly in where he is now because he's gone behind the veil on our behalf. The veil is now rent into we can go in and we can approach the throne of God boldly. He makes that statement in chapter 4 boldly to receive help and mercy in the time of the we have that. Picture Annie sez in Jesus being the Forerunner is our Perpetual Forever high priest eternally after the order of Melchizedek. That was the last statement of chapter 6 and the we have to talk about who my cousin is, right. This is this is the criteria. This is the his Bona fides that Jesus is after the order of Melchizedek. Not the order of Aaron Via the family of Aaron in the tribe of Levi see in Israel in order to be a priest. You must be from the tribe of Levi in from the family of Aaron of the tribe of Levi. You have to be a direct descendant of him to be priests and aspire to the office of high priest. You must be And so he saying but Jesus is of a different order of priesthood the order of Melchizedek. So let's look at milk who milk as it is.

And why even Port now he's kind of an ear. Kind of an obscure person if you haven't heard of milk has it if that's okay. There are literally only 4 verses and all of the Old Testament the talk about him three in chapter 14 of Genesis and 1 in in the Book of Psalms, but he is really important Charles Spurgeon would say about him we see but little of him yet. We see nothing little in him. He sort of like that character in a in a mystery David guzik lichens into that character in a mystery who like shows up in the in the first or second chapter and he's there for about a half of a paragraph, you know, just this quick description of this person and what they did in the and then they disappear from the story until the very end when the detective detective is doing the wrap-up, you know that they always do explaining who did it and how they did it and you find out that this one character with key to you know, solving the entire mystery, that's enough. It's just this person that burst on the scene very quickly and is gone just three verses and then one verse referring back to him in in Psalms. And that's his the Old Testament sore like that teacher that used to write on the board giving a lecture with his back to the to the classroom mumbling and you're not paying attention. Then you find out everything you said for that 5 minutes is 90% of what was on the test. That's this if that key to our relationship and our understanding of a relationship with God.

And it's a personal it's personally to me. I kind of an important question. I

I pondered this a long time. I've been kind of some would say obsessed with this topic since I was like 10 years old that they got Anna shoving match over it when I was 10 years old with another kid, you know pastors kids are the worst. They aren't evangelist kids are the worst. I'm telling you when I was a kid through a lot more than there are they traveling evangelist and come through towns come to churches and the hold meetings throughout the week and it was the job of the pastor's kid to entertain the Evangelist kid, but here's the thing. You've Angela's kids were way worse than they were, you know, they show up and they do, you know, the first thing they do is bust out the pack of cigarettes and you know want to know where they could get some food. I'm not I'm not joking not all of them, but this happened and so yeah, there was one who I got into a little argument with about Melchizedek. Scott if you're watching you know who I'm talking about, but it's not you you were one of the worst evangelist kids, but I love you, but it will you know who I'm talking about. There was another one I had to say that cuz my my friend's got once in awhile watches and he wasn't bands with kid and he was like he was Ronnie and I really don't care.

How we are on the topic of Melchizedek 10 years old? I don't know. But all I want to say is I was right. Okay, that's that's it. He was wrong.

awkward at least that's my opinion, but he was important and he was really important to the Jewish Christians who are hearing this because for them trying to justify following Jesus when there was a high priest in office. Was difficult right again. They're trying to navigate this whole thing and they're going to wait a second. Jesus is not of the tribe of Levi and definitely not of the family of Aaron cuz he's not even of the tribe so that we have a high priest who has to trace his lineage all the way back to Erin Wright. And so obviously this is difficult and hear the writer of Hebrews is going to make this plain to them look that Earthly priesthood pales in comparison to the priesthood of the order of Melchizedek. That is the order of which Jesus is priest, right? And so dad is going to be his. His case so we have to go obviously the Genesis 14 to find out about who Melchizedek is and what he was doing and how this all came about. So, let me set the story for you a little bit before we go there cuz I don't want to read the entire chapter. But basically Abraham had found out that his nephew lot have been taken. Captain into captivity by these Four Kings who had banded together these for we could change at Forum this Confederacy to go attack all the other city-states around them and they had it when they had attack Sodom and Gomorrah and ransacked the city took all the spoils and kidnapped a bunch of the people all of which somewhere lot and family and so Abraham hears about this igorot gathered up his group of of servants and armed men that he has working for him 300 + men and they take off their going to fight against this Superior force of armies made up of Four Kings with just a few hundred men and the story is really cool. Abraham goes after him and it's really at the first mention of Guerrilla warfare in the Bible, right he's going and he's running following them and he's attacking them at night and then, you know hiding out during the day and then attacking them at night and he finally The overtakes them and he overwhelms them and he is Victorious and he comes back. He's making his way back home with all the spoils everything that had been stolen from Sodom Gomorrah and the people he recovered all of them didn't lose any and he's coming back and this is where the story picks up he gets back and he comes into this Valley and someone tells him there's a king that wants to meet with you and his name is mocha Zyrtec. And so this is where I picked up verse 18 of chapter 14 of Genesis. It says then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out Bread and Wine. He was the priest of God most high and he blessed him and said Blessed Be Abram of God most high possessor of Heaven and Earth and blessed be God. Most high who is delivered your enemies into your hand and he gave him a type of all This is the that's the entirety of the story about President. And then Abraham goes on. What is this? Who is this mean? This guy just shows up. We never heard of the the king of Salem before back that far as we can. Tell there was no King over the City of Salem at that time, which would eventually become Jerusalem. So there wasn't that as far as we know but here this guy shows up. His name is milk hesitant. He's the king of Salem and he wants to meet with Abraham. So, who is he? What is he doing? Well, let's look at what he did cuz we can see who he is in much of who he is and what he did. First of all, he's a priest and he's the priest of the most high God and but there is no priesthood established yet for Israel as far as the aaronic priesthood far as we know there is no priest Priestly order Keys it so he would be the high priest of it. Right cuz he's the only one so he is a high priest.

And buddy, I think he's a lot more than that. Let's look at verse 1 and 2 it says for this milk has a deck king of Salem. Priest of the most high God who met Abraham as he was returning from the slaughter of the Kings and blessed him to whom also Abraham apportioned a tenth part of all the spoils was first of all by the translation of his name king of righteousness, and then also king of Salem witches king of peace. He just shows up out of nowhere and he has this title, right? He's the king of failing but prior to that he gives his name, which is a title No, peasant literally means king of righteousness when Abraham heard his name. He wouldn't hear Melchizedek, right? He would hear king of righteousness. That's what this guy is calling himself. Hi. I'm the king of righteousness now, I don't know. Do you have to have a really big ego to call yourself the king of righteousness? I mean or there's something special about you, right? That's what it boils down to he says I am the king of righteousness the king of peace now names in the Bible offered me more than just the name right in our culture. We pick out baby names II we find out that we're having a baby right we start We start planning. In fact, I'm just going to go out on a limb here, and I'm going to kind of put it put her on a spot Spotlight, but you guys have already started thinking about your first baby names, haven't you? Yeah, they're not they're not pregnant. I don't I don't think right now but they're they're just married and they're already thinking about baby names. That's how we are in our culture. We were the same way before we ever had kids. We were thinking of this name would be good that name would be good. That's not how they did it in the ancient world. They waited to see what's his kids. Like right. Sometimes it wouldn't get a name till three for five years. They were waiting to see what kind of character he is. Right? What kind of a person he's going to become and that's why the names were often. So fitting like Esau, you know, the wild donkey of a man you think they named in that before he was born know they waited to see. Oh, well, that's what kind of person is we're going to call him wild donkey, you know. And that's the that was how they named people and because of that they have meaning now anytime you see something modeled as far as interpretation and Exposition in the New Testament goes if you see a model there that can you can take that as appropriate interpretation. Right? So if one of the Apostle John Peter Paul James, if one of them interpret something a certain way in the Old Testament and uses a method of interpretation because the word is inspired we know that's okay. This is what Charles Spurgeon writes about it a teaching was intended by the holy spirit in the names. He's talking about this passage. We just read Show the Apostle instructs Us in the passage before us I believe in the verbal inspiration of scripture, hence. I can see how there can be instruction for us. Even in proper names of persons or places those who reject verbal inspiration must in effect condemn the great Apostle who's teaching is so frequently based upon just a word he makes war of words and names than any of us should have thought of doing and he was Guided by the holy spirit of God and therefore he was right for my part. I am far more afraid of making too little of the word then seeing too much of So it's okay to look at a name in the Old Testament and draw from that the full meaning and even apply that meaning to our lives cuz that's what we see Paul Peter James John doing a with scripture taking sometimes just to work and making application for us today in that and so here this name it means something right. He goes around this guy is calling himself the king of righteousness now. I don't know how was presented to Abraham as he's coming back from this multiple-day campaign, maybe even longer who knows how long it took with all this stuff and and his nephew in toe. I got to think he's tired. You know, this has been a long he's fighting at night sleeping during the day trying to email probably try and stay very alert. They're probably all exhausted and he just dealt with Four Kings at someone comes up as they pay a king wants to meet you really, you know, I think to myself can we take a different route home? Do we have to leave though? I'm tired. You know, I've already started, you know. Thinking about pharoah special lamb dinner that she makes and how good that's going to be when I get home. And now you want me to meet another king and then to see what he's the king of Salem, which means peace. So maybe he comes in peace. They say his name smoke pencil that king of righteousness. Oh, well, that's different. King of righteousness wants to meet you. Someone would tell him the king of Peace wants to come out and have a meal with you. That's a different story, right? What If Abraham Abraham had just missed it because he was too tired or too busy, how does own schedule I have to say I was convicted by this as I study this what if I've missed the Lord's prompting to meet with me because I was too tired or too busy or had my own schedule that I couldn't fit him into. And I think you don't Lord. I need to be more sensitive when you're calling me out to meet with you. Here he's looking and he wants to meet with Abraham in Hebrew high priest. Now the ministry that he has towards Abraham shows us his high Priestly order that he is part of he is ministering to Abraham and first he does this by sharing a covenant meal with him now Covenant meal with something that would become established for Israel in relationship to God, right? They would go they would offer their sacrifice for sin the sin offering either a lamb or goat or some sort of the animal that would be offered up for their family or themselves depending on you know, if they were single or if they didn't have money to cover everything you just depended on some things but they don't forget that but then they would bring up what they called the peace offering right the offering of Thanksgiving. This was an offering that would be offered up to the Lord. It would be burnt up on the altar partially you would basically be cooked and they would take the choice pieces and burn them up as the Lord consuming them and then they would eat of it themselves. They would share in a meal in essence with the Lord and this offering would be the peace offering to the Lord would be to say thank you for forgiving my sins. Thank you for a toning taking receiving the atonement for my sins on behalf of my Me by this animal. Thank you for covering them for the foreseeable future. And now I have knowledge that we are once again in unity. We're at peace with one another and their culture if you sat down and this is why the Jews would not eat with Gentiles, right? Because they believed if you ate from the same animal that I mean if we sit down and work cutting off a piece of roast and you cut off a piece and I cut off a piece and you eat it and I eat it. We just became linked with one another we became in essence unified or 1 because you're being nourished by the same animal. I'm being nourished by we're both taking part of the same.

Food and that's why you eating with a very big deal for them that they didn't eat with other people cuz they would be defiled if it became linked with a with a gentile. So when they were in the butt when they were in the temple offering that up, what a great thing the Lord is consuming it. I'm consuming. I'm now one with him. I'm now in in a covenant with him and that's what it was a picture of they would renew their Covenant by partaking of the same meal with the Lord in the Tabernacle. That would be the renewal or the refreshing the reminder of the Covenant they have with God it was in The Flash right again a picture of why God had the mail be circumcised that picture of the Covenant. That's why Jesus would later say when he's talking about his body and his blood that this is the cup of the New Covenant write the bread and the wine God saying I want you to be in me and I in you abide in me and I in you we would be one together. That's the picture of this Covenant Neil that he sure he's saying Abraham, I want us to have peace with one another. I want you to see the the symbolism in this meal in that you and I are not at odds. I am the king of righteousness and peace and I want to administer peace to you with you. You've been fighting and battling in this land, but you can have peace with me. So he ministers piece to him. Then He blesses him. Now. This had to be a little strange. Because everybody's watching right? Here's Abraham, perhaps at this point acknowledged by everyone as the most powerful person that anybody knows and that in the known world for these people, right? He just defeated for powerful Kings. The king of Sodom is going to come out and pay homage to him. He is, you know, he's this Rich powerful man and all the sudden this guy that nobody really knows who he is or where he came from he comes out and he goes I'm going to bless you. No, it wasn't like, you know blessing like we think of now in in our culture nowadays list. We kind of have down Through the Ages kind of Taken on that that idea of I'm going I'm going to put it past the blessing on you or put a blessing on you with some you know ceremony that's not how it was done and that day if someone's going to bless you and pronounce the blessing over you you would kneel more than likely down in front of them and they would Place their hands on you and they would impart a blessing to you. That's how the priest blessed people then he would stand in front of the people who gives blessings and all he would hold up his hands towards them if you would pronounce a blessing on them. Here's Abraham the super powerful guy, you know, he was well known people were respectful of him. You did not not mess with Abraham obviously and now he comes out and he kneels down before this guy that people like who is this guy? You know, and here he is and then He blesses him. And then he received pies from him. Now. This is this is the thing. He says I will bless you. I'm going to bless you and once he gives that blessing something happens and Abraham understand something. We'll talk about the moment and he gives him a tenth of everything. The spoils has the choice of spoils. So who is this guy? I mean, why would Abraham do this? Why would you just a random person that you don't know comes out and and you have a meal with him and also He blesses you and you give him a tenth of everything you have. Well, there's something different about this one in if the writer in Hebrews, lets us in on the fact that he is actually eternal. He's not a mortal Hebrews 7 verse 3 says without father without mother without genealogy having neither beginning of Days Inn or end of life, but made like the Son of God. He remains a priest perpetually in his description hear of of Melchizedek. He says he doesn't have a mother. He doesn't have a father. He doesn't have a genealogy. He has no beginning no end. It means he's Eternal now in the Greek when you read this and I'm a list for a list. I look at for the most part unless the scripture gives me indication that I should take in some way figuratively. I take it the way I read it but in the Greek when you read this it says that he has no mother no father. No genealogy. No beginning and no end it says exactly what it says in English. It doesn't say if he's like someone who has those attributes. It says he has those attribute. Those are the attributes of milk hesitant. with an issue because that sounds an awful lot like somebody else that we know that has no beginning and no end and no mother and no father.

What's going on? Well the key in this passage is where it says he was but made like the Son of God that is not a good translation the word in the Greek. It's a big long word and it's only used one time in the New Testament right here. This word. It means exactly the same as it's not a copy of something where you know, like the copies always not quite as as good as the original right? It's not what this us not at this. This is in the exact same way. In the exact in every way he is the same as the Son of God and in fact, he's the son of God is what it's saying. He's not it's not like he is his attributes are the same and therefore because those attributes can only belong to one that is gone. That's who we were talking about here and I feel very confident in saying that because that's what the writer of Hebrews is telling us is that this milk hesitant the king of righteousness and the king of peace is in fact, the only righteous person that ever walked on the face of planet and his name is the Prince of Peace, right? That's who we're talking about. He is eternal and therefore he must be gone. So, who is this? Well, this is Jesus the second person person of the Trinity showing up pre Incarnation before he came as the Babe Bethlehem. He shows up he breaks into time in our history and it happened a couple other times throughout the new test throughout the Old Testament. We call them christophany where the second person of the Trinity shows up on Earth to do something some specific thing that he has come to establish work to a work in some way. And here he shows up and he has this interaction with Abraham. Eddie is high priest and he is eternal we see that he has the does the work of a high priest and he has the attributes of someone Eternal and he administers this blessing and I want to focus in on the blessing because it's key. to who Melchizedek really is Download forces now. We deserve how great this man was to hou. Abraham the patriarch gave a tenth of the choice of spoils and those in need of the sons of Levi who received the priests office have commandment in the law to collect attempt from the people that is from their Brethren. Although these are descended from Abraham, but the one who's genealogy is not trade from them collected 1/10 from Abraham and bless the one who had the promises did. This is for them. This would be kind of mind-blowing. Look Abraham gave a tenth to this guy and they are called as Jewish people to give a tenth to the priests who are descendants of Abraham and yet here they see Abraham giving a tithe to Melchizedek. Now, why would the greatest person in their mind, right? There's no one greater than Father Abraham, maybe a second only to Moses for some like the Pharisees but for in general for the Jewish people Father Abraham. Sit father of Faith. He is he's the embodiment of what it means to be a Jewish follower of Judaism, right? Why would he give highest this person here? He says we have to look at what this person did. He blessed Abraham who is obviously Interposition lesser than Melchizedek and therefore Abraham gave the type by saying that they're saying this guy is superior to Abraham. He's making a case fit. The order of Melchizedek is superior to the order of Levi because Levi is a descendant of Abraham. And here we see Abraham honoring milk essendant that puts him a step above the other. And here's the blessing. Let's go back and look at verse 14 is what he said. He'd left him and said Blessed Be Abraham of God most high possessor of Heaven in Earth and blessed be God. Most high who is delivered your enemies into your hand. They gave him a tithe of all noticed something here. I love this. I'm not sure Abraham loved it at the time. But I think he would have looked back on it with you being very happy about it. But Abraham just came back completing the greatest feat of his life up to this point right defeating the for Wicked arm King coming back with all the soil having rescued his his nephew and family and I mean nobody's ever done anything like this don't ever pulled off of feet like this as far as he knows. This is amazing. I'm coming back and it would be very easy for him to say. Well, yeah, obviously the king wants to bless me. Look what I did and I'll look at it right and I've done what nobody else Was able to do and I did it with a very, you know, I was outnumbered, you know, I used my household servants. These are trained Men of War and yet look what we pulled off but that's not what it says. That's not why He blesses him notice. The blessing is simply because Abraham belongs to God. He says blessed. Are you Abram of God? Most high? Not Abram the Conqueror not even the great rescuer. No, no, just Abram hate you happen to belong to God you happen to have put your faith in the god most high and because of that I'm blessing you. In fact, you'll go on to not not even to bless Abraham at all for anything you did. In fact you give God all the credit for all the stuff Abraham just did he says not only that I'm going to bless God for the fact that he delivered all that stuff into your hand all the enemies that you just conquered. You didn't do that. God did that for you? It's so God deserves the glory for that and God doesn't need to be blessed. He was blessing God on Abrams behalf that he understand God is the one who gets the glory for what just took place and later. We'll see Abram not do so. Well. A couple mistakes and I think that he would be glad that's right. I was blessed not because of what I did but because I belong to God. That's my standing later. He will it will be said of him. He believed God and God counted it to him as righteousness right though here Abraham at this time. Abram is getting receiving a blessing and he saying listen, you're not blessed because of anything you've done your blessed because it's not who you are. But whose you are it's about who you belong to and that's the same with us today. It's not about who we are. It's about who we belong to him. We have a high priest who wants to pronounce blessing and has pronounce blessing on us. That's a nice continuing that's actually part of his ministry as will get you next week is it he's continuing to minister to us and we can take his blessings. We can read the word and hear his promises to us and we can receive them and say Yes, Lord. I I received that or we can choose not to receive his Blessing. Is that why you don't have that kind of Faith or I don't believe that's true when it comes to me because we all have that kind of talk in our head. But the truth is he has spoken that blessing over you and I want to just say today that's part of my job is the Masters to speak that blessing over you as well. But it's your job to wear a royal priesthood the Bible calls us. When you come to Christ. You actually enter into the priesthood of yourself that you're not the high priest. There's only one of them. Jesus our great high priest but we are a royal priesthood where a kingdom of priests the Bible says you have a responsibility to pronounce blessing on others on your children on your spouse on your friends and your loved ones not some flowery speech and you know, you don't think of him to kneel down on the ground and place your hands on a Moto, you know, if you want to be intentional with your children, there's nothing wrong with that having a ceremony to do that. I've been part of that with some family here in the church and it's a really powerful thing, but just to say to your kids listen or your spouse or your friends. God loves you you are special to him. You have a place in his heart. He specifically has something for you personally. He wants to have a personal relationship. He has said that if we will open to him, he will come in and he will live with you. That is he will be you'll take up his Abode with you. He wants to be in that kind of relationship with you. He cares about you, but more than that. He actually wants to partner with you. He has a great adventure for you a great something for you to really experience in him that you can't get anywhere else and he only has it's just for you. He has a gift just for you that are unique to you and and he wants to impart them by the power of the Holy Spirit. He wants to grow his the fruit of his spirit in you in a special way to be used by him too. So he can work in other people's likes to that's the kind of blessing that God has promised in his word and that's kind of blessing. We should be speaking over other people, especially our kids in our family members thing. Listen, you you have to understand how much God loves you and how deeply he wants to be in a real relationship where he and you are are walking together and when you walk in that and you walk in him in that way you will experience blessings. You can even imagine. Necessarily material or anything like that. But just the love and joy and peace and kindness and jealous and goodness and self-control and that comes with knowing him in that way as the Abundant Spirit-filled life becomes part of who you are. I tell you that kind of blessing pronounce over people can impact them. It impacted this blessing on Abraham impacted him. Greatly. He became the father of Faith he put his faith is so deeply in God that he was sent even if I kill my son Isaac. God will bring him back from the dead now, that's faith. I'm not believing that God the promises God gave you that they're real and they actually he means what he says if you can take his promises while he's promised me this so obviously even if even if Isaac dies got to raise them up, that's faith. That's kind of faith that you and I can have when we truly experience him. We move into that kind of relationship with him and it starts with understanding. He has spoken great blessings over us. And he has no heat he filled it with his own his own death and Resurrection. So he's blessed because of who he is not who he is and he administers is Fluffy. And then finally we see wow. I can't believe how late it is already. Finally. We see that he is superior to the old priesthood in every way. Let's look at this read the last few verses here, but without any dispute the Lesser is blessed by the greater in this case mortal men receive ties, but in that case one received them of whom it is witness that he lives on and so to speak through Abraham even Levi who receive ties paid ties for he was still in the loins of his father when milk has a dick met him or the idea here is simply that He is Superior in every way and here's the thing even Levi that is even the high priest. And by definition he's including every High Priestess ever held office for Israel down Through the Ages. They have all paid ties to milk because they're descendants of Abraham. And since they're part of Abraham when Abraham paid tithe swim every High priests paid ties to and paid homage to malpensa deck and the order a priest that Jesus is is this smell cancel that it's not that he's some sort of model of them if anything's a model of them is Melchizedek is a model of Christ Christ is the high priest after this order. He is the high priest that defines. He's the criteria. He's the he's the image of this Jesus himself. He is in Eternal high priest and he wants to end us and will continue to bless and speak blessing over us, but mostly he wants to meet with you with us with you and me he wants us to come out. And meet with him and sup with him as Jesus, but it and have relationship and communion in a real way with him.

The king of righteousness the king of peace is waiting for you to come out and meet him and truly have communion with him and let sit.

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