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Covenant 7/12/2020

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Forerunners Part 3 - 7/12/2020  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  49:08
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Well this morning we're continuing our series entitled for Bears of faith. And we're going to be looking at an interesting contrast between two different people to different sons of Adam with two very different lives Kane and Noah and I think that will learn a great deal as we look at this very familiar story from a fresh perspective. Now over the course of the past two weeks. We have examined the life of Adam and Eve and we learned that the first three chapters of Genesis tell the story of our first two parents. They are nice people and the Art of fairy tail, but Genesis 1 through 3 towel the account of how God created the heavens. Out of nothing the universe fits around us by the power of His word alone and how he knelt into the dust of the ground informed Adam In His Image. He breathed the breath of life into him so that he became a living being and not long afterwards. He created Eve from Adam's side that the two might come back together as one flesh husband and wife were told from the scriptures that God created mankind In His Image male and female he created them in the image of God. He created them how we learned that Adam and Eve were the first two people to experience the vastness and Majesty of creation. Anyway the first and only two people apart from Jesus to enjoy an intimate relationship with their creator Unbroken by sin. According to Genesis 3:8 on a daily basis. God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden in the cool of the day. It's an experience that we will only truly have in our future after the Lord returns and creates a new Heaven and a new Earth where sin no longer Reigns in his presence is with his people where there will be no more tears or morning before Adam and Eve. It was a daily experience. You can only imagine the wonders of what they experienced in that brief time, but tragically despite all that. They had seen unfold despite their intimate in unbroken relationship with the Lord. They sinned against God. They rebelled Against The God Who made them they were held Against The God Who Loved them. Willfully and foolishly Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord's singular command. They eat from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. They fell victim to the craftiness cunning this of the serpent that Fallen Angel Satan himself and they broke Covenant with God. And everything changed and that dire moment. It warned them that if they broke his command at 8 on the day that they ate of it. They would certainly die and just as the Lord had warned Adam and Eve along with all of their unborn children died on that day as both of them bow down to States and tanned. The consequence of Adam's fall was Radical and it was sweeping far more devastating than we often recognized in Romans chapter 5 the Apostle Paul reveals. What actually happened on that day inspired by the Holy Spirit. He tells us V by the one man's Disobedience speaking of Adam's sin. The many were made Sinners one trespass the trespass and sin of Adam led to condemnation for all men and women then came into the world through one man and death through sin and so death spread to all men. Adam's decision on that day abandon all of his children to death head to the condemnation of a holy and righteous God the Bible plainly the Adam and Eve were historical figures. Our forebears had their fall changed our lives forever Creation with corrupted human nature fundamentally changed in the wake of the fall out of his descendants would continue to Bear God's image. That's irrevocable, but our nature was fundamentally deform by sin at its very core. Adam and Eve were created good as the scriptures tell us. In fact, very good that they had a proclivity and inclination to do what was good to do. What was right? Yes, I desire to obey and please The God Who made them Corruption of human nature that their sin brought upon the human race. We are not born with Godly desires. None of their children have been just the opposite is true. We are born Sinners and we are born with a propensity toward evil and inclination to do what is wrong. We have an addiction to send from even before we are born. According to scriptures we are not Sinners because we sin. We sin because we are sinners. Let me say that again. I want you to listen carefully the scriptures tell us that we are not Sinners because we send. But we sin because we are sinners at the very core of who we are as a consequence of Adam's fall because of his original sin. Not only are we born Sinners but we are all born condemned double before a righteous and holy God, it's not something that we as Americans like to to accept with that statement of scripture is that because of Adam's sin all of his children stand condemned before God. You might say well that's not fair. How could a God of Justice do something like this? And you got is far more than a God of Justice. He is a god of grace and mercy had to establish this principle that one man might make a decision or or commit an action that would give consequence to fall that would be from him so that when Christ came his righteousness might be given to those who had nothing to do with who he was or what he did it for this principle established in the garden is the very foundational principles of the Gospel itself. We do not want to run from this eminently biblical truth. But even if God called Adam and Eve to account for their sin, even as he pronounced judgment on them for rejecting his word and red announcing his sovereignty over their lives at the very same instance you pronounce they curse on the serpent that would reveal his Plan of Redemption that would move down Through the Ages. We find it there in Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 is God says to the serpent in the wake of Adam's fall into temptation that he brought about. I will put enmity surfeit between you and the woman in between your Offspring and hers he will crush your head though. You will strike his heel. Listen carefully there in the garden the gospel. The good news of the coming of Christ was proclaimed for the very first time a descendant of Eve. Would one day come to save them from their sin them Adam and Eve and their children and their children's children in the fullness of time is the Apostle Paul writes in Galatians one would come born of a woman born under the law to redeem those under the curse that Adam brought remarkably God's grace was revealed even in the garden in the wake of Adam and Eve's Rebellion to the Lord clothes Adam and Eve were told he cover their nakedness in shameful despite their since he showed them mercy and Grace by way of the promise savior, but also by the way in which he forgave them and cared for them in their guilt and shame. Forgive their sin, but Adam and Eve would not escape the consequences of their sin or of their Godless action snore with their children or their children's children. God forgives us of our sin and mercy and Grace but quite often we face the consequences of those actions and so too would they and so too would their children for generations to come that? They could not be allowed to eat from the Tree of Life and live forever in their sinful State. Imagine if God has allowed them to do that how ungracious and loving that would have been They died spiritually when they sinned against the Lord their physical Nature's were deformed and they died physically as well and the bodies that God had created to last for eternity in his presence began to fall apart and fell victim to Decay you experienced that decay in your own life can barely read the notes there in front of me to preach this message if I wasn't wearing glasses until the curse came and it fell not only upon them and their spirits and their bodies but upon their children and their children's children. The next portion of God's account of what happened with our forefather in for mother. We find them outside of the garden. Separated from intimate communion with God because of their sin. And here's what we're told in Genesis chapter 4 verse 1 now Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived headboard cane. Faith, I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord that you remember when God brought his curse on Adam and Eve one of the curses that God brought was a curse upon a child bearing didn't childbearing the woman with experience suffering. The certainly that refers to a physical suffering that all woman women endure in childbirth with great hardship as they bring that new life into the world, but even more so than that, it is the suffering of bringing one. They love so deeply and dearly into a world that we have corrupted by our own Godless actions. When did I talk sometimes about our boys in the future that they'll face it seems so innocent when they're younger. Of course, they're not in as parents. You see that firsthand no child is because of the fall of Adam. They're born with the corrupt nature but in so many ways their innocence and you think what will their life be like as they grow up in this fallen and broken world and his parents. I just the mother but also a father you you you you you recognize the pain that will come to protect them for as long as you can but ultimately they will face the world. They will face this and that is staying this place that God has made it will be addicted to send in a myriad of ways. It will crush their hearts and souls head all we can hope is that God will provide redemption in the midst of their experienced by an active Grace as he showed to Adam and Eve and as believing parents as he has shown. Chihuahua I wonder if Eve believe that perhaps this son the first child ever to be born to a woman in the history of the world would be the very Redeemer that God had promised. How do you promise that one of her sons would crush the head of the serpent. Would this be the one what kind of fear did Eve experience as she gave birth for the first time she faced the travail of pregnancy and delivery as Adam as clueless as any father and practice truthful even more so watched and tried to assist is this new child by way of God's grace came into the world and pain was born. The first man not created by the power of God's word, but created through the work of the physiology and biology that God had placed within this man and woman to give birth to Millions a billions of people for generations to come. We read a little bit further in the account had to get in Ybor assign a brother Abel and I able was a keeper of sheep a shepherd and Kane a worker of the ground Garden ran in the course of time Kane brought to the Lord and offering of the fruit of the ground and Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of there. Portion What's Happening Here? Adam and Eve have told their children about the Lord. Cain and Abel have never walked with God in the cool of the day. They were not created from Nothing by a God who love them deeply and dearly relationship with the father day upon date. They grew up in a broken world and in their hearts corrupted as they were from birth there any clinicians were not toward good as their parents had been created to experience from the very beginning. And their parents taught them about the goodness of God had about the sinfulness of men and about the need for what an offering a sacrifice for sin. It's okay to enable instructed by their parents brought sacrifices to the Lord and offering for their sin before the God who made them because of the wrong that they had done it a good when parents raise their children in the way of the Lord. The Lord said to Cain as they bring this offering is we read a little bit further in the passage. The Lord for some reason had no regard for Abel's offering were told Cain and his off after he had regard for Abel's offering but he had no regard for Cain's offering. 2K was very angry and his face fell. As you read that story for the first time you if you wonder of yourself, why did God disregard Cain's offering? What kind of God is this? Why wouldn't he have accepted it as he accepted the offering table. It's a curious statement in the scriptures and yet we're giving a little more inside in the next verse the Lord said to Cain. Why are you angry and why has your face Fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted and if you do not do well sin is crouching at the door. It's desire is to contrary to you, but you must rule over it. I've heard many commentators talk about why it was that God did not accept Cain's offering but he did accept Abel's offering. I think the reason we have from the taxes something was going on with the heart of Cain as he brought that offering to the Lord it plays out in the passage has a head but what's interesting about this story is that God intervenes before painful doesn't he came and tempted Adam and Eve to a certain degree. God did not intervene in the midst of that Temptation. They faced it on their own with the power of the righteousness that God had given them without the corruption of the sinful nature, but hear God recognizing the Temptation that is in Cane's mine a Temptation that does not seem to have been brought by the serpent. But simply to have originated from the heart of this first born son of the human race. God tells him very plainly and clearly if you do not do well. If you do not do what is right and good and true sin is crouching at the door and its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it.

Tragically Kane did not listen to the Lord as his parents did not listen to the Lord and no he didn't face the Temptation. It seems of the serpent. He was simply tempted by his own evil, desire and unrighteousness. We're told them first aid that came spoke to Abel his brother. Let's go out on a trip. Let's go. Let's go out together. And then when and when they were there alone in the field Cain rose up against his brother Abel and he killed him In Cold Blood.

What is the extent of the sinful nature of men's hearts? The very first man who was born. in the human race by natural means that God provided killed his brother in Cold Blood out of anger and hatred Withholding verse 9 that the Lord much as he had with Kane's parents approached Kane and the Lord said, where is Abel your brother and noticed his response there in Genesis 4:9. He said, I don't know. Am I My Brother's Keeper?

the Brazen response from that young man certainly is God confronted Adam and Eve there in the garden there excuses immediately obtained the four and yet they made excuses for what they had done wrong. Painted some strange moment believes that he will simply lie to God's face and pretend that he hadn't done what he certainly had. The Lord said to Cain this unrepentant one. What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground and now you are cursive from the ground switch is opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand when you work the ground it shall no longer yield to you its strength. You shall be a fugitive and a Wanderer on the earth and Kane said to the Lord my punishment is greater than I can bear and behold you have driven me today away from the ground. Of course, he was a gardener. It was the very lifeblood of pain and passion of his life. And from your face. I shall be hitting II compared to what came passion truly is a fugitive and a Wanderer on the earth and whoever Finds Me will kill me. Obviously at this time Adam and Eve had other sons and there were others perhaps did Cain and Abel even had had who populated the earth and the Lord said to him not so if anyone kills Cain Vengeance shall be taken on him Sevenfold notice what God said, they're located murdered his brother. He was going to watch over him and his life might be spared again. An act of mercy and Lord put a mark on Cain any who found him should attack him. Did Kane win away from the presence of the Lord and settled in the Land of Nod East of Eden? But Cain was not simply a Bad Apple the whole tree has been poisoned by sin and corrupted to its core. Things to. Get better as time progressed. In fact, they got much worse and Genesis chapter 4. We went ring of read of 120 chains descendants his great great great great. Great grandson. His name was Les McCann. He was the first polygamist were told. He took two wives obviously in contrast to what God had established as the created order for marriage willfully breaking God's commands by way of his own lost. Tragically the second poem or song that we find in the scriptures is pinned by lamech God Mater and presented her bone of my bone and Flesh of My Flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken from man the first poetic verse ever recorded in human history. Will this is the second listen to its word is found in Genesis 423 lamech said to his wives plural adah and Zillah beautiful names for wives. Don't you think I hear my voice you wives of lamech. Listen to what I say. I have killed a man for wounding me how young man for striking me Avenged Sevenfold and lay mix is 77 full. What type of a picture of a man's heart is that the man who wounded him who struck him a minor infraction he murdered him in Cold Blood full benjins on anyone who would touch Cain. I don't need God. I'll bring the 77 full Vengeance on anyone who raises their hand against me.

four generations five generations removed from the garden This is the picture of the heart of men that the scriptures provide. Genesis 4:25 the story continues his son and called his name Seth or she said God has appointed for me another Offspring instead of a table for Cain killed him. The Story Goes On from there, you can only imagine the experience of Adam and the experience of Eve so far from the garden in which God had brought them to life watching their children Slaughter one another and their great-grandchildren rise up and violence and hatred in the world. It must be so woefully limited to send that they committed on that day. Lies that the serpent told that brought the chains upon all future. Generations would have been so evident to Adam and Eve and yet they proclaim the goodness of God to all of those Generations will see in a moment that the lifespan of these men and women at this early stage in the created order was very vast. Look at what we learn here just a little bit farther in a Genesis chapter 5 when Adam had lived 130 years. He fathered a son in his own likeness after his image and named him that the days of Adam after he fathered Steph 800 years. Adam lived 930 years had he had other Sons and Daughters of us all the days that Adam lived where 930 years in this tragic statement and he died. Something that God had never intended for them to experience and the list goes on when he lived after he fathered enosh 807 years had other Sons and Daughters. That's all the days of Seth were 912 years and he died. The consequence of Adamson mahalalel Jared Enoch Enoch 365 years and then he was no more because he walked with God. He walked into heaven apparently and never faced that it's a very unique story. We know nothing more really than these few verses about him headbutt, but he not had a son whose name was lamech is well-lit different lamech, but the same name who live for a hundred and eighty-two years Hendon lavic to father to son whose name was. Noah stay out of the ground that the Lord has cursed this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands. Hey, this is Sun Atlantic expected with would somehow make that curse change and she can't remember the promise that God had made to their for father and for mother and it seems like The Godly among them hope it every new generation might be the generation in which the Redeemer would emerge and return them to the garden and reconcile them to the god that they had abandoned out of the ground that the Lord has cursed this one Noah shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands. So the story of Noah begin. It starts like this in Genesis chapter 6 with great in the Earth. And the every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. the tragic picture of the legacy of the garden What a horrifying look at the heart of man and a heart of woman head then we fine with frankly I think is one of the most astonishing versus and all the scriptures Genesis chapter 6 verse 6. And the Lord regretted that he had made man on the Earth. And it grieved him to his heart.

How did Lord deal with sin how to deal with evil? Unequivocally, he does not countenance what is wrong or sinful or evil or Wicked? It is Grace that we often say it knows no bounds is Grace does no bounds at times. They were told here in verse 7 to the Lord said about the perversity in corruption and wickedness of this generation of men. I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land man and animals and creeping things and the birds of the heaven for I am sorry that I have made them. What a tragic assessment from a garden that was created good not just good, but very good for the glory and Grandeur of that Creation with these two that were made in God's image to bear his likeness to the wickedness of men that is still feel the Earth with a pinch of unrighteousness that God himself regrets that he has made these ones. He made to be like him. Get in first 8 there's a word of Hope. but Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord

I think it's fascinating the way that people look at God's word. They look at the Old Testament and they say what I judging and heartless God who just strikes down people willy-nilly it is God who created the heavens and the Earth and man and woman in His image is the very God who loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. This is the god of grace and mercy who proclaim the Redemption of Christ that would come to crush the head of the serpent head to reconcile humankind's to himself ended in this generation that gracious and merciful god was so dumbstruck at the wickedness and the corruption of men's Hearts be regretted that he made them and he brought a universal judgment on all of them. Out of the millions that we believe we're around this time anywhere from fifty to a hundred million people in these 1500 years since the garden with with with multiple Generations not passing away after 80 years, but leaving for 700 800 900 years God brought his judgment on all of them. There are only eight people in the entire world that the Lord spared and one this man Noah who God showed favor to and called righteous in this generation. That was Noah a sinless man course. He was not like Cain and Abel he would have sand that's all the children of Adam and Eve had done and offered sacrifices for his sin to show his repentance and to demonstrate his faithfulness to the Lord will see that as he emerges from The Arc that the first thing that he does is offer a sacrifice to The God Who is saved him and his family.

The story of Noah is the story of a good and righteous and gracious God in the face of a wicked and corrupt generation. Who gave that race a second chance by expressing and great judgment is condemnation of the wickedness of men and saving one man and his family but a new seed might be planted and that that promised Redeemer and the gospel seed might Blossom to the annals of history. And that a great many from Adam and Eve the table to know about the delay make the the father of Noah Methuselah Enoch in the others. They might be saved from certain death. The story of Noah, you're familiar with it's a remarkable one. It's a story of a generation. It's not like our generation as you carefully study the pages of scripture and know it and this generation did not live in an Earth-like the Earth in which we live. It was very different which is why they can live for so long has be careful as you look at the first chapter of Genesis the third verse let me find the great body of water on the earth and that God had also separated a great body of water up into the heavens and the Earth in that generation was much more like a guarded carefully watched over guard enough and atmosphere that was very conducive to the growth of life and in the growth of plants much like a greenhouse would be as we created ourselves for the health of life in a very scared for place in that water body that surround the Earth gave life to men in life the animals and change the world that we are just now. familiar with we're told from the scripture that defeat the plants and animals in the world at that time works water heater from the ground from water sources below the Earth or from the myths that would have fought apparently from this great body of water. That was a bulb of the Vault of the sky in the upper atmosphere.

God told Noah that a great judgment was to come and he told them this plainly in Genesis chapter 611 in following he says Nadia Ruth was corrupt in God's side and the Earth was filled with violence and God saw the Earth and behold it was corrupt for All Flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. And God said to Noah I've determined to make an End of All Flesh for the Earth is filled with violence through them behold. I will destroy them with the Earth. Make yourself in Ark of gopher wood to make rooms in the ark and cover it inside and out with pitch. This is how you are to make it the length of the arc 300 cubits is Brett 50 cubits and its height 30 cubits. Now, we don't measure in cubit's today. We will use a foot which is 12 in but a cubit in that day was measured from an elbow to the tip of a finger. We believe it was about one-and-a-half be into the measurements of this orc that God commanded. Noah to build would have been one and a half of football field long. 450 ft long 5 ft wide and 45 ft High not sure if any of you I know David Hargrove I think is gone at the ark encounter. There's a Christian man who is built a real scale model of the ark that Noah made so we can see with our own eyes what God had commanded him to do and yet this was a remarkable command in a very strange moment hit it never rained on the earth in the history of the world at this point. No one lived in a Wilderness far away from any body of water. The Lord commanded MOA to make a how to make a ship that was larger than any ship that would be seen in the history of the world until the 19th century with menus Iron and Metal to build great ships that would out lengthen the ark that God instructed Noah to build and yet how would they build those ships in the 19th century with the very Dimensions that God gave to Noah thousands of years before.

Hebrews chapter 11 speaks of Noah as a man of great faith Believing in God having faith in things that were on the scene. It was by his face that he was commanded by God for his obedience. What kind of face is it to build a ship in the middle of a Wilderness when no one has ever seen rain because God says he's going to bring his judgment on the world in a grain in massive flood. 100 years it took Noah to build that boat and day after day year after year decade after decade. Can you imagine what people must have asked? Why are you doing this Noah? You better choose choose as we have been told from scripture. One of the only righteous men left on the earth and a pagan and wicked generation. Why are you doing this thing? You're such a fool that God that Adam and Eve as crazy old people talk about Specialists of Fairy Tail. It's a fable. This world wasn't created by Him we can do what we want has he returned if you bring Justice upon us really ever. Why do you fear Him? Why do you believe in story tales and wives tales and yet no of continue to build faithfully and not only that but the Apostle Peter and 2nd Peter tells us that Noah was a preacher of righteousness. To the windows people came to know and he explained what he was doing hinges at all or nothing. I just I just want to build something really big. Play with share the gospel with him in that moment. I'm building this both be because the God who made our forefathers told me to because he's bringing judgment on this world. Unless you repent he'll bring judgment upon you as well. He's made a way of Grace that he will oversee as he brings us through that judgment and gives us the life that he promised to our forebears, even if they fell the sin the serpent himself. He's going to stay in the Judgment that is brought on Kane and ten Lei making all the others that surround us think you'll put your faith in him. If you do what is right, but things go well with you but if you do what is wrong sin is crouching at your door waiting to devour you come and help me build this boat. How many God will show his grace and mercy to you as well 100 years no worked. He preached any proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ the seeds of the promise of redemption everyone that saw him and I can only imagine the way in which he was mocked in his day and in the culture that surrounded him I think you're mocked for being a Christian in this culture today because you believe that there's a God who saves and a judgment that's coming and only one way of Salvation in the person of Jesus Christ. It's not an unfamiliar experience for those who put their faith in the Lord in this Fallen World. To Noah completed that project and we're told in Genesis 7:11 in the 600 year of Noah's life in the second month on the 17th day of the month on the David All The Fountains of the great deep the water under the Earth burst forth. And the windows of the heaven that body of water that was above the Earth at that time were open for the first time and rain fell upon the Earth. 40 days and 40 nights On the very same day Noah and his sons Shem and ham and japheth and Noah's wife and the three wives of his sons noticed. None of them polygamist. They entered into the art. They had every Beast according to its kind and all the laws dog according to their kind and every creeping thing that creeps on the Earth according to its kind every bird according to its kind every winged creature. They went into the ark with Noah two and two of All Flesh in which there was the breath of life and those that entered male and female of All Flesh. When is God had commanded him in the Lord shut him in Commentator who said Noah must have been a great Trapper letter, So there must have been some magnetic shaking on the ground that brought the animals hear the Lord brought the animal. Haven is God brought the animals before Adam to name those animals on the day in which they were created. God brought those animals has an act of mercy and Grace over these dumb animals under the curse of the one who is intended to stour them pain. Bring all the animals. He brought every kind of all the dogs. He brought one canine had one feline. He bought one horse Inn, and the list could go on. There's one of these kind in the yard with the genetic structure that got implanted with them to repopulate the world in a gracious Act of Mercy in the face of the other device archery of this generation. Hayward told that God seal the door in the waters fail and they Rose verse 19 Tulsa the flood continued in a 17 40 days on the earth. The water is increased in borup the ark and it Rose high above the Earth has prevailed and increased greatly on the earth and the Ark floated on the face of the waters and the waters prevailed so mightily on the earth that all the high mountains under the whole Heaven recovery. The waters prevailed above the mountains covering them fifteen cubits deep. worldwide Judgment of God upon all of his creation upon all Flash

the water's ultimately recite recited after 150 days and Noah came out of the the ark almost a year later from when he entered into it. And the world that he walked into when you emerge from the ark. What's a completely different world than the one that he entered into? They were fast mountains and shoes oceans of the world had shifted as the Earth itself convulsed under the Judgment of God as the waters pour down and the magma from with eat within was brought up the world changed and shifted. The baby faced with God had made with deformed by his judgment against the sinfulness of men. Mini story concludes this way Genesis chapter 8 verse one, but God remembered Noah had all the Beast had all the livestock that were with him in the ark and got me the wind blow over the earth and the waters subsided overtime Genesis 8:20. Look what happens next then Noah emerges from any built an altar to the Lord. 3 first thing that no, it does as he emerges from the RTD gives glory to God he repents for his sin. And once again the race of men call upon the name of the Lord. with this an act of judgment the mightiest Act of judgment if it will ever be seen in human history apart from the return of Jesus Christ, but it was also an act of grace and mercy

the grace of God might extend through the generations. Because in the midst of this corrupt and perverse generation, the word of the Lord would have been cut off and all future descendants of Adam and Eve would have died in their sin. To know emerges from the ark and he worships the Lord. Hey in the Lord's response to the offering that Noah presents in verse 21. I will never again curse the ground because of man for the attention of man's heart is evil from his youth neither. Will I ever strike down ever every living creature as I have done even more important in Genesis chapter 9 verse 8 and 9th. Listen to what the Lord says then God said to Noah and his sons with him behold. Establish my Covenant with you, which means I make you a promise that I will never break and your Offspring after you hit with every living creature that is with you the birds the livestock. Every beast of the Earth has minions came out of the Ark it is for every beast of the earth establish my Covenant with you, but never again shall All Flesh be cut off By the Waters of a flood and never again, shall there be a flood to destroy the Earth. And then God sets his promise by way of a sign in the sky for all future Generations that is Grace will endure in this season and his wrath will never again Reach This pitch until Christ returns. And here's what he said. And God said to Noah. This is the sign of the Covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you for all future Generations. Listen carefully. I have set my bow in the cloud. Headed shall be a sign of the Covenant between me in the Earth. You know what that is that you see after the rains in the Brilliance of color is the war bow of God set down never again. Will he strike down men in judgment? Because this is it an epic of God's grace in Jesus Christ God. Covenant were familiar with the rainbow because the great stained glass window that sits behind you. Is symbol of God sign of Mercy to this generation? Is it a generation that perfect is it a generation that's endless certainly not. The corruption of our day if it is graded the corruption of a dove Noah's day. I don't think so there many more than ain't righteous people or one on the Earth today and get the corruption of men's hard is bath with God in his Mercy will not strike them down. Because this is the season of Grace. He will not be found in a orc of wood and got the judgement will not come from the Falls of rain. Put the Salvation from God's Wrath against the evil and wickedness of the hearts of men is found in only one place. The person of the Redeemer who was promised to Adam and Eve. I am the way and the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me. Those were the words of a Son of Eve. It was born in the fullness of time under the law to redeem those who are cursed by the law and by Adam's transgression.

forerunners the story of those who have come before us. The story of God's grace and mercy to fallen and broken men and women of every generation and the story of God's promise that by faith by grace. He would provide a way for we could never provide. The gracious and righteous and merciful god that we serve this made a way for us sinners. The face of our said that we might be redeemed and reconciled to him. close in a word of Prayer gracious and holy God We give you thanks for who you are and for all you've done.

We give you thanks that you have provided a way where there was. No way that that in Jesus Christ not simply a box of wood or a shift that we might find Redemption salvation from the Judgment that we still rightly deserve. It's a fresh Lord. We call upon your name even is Noah did as he emerged from that are can we give thanks to you for the mercy and Grace that you've shown us. We do not deserve it where awestruck by help us in this wicked and perverse generation one that sadly we contribute to in our own sin to live rightly is Noah did to the best of his ability had to share the good news of the Gospel with any who asked us for why we're so weird. So why we do the things that we do and we lift up the name of Jesus Christ share the hope of Adam and Eve of Abel and Enoch of Lena Canoa. with all who will carry Jesus mighty name we pray amen. We're going to close today with a new song which is a pretty fun when here so take a look at the words and see if you can sing along. It's a

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