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Psalm 45

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This week we study a psalm which was sung at the marriage of an ancient king. The New Testament writers teach us that Jesus is the fulfillment of this psalm. So we look to this psalm to learn about and love our King.

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Well this morning we are continuing on in our sermon series through the book of Psalms looking at Psalm 45. Now there is hardly a similarity between this song and the song we looked at last week. There is no hint of lament in this song. I'm rather it is a celebratory. So I'm honoring the King on his wedding day and his bride who is likely the daughter of a foreign Prince.

So we go from a Psalm of corporate lament very heavy very burdensome and we move now to a celebratory song about marriage. Not entirely bad timing. Since my eldest daughter got engaged this past week.

It was interesting to look at a Psalm on marriage in light of that. And that's what this song is about. It's about a real king who got married to a real bride at some point in history. We're not exactly sure who that was. But the evidence is that this was for a wedding that this was put together. And following that one certainly the song would be used in Israel as other kings got married and in all likelihood as regular people got married the song would be used and considered a song about a king who got married and all Kings who would later get married. But most importantly it is a song about the king and his bride. It's a song about Jesus the how can I say that where does that come from? Let me just quickly suggest you three things early. Jewish writings make this clear that this was understood to be a Messianic song even though it was written about a king in history the earliest Jewish writers understood that it was Messianic. Secondly, we have biblical imagery where we are to understand Israel or God's people as his bride and the relationship between God and his people to be one of marriage. And finally, perhaps most important we have the apostolic witness that makes it very clear that this is a song about Jesus and we'll get to that in light of that week. We need to read the song two levels. We need to read it at its historical level and understand the spiritual virtues that it promotes understand the relationship that it's talking about in terms of marriage, but certainly have a spiritual level. We need to understand. This is a Messianic psalm for us today speaking of Jesus. I would State the main idea of this song something along these lines since the Royal bridegroom is glorious. The bride should rejoice in his glory and look forward to the glory to come. I'll say that again since the Royal bridegroom is glorious. The bride should rejoice in his glory and look forward to the glory to come. Let's read Psalm 45 together. Open up your Bibles or your devices and encourage you even this Sunday don't keep them open on your lap as I go through the information. I'm not going to be rereading the song and you may want to have it just open their open on your phone to see as we're talking about the different sections of the song Psalm 45 to the choirmaster according to Lily's a mass School of the sons of Korah a love song. My heart overflows with a pleasing theme I address my verses to the king. My tongue is like the pen of a ready. Scry you are the most handsome of the sons of men Grace is poured upon your lips. Therefore. God has blessed you forever gird your sword on your thigh. Oh mighty one in your Splendor and majesty and your majesty right up Victorious leave for the cause of Truth and meekness and righteousness. Let your right hand teach you awesome Deeds your arrows are sharp in the heart of the king's enemies. The people's fall under you your throne o God is forever and ever the scepter of your kingdom is a scepter of uprightness. You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore God. Your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions. Your rolls are all fragrant with myrrh and aloes and tasya from Ivory palaces string instruments make you Glide. Daughters of kings are among your ladies of honor at your right hand stands the queen in Gold of ophir. Hero daughter and considering incline your ear forget your people in your father's house in the king will desire your beauty since he is your lord bout to him. The peoples of Tire will seek your favor with gifts. The richest of the people all glorious is the princess in her chamber with rose enter woven with gold and many colored Road. She is led to the king with a virgin companions following behind her with joy and gladness. They are Level long as they enter the Palace of the king in your in place of your father shall be your son's you will make them princesses in all the earth. I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations there for Nations will praise you forever. And ever let's pray father God we look to you even as a Gerald prayed we look to you this morning by your spirit to help us as we come to your word now. We leaned in to your promises that it will change us that it's a living word that it's a word and season. But it's a word that builds us up and it's a word that purifies us. It's a word that's very sustenance to us until we look to you this morning for help. And I pray you would help us to see Jesus again this morning to see him more clearly to see him more beautiful and more gloriously. It's in his name. We pray. Amen.

Let's start this morning talking about it this song and its historical sense. This is a song about a king and really all Kings who would follow him. Let's consider what the song Peaches about that original King in about his bride in that about the Kings and Brides who would follow another king here is praise because he embodies the traits that God desires and his people because God has blessed him with his Reign on the song Miss also uses this as an occasion to portray a picture of the ideal King. And as I mentioned before this song would likely be used over and over again as kings continue to get married. Until the song is the numerator different praiseworthy aspects of the groom. So let's look at them. First of all number 2 or verse to his striking presence. This king is not hard to look at and he's not hard to listen to there's a presence that he has in the verb tenses indicates that he is passive in regards to the things they have been endowed to him by God. He is impressive in every way. We seeing verses 3 through 5 that he has Majestic Valor. Three imperatives are three instructions are given to him and they're given to him for the purpose of Praise. He's told to gird his sword on his thigh. He's told to ride out for truth meekness and righteousness. He's told to let his right hand demonstrate his power.

Until in regards to those things the king will accomplish awesome deeds and it destroys your lemon enemies and Achieve great victories the how is this phrase It's praise because these things can only be asked of certain people these expectations can only be put on a certain person in order. They might be fulfilled.

It's like when my wife asked me to open the jar of pickles, she's asking me because she knows I can open it. She's asking my son more and more these days. I'm not sure what that means. But these instructions go to someone who can fulfill them in that regards their praise. They're looking to the king to be a man of Valor in their midst.

His righteous governance is also praised and verses 6 and 7 where we encounter ate a difficult line. Your throne o God is forever and ever and many songs. That wouldn't be a problem in this song. It's problematic because the psalmist is talking about the king. So what's going on here? I believe the psalmist uses this term God to refer to the king. I do not believe this is in reference to Yahweh. Why do I say that? Well, first of all, we understand and Israel understood that the king represented God's Reign on Earth until he was a representative. Note that the term is Elohim and not Yahweh. When the word Yahweh is used. It's always used in reference to God, but there is precedence in scripture to use the word Elohim to refer to rulers and

in Exodus, 7:1 Moses Receives that term in Exodus 21:6 the judges are also called by that name in Psalm 138 verse 1 Prince's or judges are referred to using that term and it's awesome. 82:6 again angels are Judges are used or called by the same turn. Maybe most importantly when we understand truly that Jesus is the king that were talking about that. He is the Fulfillment of the song. It's more than appropriate to use that term either way his rain we see in verses 6 and 7 is a rain of gladness and joy that will permeate the realm like perfumed oil permeates a crap.

Universe 89 we see that he has a magnificent Court the psalmist appeals to the senses of the reader to convey the Splendor of this kingscourt. The psalmist is overwhelmed by the smell of perfume coming off of the king. The psalmist eyes are wide with amazement at all the ivory and gold and beautiful women. The song has ears are serenaded with music that makes the heart glad and standing at the king's side is his radiant bride. The Kingsport is magnificent until we see that this king is praised because of his striking presence in his Majestic Valor and because of his righteous governance and because of his magnificent core,

Nana Samus moves to the bride. He keeps Praises on to the groom and then he gives instructions to the brides. Little bit different than our weddings. Now. In fact, our weddings are almost the exact opposite, aren't they? The phrases are loaded on the bride and then the groom is given instructions. I have no comment to make about. I'm just noticing it.

The psalmist gives the bride instructions to verse 10 and 11 his first instruction hear what I'm saying in order to Obed his second instruction consider your new relationship, you're entering into his third instruction. Give the psalmist my words of the psalmist your undivided attention fourth instruction. Forget your family. This was not mean literally to forget your family. It would only be to suggest to her to replace those ties and those relationships of nearness that you would have with her family. Change them to her husband and a v instruction bow to your lord. That is give a physical portrayal of Allegiance and respect and devotion and honor and service and Duty and love. We need to remember that this was no ordinary groom. This was the king. And in fact, his wife was still a subject of the king. And so she's giving that instruction. So we hear of her serious instructions. We also hear of her royal procession. It's not all imperatives. It's not all commands in verses 12 through 15. We hear about her royal procession that is her status in versus 12 and 13. She will be equal to the wealthiest of the land and foreign dignitaries of importance will present her with gifts and 13 and 14 her attire. It speaks of her glory and her beauty and her magnificence. N14, her attendance surrounded by beautiful ladies virtuous ladies who attend to her and finally inverse 15 her approach her approach to the king into the palace spreads. Joy and gladness. This is described to extol the bride's Beauty both internal and external. And it's important to know that does not match the magnificence of the groom and yet she shows herself to be a suitable partner to the Glorious King. So let's talk about the king. I said This Song speaks ultimately of Christ. And I indicated that we can say that confidently because early Jewish writings understood it to be Messianic the biblical imagery throughout the Old Testament indicates God's relationship to his people to be one of of husband and wife and finally and perhaps most importantly the apostolic Authority speaks to this. The first place I want to draw your attention to his Hebrews chapter 1 verses 1 through 4 and 8 through 9. Hebrews the letter starts this way long ago at many times and in many ways God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his son whom he appointed the heir of all things through whom also he created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature and he upholds the universe by the word of his power after making purification for sins. He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on High having become as much Superior to angels as the name. He is inherited as more excellent than they're so the letter to the Hebrews starts off with the writer talking about Jesus introducing Jesus to those he's writing to Couple versus later he gets the verse 8 and he says but of the sun, that's Jesus. He that's God the father says so the writers to the letter to the Hebrews says that the father says about the sun these words. Your throne o God is forever and ever the scepter of your brightness is the scepter of your kingdom. You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore God. Your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions. We can say with confidence the song 45 is a boat Jesus because the writer to the Hebrews indicates that that was God speaking about the Sun. unequivocal it was we talk and think about this historical King who is married to the historical bride. We need to take that and bring it into the New Covenant where we understand that that King was the King King Jesus. And at the bride is his people. We see it again and Revelation chapter 19 verses 6 through 8. Then I heard was seen to be the voice of a great multitude like the Roar of many Waters and like the sound of Mighty peals of Thunder crying Hallelujah for the Lord Our God the Almighty Reigns, let us rejoice and exalt and give him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready. It was granted her to clothe yourself with fine linen brighten pure for the fine linen is the righteous Deeds of the Saints and so in the New Testament, we understand our relationship as God's people with the King Jesus our savior to be one of groom and bride. our relationship to be one of marriage Let's let's talk about Jesus this morning Octavius Winslow a preacher. And the time was Spurgeon a writer who I have come to appreciate said that he said God's word conveys to the mind the most forcible and exalted views of the personal excellence and dignity of the Lord Jesus. That's what I Believe song 45 is doing its speaking to Ausable the personal excellence and dignity of the Lord Jesus. And so let's take a moment to look at it. Jesus had a striking presence. There's many things we could talk about in regards to that when he dryer attention to to Jesus is striking presence can be seen and his teaching. And is his compassion?

his words

Portrayed his striking presence we can see it. It's apparent the disciples the crowds he was around and eating Jesus's enemies declared his teaching to be unprecedented. After a difficult teaching that caused some people to deserve him. Jesus asked his disciples if they would leave too. But Peter replied Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. That's John 6 and Matthew 7 we read that the crowds were astonished at his teaching for he was teaching them as one who has Authority and not as their scribes. Even Jesus has enemies regarded the Striking nature of his teaching and John chapter 7 verses 45 and 46. There were some officers who were sent out to arrest Jesus. They came back empty-handed and when asked why they didn't arrest in the response was no one ever spoke like this, man.

And so he was striking in his presence when he would teach Blues also striking in his compassion. This is another compelling aspect of Jesus. His presence was the way he would have sympathy and pity and feelings of Mercy towards the Lost.

We read and Mark chapter one on seeing a leper that Jesus was moved with pity. Until he stretched out his hand and touch them in the leper was healed. The same motivation his compassion and his Mercy LED Matthew to write about Jesus healing of Blind Men Matthew will disc and Jesus in pity their eyes and immediately. They recovered their site. That's Matthew 20 verse 34 Think back to Luke chapter 7 when we write a Jesus's reaction to a mother who had lost her son. We're told he had compassion on her and so he raised the boy from the dad. In fact a 19-9. There's a passage which we could well use as a summary of Jesus's Earthly Ministry. a summary with speaks to his striking compassion the mercy that was experienced when someone was in his presence. Matthew 9 35 and 36 and Jesus went through it all the cities and Villages teaching in their synagogues in proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every Affliction when he saw the crowds he had compassion for them because they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. Are many other things we could point to in regards to the Striking presence of Jesus, but for now, let's stop with his teaching and compassion. Let's move on to his Majestic Valor the valley are we saw of the king in versus 3 to 5. We see and Jesus Jesus demonstrated himself to be God's ultimate champion. And it seemed was profoundly in his death and Resurrection.

1st Corinthians chapter 15 The Apostle Paul introduces yet again in the letter that gospel which describes Christman Majestic Valor. He says now, I would remind you Brothers of the Gospel I preach to you which you received and what you stand by which you are being saved. If you hold fast to the word I preach to you unless you believe in vain for I delivered to you as a first important when I also received that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scripture that he was buried in that he was raised on a third day in accordance with the scriptures. So Paul introduces this gospel this demonstration of the Valor of Jesus Christ. And then later on in a chapter. He prophetically declares Jesus is Victory to come when he writes then comes the end. When he that is Jesus delivers the kingdom of God to the father after destroying every Rule and every Authority and power for he must Reign until he has put all enemies under his feet. And then he finishes off this section of his teaching with these encouraging words of a Victoria savior, but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. And so he demonstrates The Valor of this came through his work on the cross and his resurrection from the dead.

We also look this morning to the righteous governance of King Jesus and the Magnificent Court of King Jesus these things that we saw and verses 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 of this song. And we can see Christ righteous governance in his coming rain and we can see his magnificent Court as well. We could see both of these things in the Book of Revelation. And to help you get a sense of this. I'm simply going to read the 19th Chapter of the Book of Revelation and I want you to listen. Four indications of his righteous governance and indications of his magnificent cord. This is revelation 19 the full chapter.

After this I heard what seemed to be the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven crying out Hallelujah Salvation and Glory and power Belongs To Our God for his judgments are true. And just for he has Judge the great prostitute who corrupted the Earth with her in Morality and is Avenged on her on her the blood of his servants once more they cried out Hallelujah the smoke from her goes up forever and ever. And the 24 Elders in the four living creatures fell down and worship God who was Seated on their throat saying amen hallelujah. And from the throne came a voice saying praise our God all you servants you who fear Him small and great then I heard what seems to be the voice of a great multitude like the Roar of many Waters and like the sound of Mighty peels of Thunder cry out Hallelujah for the Lord Our God the Almighty Reigns, let us rejoice and exalt and give him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has, and his bride has made herself ready. It was granted her to clothe yourself with fine linen brighten pure for the final inning is the righteous Deeds of the Saints. And the angel said to me, right this blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the lamb and he said to me these are the true words of God, then I fell down at his feet to worship him. He said that but he said to me you must not do that. I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold of the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy. Then I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse. The one sitting on it is called faithful and true and righteousness. He judges and makes wore his eyes are like a flame of fire and on his head are many diadem's and he isn't a name written that no one knows but himself He is clothed in a robe dipped in Blood and the name by which she was called is the word of God and the armies of Heaven a raid in fine linen, white and pure were following him on white horses from his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nation's and he will rule them with a rod of iron he will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the almighty on his role and honest I he has a name written king of kings and Lord of lords and I saw an angel standing in the sun in a loud voice. He called to all the birds that fly directly overhead cam gather for the great supper of God to eat the Flesh of Kings the Flesh of captains the Flesh of My Team In the Flesh of horses and their Riders In the Flesh of all men both free and slave both small and great and I saw the beast in the kings of the Earth with their armies gathered to make war against him who is sitting on a horse and against his Army and the Beast was captured and width of the false prophet who in its presence had done the signs by which you to see those who receive Mark of the beast and those who worship His Image these two were thrown alive into the Lake of Fire that burns with sulfur and the rest were slain by the sword that came from the mouth of ambulance sitting on the horse and all the birds were Gorge with their Flash. What a powerful depiction of a righteous governance of a glorious King. What a glorious picture of this radiant Court where all sorts of created beings are praising the king and gods.

Well, if this song is about King Jesus if the groom. Refers ultimately the King Jesus then we need to look at this song as people who are part of his bride. We need to learn from it and we need to apply it to ourselves. Let me suggest this morning just two points of application in regards to this.

First of all, just as the Bride of the King was expected to respond appropriately and light of her new relationship to the king. So we this morning are called than expected respond to program. Did Jesus the true and ultimate King. So first we respond with faith and we're 16 and 17 of the song Only versus I haven't spoken about yet. We read this in place of your fathers shall be your son's you will make them princes and all the earth. I will cause your name to be remembered and all generations there for Nations will praise you forever. See the psalmist is now prophesying about what would come out of the reign of this glorious King. And out of this glorious King many princes will rise up. Princess who will cause the king's name to be remembered in all generations so much so that the Nations will praise this king forever and ever.

For those of us who are believers these words convey the prophetic hope for and injuring dynasty of our King a dynasty where the King's family will reign with him.

The Kings reign will be praised by every tribe and every nation and every tongue and they will bask in the radiance of his righteous rule forever. And ever this is the song Calling the people to have faith in this King and what he would do until this morning we is the bride of Christ are called to have faith to look with injuring Hope For What the reign of the king will bring Not just to us but to the whole world. And so we remind ourselves this morning of our glorious King. And we lean into the promises of God about his wonderful rain and all that it will bring eventually until we are with him and married to him.

We are called to put our faith and trust in the King Jesus Christ. If you're here this morning or listening online and you're an unbeliever the call to you is the same you are called this morning to put your faith and trust in the King Jesus Christ the King who died for the sins of his people as we read about from 1st Corinthians 15. Every person's call this morning in regards to the king is to put your faith and trust in the king to those who believe for what he will bring to us through the worst that he was done and in his second return and for those who don't know him to put their faith and trust in him and Avail themselves of his work on the cross forgive forgiveness of sins. That's why I encourage all this morning to put their faith and trust in decaying.

Second point of application and I finish with this as we are called to praise just as the psalmist praises the groom wear called this morning as a bride of Christ to praise our blessed King. I read a short sentence from Octavius Winslow to you earlier on in the snowman Let me read this whole excerpt from you that starts with those very words Octavius. Winslow said this God's word conveys to the mind the most forcible and exalted views of the personal excellence and dignity of the Lord Jesus. His matchless beauty is incomprehensible greatness. The song has doubtless refers here to the Perfection of his Human Excellence as man has Beauty transcends the comeliest of human beings fairer than the children of men. Their beauty is mixed his is pure there's is derived his is from himself. There is two k's his is imperishable his body prepared of God his mind filled with all the wisdom Grace and Holiness of the spirit. He stands for the bright and Morning Star the perfect Peerless son of man. Old for an i2c and admire his Excellence not admire only but to imitate all for Grace to lie. It is feed and learn of his meekness to lean on his bosom and drink of his love to set the lord always before I just never moving the eye from this perfect model, whatever Amy to transcribe its liniments upon our daily life. Yes, you are fairer than the children of men you are the altogether lovely one and as i gaze upon your perfection. Passing from beauty to Beauty my admiration increases and my love deepens until in the Assurance of faith. And in the transport of Joy, I explain this is my beloved and this is my friend brothers and sisters. We are called this morning to gaze upon the Perfections of Christ passing our eyes from one Beauty to the next to the next.

And this will result in the increase of our admiration and the deepening of our love. And this will nurture our insurance and all that he is and all that he will do and has done and it will magnifier Joy. We're going to finish this morning by singing a song where we can do just that where we can praise the King the one who will be our groom. Let's pray. Father God we thank you for your word. We thank you Father God for this song which describes this incredible King. It was about to marry his bride. And father God because your word indicates that we can and should we take this and we look to Christ. When we pray that you would help us father God to see him.

Are one day returning King. And groom to see him in all the glories of all his Perfections in all his Beauties to see the wonders of his works. To see the wonders of his words.

Father God to put our faith and trust in him.

And to praise him as we should. We are assessing your precious name. Amen.

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