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God is still here, even in the storm

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When a storm of life hits us, we are to be faithful, listen for Jesus' voice, and worship in response to what God does.


The storm of 2020!


- Australian bushfires

- Almost WW3 from skirmish with Iran

- President Trump is impeached by the House and later acquitted by the Senate

- Kobe Bryant died

- Harvey Weinstein is found guilty

- The U.K. withdraws from the E.U.

- The U. S. Stock market crashes the worse since the Great Depression

- Sport seasons are cancelled (NBA, NHL, etc.)

- Church services go online, even for Easter

- U. S. Schools go “online” for the entire 4th quarter

- The death of Ahmed Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd

- SpaceX successfully launches a manned rocket and docks with the International Space Station

- Peaceful protests happen across the U.S. Some turn into race riots in major cities.

Notice: I didn’t even mention? The Corona Virus Covid-19 world-wide Pandemic!

1. Wear masks

2. Wash hands

3. social distancing - 6 feet!

Storms of life come up - how do we handle this?

I want a life that not just goes through a storm, but a life that succeeds in the storms of life. Life principles for 2020.

READ John 6:16-18

- Jesus sent them across the Lake knowing the storm

Mark 6 - Jesus urged the disciples to across the lake without Him.

- Jesus was watching them from the mountain top - He escaped to the mountain because the people wanted to make Him king of Israel.

The crowd wanted to make Jesus king of Israel. Jesus didn't want the Disciples swept up in this.

They had a command:


work together

They were treading water!

use their expertise as fishermen to deal with whatever is thrown at them

Row - Bucket - Patch holes - Counter Balance - Ropes

1. Be Faithful - Do your part in the storm (when life is unpredictable)

What will we do when the storms hit us?

In life:

Sometimes a storm will come because you disobeyed.

Kids swimming in El Salvador

Sometimes a storm will come because you obeyed.

Their obedience literally took them into the nucleus of a disaster.

John 3:8 - the wind blows where it wants!

Your faithfulness is needed! East Moline & Silvis need saved!

What is your part?

Discover your gift

Meet a need

Crossroads, you know this…

John 16:33 - you will have trouble!

- God expects faithfulness when life is chaotic.

Corrie ten boom was part of a family that sheltered Jews in World War II. They were arrested. She was put in a concentration camp for that. She said, if God ever sends you on stony paths, He’ll provide good shoes.

Where did they find the courage to work all night?

Jesus prayed for them

Hebrews tells us that He is still at it!

READ John 6:19-20

- Jesus came to them

Sea of Galilee = 8 miles wide

They were half way across - past the turning back point

Fishermen = 2 mileshour upstream & 5 mileshour downstream

Should take anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours.

- They could have been overcome

For the deep darkness of the night troubles them, hovering like smoke on the raging waves and taking away any ability for navigation. The fierce winds, riding on the waves with a rushing sound that raises the billows high above their heads, had to trouble them more than a little bit. Yes, and through all of this, John records, “Jesus was not yet with them.” This was the real danger, and Christ’s absence from these voyagers was making their fear grow more and more. ~ Cyril of Alexandria, early 400's

2. Listen - Pay attention for His voice (listen over the chaos of life)

- Jesus spoke & they responded

The crowd did not get to see the miracles, but the Disciples did!

Matthew 14:22-32 even adds that Peter walked on water

When you recognize the voice and respond, joy takes over!

The storms of life - God calling me - Randy Ruiz

Jesus came on the very thing they feared the most... the storm! When fishermen think they are going to drown, you know its bad!

A woman who had just returned from a trip to Mexico called the Los Angeles police to report that a rattlesnake was loose in her overnight bag. Police went rushing to the scene with sirens screaming. They approached the bag which the woman had heaved out of a window onto the sidewalk. Cautiously, they scattered the contents of the bag—only to find that the rattle was caused by an electric toothbrush, accidentally turned on!

"It is I!" The divine name is given. Literally: “I am!”

Do not fear = same as told to Moses.

Jesus feeds the five thousand and then walks on water. This is heavily connected to the Exodus - God provided Manna and then split the sea! Jesus walked on water, while Moses walked through the water. In fact, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and Elisha all parted bodies of water, but only God walks on the water!

Job 9:8 proclaims only God walks on the Sea!

This third miracle (right after feeding the 5K), is right before the first of Seven proclamations of Jesus:

Eat Moline and Silvis needs to hear His voice!

To the sick, I am the Great Physician!

To the lost and beaten, I am the Good Shepherd!

To the hungry and searching, I am the Bread of Life!

To those walking in darkness, I am the Light of the World!

To the empty and sapped of life, I am the True Vine!

To those facing death, I am the Resurrection and the Life!

To those who believe they are ugly, I am the Rose of Sharon!

To those who need power to make it, I am the Alpha and Omega!

To the lonely and hurting, I am the Good Friend who lays down His life!

To the confused, I am the Author and Perfecter of our faith!

To the broken and in-debt, I am the Redeemer!

To those who think they have it all, Jesus challenged them when He says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life!”

How do you pay attention to Jesus today?

1. The Word

2. The Church

3. The Spirit

READ John 6:21

God brought three miracles that day:

1. walked on water

The disciples rowed all night, so Jesus shows them compassion by coming to them and ending their tiresome work.

2. calmed the storm - Mark 6 adds the fact that the wind ceased when they brought Him into the boat.

3. instant transportation

Psalm 107:30 - He calmed the storm and then guided them into the harbor!

Jesus transcended gravity, the laws of physics, time and space.

3. Worship in response to what God does - Focus on the promises rather than the problem (by appreciating God’s resources)

The command was to go to the other side - Jesus did it for them!

Part of the same disciples who were of witnessing this miracle are also those who left Him when His teaching got hard in John 6:60-61.

We read that Jesus walked on the water, and yet we often marvel that he is able to work in our lives. We must not only believe these miracles really occurred; we must also transfer the faith to our own life situations.

What God will do:

1. Miracle again

2. Jesus will be preached and affirmed

3. East Moline (20K) & Silvis (7.5K) will have a chance to hear the Gospel.

I can not fill Pastor Fitz Siddall’s shoes. I can only fill my own.

4. There will be storms

5. We will worship:

According to Matthew 14, the disciples worshipped Jesus = "Truly You are the Son of God!"

The biggest storm: the cross!



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