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7-5-2020 Know He is the Lord

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1 Kings 20 - Know He is the Lord

Helps the Helpless

On the surface, Israel is completely overmatched.

Ben-hadad thinks he’s in control here.

God delivers in a way that could only be explained by Him truly being the Lord.

This is a picture of how God helped us when we were helpless (Romans 5:6).

Unlimited Scope

Aram believes God’s Lordship is limited to the mountains.

We see the comparison of the armies in vs29.

God wins another victory to show that He is Lord of all.

This should remind us that Jesus is Lord of all and must be acknowledged

as such.


Ahab benefitted from these victories even though he never deserved it.

However, Ahab rejects God’s grace (vs34/42-43).

We need grace every bit as much as much as Ahab.

The grace we need is found only in Jesus Christ (John 1:17).

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