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There it is.

How many you all know that the love of God never fails?

He never gives up.

If we be honest there a date as we thought God did give up. And that's the trick of the devil to make you believe the god that has never given up decided in your situation to give up really got to put some small today. The God Who has never played decided to wait for you to blow it.

Surely somebody done something worse. Somebody is going further than you went surely somebody deserves God turning their back on them more than you did what what did you really do? Because most of the stuff we do Erin. We really do it to ourselves and loving caring giving healing saving is always there to catch you when you fall.

And they want to tell you don't believe in him. Here's the deal. I suggest you stop believing so much and you?

The Bible says let no man think more highly of himself than he ought to be one of the reasons. I believe it's dangerous to think more highly of yourself because there's nobody else you would have boosted yourself up to this level. Did you believe you great, then you realize how fallible? Call vulnerable. Call mi amor Mortal Mortal you are.

Bible teaches us that our life is but a vapor here-today-gone-tomorrow I once read a book called maximize the moment Bishop TD Jakes and Bishop TD Jakes in his book opens up with this.

Peace in the book about being a preacher who has to preach funerals. And he says for years, he would appreciate in one day and hit him. The most important part of a person's life is not the day they were born or the day they died but the dash in the middle. What you really think about it? It was like the most ignore part is there's never a decoration around the dash and loving father loving husband. Loving mother all decorations with angels looking over the Angels should be looking over the dash because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is what did you do with your dash?

And racing they call it the hundred yard. What?

400 yard and the person who runs the dash the fastest is the victory.

To the Swift nor to the strong.

Who endures to the end? Now if the expectation from God is that you wouldn't do it surely that endurance is coming from somewhere greater than you. Not only is he giving you life? He's giving you something ability the thing you need to endure. He's giving you in the spirit. man

I thought I was done with this serious. I really did honestly believe I was done with the series. I was going to come in today and I was going to do and just make sure we had it. And then Tuesday night. The Lord says he has one more one more lesson one more. And it's a to Dale and his last one is most important out of everything. I've told you. This last one hear me when I say this is most important because you can put on the whole armor of God and not execute this last one. They lose the victory. So today you take a note.

To doze in a watching via Facebook YouTube website. God bless you. We love you. We thank God for you. For those of you all that are Chapel members that are watching from homeless, and we miss you. We thank God for you know that we will be in our building. Until further notice. We have tried to find locations. Tennessee is on lockdown, but the church has allowed to be open. We are socially distancing by Family. You're always welcome. We will be here service starts at 10. We start our stream at 10:30 that 30 minutes is a time of this Intimacy in prayer and praise and God is always showed up in our times like that a man. Open your Bible Ephesians chapter 6 saint-ex Ephesians 6 verse 12 through 14. Good to see my beautiful wife hear my children. I hear God bless you all this morning. My son Michael probably since I'm not there you should be here.

Hey, Micah. Y'all ready? Here we go in 6 1214 Billy places and having done all to stand stand therefore having put on the breastplate of righteousness. Today's volume nine. This is actually a 10-part series that I started off with two parts. The more I dive into it the more dovin to it. The more I realize God wanted you to be able to fight today's lesson you already today is a big one. Hold on. exercising self-control

out of all the volume in the series exercising self-control. That is the biggest lesson of all. Tell you all the story and I'll pick it up later. My mother thought it would be good for this little ghetto boy and his brother now that we were part of the Catholic school system to participate in the Catholic school system functions. So one of the things that the Catholic School offered us was karate you have to know that we already know karate because we watch Kung Fu Saturday. We already know how to kick in so they going to train us in a start off with position and pasta how to punch it with politics. You want. You're ghetto house and you had on your wife suit, would you look Beltsville menu?

Can I get to the first lesson they said holla see if you got your message? now that you know the basics to do says you can't use this outside of here.

I want to be your learning karate, but you can't use it, but I can't use any way. And I was immature. So I wasn't willing to learn the cottar's that's what it called Connors that means exercises to go from one level to the next so that you can get another belt. So I am three belts, but I wasn't because every time I got into an altercation remember, I'm in the ghetto. You won't have fights in the ghetto. I want to use it. I want I want I want I want you to feel it's like Chuck Norris Bruce Lee. Since they told me I can't use it. It was since they was literally saying to me was you have to exercise self-control because what I'm teaching you need to First work on you before you working on other people. But because I was immature and the kids I was thinking you giving me something so that I can defend myself, right? But what he was really giving me with something so that I would have more confidence when the real fights of Life came. I have self control. I missed out on a great karate lessons because I lack self-control. I'ma. Right into this the first point for the day getting to fight you can't win. Mind your business.

The oldest surface coming from me. It sounds sarcastic positive mind your business, and it sounded as if is your grandmother. So you need to mind your business. Just ain't that. You need to put your mind on your business. You need to put your mind on your Affair. That is the first lesson in self-control take care of you. Change to what's important to youth. There's no way that you can get the speck out of your brother's eye until you deal with the plank in your own eye. There's no way that you can see clearly to help him. You have your own blocks in the way and I'm convinced that many of us that I have decided because crisis and fallible. We are infallible wrong wrong. I don't care who your mama told you you are. When you compare yourself to him. You got pork that needs to be done. You need to mind your own business and stop getting into fights. You can't win what when did I get into a fight when you decided to walk up to the Devil Without a word you were getting into a fight that you cannot win? You keep throwing yourself into these Wilderness has to be tempted of the devil and he knows the word but you don't so when the Temptation comes you fall victim because you do you like the discipline to take care of your Christian business. Take my yoke upon you and do what you learn of me for my yoke is easy and my burden is Viking we all miss categorizing and misdiagnosing our lives because we like work every blaming the score on the devil when the truth of the matter is the storm may have been partying by the father. But because you have not taken his yoke upon you you don't know him. What does literally mean to take my yoke upon you so that when the storm comes, you know, the difference between me directing you and you been by every window put on Believers globally because they're being tossed to and fro because they don't know if it's God or they don't know what this the win.

You cannot pull it aside. What's going on in the world today?

the Miss judgment To politicize the climate of the day God is up to what God has always been up to win anything exalts itself beyond the pointed arches. There is always bailing wire repealing people to show it still.

But we got to mind our business.

I like Jesus the way he put it in. When is parents had looks formed at 12 years old? 3 days. Where are you?

What do you mean? You should have known. Would be about my father's business. He wasn't talkin about Joseph. How many of you When we finally catch up with you. And we found being about your father's visit when we finally found you. You will lost and turned out it's time for the believer. Stop being lost and turned out simply because we did not have church services. You should still be about your father's business, even if there are no church services.

your business

How do I change the man? Sleep Kingdom.

I'm contagious with Kingdom. Why because if the advancement of the Kingdom that the priority in me so bad. How are you always in the kingdom kingdom in my marriage children second. I'm changing to the church. I'll pass if I'm always going to be when I was in the salon when I was working when I own the salon. I was about to take his business there cuz I went to work every day every time I went and got to go to work everyday. But why God is giving me a system where I can make more money by not working every day. If you devote more time to him finally work, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Scheduled the money so that I make sure that the money was coming in. Gave me that 80% of my career appointments only everybody else has no money cuz you not that you miss me because you won't schedule it you waiting on yours. I've already scheduled I know how much I'm going to make this week. Did God bless me with clients that would tip me more than I charge. I had clients that would fly in. Do y'all get this by the hairdresser folks are flying in to get their hair done. You know, that's nothing but God. But I was listening to him. I was minding my business.

Turn the Galatians 5.

I want you to see this as consistent as he is with the church of Ephesus to the Church of galatia. He said the first one Stand Fast therefore in the Liberty again with a yoke of bondage. I want you to see this steam here from the church at Ephesus to the galatian church. When he sang Stand therefore Stand Fast therefore he's telling us to do something but I think because we want the gospel to be more than what it is. We're overlooking the Simplicity of what it means to just stand here. I was raised in the household with the women in the men's grandparents aunts and uncles all said the same thing and football player or fall for anything. I heard that going up by place value in spending. I'm running around and I knew what it meant to take a stand stand. I'm a man of principle stand for something. We learned that is little children. If you go down Galatians 5:13, he said for you have been called to Liberty only do not use Liberty as an opportunity for the pleasure, but he's literally saying mind your business mind the business of the Kingdom. Why? You're calling from the bondage of the world you owe no, man, nothing, but to love them. You don't have to go back and be entangled in to send you don't have to go back and be entangled into the culture. You don't have to be entangled into the political climate of the day your call to God has set you free and made you free from the bondage Of The World. God does not want his church bound up and I'm saying this to you pick up. I know you feel bound. I know you feel lost. I know some of you are struggling, but thanks be to God. You don't have to watch you've been set free and you can call to Liberty in Christ Jesus.

Baltimore than my fair share of people doing this pandemic.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I talk to you that when I first came here. It's never about doing it's always about me. We are not called human doings. We are called human being. You want to always be a kingdom representative you want to always be serving the lord and serving your brother. If you don't have a job love God and love your neighbor. You are working the works of the Kingdom.

Would you allow the climate of the day you will allow circumstances situations in your own personal space to dictate how you emotionally respond to bad news. I got news for you. I never leave you nor forsake you that's the word of God and when you depend on that, you got to know no matter what? Hello you're in or what highlighter you stand on God is right there with you. Through it all.

Your name is been scandalized drug through the mud. You've been made to look foolish. You have been fired for discriminatory reasons. You have been made to look like you were wrong and there was no wrong in you hold your head up high and keep the Kingdom on your lip. I Will Bless The Lord At what all times and his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Set for you brother have been called to Liberty Liberty only do not use Liberty as an opportunity to go through love serve one. Another one word even in this you shall love your neighbor as yourself when you mind your business worked on your walk with the Lord that when you come out your relationship with him somebody else in Spanish cuz I've been in church. I've been in the secret place. They that dwell in the secret place under the shadow of the almighty. I've been I live there. I stay there when I come out from under there. I can go out. Thank you, Lord. I can be less fortunate I can be confused. But if I don't take me to my business, how can I take care of the Lord's? Look at your neighbor the neighbor is impossible. Verse 15, but if you bite and devour one another beware lest you be consumed by one another see what Paul teaches here to the galatian church. Be careful how we talk to one another? How many you all have got delivered from being mean? Look around look around look around look around look around. Who steal who still in a process was still a process praise God father in the name of Jesus delivered them may they understand the value of your kindness that they may distributed. There's no reason to be mean because mean as a spirit there is no need to be mean. It's a defense mechanism we use when we run out of words. That's why we cut spoke out.

Some of y'all still cussing foci. Praying for you. Bible says curse not but bless y'all blessing works better than person cuz blood when you bless somebody who menu it confuses it just white what it just confused don't want for taking a physical abuse. Don't don't I'm not eternity other cheek type preacher. Don't don't try me don't don't I'm not that guy. I'm going to I'm going to pray for you. But if I'mma make sure there will be a need to make sure if you need healing.

I'm just saying.

He said I say then walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. So what is my new business walking in the spirit? We don't talk about this for the flesh lust against the spirit and the spirit against the Flesh and these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish. How many of you don't raise your hand? Do not raise your hand? I don't want your secret out. How many of you find yourself meaning to do? Right and still do wrong Paul said every time I will to do good evil was ever-present. He says I'm this isn't Romans. He says, I'm the one that wants to do good, but I found myself doing evil. Here's the good news. We're staying about Grace much more abounds

so did thank the church don't condemn you because you fall into sin. This is the church is going to let you know. Hey, don't first state that Grace now that you know better do better now, you know.

the catch it I went to covet the minute you called. Give me away from you. Anyway, you call me. Have y'all noticed the people in the girls until somebody comes everybody?

I love all you guys today.

Rare Adele you stink? You want to back somebody backup you today? You ain't got to fight call.

I can feel it. Esmeralda Valor

when there is this fight between the lust of the flesh? And the Walk of the spirit Paws days. Because they're contrary one to another you do not do the things that you wish. You at the canceled out your hope because you have not chosen the side.

Stop canceling the possibility of living righteous.

When you walk in the flesh you cancel the whole. The very idea that you kill it. And you will succumb to the emotion in the guilt will talk about it, So it is a process he said but if you are led by the spirit you no longer under the law if I send.

That's below if I say what kind of nation? to them that walk

In Christ, so this notion that God's going to get me is cancelled in the past that's literally called. There's a one word that is free.

It's literally return and go another Direction hear me. You won't hear me hear me.

This idea that we get so caught up in I can't help it. I got the can't help it well. I never got no trouble that I wasn't trying to get in to have you.

I'm talking about like your brother did some but you got the whooping a child rearing I'm talkin about.

You got call. You may not call it trying to. Didn't do it, but the truth of the matter is you was just trying not to get caught.

Copal fan requires energy say that wouldn't say all sin. requires energy Even if it's our fault that comes to your mind, if you entertain a thought without bringing into the Captivity of the word the thought was manifesting your actions. It was simple for you to let that thought just a dream that I wake up. But give me that dream was not me. I don't know what what I won't even do that tomorrow. I don't know what that was. It had me dreaming that drink.

I would take. To listen to Lorde.

I forgot they had dreams of killing folks in the world.

Put this in your notes walking in the spirit is to prepare for battle by remaining. I am I get to it walking into spirited to prepare for battle by walking in the spirit is to prepare. What does prepare mean? Get ready beforehand.

You're getting ready for battle beforehand when you walk in the spirit you are preparing for battle. You ready? Y'all got that part by remaining ready willing and able.

Can somebody tell me what part of this ready willing and able the send effect? It's a trick question. Thank you. That's why I'm glad I had all three of them.

Send a pic show willingness. Send a Metro Mobility. When you walk in the spirit you are proving Lord. I'm ready. Lord I'm willing and I'm able there's nothing Joshua like someone needing a word but can't get a word because the one who has the word is not ready.

Bible says be ready to give a word in season season. You really need to work this morning and even if he doesn't feel he needs.

It's a season. But what about all of his followers? It's been quiet these last few days. They probably home because I am believing God for the life of our president wife. Bible says when there was no King the people did what was right in their own eyes father banking. I pray you raising raising my change for father. So we don't work on it with a barometer what to do if you'll never know what healing was unless you been sick. This nation is sick. I love America before y'all slam me this nation is sick and it is sickness goes deeper than racism.

It is sickness is connected to the Louisville. money all about isms a birth out of this notion. We are the greatest country in the world and we are bored all our babies and we lock up all of our men what's really making us great. We push entertainment more than education our children at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to education and can't compete on a global level except the rich. Come on. We're great. I don't think so.

Put this in your notes. Can you identify the lust of the flesh?

question Can you identify the lust of the flesh now conversely? I don't want any of you all to answer this out loud because I don't want your weakness to be exposed. I want to conceal your matters, but can you identify the lusts of your flesh? It's easy to point out somebody else problem. Remember this whole message is about exercising self-control and you need to be able to point out your own weaknesses. You need to be able to point out what you need to do. What moves you over what causes you to get outside of yourself.

We went from Playmates to Postmates. And I think about the food delivery service.

Desire to be seen and when they don't get enough hit they don't get enough life. They start rebuilding flashing. So you just going to go for now. We don't do bodycon dresses for the.

I was just about to Brothers.

See how we have these preconceived notions in online. I said bodycon and y'all thought I was by my women on some of these brothers need to quit to get off the internet. You ain't talking about nothing teach the word of God. So people from the live by nacho pinion.

I said that.

I've been saying it for years performance church is dead. Anybody still doing a weekly performance in a pandemic is petty

You think they need to hear Bob doing this? How do I get my life back on track after this? How do I get Jesus? Help me with that. One of the things you need to be able to identify the lust of the flesh. This is the part we talk to one another somebody summarize lust of the flesh. Give me a summary mean.

Come on, come on. Talk to me.

Everything that lead you away from God somebody else.

You there in the back way back there soon again. cool things to see in

Desires that are ungodly I love this you all are so spiritual but the cenotes man.

What are to teach you how to lie you was trying to preserve your butt from getting that whipping? Did you do that? No?

A teacher at the grade school to look at little girls when they come from you today.


if you haven't seen early fee for childhood Thief you send a face.

Give me a good.

They start off at Grandma's house start off at Auntie house is still a little stuff if you don't correct that today.

We say stuff we teach our kids conditioner kids to do to the building the lust of the flesh. We say stuff like this the kids like Kayden right will hit you he going to be a heartbreaker know the Devil is a lot. He's only responsible for his actions. That's what he going to do. He's not going to rely on his cuteness. What he going to do is know how to treat people who don't respect women. That was he going to do going to get you nowhere.

Alright, you can do most people can do this really are feedback was when it comes to the summary of lust of the flesh. Let's do this one Sunrise walk in the spirit.

Pink lady by God's word Bentley by God's work and instruction like that with somebody else.

Obedience to the church man that used to get us to the Grave.

Galveston listening Joshua He needs a microphone Jesus.

God's spirit is moving almost to fall in line to

Cliff Notes to walk in the direction of God's spirit into fall in line with wood where he's leading as Joshua. Will simply put the exercise self-control being led by the holy spirit. Thank you Joshua. How do you keep yourself in line Lord? What should I do right now?

Does walking in the spirit?

That's print that's perfect prayer walking in. The spirit is being lead and self-control by the Holy Ghost. You got natural desires, but what do I do with how God he just walked by me with all the muscle and I want some muscles on I got muscle on my mind shall renew their strength.

May not be time for you. Muscles on your plate. May not be the time for you to have chicken on the chicken. I meant to say breasts wings and thighs in your bed. You have to be led of the spirit that's walking in the spirit coming out.

This is me walking in the Spirit Casino in the Westside. Do you want to say something please? Say something. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Billy Joel ever just wanted to

Okay, okay. Alright I ever wanted to do something kind. somebody broke

The Walk of the spirit is to go forward in the car because the devil surely ain't going to tell you to be kind in the moment with your justifiably. Printable where you could justifiably fight when you could justifiably argue and the Lord said blessed God. I don't know what that you and I think it's what we do this when we do,

I'm really not feeling blessed and them right now. Have you ever had to cry from being time? dog lip quivering

Will you give materials say stuff like this? The Lord is leading me to forgive you cuz you trying to convince yourself. It's hard when you

What is a beginning?

We don't do that to your wife if it wasn't for the Lord. I don't know if I love you. That's not a compliment that don't that ain't good. That ain't good. You should love me on the notion of last night.

Just just you should love me. And for the fact I'm still here you two, don't tell me god making you love me.

Exercise self-control being led by the holy spirit is on that anybody.

I'm being led by the spirit go.

That's what the P thinks. He thinks that if he owns that and takes it from you. He don't have the pleasure that you at we when the truth of the matter is he can eat his bread and secret the Bible says openly

See we commit these things thinking they're going to make us feel some kind of way. And the truth of the matter is they do but it's not the it's never the feeling you thought it was going to be. I remember when my conquests was to sleep with her her an appointment to the air cuz I only sleep with her right now. But back in the day when I was younger.

Listen to the context of what I'm saying. For those in the Watsonville Facebook past Michelle. Just had a real moment.

But anyway, my Conquest was to sleep with multiple women. And when I was immature, I was satiated or Satisfied by the notion that I did. That was all of a sudden this component of a company with the sleepover that didn't make sense to me and I'm confused because this supposed to bring me pleasure, but it's bringing me pain and I continue to do it until it almost kill me. Did I say Jayla?

The maze is right there at the door Lord. They almost got your boy. I'm out of control.

What you want to hear something funny?

I can recall the time the Lord said no. I can go back in in Past Times not recent times but years ago when I was getting delivered, I remember when the Holy Ghost exposed to me. That was a way of Escape. That was your way of Escape. That was I was in that what made me commit to the Lord even the more to walk in the spirit because even though I wasn't walking with him, he's always been walking with me. Hello, you all the don't know this when you go through your trial in your Temptation, you got to guess which he's annoying enough laugh in the Holy Ghost. I tell you to stop quit turn around go. Don't go over there today some kind of Bad Boy Scout. You won't believe it. You're not trying to get some new thing on your but you're trying to walk in the spirit.

You don't have to exercise self-control by being led by the Holy Spirit gold Joshua.

That's why I got that online thing. That is that particular to walk in the Greek. It was different.

in the center of North pulling rank And spirit. It was also kind of thing Remington wind in a breath and you know, I just went. Marching In Line

Yes, yes.

It's so much easier. Brighton I love it. I love it being let his Spirit go faster.

So, you know, I mean military.

which every word you just said but it's it was already am I but because we are to stay in step with the whole. Yes.

Y'all ready?


Help getting out of line.

You can tell doctor after you tell your yeah, I forget my two. Paw Patrol

laugh out loud game

. It's about your knowing.

I'm a tailor store.

Don't do it. I mean

What are you? Are you ready?

Those are the Washington Facebook. That's what we do here. We have dialogue is not mean to sit up here yapping go.

Hope you all can hear.

Because there's no lacking in him to think that I'm doing something wrong with my father. So that's why I know there's no nap.

Is something wrong? But the immature believer has doubt because they haven't exercised. It's like when you go down there y'all ever been to the gym and try to lift that big weight. Can you get over there? And you snatching you find out you ain't ready? You ain't really see that's an immature believer. You want to go on bench, press 250, but the truth of the matter is you need to warm up with 50.

Give me the warm-up. Why is salvation the steps of a righteous, man?

Ordered by the Lord. So if you are righteous God has free ordained you ready steps for you to take not preordained the steps you take.

Tell me the steps are there for you to take. Doesn't make you take them you this is self-control. They are there the pathway is there if you choose the one you benefit from the ultimate destination, but if you get off this will know where you go when you think you may have to have I got news for you. If you continue to go down the wrong path, I believe the people who designed the GPS system, I believe. Dinner's why you only get so many rerouting warnings before they say canceling route.

The route has been lake from here Earth me to talk eternity. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. If you get off track, there will be oceans of the Holy goes rerouting rerouting. What if you just don't decide to keep going. I will give you over to a debased mind or reprobate mind to do that, which is convenient to you guys. I don't want to stress. You know, why don't want you working against the wind. So let me take you decided to go against the grain. Here's the truth of the matter because he's full of Christ not as many people that lived in reprobate a reprobate. They're just in the need of a rerouting. This is where you come in, once you exercise self-control your the indicator to the people that the computers that are looking in your looking in your house and in your life then what am I doing wrong? What was baffling is for the church folk to compare their lives to the world for you. Don't know how they got all that stuff. They got that stuff by hook or crook what you have and it is securely on why cuz you were being led of God spirit. Don't worry about it. Every one of them. They got bigger and bigger. every what we start at the bottom to the top

Can you come meet me at the little house? We made a big mistake. We furnish every room. We remodeled it. We put siding on it. We put a roof on it. We put all this got into and we lost it. But if you walked in that you didn't you didn't know we would lose it cuz it didn't look like we will lose it. All is when you pulled up it look like he doing it.

Loft outlet I had to sell my motorcycle just so I can buy diapers for my for my baby. Closure, so now after maturity kicks in I got this big old house I live in now is it's me Michelle Jazz who live there now I got rooms at an empty house. Hey, when when I decide when the time is right, we'll get something ain't nobody here, but me.

drugs in the house

born abroad shopping hate about you use it. Maturity. I'm being let him go Spirit while I'm not giving the debt cuz I'm not going to pay for it. Adam you ready with maturity Donald. I have more peace in a much larger space with a much larger responsibility than I had in a smaller space when I was being irresponsible. I was not being led by God spirit in the little house and it was frustrating. I'm now being led by God spirit in the big house. I got nothing, but peace. walk around gardening

told me to jump into the world is going to hell in a handbasket. He's not here. He said was saying what they say. What's up? Elderly white woman 44 year old black man. I'm sure she thinking I just knew you was going to get in on the bandwagon on this pain, right? I'm blessed by Angel.

It's the middle of the day. I'm 44 years old. I'm African-American and I'm sitting at a Lincoln dealership with my Lincoln car getting the radio fixed.

What complain about?

President got the Rollie. I know that the black lives matter movement is town of cities all over the work. I don't know people that lost their jobs in their unemployment is up to astronomical rate.

I get this place is on the water.

Complain about God has been good to me exercising self-control what God is taking care of all the stuff through me why I got my order. I got my bills paid.

What am I going to go shopping? I know some of yall just want to go to the mall where you going with him shoes. everywhere closed

Galatians 5:19 is this is adultery fornication uncleanness and Luna and it funny that the first for works of the flesh have nothing to do. I mean the first three or four I think before I say this because I really like how you carry yourself sexually public lewdness like in a Flash and folk Instagram post, you know cleavage post. Maybe it's the people out there who want to see it, but they don't need to see it Brothers.

Are your boxing video was motivating this week.

I feel you at the airport in the bag this week.

Then the Nexus idolatry sorcery hatred contentions jealousy outbursts of Wrath selfish ambition dissensions heresies. Envy murders drunken strawberries and the like of which I tell you beforehand just as I told you in time past the those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God now The Inheritance this is important The Inheritance to the kingdom of God is a matter of Revelation.

So if you're not being led by the spirit in you're being led by the lust of the flesh, you can't even get the revelation of the will of God. Because the kingdom is a matter of Revelation is based on what you believe what's been revealed to you? What do you know? So those who are partakers in these are they can't even inherit the Revelation first and foremost actually eternal life with God you haven't you haven't done was necessary to inherited. How many of you in the midst of your struggle can admit you couldn't see God? anybody I remember when I first began to serve God and was on fire for God then I had a short moment in. </