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TULIP - Perseverance of the Saints

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Perseverance of the Saints

When you understand the doctrines of grace, you get blessed with humility
It impacts all of life
Understanding these truths changes us
We have no intrinsic value by ourselves. Our value comes from God and what He’s done.
Just and unjust - creation
Just - God loves us
Jesus is the perfect image of God
God is taking us and forming us to the same perfect image
God gets all glory for our righteousness
Why does God allow false prophets?
One reason is it gets the Church to get around the word of God and learn more about Him
Gnosticism = creation created by imperfect spirit, Jesus isn’t God
Marcionism = belief that Old Testament was no longer valid
Arianism = denounces Trinity
Pelagianism = man is not sinful by nature and can achieve perfection without divine grace
Semi-Pelagianism = man is sinful by nature and does need divine grace but salvation comes through the will of man. Essentially, man as a “free will”
People who fought against these false doctrines were Reformed who depend solely on the word of God for revelation
Sovereignty of God should be first
He is the beginning and end
He created past, present, and future
He doesn’t look down time (His creation) and learn from it. He established everything about it!
He evil wills, not authors, sin
What was the worst sin of the world? The murder of Jesus (though He wasn’t actually murdered but gave His life)
God predestined it
For His glory
For you’re good
If we degrade or ignore the sovereignty of God...
We start ignoring Scripture
We start misinterpreting Scripture
We start building a different image of God
We do not have a “free will” in the sense that we get freely choose good or bad
We choose according to our nature
Sin - Jn 8:43
Saved - 1 Jn 5:18
Go over TULI
TULIP in one sentence - Jn 6:44
Golden Chain of Redemption - Rom 8:29-30
Why did God choose you?
Because of His...
Not motivated by your response
If God looked through time, He would see Rom 3:10-13
“Seeing you choose Him thus He chooses you” is not in the Bible
Do we believe in Jesus and then we’re born again or are we born again and then we believe?
Faith is a gift from God
Eph 2:8-9
2 Tim 2:24-26
Is your view that God saves or is it up to us?
Jn 6:39-40
Perseverance of the Saints
Jn 10:1
Can you walk in and out of salvation?
Rom 8:29-30
Golden Chain of Redemption and cannot be broken
Jd 1:24
He is able keep you from stumbling
“Once saved only saved”
True but abused
Carnal Christian
1 Jn 2:19
If we live a life in sin and opposition to God, we’re not of God
Examine yourself
Does your life prove your belief?
Are you believing in Jesus or have you simply just believed?
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