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Is counted free for God the just is satisfied to look on him and pardon me.

Do you have your copy of God's word? I would love for you to turn to Luke chapter 17. The New Testament book of Luke Luke chapter 17 and when you find that I would ask you to stand out of reverence and respect for the reading God's word Luke chapter 17.

beginning verse 20 when he was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come he answered them. The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable. No one will say see here or there for UC. The kingdom of God is in your midst. Let's pray father. We believe in the Holy Spirit.

and by his power we ask you father to preach to the hearts of your people. For Your Glory

In your son's name we pray. amen

When I move to where we live now. Probably five years or so ago. You look down over the hill into the holler and there's a little knob. And it's kind of grown up maybe 40 ft on each side of that knob but that knob is cleared off and I tried to keep it clean and try to keep it mode. And rot on the middle of that knob with a single tree.

I would mow around that tree and I would mow the grass there close to it over the the hill and and I know it's silly when I tell you this but it's it's almost like that tree taught me things, you know. I see that tree was kind of divided as it is. It came up. From a distance. It looks very pretty in a piece of art Lone Tree out in the field by itself. How old is that tree? I don't know. Spinners long as I know

one day I was mowing.

and I noticed that around the bottom of that tree started Thorns started growing.

I didn't think much of it and if if you know my household and how we do things Heather is the grass mower.

So it might be a long. Of time before I'm back on the mower again, and she don't go over there. I won't let her go up the hill. When the next time that I was down that way, I I noticed there was a Vine growing around the tree.

What started out just at the base of the trunk is now? I'm about halfway up the tree. yesterday me and my boy Marty. Went down the nanny and Poppy's house on the side-by-side get small fry some chicken now. I'm a Baptist. You know where Fried Chicken at the house, right? And on my way down there. I looked over at my tree and my trees did.

completely dead

You see that that one little measly Vine it grew up at till it finally choked it completely out. Still standing, but now it's completely enveloped with the Vine. And in just a short. Of time the tree is dead.

What what what does it have to do with the kingdom of God while I'm afraid that the same thing can be said about our worldview. Can it not? We can look at wife. We look at life the beginning of Life in the middle of life in the end of life. No different than what the world how the world looks at life.

You see the world and it's an idea of its concept its conclusions has grown around our lives until it's choked us

took completely cut off the source of life.

And we just are like everyone else. We have been overtaken.

by the world's worldview

my Jesus here was concerned about how his disciples would view the world. And the things that would transpire in their lifetime and Beyond. Now if you know anything about Jesus, which I hope you do see that we're 17 chapters in The Book of Luke say Amen to that. I hate to have to start over but I would I would probably enjoy it more. But if you know anything about Jesus, you know that there is something on the end of Jesus's lips if there's something on the end of his tongue that he's constantly speaking about he's he's constantly preaching about he wants people to know about and what is this Chris? It's the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke often of the kingdom of God you remember Jesus said the kingdom of God is at hand. you remember Jesus said seek first the I can't hear you. And its righteousness the Jesus said the kingdom of God is like a bit of Leaven. Jesus said the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed this little tiny. Tiny seed grows. Jesus told his disciples to pray what your kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

but here we are as Christians and

what was the center of what Jesus is teaching about the kingdom and I dare say that if you and I were asked to find what is the kingdom of God in a small group for Sunday school? It would be hard-pressed to find someone to give an articulate and clear definition of what is the kingdom of God? Think about it. That's not time to pray yet. If I put their heads about for some reason. What is the kingdom of God? What's important to Jesus should be important to us right? And if he's constantly talk about the kingdom of God, what is the kingdom of God tomorrow in the sandwich shop, so I asked you what do you say? You're one of your students send you a text a what is the kingdom of God?

Well, I think we can learn some about the kingdom of God in the Old Testament. Although we won't find the phrase Kingdom of God in the Old Testament. You'll find two major ideas that give us a foundation for this just sit back and listen for a second. Once I give you these these two foundational truths in your memories will probably be jogged. Okay, number one. The first truth is this that God is King. You believe that don't you? Psalm 24:8 says who is this king of glory the lord strong and mighty the Lord Mighty in battle lift up your heads you Gates rise up ancient doors in the king of glory will come in. Who is he this king of glory the lord of armies? He is the king of glory the song that's right. There is a king and his name is God. But there's also another truth though. That's the first truth.

You never said I said remember this and be brave take it to heart. You've transgressors remember what happened long ago for I am God and there is no other that's pretty good word for today, isn't it?

so his first truth is God is King II truth is this if there's a promise to King David's Throne will be filled with someone and it God's people will be re-established to a place of prominence. Who's idea all throughout the Old Testament is there's a king coming. There's a king coming. He's going to sit on David's Throne. He will be greater than David and he's going to bring us From the Ashes he's going up to a place of prominence in a place of peace.

It'll be like nothing else. Can you imagine living your life being taught from a little boy or a little girl that that you are God's chosen people. It's your the Israelites and though it looks dark outside right now and you're maybe even in captivity the prophets telling you repent repent because the king is coming. And this is the truth. And it's King will have such an influence his kingdom will have such an influence that all that is wrong in the world will be made right the wolf will dwell with the lamb. The writer says and the leopard will lie down with the goat and a cast young line in the fatted calf will all be together and a child will lead them. The counter bear will Grey's our young ones lie down together and the line will eat straw like cattle what's of this an infant will play beside the cobras pit and a toddler will put his hand into a snake's then they will not harm or destroy each other on my entire Holding Out for the land will be as full as the knowledge of the Lord as a c is filled with water. There is being taught in the old test with there's coming a time a perfect piece that even a little baby can reach his hand down and feed a venomous snake.

Always got to be king. There's got to be a kingdom.

So, how would we Define it? Listen to what Philip Graham ryken says the kingdom of God is the rule of God.

And now Jesus is teaching his disciples about this Kingdom. What we see is that it's not just the disciples that are curious the whole nation where Jesus is at everyone around him wants to know if when is the kingdom coming I've been waiting in the yolk that room has placed upon the nation of Israel upon each individual is rubbing them raw.

When is the kingdom coming? enough of it already they say

and Jesus begins to teach

Now I have to be truthful with you. I had the content of a server, but I couldn't outline it.

No matter what. I did. I could not get the outline the CERN, you know, what an outline is don't you? It's just what we put up here is signpost to get us to the next point to hang the stuff on a way for you to remember it. But then I found somebody that did a really good job and I took it from him. You know what David Miller says, don't you? If your bullet fits in my gun, shoot it.

so doctor in Bayway Thank you point. Number one lessons learned from the kingdom of God. Number one the Pharisees cannot see it.

Book with main brush 20 when he was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God we're coming after them. The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable. Did the Pharisees were looking for Sunday thought surely a king with coming with a king what comes with the King? That's it man Pomp and Circumstance it's it's it's not like the phrase anymore. We got to the parade a little late to the day I know that's hard to believe that we were late for something we got to the parade about 10 minutes late in the parade was at the other end of a city What happened? Nobody can come we want to hear bells and whistles and people dancing and we're looking for they thought that the king would have a big to do an Entourage maybe but Jesus said this is not how God works.

The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable.

No one will say see here or there for you. See the kingdom of God is in your midst. They can't see it. But the kingdom is in their midst as a matter of fact, the kingdom is standing there surrounded by his enemies.

God's Reign, and God's rule Jesus is there for them to see but they cannot see it. I ask you a question. Can you see it? As we read through Luke, can you see it?

There's the kingdom of God when the lepers are healed. There's the kingdom of God when the blind man. His sight is restore. There's the kingdom of God when Jesus says mother take your boy. He brings me back to life. There's the kingdom of God. Wherever Jesus goes evil is defeated and ran out of town same into that surely. This is the kingdom of God. If evil is on the Run. If demons are running from him. If people are being healed the dead are being raised everything that the fall has done to man is being reversed and put back in order surely the King has come.

But I don't see it Robert. I can't see it. We cannot see the kingdom is there in their midst? Why can't they Chris would you turn your Bibles to John chapter 3?

John chapter 3

there was a man from the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews. This man came to him at night and said Rabbi, we know that you're a teacher who is come from God or no one can perform these signs you doing this God wear with him. Jesus doesn't let him even get the question out. Here's what he says Jesus replied. Truly. I tell you unless someone is born again. He cannot see the kingdom of God. Why couldn't the Pharisees?

They're lost.

11 I don't know. I don't know if you know this or not, but the kingdom of God is alive and well today. Don't know if you can see it or not. Let me say this is the kingdom of God is present in 2020 and you don't need to go very far to see it and yet still people cannot see it. It was JC Roberts said the vast majority of men are utterly deceived into their own expectations with respect to the kingdom of God. They're waiting for signs, which will never appear there looking for indications that will never discover. They're looking for pop. They're looking for circumstances looking for the blowing of horns. They're looking for media coverage but instead the visible manifestation of the kingdom of God today in our world is the church.

God's Rule and God's rain is clearly shown within our congregation is it?

We're showing the World by living together what it's like to live in. Peace, aren't we? Why did you say that's why churches don't need to be fighting. Because if God rules is always peace all is peace forever more on that. Happy Golden Shore, but the church is supposed to be a place of peace.

We're showing the World by living together what it looks like to live with a king who dictates what's important and what's not important? Aren't we? Where we Show the World by living together what it means to live, holy and separate not from the domain of Darkness, but in the light of the Glorious Kingdom one writer said it like this the kingdom of God is God's people God's place under God rule. You see Jesus is it that you're looking for a big sign you're looking for this if you're looking for that the kingdom is in your midst and I'm here to tell you today. Guess what Beloved the kingdom is in your midst as well. And it's the local church.

You see the Pharisees can't see it. But the disciples can't miss it. But it was 22 then he told the disciples the days are coming when you will long to see one of the days of the son of man Bible the son of man reference from Daniel this God man, this God the savior. He tells his disciples. He's he's changing audiences from the Pharisees now to the disciples. He looks over his disciples. He says one day there's no becoming a date when you long to see one of the days the son of man, but you won't see it. Can you only imagine what it was like for them? Too long for him to come back. Christian do you loan for Jesus to come back?

It says this you won't see it. They will say to you see there or see here don't follow or run after them. People are going to tell you. Speaking of my return people are going to tell you all this is this is what's going to happen or this is how it's going to be or that's him or this is him or this is the right way or this is the wrong way. I don't believe it. Don't fall into the Trap.

What verse 24 for as the lightning flashes from Horizon to Horizon and lots of the sky? So the son of man will be in his day? you see we've went from the

already to the not yet. We went from present Kingdom to Future Kingdom. Are you hearing me? Jesus said that the kingdom is in your mess and then he said the king is coming.

How's it going to come Chris? Well people almost all the time want to go back in time. How's the kingdom coming Chris? How is Jesus coming back? It was like the other night. I walked in the house after a pretty long day and Heather said you need to deliver a wreath.

So I took the reach out to deliver to someone. But there's a storm going on. And I'm a whip. And I'm scared to death of what? That's why I'm in my truck thinking about how to get from point A my truck to the porch this person's house. And guess what the only place on Earth that has three front doors. I don't have to knock on every front door. Finally. They got counting it lightning splashing everywhere. You see that? How could you not see it all beloved? Or when he comes back whether you're in Fort Gay or Afghanistan, you will see. Black Lightning that flashes from Horizon to Horizon, you won't have to wonder you won't have to wait you won't have to sit down and get your charts out if this really him or when he comes back he's coming back as Lightning. You see the Pharisees can't see it in the disciples. They can't miss it. Weber 25, but first but first it is necessary that he suffer many things and be rejected by his generation while another lesson Jesus teaches us about the kingdom of God is not at the mercy of this world in order for him to come back and I'm listen to some of you didn't get that. And then you're going to be asking me later on now Chris what I saw where this is build nests over there and they were doing this and you know, I heard about these helicopters. I had to tell you something everything is required for Jesus to come back has already happened. You're not waiting on something to be built. You're not waiting on something to be fulfilled everything. That's a prerequisite for God to send his son back to get his church has already happened. You say Chris. I don't believe you. I knew you would say that I'm looking for 25, but first it's necessary that he suffer many things and be rejected by his generation and it's already happened. He's already suffered. He's already been rejected.

Oh beloved. He could come back at any moment. All the prerequisite has been filled.

Guess what? You're not waiting on murder Hornets to come in order for Jesus. Come back. Can you say Amen to that? You don't have to sit inside your house safe. Social distancing what you need to be doing that but you don't even sit in there locked up in your house ring in your hand all the viruses come and now the murder Hornets are coming and then something else is going to come and all these things. I've got to get to the back of my Bible that one guy sold that chart that one time. I got to figure out when I tell you something beloved he comes back when he wants to come back. When his purposes are fulfilled God comes back and here's the question. Are you ready?

You see the Pharisees can't see it. But this is how I posed you and me those who love Jesus those who long for his appearing. We can't miss it.

Look with me hit the Pharisees can't see it but the disciples can't miss it. The world won't expect it either. Book with me verse 26 just as it was in the days of Noah. So it will it will be in the days of the son of man.

Okay. We know about no, don't we? Right, we know about Noah same into this a kids. Do you know about Noah?

We're going to have to start revamping our Sunday school. You know about Noah Wright Noah built a Ark.

But you know he worked on that boat for a long time, didn't he?

listen close the world will not expect it. This King coming back people went on eating drinking marrying for 27th and being given in marriage until the day no aboard the ark and the flood came and destroyed them all and you know, how many times people tell me how long the course of wake, you know, it's just like in the days of Noah. and everywhere

Did you know that Noah was a sinner as well?

I mean nobody say because it wasn't a sinner they were saved by the grace of God. Yeah, I know found Grace Grace down Noah. angel, demon art and what is the picture of the Ark is the picture of the cross? In Christ, I'm protected from the judgment. Let's not get carried away. Listen to what? I'm telling you don't buy into this that a certain amount of sin has to accumulate before God says I've had enough.

Jesus says just like in the days of Noah. People are going to be eating and drinking going to the Mexican.

Play on Gardens getting haircuts. We're going to be doing the things that they always do. and then

Dover I listen if you're here, you're outside the safety of being in Christ. No diss at any moment. Anytime. Jesus could come back and there is no plan B as lightning flashes quickly. You don't have time to say okay now is when I will get serious about this. Yeah. Yeah. Now I'm going to do what he says to do. No repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. First illustration that he uses Jesus uses his NOAA teachers preachers listen to me. You don't need to run and and buy illustration books.

Get your illustrations from the Bible because that's the way Jesus did it. He says just like in the days of Noah. So will it be the world won't expect it now, look what he says and then we go back to our old testament reading with the first 28 but on the day lot left Sodom fire and sulfur rain from heaven and Destroy them all. Oh, how many times have you heard Sodom and Gomorrah used? By well-meaning brothers and sisters to talk about today's generation. That's not what Jesus is talking about.

It'll be like that on the day. The son of man is revealed. Just going on. business as usual

Jesus is not teaching here about the wickedness of the people in Noah's day know it was a sinner he's talking about the preoccupation with life and so was locked. Every time you see son of man in your Bible here, you should be marking it down. Son of man verse 26, son of man verse 22, son of man in verse 30 why because Jesus is making it clear that he is gone.

And the world will not expect it. Well, let's just move on cuz I know you're getting hungry.

The Pharisees can't see it the world or the Pharisees can't see it that samples can't miss it. The world won't expect it. And I listen only the self-denying will find it. on that day a man on the housetop house topping that time is not like the roots we have now the Palestinian home with stairs going up to it and it was

I'm at the young man on the housetop. His belongings are in the house must not come down to get them likewise the man who's in the field must not turn back and then he gives three simple word words. Remember Lot's wife this week me and some brothers were reading our Bibles and we we read about the man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom of God. and hear Jesus teaches

But in order to be in the kingdom of God, you must deny yourself. You must say the stuff in the house down there is not worth it. If you're in the field you say the stuff back at the barn is not worth it. There is nothing worth more than the kingdom of God. And if I have to leave it all behind and I will I will follow him only the self-denying will find it and we remember Lot's wife church if I could plant something in your heart for the week. It's this remember Lot's wife. You see her body was running away, but her heart never left saw them.

And let me give you something to chew on the words of Jim Elliot the missionary who would be killed by the Indians. He says this he is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. All you're presented with something today the stuff in the house the stuff in the field the stuff in the barn the stuff of your life is not worth it.

And he is no fool who gives up those things the things that he cannot keep to gain what he could never lose.

The Bible knows nothing of the person who is in the kingdom of God who was also in another kingdom.

Remember what Jesus said you can't serve both God and money. And you can't serve both God and your job.

You can't serve both God and your kids.

You can't serve both God in the culture. You can't serve both God in your home.

You can't serve both God and you fill in the blank.

in verse 33 here is what it means to live the Christian Life. Whoever tries to make his life secure will lose it. And whoever loses his life will preserve it. What a beautiful statement. The call to be a disciple of Jesus the call to be reconciled to God is not a call to try Jesus if you don't like him sitting back down.

The call to be a Christian is to absolutely sign your life away. And you said Chris. Nobody's going to come if you keep talkin that exactly.

It's only by the spirit of God that a man has eyes to see and maybe you're sitting here today. And you're not a Christian and you say oh my goodness.

Double-minded I come here and I do this but really my heart somewhere else repent.

Call upon the name of the Lord. You'll be safe. and then when you do give him the glory for doing it.

Only the self-denying will find it in last week those who miss it will perish.

I tell you on that not too will be in one bed one will be taken and the other will be left to women will be grinding Grain Together one will be taken and the other left you see in this day and age all the family would lit with sleep in one room. Think about it. You and your dad you and your brother you and whoever you're in your you're in the room together your sleep. Want to be taken and one will be left.

Two women seems like they're the same went woman. They've got the same job the same social status that they're in the same place together, but one taken in the others left.

You work with that lady. That's not a Christian and you all had the same hairstyle and you like the same kind of purses and you and you and you enjoy the same kind of music and when he comes one we take another one.

Alistair Begg says one goes to judgment and one goes to Christ.

Those who miss it will perish.

And then they asked a question. They're not going to they're not going to say no way. Are they going to ask him again? What it looks like? They're scared to death. You're not going to ask him when?

Listen what they say. We're Lord scared answer is going to be in then Jesus gives this answer. They asked him where Lord he said to them where the corpse is there. Also, the vultures will be gathered.

What in the world is that me?

I don't know.

a lot of different interpretations of all different angles I really don't know.

If I was standing with her sit with my children and teaching in the Bible. This is what I would say.

Where are the vultures in the buzzards at?

Where did Fez?

So is Judgement? Where's the Judgment of God at?

for the dead are

you see you must be born again.

What are three lessons that I want you to take home with you and then we'll close Okay lesson number one. Stop looking for a sign to start trusting in Jesus. Are you can smile a little bit now? Come on. Stop looking for a sign. And start trusting in Jesus. You don't need a sign. You don't need to charge. You don't need a Facebook profit. You need a TV preacher and you don't need to be scared if your future you don't need to be scared. What's coming down the pike?

He said he's coming back and you can trust him. The prerequisite has been met and that is enough. Like everything else in the Christian Life It's Always by faith. And until I listen close until he returns. He has placed you in the visible portion of his kingdom, which is the church. Do not neglect the safety of the church.

He's coming back. Stop looking for a sign. Stop sharing that garbage on Facebook. This guy says that you know, if you add up these numbers and you turn around twice and you stand on one leg and you put your mouth up to the thing, but he's not a prophet nor the son of a prophet. You need to throw that garbage away. Cuz if he's a prophet is wrong we should be stoned. If he is a prophet and it agrees with scripture, why do I need him?

You ever thought about that your son about Peter Peters up on the top of the mountain who is the father of the glorified Christ?

Moses and Elijah

And Peter writes a little later. I've heard his voice.

After High

And I have a more sure word.

You don't need a sign. You need a Bible.

What's the number one stop looking for stuff? Like the Pharisees start trusting in Jesus. Can you say Amen to that? number two

Remember Lot's wife. And stop wasting your life.

Lots washer running to beat the band. bitter heart never left the cottage

her heart was so preoccupied with what was going on in the city. Her heart was so preoccupied what was going on with her friends and her neighbors. Her heart was so preoccupied with all the wheels with the accumulated her husband was a judge for crying out loud.

Do you know that two of those traces were not talking about homosexuality? Homosexuality is a sin. But that's not what I was talking about. Did you notice to illustration? We're not talking about indecency. Although those are our sins as well. But it was talking about the sin of preoccupation. Aldana. Listen, we can talk about homosexuality.

We talk about adultery. murder

But what about the scent of preoccupation know, you know, you come to church every Sunday and you might even be involved in a small grouping and you give some time and then you can you do the things seemingly going on the right path, but they're there lies the problem cuz your heart still back at the house.

It's a sin to be preoccupied with your work. It's a sin to be preoccupied with your life with your kids with your parents with your brothers with your sisters with your wealth with your status with whatever it is. It's a sin to be preoccupied with anything other than Jesus and his kingdom.

So, how do we do what we do here while we examine ourselves? What takes up the largest portion of my time. Where you at these e

or if you're a of a worker you work if you're a housewife, it's it's taking care of your job inside the home.

I'm not telling you to be a monk. I'm not telling you to to call your boss tomorrow said you know my future he said. But I was preoccupied with my work.

Because what your boss is going to say your preachers crazy and you're fired.

Beloved you are not placed in that position for yourself. And when you complain or when you're preoccupied, you're complaining against the king when you're preoccupied you say that the gift that he's giving me in this job is more important than the one who gave it to me. You think he's placed you there providentially so you would further his kingdom.

Toby intentional push back on the things that come at your time carve out time for prayer carve out time for Bible study make your schedule revolve around his work not his work around your schedule.

Stop looking for a sign start trust in Jesus.

Remember Lot's wife. Don't waste your life and lastly. Go serve your king.

I'm here to tell you today on the authority of scripture that my king this Jesus Christ of Nazareth who died and is now living and is raised. He is not a politician.

The answer to the world's problems will not be solved a voting booth in November. Oh, yes, you should vote same in exercise that right has been given to you, but don't slip into this idea that the what the world needs is a politician to fix it because they haven't done it yet.

Know know when the king Returns the line will lay down with the lamb when the king returns. He will make all things new no more babies starving. No more babies being killed no more elderly people shunned.

No more Injustice. No more racism.

When the king comes he sits up the kingdom that you and I are in the midst of now and when he comes all is made right. He is not a politician.

SM Lockridge says you can't impeach him and he's not going to resign. That's my king. And guess what beloved you are his ambassadors. No Royal procession. No.

But just like a baby born in a barn who became a carpenter who would save his people from their sins. This kingdom is always inconspicuous and it's hard to make out but it's always growing it grows. When you pray with the woman at the deli who's had a hard day the kingdom grows and advances when you volunteer for the nursery the kingdom grows when you commit to bring your kids to Sunday school every week the kingdom gross when you volunteered to go on a short-term mission trips the kingdom grows when you give a Bible to someone who does not have it.

one Rider that I read after often said describing one aspect of the Kingdom It's The End Breaking of God into history to realize his Redemptive purposes. My prayer today is that God breaks the hold of the vine that has grown over and around our hearts and smothered out the life that Jesus has gave us that free from this whole we will have a fresh view of Our Lives live live together in and for the kingdom and he gives us a Clear Vision of how he is redeeming his people through this local church via our everyday lives normal circumstances in our community, but also around the world in my prayer today for you and for me, is this may your kingdom come Make your will be done.

How about itsy? Give us a chance to see the kingdom of God is not dead. But just as that tomb is empty and just as the king is living on the throne today. So is this Kingdom alive and vibrant?

and may my life be about your kingdom

in your son's name.

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