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Coming in On Broken Pieces

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Coming in On Broken Pieces

Romans 1:9-15, Acts 27:9-11,14-18,30-31,42-44  Feb. 9th 2007

You maybe coming in on broken pieces, but it don’t matter come in anyway you can.  Paul wanted to do something very special for the church in Rome, because he wanted to be a blessing to both the Jew & the Gentiles, he was driven by the will of God, he was separated for this purpose, and I will tell you now whenever you are driven to bless others you become a target for the devil, because he does not want you to infect anyone w/the power and peace and joy of God.  It becomes critical, because often time we think that if God is in a thing that it should be easy & we believe that God has ordained our actions, you know how we pray, we say “Lord if your in this thing make it work easily” and immediately we begin to associate anything difficult w/being outside the will of God, but do you really think that satan is going to just sit by & let you become what God would have you be and not fight against you.   Let me take it a little farther the bible says that Paul was separated to the gospel of God,  which comes from Greek words that means marked off by boundaries, he was set apart, he was not born for no reason, he was moved from everybody else for this particular purpose.  It is when God has put is hand on you, that the enemy will move against you in any way & form he can, because he does not want you to move in the power of God, because every time you take a step toward your destiny it bothers what he has planned for your life.  Do you understand that God has made arrangements for your life & so has the devil.  Part of understanding you’re anointing is knowing how to deal w/the negative things that rise in your life.  Listen you can’t back up on your purpose, because you decide something is stormy & boisterous in your life, you can not decide to back up from your purpose just because somebody doesn’t understand it or won’t cooperate with it, you can not back up because seems to be difficult, when God has placed in your heart a desire to be a blessing to someone else.  I feel the anointing come one now.  See it is critical cause the child of God has to learn to overcome the negatives that will become your way, just because God has separated you for his purpose.  Paul says to the Philippians I’m good a nothing else other than to bless people, its with this in mind that he prays, now Lord let them know that I want to be there with them, so I can be there for them.  I don’t care what comes up against you, you have to understand that he will bring you thru, no matter how satan flows, no matter how things come against you the Lord has already mapped out a strategy.  Can I point something out to you?  When he gifts you, he gifts you before the world begins, and appoints you before the devil even realizes that you have been appointed.  It’s when you realize the move of God in your life & you begin to speak & move into that, that’s when the enemy realizes that you are gifted and then he prepares to move against you.  Where we go wrong many times is when we don’t look at the power of God thru the spirit by Faith, and we allow the circumstances were connected to, to send us the other way because we are troubled by situations.  The child of God must learn, that I’m not dominated by circumstances, I’m gift dominated.  So God who dominates my heart will overcome whatever I have to go thru to do what he has called me to do.  Doesn’t matter how I get here, I’m going to get here by the power of the H/S.  Now Paul asked for a prosperous journey, but he’s going to Rome as a prisoner in hand cuffs, notice the H/S does not need you to have position in order to operate, the H/S can operate in you & you not be in position.  See some people have been appointed & some are anointed and there are many times that the appointed is above the anointed.  You can be the 2nd person in the 7th, 8th, 9th position because the H/S does not need a title to work he just needs a vessel that will allow the move of God.  The leader in the ship was not the captain, the leader was not a centurion, the leader in the ship was a prisoner named Paul, see now if Paul is spirit dominated he will begin to see things that people in position can’t see, that’s why often you get condemned by people in position, cuz they didn’t have the insight or foresight that you have, and they have tried to destroy you, but if God is in you, there is nothing the devil can do about it.  It seems that God strengthens us & builds our character thru the difficult things we have to face, notice that not only does the spirit give us power to be witnesses & he’s comforter because when things are rough & the going is tough, the same H/S that has empowered you to stand is the same spirit that comforts you, cuz in troubled situations there is a tendency to become very discouraged, “Why do I have to got thru this, when I know I’m in the will of God, why is there so much opposition?  When all I want to do is move in the power of God, Why all these setbacks, it’s then that same H/S says be of good cheer, regardless of how difficult it looks I will get you thru it.”   We have to quit counting on people to lead us just on the outside & begin to depend on God to lead us from the inside, that’s why he say not to quench the spirit, don’t let anybody talk you out of the leading of God, don’t let anybody make you feel like God can’t talk to you, but its never right for selfishness, its always right to bless other people, cuz whenever God leads you he will lead you to bless other people & when you bless other people he will take care of your stuff, I wish somebody would give him a praise.  I’ll get there anyway I can.  Do you understand that God does not always move you the way you think you the way people think you ought to be moved, and sometimes cuz you look like prisoner people don’t pay attention to you, so now there in a middle of storm.  Paul warns them & they don’t pay attention cuz they thought who would talk to him, 2ndly they say we got to get our goods to port, anytime you give a prophetic word that messes with someone’s lifestyle, nobody will pay attention especially if it’s money.  See often we don’t hear God, cuz we don’t want to give up anything, but sometimes what you want give up God will take from you in order to fulfill his purpose.  Centurion wouldn’t listen cuz Paul was no sailor, but look at your neighbor I not just any Gilligan, I’m Gods anointed Gilligan.  I’m not just any kind of a person, but I’m a person that God speaks to, we have got to learn to look pass the outward superficial things about people & receive what only discernment can give us.  It’s not by power, it’s not might, it’s by his spirit, when the H/S spirit is opening your eyes & showing u who you r don’t let the devil depreciate what you are, tell the devil, what I have it’s in the power of the H/G in me.  Listen they get in the middle of the storm & all Paul has is what God said, is there anybody that know what it’s like to be in a hurricane & all you got is what God said?  In spite of how bad it looks I believe God, cuz he told me weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.  The storm is raging, but I believe that God is going to bring me out.  The sailors begin to throw things out, there are something’s that God will get you to throw out, stuff you thought you had to have, but my soul is more important that anything in this world.  The reason the devil is trying to kill is cuz you’re a blessing that’s getting ready to explode, there are to many gifts in this church to let the devil run thru us, I heard Paul say men be of good cheer cuz God is going to get us thru this if we just stay in the ship.  Broke, busted & disgusted, but stay in the ship, the might say you’ll never make it, but stay in the ship, don’t get nervous & jump out now, cuz God is going to bring us all the way thru.  The ship may break up but I still got a piece to get to land, it may not look like much but its enough to get me thru, money is funny & my friends may be few but God  gave me enough to keep me from loosing my mind, I’m going to get there even if it’s on broken pieces.  The devil thought I would drown but I’m still here, he thought I would’ve OD but I’m still here, satan you should’ve killed me in the storm but God wouldn’t let you, I know it’s rough & tough, but God has hand on me and I don’t have to wait till the battle is over cuz I can praise right now!  If you weren’t so blessed, you wouldn’t be so attacked.  Paul prayed for a prosperous journey, did he get what he prayed for?  Yes cuz there is  nothing better than experiencing the delivering power of God.  I’m Coming In Today, Even if it’s on broken pieces.

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