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Where is your Anchor?

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Where is your Anchor?  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  18:05
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Everything looks really good.

And so they think we can make it this who is this prisoner saying? Oh, we're not going to make it. It's it's

but I think we can make it. We can make it we're going to go. How many times do we fall for this in our own life?


Or you're in your private pair top prayer time in your your own Discerning spirit is going.

It don't feel right. I don't think this is this is the right way, but then we wake up and everything looks.

Fishing line. Just all smoothly on the outside. It looks very very good. Like it's a good but there's still that the starting Spirit that's in our heart thing.

How many times do we take all maybe I'm just overthinking it. I'm just overthinking it. I'm I'm just I'm worrying myself for no reason and so we logic our way into places. We never should have been in the first place.

Our way out of that Discerning Spirit we Usher it away so that we can get what we want to get those clothes in the fast to the goal as we possibly can we talk.

Everything's fine. Everything's good. Verse 14 it says imma go ahead and read it first 14 it says but the weather change abruptly and a wind of Pi.

burst across the island in blue bin out to sea Ignore the issue has been warning been laid by God that everything looks perfect to go. We're going to do it. We're going

I don't know. I've never experienced a wind of typhoons drink before but I don't think that sounds very good. It just does not sound like something I would want to ever ever experience. The weather changed and it has a very end. It says they just gave up they had to stop trying to stay on course because it was tearing their ship apart. The more they tried and tried and tried to keep their phone the way that it was supposed to go the wind and it was too strong and it was blowing them off course, and it was hurting their boat.

I'm going to I'm going to go ahead and read verse 17 through 26. 417 says then the Steelers bound ropes around the whole of the ship to strengthen it. They were afraid of being driven across the sandbars of the African Coast. So they lowered the sea anchor to slow the ship and were driven before the wind.

The next day a gale force winds continued to batter the ship and the crew began throwing the cargo overboard the following they they even took some of the ship a very own gear and threw it overboard the terrible storm raged for many days blotting out the sun and stars until at last all.

I wonder I have to wonder how far off course did they truly get blown that night or over the course of several days how far once they gave up all hope was lost. How far did they actually Venture off course? I can't help it. They I just picture Paul who in my mind as I read all of the letters of Paul just seems very strong and very steady. I just picture him on this boat this work with Ray is crashing over. I just like just picture him sitting down watch.

Back and forth all across the ship trying to hold because they bound ropes across the ship just to hold it together cuz they were afraid that the ship was going.

strong the waves were and I just picked up all the sitting there with this he knew it got issued the warning he knew it was about to happen and then just sitting there watching all those people.

strange strange thing when you're in like things that no other person would think to do when they when you enter that trouble state of fear when panic over takes you completely you find that you are doing things that you never would have done under I remember when my mom is terrified of tornadoes anytime any storm would come she would start random items that would help us in.

Is really strange thing to us. Sometimes we end up acting completely out of character and it just I want I just have to wonder what Paul was thinking when he was just watching Everybody Russia cost.

For of course have been blown how much Panic has happened before someone remembered the anchor? the anchor the anchors are not very pretty. I'm a very visual person. I like to look at things and girls are not the most beautiful or exciting things on the ship.

But the whole purpose of an anchor is to keep a ship steady. and in its correct place

There's sometimes we forget how much we need it or it's the last thing that you think of when we're in really deep trouble is the anchor. I want to read to you again Hebrews chapter 18 and 19 at the very end of the verse 8 verse 18. It says therefore we who The Refuge confidence as we hold to the hope that life before this. Hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our soul.

and the anchor is God the anchor is. He anchors our soul. He is our strong and trustworthy.

some things come He is our anchor he is what keeps us steady and in our correct place.

God wants us to a

that he's there.

Does that make sense? An anchor is completely useless. If you're not tied to it.

Like this anchor could be doing its job all day all who the storm. But if it's not tied to anything it's not keeping anything study, and it's not keeping anything in its correct place.

Just completely useless unless you're tied to it. God wants us to Anchor ourselves to him, but I think he wants to also anchor us to a few places as well. Number I have three things that God really reveal to me. The first one is God's presence God really wants us to Anchor ourselves in his presence. His presence is where we will find our peace and our strength to get through those weeks. Those weeks that we don't think we're going to make it through when we in car seat anchor ourselves and his present that kind of melts away and we get our control back because he know he's in control.

God's word is where we find our instruction and our warnings. A warning is always given. What does that be a through a person but a lot of warnings are found in God's word. There's many warning. We're going over the warnings in youth group and it's kind of inspired a lot of the youth group to start studying revelation.

God wants us to Anchor ourselves in God's people the ones who may as Paul did stand up and say I told Nobody ever wants to hear I told you so but sometimes when the warning has been issued and a Godly person stands before you this and I warned you. I came before you your

put me before.

And you have that I Told You So moment just as Paul said to the captain. But God's people are also these pillars that God places around us to hold us up and to pull us up by our bootstraps and we don't think we're going to make it through the week.

or those pillars of people who are running around trying to help us with our

I'm going to ask Josh to come up and play a song.

I believe God is issuing out a question this morning. I believe God is asking us all where is your anchor are you tied to it? What are the things that you?

Have you tied yourself to him? I just feel like I need to say that over and over and over again. Like where's your anchor who is your anchor when?

Where is your anchor?

Are you exactly where you're supposed to be? Are you allowing him to keep you steady and then you're correctly. I want to pray but I want to also take this time to have if Joanne would come forward if necessary. If if you guys would come forth. I would like to pray over you. I would like to pray over anybody who is not quite sure if they are fully allowed. God to be there. Anchor.

If you are unsure of how you'll react when a storm hit when a storm of typhoon strength. It's Your Ship your family your friend you yourself

are you tied to what is your first reaction? Buy your husband close your eyes. I would like to ask anybody who would like to come forward. Please come forward. I don't want to embarrass anyone but I would love for Joanne or AJ or Peter. Whoever Buster's if you need prayer I asked for you to find people.

Thought I asked right now that you were just pour out your Holy Spirit guy that you would just issue a warning in everyone's life who says here this morning.

If you see something in their past, that should not be there. I asked right now that you would issue a warning was that use your people got suko to the A pronoun that we would be away.

I asked right now that you would just strengthen us and pour out your Holy Spirit.


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