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Well, good evening, everyone. How's everyone doing tonight? We survived that storm that came through that was pretty wild.

You guys didn't get it. It was crazy here. It sound like explosions were going off in the building and

It happened at like 5:30 here. Nothing. That's just Alberta weather. I guess just craziest. Yeah, I really appreciate you all coming here tonight. This is going to be a night of of just some beautiful discussion that we get to have as a church family. We've never really done anything like this and the conviction came to us as a board that things happened so fast in church life we get so busy that often we get so bogged down with time and energy that we forget just to get together as a family to have a big discussion. We have our a GM's throat the once-a-year where we discuss everything going on, but we don't really have time to ever sit down and just see God's face and pray and ask what he has for us. And so that's really the purpose of tonight. So I don't really know what's your expectations were coming into tonight. We're all going to come a different expectations, but I'll let me just explain some of the reasoning in the purpose behind this until tonight. We're going to look at some basically inside of what we as a board of been talking about for the past year almost a year-and-a-half. We've been having quite a few discussions on what is the vision. What is the future of the church now, that's a massive discussion that I didn't want to condense down into one night. And so we're just going to give glimpses of that but we really wanted to invite the church family into that discussion just to see God's face and ask what he has for us in the future and especially if they're in this season. I mean these last few months have been chaotic have they not we've been forced to change and so many different ways. There's been so much uncertainty of what's going to happen next and as Easter to transition to the fall. We really want to get together to seek God's face and pray for what he has for us. And so that's the basic reality of what we're going to do tonight. So I'm going to share a little bit about are aboard discussion. We also had a massive the ministry leader questionnaire sent though and I'll give you some insight on that discussion as well. We're going to spend a lot of time and prayer tonight. So be prepared to pray and then we're going to have a lot of discussion as well. So as far as discussion, there's no holds play whatever you want. Feel free to say what God