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Well, good morning again.

Going to be back up here.

Enjoy my time coming up here and and I enjoy the time and even as it might sound even doing the homework to prepare to come up here and I think it's on boys can turn me up maybe a little bit having trouble.

I better little bit. Okay.

Thank you Stephen in the script supercharged. And the reason it's in the script is so I will remember because you guys remember they remember. Supercharged guy so you may go to super Church.

The title my message this morning. And again, I was just looking at it sitting back there. It's like don't forget to say super trick. Don't forget say Super Troopers and

spell the title my message this morning is called fake news about fake news little bit today.

So unless you somehow avoid all new sources social media and most human interactions. You probably heard that phrase before fake news that is commonly used phrase that use all the time now in political types use it when they feel they are being attacked on an issue either just lie or unjustly. Sometimes they're right. Sometimes it is fake news sometimes misleading or whatever. Sometimes they're wrong the political rideables do makeup or misrepresent what was said, but I think we've especially now it seems we've come to accept that as normal part of politics.

Always been like that misrepresent what's sad or what people have done and a lot of times they use it. So people use that term to deflect when it is actually hit a little too close to the mall that fixes that didn't happen when it's pretty close to what happened. So they just don't like to think that's true here the way the fake the term fake news has entered into our lexicon and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. And so I want to talk a little bit about that in a weird kind of more related to church instead of politics.

I've been kind of thinking about this topic for a while now and it's been something I've been kind of studying off and on it's been awhile couple months at least even Before Dawn asked me to come to make sense of some of this. Like I said, I'm always trying to bring something. I've been working on or the lid on my mind or something. I've been trying to figure out for myself. So I figure if I'm learning something or respond researching topic that maybe others would also benefit from that. So that's kind of how I come about the message. I'm going to go through three main points today at the first one is going to be talking about what is fake news when it comes to scripture. And what are the dangers of fake news? And then how to avoid falling to see it and come across it and biblical teachings rather misleading information. We might see or hear it again. Some of this advice will more than just your walk of Faith had to do this if any subject.

Today we are bombarded with information unlike any other time in human history. We have access that use of information is transferred the way it's transmitted is truly it's been revolutionized last. 10 years. Maybe they may be a little bit longer. But the with the Advent of especially social media platforms, the way people receive information has changed incredibly. We know nearly instantly of any event happened throughout the world that it was Worthy.

And we know instantly when it happens. Austin there's video and sound now to go with us so you can hear people talking you can see video and again instantaneous are within minutes of when something's happen. We have instant access to all kinds of information if we search it out. Want to know what days you can look that up changes every couple days. We look out 15 days says going to rain in a week and a half now and then you get to 15 days actually, isn't it sunny so you can always trust it, but that's part of the deal. You want a recipe for cooking snails you can find that online. Having trouble getting rid of a wart Google search and you'll find it and get some tricks ask Google. It's all there and so much more. Sun facts are some questions that have been asked online that are kind of interesting. I got a little list here and I promise they're all appropriate for audience.

The first question I saw it says the question is is like a top top 10 or top some kind of top list. I just took some highlights out of interesting Google searches. The first one I thought was interesting people that actually Google search is is a mother pregnant with twins or 18 months.

This one had to look it up. What is Obama's last name? Does anybody know?

Next one was how far of a drive is it from, Miami to Florida?

And this one I think some of my kids might want out here. What does a quarter till 4 mean like why is it called the quarter? I mean cuz of quarters $0.25. So why is it only 15 minutes?

Next one are chickens considered animals or Birds. Google search

Can looking at a picture of the sun rise?

And then this one last one I have is what would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other. I like that one.

So I like that one. If you ever and it's a good little free advice though to if you've ever if any is questions you like she I wonder what is the answer that question don't admit it. Admit it to anybody. What is Obama's last name? Don't don't don't tell anybody that is his last name. So be careful don't don't know but I did think that last one I'll come on that would be if I had the money I do that without their hired two private investigators is Snoop around on each other. What were they? Imagine if you poke poke around the corner Pekin each other. But anyways, my point is there's all kinds of information. You can find out there's some of it worthwhile some of it not so much. So that's kind of what I'm going into some kind of some of the fake news and information that we get out there. So I got it. I got to focus back in up here a little bit. But what is what I really want to talk about what is scriptural fake news? I'm going to give you some examples but there's lots of them out there. I'm you. Can you can you Google hear things claims made things taken out of context, you'll see all kinds of things what is scriptural fake news? And I'm going to give you what I would consider some script or fake news examples of things that I think fall into that category. I'm not a Biblical scholar. This is just my research my understanding the things in and what I've looked up and and red, but I think these are pretty strong cases. So I'm going to try and help clear some things up a little bit. So like modern fake news in the media biblical fake news may be based on truth. Or even seemingly back by quotes from scripture. Selective editing is not a twenty-first-century thing. It has been used to persuade people of faith for a long time. So one way that fake news has spread to Christians is by taking scripture out of context. I'm going to give you a couple of examples. One of the one we see is in Philippians chapter 4 verse 13 And the scripture says in the quote is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. We've heard that one before. But the context of you take that out of context that sounds like you can do whatever you want. As long as you're with Christ, that's not what it is trying to tell you. All's not telling the church. They can do anything they want or do all the things that can or want to do is saying that we can do anything through Christ in Christ. The context is saying that we can do anything that is well if Christ is not saying we get to turn into superheroes.

and he is the one who strengthen us all not saying you can do anything you want or anything that is not in Christ will You saying that we can endure things we can do all things through Christ if we do all things through Christ and we get our strength and our comfort to that. It's not it's not given us. These strange that are not humanly possible this early. Salt and if you look before Paul writes, not that I'm not it's not that I speak in regard to need for I've learned. Whatever state I am to be content. a spineless from prison to so I know how to be abased and I know how to abound everything and in all things I have learned both to be to be full and to be hungry both too big to abound and the sufferer need so Paul is talking about writing out in prison is I told you was hungry he's able to do but he was able to do those things through Christ and you are those things through Christ. That's what I was talking about in there.

It might be better a little bit to think of the same as we can endure all things in Christ. I also think looking at the word. Can you look at the word? Can I can do all things in Christ? It doesn't say I can be superhuman or I can even be an above average human no matter how hard you try or example. I've been running for about eight years now fairly regularly staying on top of it. I don't think I'm ever going to be a top 10 finishers in Boston Marathon. I just don't think that's in the cards for not saying it's impossible not saying I couldn't do that surprising that he couldn't use me as an example for some type of rock is revelation, but that would be truly a miraculous. Love Revelation. Let me tell you I'm not going to be setting any records of the Boston Marathon. And I read an anecdote to about a geology Professor teaching the class and he talked about this first now people Miss understand what it means if he is alive, I'm a strong Christian. I Believe In Christ, I have faith and so what he did as he said if a bench press and he's just I don't like 500 pounds on the bench press A lot of weight and he said I should be able to do this right? I can do all things through Christ. Well, the bench press stands up on his chest and they have lifted off of he was not able to get that weight up. That is not what that verse was talking about. So I think sometimes that is misconstrued and used erroneously. What we can do with indoor with Christ we can taste like Paul's talk about is the suffering in prison. We can have that in and have that through Christ. We can endure.

a second scripture I think is often misused and misquoted and misunderstood is Matthew chapter 5 verse 38 says you have heard that it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We have heard that one a lot. That is a very funny family quoted scripture and it's usually used to justify retaliation against somebody who is harmed in some way. It seems pretty dry and clear your pretty concrete. It's not your eye for an eye tooth for tooth. I mean, how do you argue with that? Well, cuz you take it out of context and it is tough to argue with you just look that Sim, but if you look at the context That's where you going to find out what he's really talking about. And this is something I hadn't really dug into much as far as the context this one goes, but it's pretty interesting though to me goes on the rest of Passage. If you look at it and look at the history behind those passing you'll see there's lots of meaning behind that that's not talked about. So what Jesus referring to you if you look at chapter Matthew chapter 5? Verse 39 to 42 and starts with a the next part of it starts with a big butt but I got verse 39 says my tell you not to resist an evil person, but whoever slaps you on the right cheek turn the other to him. Also if anyone wants if anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic let him have your cloak also and whoever compels you to go one mile. Albert kemperle compels you to go one mile go with him to give him to ask you in from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away dig deeper and you will if you dig deeper in this you'll find it also base the scriptures also based on Old Testament Jesus referring to an Old Testament passage from Exodus chapter 21 verses 22 through 25. That's what the part of the cool party cross-reference stuff. And if you look at that passage Exodus Exodus 21 22 through 25 says if people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury to the baby that the offender must be fine, whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows. But if there is serious injury you are to take Life For Life eye for an eye tooth for a tooth hand for hand foot for foot burn for burn wound for wound bruise for bruise. So this little snippet of verse says hyper Phyllis will sniffing of a Versailles for night just to say like that is nonsense not what its meaning. It is not a Biblical justification exact revenge on someone who does you wrong what is talking about his views especially look back the Old Testament part it even says in there that you do it whatever the courts whatever the court shall allow those not a free to take to be a vigilante. An interesting point, I noticed Miss 1/2 is what is it saying about the unborn child? So if there that's kind of an interesting side note.

So those are a couple of examples of scripture that can be taken out of context missed pot erroneously.

So what's the big deal about that what's wrong with with taking stuff out of context? What's wrong with you doing that as long as we mean well as long as we're trying to do, right? What's the danger? So I think there's there's some serious consequences consequences to taking things out of context to cherry picking scripture verses. How do you want to justify what you want to do? I'm going to go through a few things that I feel like a pretty strong reason that could be dangerous. If you take scripture out of context one thing that can happen is it household can become confused about what is acceptable in Fall for false teaching. Families can be guided down the wrong path or accept things that are untrue or unbiblical because of false teaching. One that comes comes to mind and I've talked about this one before 2 is the one that talks about spare the rod spoil the child. That one is used a lot in and again, I don't think I think some people do use that to justify corporal punishment and then they use that to justify corporal punishment to the extreme and I think that is a very dangerous pasta go down. I think there is a it's not even a very fine line between acceptable discipline and child abuse. So I think people have used that in the pasture to instill fear in their children. And if you look into that there's there's other scription. I don't I don't have it on the top of my head but there's other scripture talks about there's a responsibility of the parents not to incite their children too. So it's not a simple spare the rod spoil the child. There's more depth to it than just that so that's one example, and if you can still down in your family your Tyrannical and I think using that out of context news inappropriately is dangerous.

The more falsehoods we hear the more we tend to bleed them with the harder. It will be for us to discern. What is true if we get into One wrong season may lead us to another on teaching. It's kind of a slippery slope kind of thing. And if we don't know what becomes harder to find the truth. That's a little bit of human nature. When were taught things our brains? Make a map on ahead of physical map and our heads our brains are wired and electricity electronically in the way. So and this is something I've dealt with professional clothes in my my day job when were teaching when I'm teaching kids. It's it's extremely important for me to teach kids the right way the first time because if I teach them a problem save for example math, if I teach them a math problem in correctly. The first time it is very difficult to correct that mistake, especially if you gets once again in a more complex situations when you're talking about multiple digit multiplication, we're doing the algorithm for that trying to teach him how to solve a multiplication problem it becomes if you teach it wrong, the first time does a lot of work to correct that mistake. So it's important that's a danger if you keep some of the wrong thing and anything is going to have that effect. There's a physiological reason for that as long as well as it's a psychological in biblical reason for not doing false teaching. So we have to make sure that we teach correctly so that we don't confuse people and caused him to go down the wrong path. Another dangerous. It may become Christians in name only. Next baby. This may be the most dangerous is both of us in the false teachings.

This this group of people. They know who God is but they do not know God and there's a difference there as well. That's a huge difference. You can know who somebody is but you don't that's a no then so you have to know God and there's in Titus Chapter 1. Verse 16 says of false teachers that they claim to know God but their actions in their actions, they deny him their detestable disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. The false teachers themselves lead the way sometimes and they are beating their detestable disobedient and worthless and God sermon. Worse than that and I was kind of my scripture reading talks about the the danger that the punishment part there is definite punishment for false teaching.

Then what happens to if you get a false teacher out there who is detestable disobedient worthless. What they end up having is it going to have a Congregation of people who are misled and they themselves that will propagate itself it will continue. They've the congregation and becomes worthless and a sin not that people are worthless, but they become lost it can become lost and not have the correct permissions to know God in the correct way. So there's that dangerous part there for not learning the correct Lane. They won't know the true. They won't know the truth. Accepting a lie and living their life based on that lie. Is something I would not want to play with? I don't envy pictures that knowingly travel down that road and take the Do the half All Seasons without front of people? That's why I even when I'm up here are very seriously, you know, I don't I don't care what I try to teach I try to be as I can cuz I mean, I'm not going to make mistakes or Mist boat or or maybe take something that you can make something incorrectly. But my intention is in my time. I put in to find stuff feels very important to to do it correctly.

I'm going to finish with some suggestions on things to avoid false teaching and avoid false teachers. Again, going back to our access information there's tons of information available. and misinformation available and even well-respected institutions have false Doctrine. Sometimes that are taught that I believe or false Doctrine one that I see in and have a hard time justifying is is a calvinistic doctrine of once saved always saved. Am I in what I said in this this is how do I got me to my jumping off point for this message? Is that once saved always saved? I find it troubling and I do not see any biblical backing for that. Again. This is one of those things why not? I'm not making a car blog statement. I don't know enough to know. I'm in Calvin. He probably do a little bit more about the Bible than I do, but that I don't find anything in Scripture that backs that up and there's examples you can think of about once saved always saved you think about different people in the scripture Judas being one of them. I mean, he was saved one point you would want to I'm not sure and again, I'm not making a judgment. I don't know what his heart was at the end. But it's pretty tough to think but after what he did to Jews to Christ the Betrayal heat that would be hard for him to me. Once they've I think there's a dangerous part of that to Chris apathy. And if you're once saved always saved, what's the reason why we here? Why do we have to work out there to work for and I don't think that flies in the face agree. It would be dangerous to think that it would lead to a lazy faith. They might eventually burn out. What's up? Anyways, that's one of the things I think about here is a couple pointers a few pointers on how to your voice all seasons 1 & 2 dive into the scripture. We are fortunate. Now, you hundred years ago people didn't have access to the Bible. We have access to the Bible if you have it on your smartphone you can have on your physical Bible if it's available for you to read that and in many different translations and sometimes I think that's fun to look at to look at the difference between the New King James Version vs. New International Version vs. This is standard King James version the word choices sometimes or something you can look at it really big and then study you can see differences between those word choices.

So when you're using scripts are you when you see something that uses scripture in the way it is curious, especially when somebody uses little Snippets, they just use a short one. First thing. You should maybe kind of keep your eyes open on that doesn't mean it's being misused. You might want to check the context of that to look it up and say what what's the rest of what is he really being said around that scripture? What's the historical significance of what's Happening? That's a lot of work. Sometimes it really dig into it takes a some reading and some studying you can pick things up online easy to get a concordance online and look about what other verses related to that. You can also Find analysis of that scripture. There's There's lots of ways to find information but digging in the scripture yourself and becoming familiar with what the context is of versus is important. And in that vein also be skeptical. I'm a skeptic set. People are sharing information with you against other teachers other teachers are scripture.

And like I said, I'm I'm a skeptical person. I'm always asking. I think it probably drives people crazy sometimes but I rarely I rarely pay things just at face value. I always have to ask the question. Why why we doing something this way? Why didn't have to go that way? Why is that said but in a way if you do it correctly and not obnoxiously like Titan do sometimes be that way. Maybe be a little more tactful than I am at times. That was what you what you're looking at or what you're told that be skeptical to hold your face verify what is being taught to with other sources. Ask why I asked the question. How do we know that? How is that true? Where is that in the Bible and be ready to ask those questions in and search those answers out.

And then finally, I think was the most important things is to surround yourself with with Believers that will help you take the first two suggestion seriously and impart those in your life be part of a church family that teaches biblical truth. There are many practices and ideas that vary from church church church has his own little traditions in different things but find one that is Bible base and use the scripture to back up what they teach Some differences are vitally important. I believe between churches and some are just kind of like I said tradition or not. All that huge of a deal of one that comes to mind for me is some Churches and I were going to have communion here in a couple minutes. Our tradition is we have communion once a month. Some Churches have communion every Sunday and there's other practices were people do it differently. I'm not sure that's a big long ever go to that church and they don't do communion but once a month or they do that commune way too often. I don't think those issues like that or or reasons to 2 hour separate ties between the church because I don't think that is a deal-breaker as if it's debatable.

But I think it's it's those types of things are not the issue. It's the deeper teaches that you might hear but be diligent with that.

There again, there are ideas that are hot that are hard to justify biblically if you find yourself in a place like that. You may want to consider. Finding something that you believe is more truth or truth days. Again, we just need to be diligent and where and what we have in the tools to learn about. What is correct and incorrect teaching what is not the correct teaching? I want to close with my one of my favorite verses that's what I memorize as a kid. You think I would have to look at it, but I am going to look at it cuz that's where it is Psalms 119:105.

The word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path. So what the word will light the way for us, it can provide our guides for us to find out what we need. So use that use the word study the word surround yourself with people who study the word and help guide yourself down the tracks. asprey

Heavenly Father we can just thank you for this time to be here and learn and help us to get to be thoughtful and what we take in lure do you help us with that? You guide us in the way of your truth and what is important in your truth in your words? We pray that the teachings we receive our Are what you would have us learn Lord that we don't get to come to things that are untrue or misleading or they will guide us down the wrong path to send or other destructive Behavior. We pray that you continue to be with us as we have a song and then the rest of our service here Lord, and we thank you again for this time together and your name we pray.

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