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John 14 L4L

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John 14-17 - the trinity and the church.
There is deep teaching here that helps us undertand the trinity - this belief, or confession or dogma that is God is 3 and God is one. God is one and he is father, son, holy spirit.
Where did the church come up with that? There are several places in the scripture but this is a dense teaching block from Jesus to his followers about God the Father, About Jesus himself, and about the Holy Spirit - AND about the church.
We could camp here forever.
In the following chapters, in effect, Jesus is teaching his first disciples, and through them is teaching all subsequent disciples, how to carry out their divine world mission after Jesus’ initially wrenching departure from the world: specifically, by Jesus’ giving them close relations with the Father (chap. 14), with himself the Son (chap. 15), with his Spirit (chap. 16), and with one another as the Church for the world (chap. 17). Jesus’ physical absence, he promises, will be well compensated by his rich presence in these several “comings.”
4 Light and LIfe giving relationships.
the Father, the Son, The Spirit, The Church
This is what Jesus wants his followers to know and have especially in dark times.
The followers of Jesus were turning into a dark time and they didn’t know or understand. Like all of a sudden a pandemic hits. Jesus is preparing them and teaching them. This is recorded for all of the followers of Jesus. He is saying here is the light that will carry you in dark time. Here are 4 relationships that you can have.
(something I wrestle with- do i have a relationship with the father, the son and the holy spirit)
Do you pray? Who do you pray to? God, Jesus? the Father, The Holy Spirit? Lord? -
Jesus small chatechism - compact systematic theology
4 essential relationship.
How do disciples relate to an invisible Lord? And then how do they do their world mission for and through this invisible Lord? These are the major questions addressed by the next four chapters. In short, to make these questions one: How does Jesus “come,” with the truth of his Father and the power of his Spirit, both to his original disciples and then to his subsequent disciples of all times after his unforgettable and richly recorded historical coming in the flesh?
How are they going to have a relationship with God and do the mission God gives them?
4 Essential LIfe Relationships
God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, The Holy Spirit, the Church
-sounds very religious and church buildingy - Jesus is on the ground in an a oliv grove or in a room laying this down to tax collectors and fishermen - this is some Jesus true stuff for everyone. you can get this. you , you can get this. These are the 4 biggest relationships
The rublev icon. (find that I Corinthians sermon)
Because of this it has been wisely said that the Last Discourse is best understood when it is the subject of prayerful meditation.… the Last Discourse is one of the greatest compositions in religious literature. The one who speaks here speaks as no [human being] has [ever] spoken. Raymond E. Brown,
This is holy ground. This is Jesus last will and testament.
He is grabbing his friends and saying get this. undestand this.
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