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What Fellowship is in God's Story


Elevator or Stairs?

Tools for Study

Bible Resources or Parallel Plus
Helps you study the Word more effectively
Across versions and into the original languages
You are seeking what the author intended to the original audience


Once you do the work to grasp the meaning to the original audience, grab a commentary and see what others think
The commentary will provide a secondary source conversation that has been happening on this particular passage since people recieved it in select circles of belief. (Don’t be alarmed when you come across another opinion, its okay, think and measure it against what the bible says)
Read to understand that conversation that has been happening on this particular passage (commentaries are the secondary source)
Bible Study text Book Series has been pretty well

Genesis 1:1-3

So far we have God (creating)
We have the Spirit of God (hovering)
We have the Word of God (speaking)
All right here in 3 verses smack in the beginning of the Bible.
Unified and Active.

New creation is formed from chaos because of God’s words

Genesis 2:18-25

Not good to be alone (isolated even though God was there)
Why? B/c people are Image bearers of God right, so when we see people who imitate God, we see God.
God takes something out of man (which he is now missing) and gives it back to him in the form of woman.
Now we see God, Man, and Woman. The image and fellow image bearers with no shame in between them.

Genesis 3-11

Then we see the fall happen once creation does not listen to God’s voice
Sin is introduced as shame, fear, pride, and guilt.
The first picture of fellowship is broken

Genesis 12:1-9

God calls Abram. God speaks. Abram listens. Order begins to form from chaos again (even though Abram is not perfect) Abram becomes Abraham and God promises to bless all nations through him.
God’s people were formed through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
As God’s people listen to his voice order continues to form in their lives and spread to others
Jacob is the father of the Israelite’s
The Israelite’s end up in slavery
Moses is sent to rescue them
Listening to God’s word through Moses God rescues the Israelite’s and consider’s them his

First born Exodus 4:22

This first born becomes free from slavery
He establishes his covenant with them (like a marriage)
He teaches them to become priests

God’s chosen vessel to listen to his voice and bless all nations

Exodus 24:1-9

They have a communion meal with God because they listen to God’s voice

Eating together means they are at peace with each other

There is no problem between them

God’s people gather around and obey his voice together

Numbers - Malachi

Problems come when God’s people don’t listen to his voice
Fellowship with God is limited and even cut off (exile)

Malachi 4:4-6

Mark 1:1-4

John the Baptist comes on the scene as a type of Elijah
Those who listen to him found order from chaos

Matthew 4:17

Jesus speaks - Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near

The Gospels

Jesus speaks God’s word about the kingdom to those who are outcasted, marginalized, and forgotten
People gather around his voice and find freedom from shame, fear, guilt, and oppression (they experience what Adam and Eve Experienced with God) He passes this heart to the 12 Apostles similar to the 12 tribes of Israel.
He dies for us all a redeems Israel and Gentiles making a way back to God for all nations through him.
The apostles have the same mission, Matthew 28, they want to bless all nations by teaching them about Jesus, baptizing them, and helping them hold to Jesus’ teachings.


The Church is built on the Apostles as the people who are called out of the world and into the kingdom to reach all nations and bless them. The church gathers around Jesus’s word through the Apostles and continues listening to God’s voice instead of the voice of the world

The Letters

As Churches are planted, the Apostles continue to fellowship with them by writing letters to help them hold onto Jesus’s teachings (aka listen to God’s voice) as they experience real life and conflict


Today we come together and gather around the word of God to be apart of the people who have always listened to God’s voice and found order out of Chaos.
How was your life before you heard the truth of God’s voice?
Fellowship is essential for us:
To celebrate our risen Lord
Gather around God’s voice
Help people come into the Kingdom of God
Help each other hold onto Jesus’s teachings
we get to see the transforming power of God taking lives (creation, from chaos to order, even still today through the Gospel)
Its not simply just coming to church.. its being apart of what God’s people have been doing since God first spoke.


The promised victory of Christ as our ultimate Lord
And the full restoration of our world back to fellowship with our Lord as we are coheirs with Christ
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