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The Testimony of the Son 1 John 5 6-12

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True Believers-An Exposition of 1 John   •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  25:39
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The most powerful testimony of Christ is seen in how he came to save humanity

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Hello and welcome to messages from the mount the expository Bible teaching and preaching Ministry of the Mount Olive Baptist Church. As always. We thank you for joining us and worship today list of the postman today is Pastor Stanley walk you through the new Bible series. an exposition on 1st June

Good morning. Good morning. Glory broken TV Bowser's Castle shirt. Thank you. All for this is with us again. We really appreciate it. It's always realize is there other churches that you could have changed into today TV shows has a chilly day to file taxes Church on the mount. Thank God that you want to do this for your day is just continue my jio doing all those things again. The CDC has requested. Keep it simple songs to listen to me to bring masks. Make sure your student loan payments or some other kind of like that and there has to be continued videos world record number of states that you are traveling to shelter in place. If you will feel that you're coming down with some of the sentence. Please mail, please sir, make sure that you go and take care of those items so that you can be able to function if you will save and freely. Well, thank you again as always because in the last week we together we talked about and just briefly of the testimony of an overcomer. One of the things that came out of that is that not only those individuals know God those individuals were victorious today. You want to talk about just a little bit different but they're coming from the same book the book of 1st John and we'll talk about today the testimony of the sun will find that in the first John chapter 5 versus 6. Let us pray Heavenly Father. We thank you o God for allowing us to be here today to pray Lord that you was only you can with superintendent ridetime causes be profitable to my brothers and sisters in to myself and Others May the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight. Oh Lord, my strength and My Redeemer in Jesus name, amen. What's up, just a situation that we're dealing with here today the nation capital and other places where there are lots of things going on particularly relates to responses to the different depths of taking place in our country. And so do you want to say that you don't we feel some kind of way about that? We had different individuals Brianna Taylor you think of these individuals who now experience to watch Factory on no longer with us because these individuals these individuals have Are you still at the hands of a policeman who was out of control? We don't know exactly what happened. But what we do know that it's some point in time. They will have to be a court case and when there is a court case. There is a court case that this court case will demand evidence. Play demands evidence. That means that they're looking at evidence corroborating facts that will prove the case as to how an individual is either found guilty or innocent the degree to which the punishment if you will shall be applied. And we do know that there are many testimonies and lots of cases. Our prayer is that cases have been tried in such a way that Justice will be ministered. And I'll pay you today what we looking at first John. We know that John the Apostle has been if you will having his own type of judgment. If you will be he is dealing with individuals who are supposed to be true believers back. That's the name of the series True Believers and we know the True Believers have a number of things that they do and that they practice and in this particular case what we see here is 1st John basically making the case for a test to be a True Believer and that there is first of all that they are walking in the light. So this light Life and love light in the pit Walking In Truth by which is the result of when connected to the father and to the son and then there is Love For The Individual to say that they are a True Believer and not love their Christian brother or sister. It's just basically telling a lie. So hear John when he does is this time instead of dealing primarily with the testimony of those individuals who are supposed to be escalated argument at this point to the testimony of the Son of God now, he has to question. Why does Jesus have to have the testimony? Anytime you are having a case being tried in the only time you usually don't want a person to actually speak is when that person is guilty. But we know that Jesus the righteous one the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world that he is innocent and told Jesus here. If you will begins to testify based upon what's going on here with 1st John of his own evidence that what is a testimony is a language in individuals either a witness, but more specifically that the individual that is telling the story has personally experienced that they should be and don't hear me find this for ideas for bits of evidence that Jesus raised to our attention here by way of 1st John we know who the dominant thought he was at the greatest witness of Jesus being watched. This God is his own testimony. That is some folks to tell you that there's something I always have this this this comparison that I give about what's going on in a postmodern Society by postmodern society means that people what they call in technical speak to meta-narrative. That is the overall story of how we understood things is no longer accepted by different parties and this particular case. Let's say four in the 80s that we now live in a person can say that there anybody they can say they come from any background they can say they are another person another sex. They can say all of these things but the reality is is that is it true? What what is it really true that they are what they say they are. Where is Neville versus Robin to a bank and then say that I am a millionaire and stand what they're suggesting today is that you have to believe that but there has to be cooperating after this. I'm a child with millions of dollars that shows that this individual is in fact a millionaire as a Jew. What did they go on a military installation and they do not have the credentials to back up that know where they don't have the commissioning and they're not officers in the military. They have not enlisted. Then what we have There Is Stolen Valor and we find that that individual then is guilty but hear Jesus gives us for fish o but evidence received this text here in first John chapter 5 verse 6 coming off. The hills are first chapter 5 verses 6 through 12. John talking about the old, he said, who is he that overcometh the world but he that believeth that Jesus is the son of God. The whole thing that you Jesus bring to our attention. He says this is he that came by water and blood has been what Jesus Christ who Jesus Christ not by water only. Let's find Porter and plug it is the spirit that parents because there is police because the spirit is not only as God, but I came as a human being now here. John is refueling a guy by the name of the Weather Service said simply that Jesus upon in his doing his baptism baptism baptism. The man Jesus said if you will Christ the anointed one to descend upon him while he's being baptized, but then shortly thereafter before his crucifixion then Christ that God did Lincoln departed from him. Today that that doctor has moved from what they called.

Same theme ideas different name. But if he pulls the same rate fallacy that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God and that he is not a man was he Jesus is 100% man, you know that because of the prophesied in Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 talkin about how was the Virgin show me born with a child is ABC in Matthew chapter 1 verse 21 and sold that Jesus Christ was born wrapped in swaddling clothing. We know that he was in his a man but not only was the 100% man. He was also one-hundred-percent Dove. We know this because things that Jesus did when they got upset because they claim that Jesus made to them for a fact it was a case where Jesus said to one man pick up your bed and walk and the Pharisees and Sadducees and describes. The religious intelligence are beginning to use into mouth against this and I missed one another and begin to save does. He think he is from only God can forgive Central The beautiful thing about it was Jesus being our mission knowing what was in the hearts of these men. He said, haha just because I just want to let you know just in case. Since you just about about what I'm getting ready to do to let you know that I just want a man who I say I am. I'm going to say to this man to take up his bed and walk and that will also prove that he is that he that he has his sins forgiven. I suggested they said Jesus dipping. The Bible says they picked up stones to Stone him. See Jesus was the behavior poster. Jesus Christ was the god man. Jesus was Jesus Christ was and is it very God of very God and very man of very man. If you will, he was the one that talked about how he took upon himself the form of sinful flesh. And this same Jesus dunking on the form of single record for the next thing you did was he died a death in such a way that he let us know that he did not count it robbery to be equal with God. But learned obedience unto death, even the death of the Cross. So he says I came to 100% human and 100% God here, but also and verses 7 through 9. He goes on fajitas. My coming to Earth. As God was confirmed we can versus 729 the text says here but there is there are three that bear record in heaven Lavazza the word and the Holy Ghost and these three are one is coming with confirmed by the Holy Spirit. Repeat that right here in the text but it goes to the further. It's also confirmed by the Trinity because it tells us here. That is he says in verse 7. There are three that bear record in heaven the Father the word in the Holy Ghost and these three are one and there are three that bear witness in her. And water and the blood in these three agreed in one that some folks. They want to know what does it mean by this idea of order in for a while as you mentioned in verse 5 when you talked about about Houston vs 6 about Jesus came by water and blood blood we understand that the water was means that he came if you will buy a natural birth just as any of the Man Loves a Woman from New York to Dalton tested by his baptism. You remember when Jesus was baptized when Jesus was baptized he went down into the water and ask if he got more than he came up with. The voice of God spoke and said this is my beloved Son in whom I'm well pleased with the Holy Spirit lighted upon him as a dove and they are the Sun God was there in the middle of the Water song did the Warriors pick in the baptism and it's not to rub it all so it seems to be an issue of the nature of his sacrifice that is his crucifixion on a cross on Calvary. What is the fact that you will be beaten into unrecognizable that he has his vicious Mart in such a way that no man can be recognized them that this same Jesus you would be big with a cat-o'-nine-tails fresh being ripped all the gruesome nature of his death also confirm them that he was who he said he was but going further and vs880 brings this out and they are three that bear witness in the year of the spirit in the water and the blood in these three agree and one and the same to you his testimony example Ice cream to Earth as Gaga and then he said also my coming to Earth as dark was confirmed but also in verses 9 and 10, he would say my testimony is compared to other words for someone gives a testimony to tell you something. That's so overwhelmingly true that there's no way that you can possibly be denied a course in this case. We know that Jesus had such overwhelming evidence just that the burden of the evidence that he's presenting himself is enough was too abrasive blasted. There's some individuals who still refuse to believe that Jesus is the Christ. They believe that Jesus Christ is God and that's one person would say that she's being a lord liar or lunatic not dial Emma put a trailer and buy a tribesman. We have to understand this way. If Jesus is not bored then that means you have to be crazy in order for him to claim something. Ages that people would kill him. By the way that you would have to be a liar that it is that none of the things that he said was actually true that he did not come as the Son of God did not heal the sick raise the dead in fact even have to go as far as to say that his resurrection will be a dumb because that means you will be mine but the church lets us know that Jesus Christ existed that is worth his words and his work well enough that it was so compelling that you have to believe that Jesus Christ was who was just based upon your testimony. He said the number 1 verse 9 Section 8 because it's commits testimony is greater than man's testimony Miller. Let God be true and every man a liar God is not a man that God is not a man that he should lie you the son of man that he should repent and that by two immutable things that jeep that God will not lie and that he does not change according to Hebrews chapter. Brazilian human versus 9. It says if we receive the witness of men that the witness of God is greater. That is God knows the actual in the possible. Remember God is not a man that he should lie in the son of man who's your pain but it goes on the step further because it's God's testimony and it works God telling you this now.

After how many people are sitting out in front of me, if you know that I'm on the other side of this free that on the other side of the iPad on the telephone or the television out of all of these people how many times God has lied to you? Just by showing Jesus. Just raise your hand in the show me somewhere then that God lied to you. Why don't you can't raise your hand. I know you can't show me drinks and but I know that you didn't wave your hand because God why you just don't benefiting guideline to you. I would never lie to you. But also we also see that I don't his testimony compel. It's because it's great that man's testimony because it's God's this month because it is validated by truck on the Son of God have the witness ending himself. That what I don't know. What are you saying that if you trust in Jesus Christ as your personal savior now, you ready I want but she is in you and you are with him now leaving here is a very very simple word but it is very very powerful. And that is the word Pista. Pista sometimes called is known as pistol sent. It means to believe if you will is another word for Faith and when someone believes something they can invest what they believe their life and what they believe in this particular case. He lets us know that the individual who has been leave the Jesus has him the witness Within Eagle is on he said he had the weirdest within himself and he that believeth not God have not have made him a liar because he believed in nothing record that God gave his son. You know what they're there are those people Who hold on today who want to disqualify those individuals who have trusted Christ? There's those individuals who believe today. That Jesus Christ actually hadn't come. In fact, they called him a mess. They want to take Jesus and place him under the microscope of scientific notation to make him a specimen that they can examine. If you will they send me cuz it's not a repeatable action that somehow or another that this is just this didn't happen. That isn't true that Jesus Christ is just apologized. So many people have told so many good stories about him this somehow or another that you didn't actually exist, but other words with the Apostle Paul, this thing did not happen in the corner. That Jesus is coming read in mind the way we understood the Julian calendar. So they went from PC to a TV. We know that Jesus Christ came upon the face of the Earth because of all the people's lives who Been Changed by trusting him if Jesus hadn't existed there would be no changed lives. We know that lady today. In fact, there's some who still waiting for him, but they don't realize that he's already come but he's coming again when he comes with him. He will come and you will take his face with it. Then after he is taking his face looking for a. Of time. You'll come back to the Earth to bring with him the same then they can begin the process setting up the internal state but not before too long will look around and we'll be in a new Heaven and new area. Yes, we see that the testimony to sign is that he came through up as God. Jesus came as a dancer pose as the god-man wrapped in swaddling clothing that is coming girl was confirmed by the spirit in the trinity. And that his testimony is compelling because it's validated by trust and faith in God. We all know his the contribution of my testimony is great. Great for two reasons here in verse 11 and 12 assists and this is the record that God has given to us eternal life. This life is in his stuff. Yes. God is giving you what you turn. The light on in this life is in his son. And for those individuals they too will experience eternal life, but I'm only only that it said that he didn't have the Sun. I'd life. That's what it says here. So the gift of eternal life is seen here. I'm here today to listen to the sound of my voice. You don't have Jesus Christ. I would say to you coming to him all ye that labor and he will give you rest. You should find rest for your soul in Jesus name. Thank you for the day bless these your people. May they come to you in Jesus name. Goodbye for now. Have a good day.

Very very pointed words. Remember if you set the prayer that Pastor Stanley gave the following the message, please drop the lion rev Stanley at We'd love to hear from you. Thank you for joining us today. If you happen to be in the Washington DC area. Feel free to join us at the Mount Olive Baptist Church 1146. Washington DC 20003 again, thanks for listening. God bless you and have a great week.

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